D.C. Public Schools: Key Names and Numbers

The Board of Education holds public meetings at 6:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month in the board room at 825 North Capitol St. NE. Public comment is invited at the beginning of each meeting. To speak at a meeting, contact the board before the day of the meeting. Comments are limited to three minutes per person.

The board also meets as a committee of the whole in the board room at 3 p.m. every third Monday. To contact the entire board or an individual school board member, call 202-442-4289 or fax 202-442-5198. The two student representatives can be reached at 202-442-5439.


Robert C. Rice, interim superintendent, 202-442-5885

Board of Education

President: Peggy Cooper Cafritz

At Large


Vice President: Mirian Saez

Mayoral Appointee

Mirian.Saez@k12.dc.us or msaez@ix.netcom.com

District 1: Julie Mikuta

Julie.Mikuta@k12.dc.us or jmikuta@yahoo.com

District 2: Dwight Singleton

Dwight.Singleton@k12.dc.us or sngltndwig@aol.com

District 3: Tommy Wells

Tommy.Wells@k12.dc.us or wellsthos@aol.com

District 4: William Lockridge


Mayoral Appointee: Carolyn Graham


Mayoral Appointee: Robin B. Martin


Mayoral Appointee: Carrie L. Thornhill


Student Representative: Reginald Williams

Spingarn High School


Student Representative: TaKeyia M. Dickens, School Without Walls


Important Numbers

Before and After School Care: 202-232-8777

Bilingual Education: 202-576-8850

Communications and Public Information: 202-442-5635

Food Services: 202-576-7400

Head Start: 202-698-1033

Homeless Children and Youth: 202-698-3300

Infant Care Center: 202-282-0710

Special Education: 202-442-4800

Transportation: 202-576-5555

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