Shady Grove

Adventist Hospital


Noah Micah Goldberg, a son, to Rachel Beth Goldberg and Jeffrey Allen Goldberg of Gaithersburg.

July 24

Peyton Robert Mattingly, a son, to Amber Rachelle Mattingly and Chad Randall Mattingly of Montgomery Village.

July 25

JaJuan Tariq Greene, a son, to Tanya Moten-Greene and Antwan Devon Greene of Rockville.

July 26

Luke Harrison Bertz, a son, to Kristy Layne Bertz and Christopher Michael Bertz of Rockville.

Miriam Becca Coplin, a daughter, to Julie Ann Coplin and Seth Aron Coplin of Potomac.

Alexander Emanuel Ramirez, a son, to Jessica Ivette Ramirez and David Humberto Ramirez of Germantown.

July 27

Jonah Avraham Halper, a son, to Cecily A. Diness and Gary Jay Halper of Burtonsville.

Amani Ndanyioaga and Imani Ayuya Oaga, sons, to Annah Akasa Oaga and Geoffrey Oaga of Montgomery Village.

July 28

Dylan Michael Curran, a son, to Jessica Curran and Michael Curran of Frederick.

Alexander Karl Michael Eitel Jr., a son, to Karyn Rene Eitel and Alexander Karl Michael Eitel of Montgomery Village.

Alaine Amulya Sathuluri, a daughter, to Sarah Priyadarshini Rekala and Ajay Kumar Sathuluri of Germantown.

Harrison Edward Starr, a son, to Jennifer C. Starr and Jeremy P. Starr of Germantown.

Bennett Jason Stewart, a son, to Erin Carr Stewart and Keven Blair Stewart of Gaithersburg.

July 29

Reece Marshall Shavell, a son, to Tracy Lynn Shavell and David Laurence Shavell of Dickerson.

July 30

Jaden Alizabeth Coleman, a daughter, to Davina DeEtte Thomas and John Alexander Coleman of Germantown.

Mikayla Grace Durbin, a daughter, to Dawn Michelle Durbin and David Gregory Durbin of Germantown.

Allison Laura Elashoff, a daughter, to Barbara Elashoff and Michael Elashoff of Germantown.

Davis Meyer Kessler, a son, to Heidi Kessler and Ian Kessler of Gaithersburg.

Kathryn Terese Welch, a daughter, to Stacy Neidhart Welch and David Nicholas Welch of Bethesda.

Lucy Jane Williams, a daughter, to Laura Trilling Williams and Thomas J. Williams of Boyds.

July 31

Makayla Janeece Evans, a daughter, to Heather Louise Evans of Germantown.

Julian Brian Francis Goodfellow, a son, to Gina Luisa Goodfellow and Robert Joseph Frank Goodfellow of Rockville.

AUG. 2

Nicolas Domingo Campuzano, a son, to Vicky Zeitz Campuzano and Alejandro Miguel Campuzano of Rockville.

Ethan Regis Gitzen, a son, to Laura Gitzen and Everett Gitzen of Urbana.

Anaili N. Sandoval, a son, to Iliana Del Valle and Lenin Sandoval of Gaithersburg.

AUG. 3

Tanisha Kumar, a daughter, to Gleeta Kumari and Manoj Kumar of Rockville.

Shreya Rajkumar, a daughter, to Gowri Rajkumar and Natarajan Rajkumar of Gaithersburg.

AUG. 4

Danny Anthony Gomez, a son, to Irina Gomez and Raul Gomez of New Market.

Zion West, a son, to Anne Marie West and Dwayne West of Silver Spring.

AUG. 5

Devin Tre Shawn Brackenridge, a son, to Janita Thomas Brackenridge and Lafe Brackenridge of Gaithersburg.

AUG. 6

Isabella Marie Costanzo, a daughter, to Kathy Pansini Costanzo and Brian Anthony Costanzo of Frederick.

Hayden Tyler Leslie, a son, to Jennifer Perry Leslie and Paul Dion Leslie of Mount Airy.

Trystan Reese Roosa, a son, to Misty Leah Roosa and Brian Lee Roosa of New Market.

AUG. 7

Bryan Jhovani Prudencio, a son, to Silvia Maribel Ramirez and Ricardo A. Prudencio of Silver Spring.

Christopher Mingyi Wang, a son, to Rong Liang and Xiaohui Wang of Gaithersburg.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

AUG. 9

Nicholas William Hessick, a son, to Georgia Poulopoulos Hessick and John Rawley Hessick of Kensington.

AUG. 10

George Richard Tydings III, a son, to Carrie Baker Tydings and George Richard Tydings Jr. of Potomac.

AUG. 12

Ryley Ann Kees, a daughter, to Lynley Ann Kees and Ryan Howard Kees of Germantown.

AUG. 13

Donovan Edward Perry-Howard, a son, to Tanya N. Perry and Daryl J. Howard of Germantown.

Shana Leigh Gittleson, a daughter, to Laura Witten Gittleson and Matthew Ross Gittleson of Rockville.

AUG. 16

Sophia Jane Hosford, a daughter, to Diana Hosford and Matthew Hosford of Washington.

-- Compiled by RIA MANGLAPUS