South Riding Area

LAIDLOW ST., 43529-Young Soon Kim to Jung Y. Kim and Raymond Y. Rheem, $305,000.

LEMON TREE PL., 25428-NVR Inc. to Kristen and Ian Yorkilous, $595,390.

LEONARD DR., 25804-South Riding Partners Partnership to Angela Hoyos and D. Angel Urdinola, $431,756.

MURREY DR., 26027-Brenda J. Biggs to Alisha A. and David E. Vaughan, $305,000.

PARAMOUNT PL., 43732-Pulte Home Corp. to David R. and Ruth Ann Dey, $736,875.

PARAMOUNT PL., 43756-Pulte Home Corp. to Irene T. Chew and Anna T. Chew, $658,100.

PARAMOUNT PL., 43801-Brookfield Blue Springs Corp. to Felicia and Paul Michael Brennan, $639,090.

PEMBROOKE CIR., 26016-Debra D. and Todd D. Walker to Patricia and Christopher Ford, $435,000.

SHALER ST., 42831-E.L. Niles Jr. and Amy E. Terenzetti to Keely F. and Andrew K. Plunkett, $350,000.

SHELBOURNE SQ., 42927-Ana and Willy Valdivia to John Abromavage, $385,000.

SPRING FARM CIR., 25829-The Ryland Group Inc. to S.B. Josyula and Sharmila Payyala, $563,977.

VALIANT DR., 43292-South Riding Partners Partnership to Lucretia Canipe and Michael Kosnar, $630,827.

Sterling Area

ALDER AVE. S., 609-Beverly and Michael J. Schawalder to Elizabeth Garcia, $289,000.

BALDWIN SQ., 21777, No. 302-Brian M. Brown to Basim Hawa, $225,000.

BAYLOR DR. N., 144-Neal Alan Greene to Jessica L. Weems, $153,000.

CALAMARY CIR., 21729-Gerardo Ruben Garcia to Wanda Henry, $206,700.

CLIFF HAVEN CT., 21424-Joanne W. and R. Blair Gentry to Maria Semberg and Miguel Laborde, $615,000.

CLYDESDALE CT., 45579-Joanne and Johnny O. Gibbs to Jose A. Benitez, $330,000.

COTTAGE RD. N., 146-Dianna D. Woody to Melissa A. and Bryan W. Meyers, $202,000.

COVENTRY SQ., 233-Christine M. Brown to C. Quinteros and Fulgencio Nolasco, $160,000.

DOGWOOD ST. S., 802-Alfred Lee Bartkoski Family Partnership to May Andraous and Elie Saad, $235,000.

EDINBURGH SQ., 166-Antonia C. and Jose I. Pleitez to Miguel Aviles Hernandez, $190,000.

GILES PL., 410-Rosario Romero and Johnny Nique to Steven M. Gotschi and Joel Balberto, $218,000.

GORDON ST. E., 301-David E. and Judy B. Schall, trustees, to Sharon and James Mahan, $296,000.

GREAT TRAIL TER., 22328-Cynthia K. and Robert M. Greenya to Eija M. Roy and Stuart J. Wigner, $275,000.

HOLLY AVE. W., 711-Bianca K. and Robert K. Long to Carlos A. Perez, $287,000.

IBERIA RD. E., 1401-Kim H. Nguyen to John R. and Suzanne Nguyen Adams, $270,000.

JEFFERSON RD. E., 1303-Glen M. and Shirley A. Smith to Phetviengxay Philavong, $285,000.

LAKE DR., 104-Carol A. and Ronald A. Bowen to Ingrid E. and Dumont K. Walker, $585,000.

LEATHERLEAF CIR., 21776-Jennifer M. and Michael A. Newman to F. Aguilar and Amilcar W. Amaya, $255,000.

LINCOLN AVE. N., 304-Fanny Bernasconi to Eric N. Araujo, $320,000.

LINCOLN AVE. S., 101-D. Fuentes and Juan Flores Solano to Nelson E. Giron, $313,000.

MAPLE AVE. E., 102-Christine M. Geary to Dinora Cabrera, $189,990.

MAPLE AVE. W., 616-Amparo and Juan M. Valderrama to Ricardo Murcia and Jose A. Rivera, $280,000.

MAYFIELD SQ., 22304-D. McCreery and Robert Anderson Jr. to Virginia Real Estate Investment Associates Inc., $87,000.

MAYFIELD SQ., 22327-Caroline and Ian R. Johnson to Patricia A. and Alfonzo J. Jackson, $189,900.

MAYFIELD WAY, 22370-Elizabeth Amaya to S. Martinez and Jaime Henriquez, $210,000.

MIDDAY LANE, 21104-Diane Taylor and Dennis McGeehan to Sharon I. and Lance L. Flint, $340,000.

MONARCH DR., 3-Ana G. Gomez and Isabel Gomez to Chachy N. and Kurian Jacob, $200,000.

NETTLE TREE RD. W., 503-Margaret F. Gresham to Linda K. and Dennis L. Baughan, $220,000.

SEDGEMOOR SQ., 299-Joseph R. Williams to Hazel J. and Bill G. Upton, $191,200.

STERLING BLVD. N., 1707-Beverly J. and Charles R. Brooks to Michael D. McDonald, $221,300.

STERLING BLVD. N., 710-Leah Margaret Mooshian to S. Segovia and German Hernandez, $275,260.

STERLING BLVD. S., 703-K. Pryor and Robert K. Clark to Roger Shrestha, $202,000.

STONEBROOK CT., 46712-Connie S. McCarthy and Benny H. McKee to Jose Ramon Santamaria, $449,000.

SUGARLAND RUN DR., 759-Oscar Pina to Ana P. Valdizon, $210,000.

UPTON ST. N., 905-Kathryn B. and Michael A. Rowland to Joshua C. Wheeler, $350,000.

WEDGEDALE DR., 22-Richard Curtis to Janneth and Cruz G. Posantes, $186,500.

WEDGEDALE DR., 37-S. Cruz and J. Ernest Trinidad to Jennifer Owings, $218,000.

WILLIAMSBURG CT. S., 1120-Karla M. and David B. Doyle to Ginger G. and Dwayne B. Smith, $320,000.

WILLOW TER., 220-Sepideh Farivar to Rosales Dalvines, $216,000.

YORK RD. N., 720-Angela M. and Mathew C. Michler to T. Badrunnesa and Sohel Ahmed, $280,000.

Waterford Area

HAMILTON STATION RD., 16272-Barbara J. and James L. Hatcher to Michele D. and Gary J. Meissner, $620,000.

MAIN ST., 40157-Adam S. Blum to Alyssa Lien Ha Barker, $217,500.