Antiquated Archives

Waste Tax Dollars

The article "The County's Attic" [Fairfax Extra, Aug. 12], about the Fairfax County archives, provided some enlightenment to the average overtaxed county resident of the antiquated manner in which Fairfax County maintains a plethora of paper records at taxpayers' expense.

In this day and age, when everyone is moving toward a paperless society, it boggles the mind that Fairfax County continues to maintain its archives in such an archaic manner.

Storing tons of paper in this modern age is ridiculous and should be curtailed now, with a view of reducing it to manageable proportions within a finite period of time. The federal government was able to reduce its paper by a significant degree a number of years ago. There is no reason that Fairfax County should not do the same.

The article struck me as the height of inefficiency on the part of the county government and its failure to provide proper oversight to the offices and departments sending material to the archives and a staff that is unable to process it.

This article leads me to believe that the high level of taxes that taxpayers must bear each year are being misused in accumulating and storing tons of paper in an inefficient manner. Maybe with a few more exposes such as the material contained in this article, the county government can find ways to trim its budget, which continues out of control.

Bob Strange

Fairfax Station