The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard County and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

FIRETHORN LANE, 6275-Howard H. Thompson to Thomas A. and Alison F. Davis, $930,000.

GUILFORD RD., 7380-Jerry P. Tiede to Susan L. and James L. Hunt, $650,000.

OAKCREST LANE, 7409-Randall A. Jewell to Cynthia Ann and Nicholas William Dzubak, $349,900.

THOMPSON DR., 6117-Paul D. Kneeland to Christopher and Kelli Bloomfield, $285,000.

WOODSCAPE DR. W., 7004-James J. White Jr. to Andrew and Gabriele Bonds, $870,000.

Columbia Area

AVALANCHE WAY, 11205-Greentree Properties Corp. to Morella Ewell, $130,000.

BASKET RING RD., 9768-Rico P. Tabligan to William and Doris Andrade, $180,000.

BEECHWOOD DR., 6317-Franklin F. Coperich, trustee, to G. Michael and A.S. King, $374,900.

BEECHWOOD DR., 6546-Randall S. Phillips to Randall S. and Hannelore T. Phillips, $204,500.

CARRIAGE HOUSE LANE SW, 9158-Jason E. Sackett to Christopher Raymond Watkins, $284,900.

CARVED STONE SE, 7213-Christine Campos to Rena Satrasook, $210,000.

CEDAR FERN CT. N., 5942-Sangani Pankaj N. to Daniel K. Adams, $284,000.

CEDAR LANE W., 5490-Lisa K. Hilton to Christina K. Barber and Jason S. Clark, $130,000.

CEDAR LANE W., 5722-Jaime Lee Smith to Lainie Torres and Jose Muniz, $247,000.

CLIFFSIDE TRAIL N., 6101-David A. Tootle to James Zhang and Yingqi Hou, $285,200.

CLOCKTOWER LANE, 9455-Vishal Agarwal to Ruth L. Auerbach, $211,500.

CORNSHOCK CT., 9337-James J. Sheppard to David R. and Irene M. Vane, $275,000.

CORNSHOCK CT. SW, 9333-Scott C. Naylor to Brian D. and Lisa Gingras, $255,000.

DARK HAWK CIR. E., 8510-Ivan David Doseff to Thomas and Debra Levesque, $440,100.

DASHER FARM CT. NW, 7018-Kevin D. Brown to Jon B. Tuengel and Dece A. Tuengel, $271,000.

DAWN DAY DR., 6291-Tricia P. Kelly to Peter and Miriam E. Fevriere, $180,200.

DAWNBLUSH CT. SE, 9506-David G. Essig to Mukesh and Rashmi Tandon, $365,000.

DEER SEASON RUN E., 6236-Than M. Maung to Rodney D. and Felicia D. Ward, $354,000.

DEWEY DR., 6305-Howard W. Adams to Christopher M. Reiher, $390,000.

EARLY APRIL WAY NW, 9048-Leonard A. Berg III to Robert and Zenetta D. Duffy, $201,000.

EARLY SPRING WAY N., 9789-Louis S. Elias to Mala Beli, $230,000.

EARLY SPRING WAY W., 9739-Carolyn A. Walsh to Christopher Farran, $224,000.

EDEN BROOK DR., 7028-Raymond W. Miller to Robert Nelson and Marylin Rose Zigmund Luke, $260,000.

EDEN BROOK DR., 7102-Sterling L. Davis Jr. to Christopher T. and Jessica L. Brown, $234,900.

FALLEN STONE, 9569-Randolph F. Wild to Megan M. and Raymond F. Laughlin, $231,400.

FALLRIVER ROW CT., 5440-Bohdan Nebesh to Martha Barnette, $170,000.

FOOTED RIDGE, 8932-Sarah A. Padgett to Dwight D. Hollenbach, $170,000.

FOOTED RIDGE, 8960-Calvin Troy to Tannia L. Alvarez, $160,000.

GOLD AMBER GARTH, 9090-Constance L. Magee to Gina St. Phard and Cecile S. Nerette, $267,500.

GOOD HUNTERS RIDE, 6180-Bernard A. Partsch Jr. to Andre and Alicia Levchenko, $291,000.

GOOD HUNTERS RIDE N., 6137-William R. Alexander to Brian L. and Shannon F. Fong, $265,900.

GOOD LION RD., 9489-Seoungok Ok Nahm to Daniel Ginsburg and Melissa Culmer, $350,000.

GRACIOUS END CT., 9141-Matthew E. Dudonis to Eric Krupkin and Jessie Kaye, $195,000.

GRACIOUS END CT. SE, 9131-Gordon Scott Lane to Angela M. Stevenson, $174,500.

GRAY SEA WAY NE, 6322-Trevor Bonnema to Brian D. and Debra Peyser, $265,500.

GRAY SEA WAY NW, 6371-Ranjh Hundal to Samir Saha and Sujata Chowdhury, $290,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 10798-Nilda A. Adaza to Joseph W. Asberry, $163,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 10812-Zafar A. Gill to Carolyn B. Harvey, $116,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 10850-Michael D. Loving to George L. Warde and Kang J. Warde, $72,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5001-Mark D. Loda to Hunter B. Pich, $66,500.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5001-Mary L. Jellison to Yeane Russell, $95,000.

GRIMES GOLDEN CT. SE, 6823-John H. Sweeney to Roxana and Luis Tirigall, $367,000.

HALFLIGHT GARTH, 5495-Jordan D. Lewis to Scott Renner, $299,900.

HARPERS FARM RD., 5653-Joseph Edward Cole to Richard W. Ganoczy, $140,000.

HASTINGS DR. W., 9659-Laurel Santamarina to Vashti Armstead Langley, $165,000.

HASTINGS DR. W., 9673-Tanya Burke to David B. and Lisa A. Parker, $187,000.

HAYSHED LANE, 8729-Rachel L. Rebrassier to Brian P. McCray, $98,500.

HAYSHED LANE, 8729-Eric M. Morrison to Tiffany Arrington, $100,500.

HAYSHED LANE, 8783-Paulo J. Amaral to Robert T. Jenkins, $179,500.

HAYSHED LANE, 8803-Edward T. Callaway to Farooq Azam and Musarat Zehida, $167,500.

HERDING ROW, 10018-John B. Brewer to Jack G. and Carol A. Riddle, $340,000.

HICKORY LIMB SW, 9473-John Charles Giglotti to Mark L. Supple, $250,250.

HINGSTON DOWNS NE, 9611-Fontell E. Peart to Erin Michele Phaller, $170,000.

HOUND HILL CT. N., 5475-Robert Hammaker to William E. and Linda D. Lincicome, $236,900.

JERICHO RD. E., 5063-David W. Gray to Jane G. Wasser, $586,000.

KNIGHTHOOD LANE NW, 7024-Stephen L. Washington to Joaquim Ngetich and Doris Kipsang, $200,000.

LACELIKE ROW E., 6508-Craig G. Stewart to Ida Lancaster, $270,000.

LAMBSKIN LANE W., 9075-Cary James Moyer to Robert C. and Karen B. Whiteside, $160,000.

LONGLOOK LANE N., 9512-Thomas Francis Ricciuti to Nantoo Banerjee, $350,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6005-J. Ruth Gamble to Donovan Williams, $135,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6017-Beverly A. Goering to Carol E. Stewart, $93,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6045-Jose C. Muniz Jr. to Jason Smith, $125,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6095-James V.O. Neill Jr. to Candace Collins, $76,000.

MATADOR RD. SW, 9324-Mark W. Painter to Scott Wyatt and Katherine Jennifer Fowler, $166,500.

MORNINGBIRD LANE, 5840-Austin Reynolds Maxson to Todd D. Nutter, $184,900.

NIGHT STREET HILL, 6160-Eladio Arturo Santiago to Timothy M. Thompson, $245,000.

OAKLAND MILLS RD. E., 6125-Robert L. Kahn to Patricia L. Palomo, $279,000.

OLDE WOODS WAY NW, 10874-Allyson H. Baylin to Mi S. and Jeong Koo Jean, $220,000.

OLDE WOODS WAY S., 10887-Lawrence M. Kahn to Larry Thomas Cadenhead, $227,500.

PAINTED YELLOW GATE E., 6209-Abbie Diane Martin to Shari R. Smith and Jeremy E. Hammond, $406,300.

POUND APPLE CT. E., 6403-Joshua D. Shandler to Judith E. Roberts and Amy R. Knight, $222,500.

PROCOPIO CIR. S., 7234-Lisa C. Barbera to Jozo and Ana Djak, $158,900.

PROCOPIO CIR. S., 7256-Samuel G. Hamner III to Sarah H. Hosoford, $170,000.

PROCOPIO CIR. S., 7262-Karen Y. Kenner to Rory A. Mojica, $174,000.

QUEEN MARIA CT. NW, 9038-Silver Ari Isenstadt to Matthew E. and Melissa J. Lander, $205,000.

RAINLEAF CT. NW, 9834-Brendan J. Bassett to Lanise D. Smoot, $235,000.

RIVER RUN, 6549-Kaushik Talati to A. Vaughn and Celia J. Winchell, $585,000.

ROLL RIGHT CT., 8867-Jaswant Singh to Christina Deneane Walters, $80,000.

ROMMELL DR., 9510-Kathleen Horvath to Keon Shin and Mi Ok Kim Park, $385,000.

SANDCHAIN RD. SE, 6360-Mark R. Strickland to Sidney and Aarica Pittman, $330,000.

SHEPHERD SQ. NE, 6001-Tracy Berg to Olivi Nduku Ndumbu, $206,000.

SKYWARD CT. S., 6466-Rodney R. McMillan to Rudolph V. Park, $301,000.

SPELLING BEE N., 6504-Tony U. Dinh to Full Sun Enterprise Partnership, $250,000.

SPINNING SEED W., 6955-Dennis M. Parra to Ehanire Eleanor R. Neal, $355,000.

SPIRAL CUT, 8854-Patricia Ordonez to Mehul and Manisha Parekh, $77,000.

STEAMERBELL ROW E., 7255-Yangil Ro to Jason E. and Stefanie L. Alt, $265,000.

STONEBROOK LANE NE, 8890-Scott W. Jackson to Jerry P. and Pamela M. Tiede, $260,000.

SUMMER PARK CT. NE, 9756-Herbert L. Novitsky to Xu Zeng and Shanyi Chen, $238,000.

SUNDOWN TRAIL, 6445-Michael K. Connelly to Thomas J. Batchik and Dinae E. Batchik, $725,000.

SWAN POINT WAY, 7237-John P. Connolly to Peter Rogers, $254,900.

TALISMAN LANE NE, 7204-Paul Buckmaster to Yolanda R. Zanatta, $181,900.

TALISMAN LANE SW, 7169-Rafi Ahmad to Fred and Caroline Mulbah, $167,500.

TAMAR DR., 5903-Brian Sean Cursey to Terrie West and Lee Linkoff, $102,500.

TAMAR DR., 5911-Dawn L. Brown to Douglas L. Akers, $50,000.

TAMAR DR., 6318-Karen L. Hite to Marcos A. and Lourdes M. Castillo, $243,000.

TAMAR DR. NE, 8182-Rosanna C. Chan to Rao Jaladanki and Pramila Nandhala, $410,000.

TAMAR DR. SW, 8368-Jonathan S. Reisfeld to Ma Ammin and Jianhua Zhang, $198,900.

TARKINGTON PL. S., 5359-Daniel F. Walsh to Jose L. Palacio and Ivie R. Palacio, $327,000.

TREE TOP CIR. SW, 6409-Anthony R. Beninca to David Scott Clay, $415,000.

TROTTER RIDGE CT., 6130-Mark A. Taylor to Gary C. and Michelle A. Trotter, $631,900.

TROTTING RIDGE WAY, 10971-James E. Perrone to Warner Lewis and Susan S. Shipp, $204,850.

TWILIGHT CT. SW, 9504-Joseph A. Valdesuso to Princesella and Glenford Hayles, $332,000.

TWIN RIVERS RD., 10566-Christopher K. Stangl to Ziad A. and Cindy Sabra, $100,000.

WANING MOON WAY E., 6616-Brenar A. Durham to Marie Alice Desmangles, $180,000.

WATCHWOOD PATH N., 5116-Robert L. Weinberg to Abbie Diane and Jesse Martin, $599,900.

WATERCRESS PL. N., 5470-Sherman L. Ragland to Robert Lee and Jennifer Anne Croft, $332,000.

WATERLOO RD., 5666-John J. Peppe to Michael Shaw, $290,000.

WAYOVER WAY NW, 10259-Chesapeake Conference Association to Frank D. Jr. and Stacey A. Bondurant, $275,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY, 7537-Leeann K. Kelly to Suzanne M. Riley and Julie H. Forbe, $131,000.

WESTLEIGH DR. SE, 10077-John Patrick Heaphy to Steven C. and Kimberly M. Hoffmann, $436,000.

WHITE MANE SW, 5396-Mary Lou Bolfik to Souleymane Sow and Josette M. Janviersow, $179,100.

WINTER ROSE PATH, 7100-Nancy Takahashi to Paul R. Hershberg, $230,000.

WOVEN MOONBEAM SW, 6592-Chester B. Czaplicki to RAF One Corp., $148,000.

Dayton Area

GREEN BRIDGE RD., 4971-John Logan to Wayne Ballantine, $243,000.

TRIADELPHIA MILL RD., 13950-Robert R. Martin to Bret W. and Brenda S. Gregor, $515,000.

Elkridge Area

ARBOR WAY, 6335-Mark D. Ruby to Jeremy Moorhead and Gina Amero, $287,500.

AUTUMN SPELL, 5913-Basil Saiedy to Kimberly McCarthy, $299,000.

AUTUMN SPELL, 5939-Michael J. Hagan to Venugopal K. Reddy and Pratima Pabbathi Reddy, $294,500.

AUTUMN SPELL SW, 5970-Michael L. Snider to Steven W. Hayes and Priscilla L. Schroeder, $287,900.

BLUE SKY E., 5831-Kenneth Hendershot to David Pierson, $320,000.

BUTTERFIELD DR. SW, 7883-Patrick R. Petersen to Jessica K. Tan, $259,900.

DORSEY RD., 6874-Edward C. Riemer to Dimitr S. Avarmov and Albena I. Avramov, $190,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6278-Kerry A. Federici to Bryan and Amy Lake, $131,300.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6514-Frank W. Acra Jr. to Robert J. and Yong Y. Thibodaux, $190,000.

ELDERBERRY CT. NE, 6524-Anthony J. Tammaro to James A. and Tina M. Russ, $395,000.

ELM AVE., 7000-Emma M. Johenning to Luis M. Joes and Alison Faye Santana, $315,000.

FORREST AVE., 6370-Raymond H. Asbury to Kenneth Lee and Erica Nicole Roby, $185,200.

FROTHINGHAM CT. NE, 6405-Bradley Scott Wine to Peter J. Gonzales and Christy Leann Law, $282,500.

GATEPOST WAY SW, 6204-Ying Kit Tam to Todd and Rebecca Ann Stewart, $470,400.

GREEN TREE CT. SE, 8002-Clint Allen Rose to Bruce Roper, $210,000.

GREENFIELD RD., 6450-Tomas J. Prete Jr. to Eric A. Hehl, $130,000.

HAMPTON PL. NE, 6310-Brandon G. Klein to William Mark Dorsey and Teresa Marie Romiti, $290,000.

HUNTER RD. NE, 6681-Daniel F. McAlister to William B. McCollum and Lisa M. Gavin, $345,000.

HUNTSHIRE DR. W., 6531-Patrick L. Tran to Taisong Chen and Zhu Lian Liu, $238,000.

KNOLLS CT. S., 6207-Kristine Cho to Myong in Lee, $261,900.

LENNOX AVE. NW, 7008-Leslie L. Donohue to Dina Castaneda, $216,000.

MARIOAK DR. S., 7839-Renee A. Hindall to Marc G. and Laura R. Leroux, $165,000.

MILLSTREAM CT. W., 7953-Lorraine E. Hall to Tinesha L. Mahomes, $188,000.

MILLSTREAM CT. W., 7965-William McKinley Johnson to Stephen Gross, $157,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 6305-6305 Old Washington Blvd. Corp. to Carl M. Sanders, $146,000.

PATUXENT OAK CT. W., 7743-Freddie L. Ivey to Richard Lee and Charlene Harding, $241,900.

ROCK GLEN DR. W., 6015-Zachary D. Burke to Adrian G. and Mary Ellen Bergin, $145,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 6007-Christi R. Bordeaux to Steven H. Swartz, $170,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 6016-Marla Telene Lucas to Crystal S. and Kelly W. French, $152,000.

SANCTUARY CT., 6812-Jason Hodgson to Jay M. Chung, $261,500.

SANCTUARY CT. NW, 6827-James Y. Shin to Sung Chun and Eun Joo Cho, $283,000.

SANDPIPER CT. SW, 6267-Richard Evan Fields to Kimberly M. Austin, $168,900.

TIMBERVIEW DR., 5821-Robert Neighoff to Homer F. and Tina F. Ellinger, $289,900.

TROY CT. SE, 6305-Bruce Alan Stadd to Anthony C. Swetz and Danielle Gregg, $260,000.

WATERLOO RD., 6351-William Thomas Collins Jr. to Tory D. Smith and Talana M. Smith, $299,900.

Ellicott City Area

BRACKEN DR., 10150-David E. Kuhns to Christopher A. and Jane R. Padgett, $560,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7917-John J. Gutwald Jr. to Julia McIihenny, $270,500.

BRIGHTLINK CT., 8104-Gene Stevenson to Steve and Sang Geum Ryu, $259,900.

CARROLL MILL RD., 12210-David R. Gregory to Matthew J. and Marita D. Lesho, $590,000.

CHURCH RD., 3552-David J. Gallitano to Brian W. Schwenk, $875,000.

CHURCH RD., 3791-Wendy Noble to Tomas E. Pallas and Julia Pallozzi Ruhm, $600,000.

CHURCH RD., 3818-Historic Ellicott Properties Inc. to Old Town Construction Corp., $200,000.

CLUB CT., 4217-Joseph W. Shearer to Timothy A. and Theresa G. Brady, $345,000.

COACHLIGHT LANE, 7645-Ruth J. Frutchey to Erik Putra Alam, $165,000.

COTSWOLD SPRING FARM LANE, 11300-NVR R Inc. to Memuna Munawar and Choudhrey Munawar, $800,173.

DOWER DR., 4645-John A. Richmond to L. Elliott Hong and Yan Mei Lin, $335,000.

FOLLY QUARTER RD., 12865-Nicholas R. Innerbichler to Chandler B. and Harriet B. Lee, $925,000.

FREDERICK RD., 11789-Greenfield Homes Inc. to John C. and Theresa M. Yodzis, $399,000.

GOLDFINCH CT. NW, 5707-Sanjay Kumar to Bradford Bogard, $273,000.

GOVERNORS RUN, 8386-Ahmed Al Kowsi to Peter Demizio, $595,000.

GREEN BOWER WAY NE, 2807-Wayne E. Jordan to Richard A. and Natalie S. Janiszewski, $464,900.

HALLOWED STREAM S., 4675-Richard A. Janiszewski to Qin Shi and Shihui Tang, $264,900.

HUNTING HORN DR. S., 5566-William K. Stultz to Jessica L. MacCartee, $220,000.

KATHERINE PL., 3058-Shahram Nameni to Allen C. and Elizabeth C. Davis, $447,500.

LAMPLIGHTERS DR. NE, 2425-Thomas Twigg to Markus A. Caldwell, $725,000.

LINWOOD DR. N., 8518-Robert G. Blackert to Bruce G. and Heidi Potter, $410,000.

LITER DR., 2606-Gerard S. Malone to Chad and Iva Gustafson, $377,500.

LOWLEN CT., 3512-Aaron E. Baranoff to David Stratmann and Eric Rome, $220,000.

MAYFAIR CIR., 7954-Darlene P. Strother to Allan C. Hubbard, $195,000.

MAYFAIR CIR. SW, 7762-Draga M. Travis to Patricia L. Karas and Glasco Corp., $198,000.

MERRYMAN ST., 8411-Hose Lairity to Samuel R. McClung, $35,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. E., 8355-John Raymond Lloyd to Melissa L. Orzechowski, $160,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NW, 8358-Rome E. Brittingham to Daniel Freed, $167,000.

MOUNT HEBRON DR., 2302-Karen E. Rosenblatt to Shawn E. and Heather D. Lupold, $350,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 3938-Scott A. Judy to Paul German, $400,900.

OLD MONTGOMERY RD., 8044-Tamara Grace Matthews to Richard and Jean Ellestad, $535,000.

PAPILLON DR., 8900-Jae Hun Roh to Ye Weiguo and Jie Wang and Ye Weiguo, $339,000.

PLUM TREE DR., 3557-Virginia A. Russell to Courtney A. Spencer, $86,000.

ROSECROFT TER. NW, 8530-Charles Gordon Stone III to Donald E. and Heather C. Demers, $420,000.

ROUNDHILL RD., 4657-Jay F. Downs to Stanley E. and Danielle A. Crump, $485,000.

RUSTLING BARK CT. NW, 7902-Frederick T. Willoughby to Frederick T. and Terry A.M. Willoughby, $245,400.

SHELLEY LANE W., 4694-Steve M. Lemons to Lucy Patricia and Mark Hazen Elkridge, $576,000.

STONY CREEK LANE, 7628-Richard S. Rogers to Harvinder and Sundip Saini, $152,400.

STONY CREEK LANE, 7633-Harold D. Pittenger to Shannon Ponton and Kathryn A. Pittenger, $150,000.

TEMORA MANOR LANE, 4320-Robert L. Flanagan to Yaorong Qian and Bo Wang, $524,900.

TIMBER VALLEY CT. NW, 8501-Lloyd M. Weinerman to Joan K. Treacy, $370,400.

VIXENS PATH SE, 11649-Charles B. Allen Jr. to John R. Register and Mary Jayne Register, $1.8 million.

Fulton Area

LIME KILN RD., 12393-Dixie L. Quinn trust to Joyce L. Ground, $375,000.

LIME KILN RD., 12407-James L. Burck, trustee, to Robert D. and Mary R. Dice, $498,000.

RESERVOIR RD. SE, 8345-James B. Bourdon to James E. and Elaine M. Cox, $570,000.

Hanover Area

ANDERSON AVE., 6470-Simon F. Shanko to Eric L. Bers, $153,000.

HANOVER CROSSING WAY S., 6359-Kamau M. Lizwelicha to Anh and My Thi Nguyen, $315,000.

Highland Area

CHAROLAIS CT. E., 13461-Robert L. Kiatta, trustee, to Christian J. and Christine M. Mari, $740,000.

GREENWOOD DR., 7534-Kathleen S. Rice to Andrey N. Topin and Yevgeniya Topina, $350,000.

Jessup Area

ASPENWOOD WAY NE, 8141-Robert Eugene Wetmore to Justus A. Baumgartner, $217,000.

ASPENWOOD WAY SW, 8160-Jamal H. Saleh to Jeffrey E. Debonis, $175,000.

CONCORD DR. NE, 8608-Andrea Twarowski to Mimi Nguyen, $294,000.

FAWN RUN, 7619-Meadowlark Corp. to Denise Delusa Klem, $130,000.

GUILFORD RD., 10166-Jeffrey J. Hoffman to Francine L. Applewhite, $250,000.

GUILFORD RD., 10220-Jerry P. Hansen to 10220 Guilford Road Corp., $415,000.

HICKS RD., 8123-Arthur Hicks to Gateway Partners Corp., $100,000.

OAK MEADE WAY W., 8406-Kathleen M. Gossen Shaffer to Gina Brown, $260,000.

ROSEWOOD WAY E., 8920-Richard M. Scher to Dennis Jerome, $217,000.

WELLINGTON PL. N., 8239-Ronald L. Donaway to Taryn M. Patchett, $190,000.

Mount Airy Area

HARDY RD., 17010-Robert Alan Berry to David W. and Sarah R. Mathias, $256,400.

OLD FREDERICK RD. S., 16209-Dawn K. Price to Sean and Theresa Connor, $385,000.

Savage Area

BALTIMORE ST., 9061-David Metzler to Mathew M. Adler, $173,500.

WOODWARD ST. N., 8115-Leroy Brunner III to Stephen E. and Jennifer M. Shauger, $215,000.

WOODWARD ST. N., 8123-Howard M. Blackman to H. Bruce and Kathleen K. Phillips, $210,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

BRYANT AVE. SE, 9141-W. David Davenport to William R. Bonnell, $205,000.

BURLEY LANE NE, 9214-Kyung S. Lim to Pete and Theresa Gragnano, $242,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9164-Howard Alan Cohen to Jamal A. Wilkins, $165,000.

CASTLEROCK CT., 8716-Scott M. Shaver to Mirian P. Ofonedu, $212,000.

CASTLEROCK CT., 8719-Ameet G. Taskar to Juanliang Cai and Song Li, $215,000.

DONNAN CASTLE CT., 9601-Mark M. Piwowarski to Daksha and Tusharkumar Patel, $239,000.

DONNAN CASTLE CT. SE, 9540-Ada Louise Bohorfoush to Gordon C. Rabe, trustee, $224,900.

DONNAN CASTLE CT. SE, 9546-Andre Burgess to Eric Loewenstern, $187,000.

FENS HOLLOW N., 9440-David E. Spivey to Tamara L. Libbon and William Capozzoli, $250,000.

GLENDOWER CT. SW, 9610-Ellen D. Klaren to Sherrilynne Hudspeth, $213,000.

GRAELOCH RD., 10601-Russell Murray to Ada Louise Bohorfoush, $320,000.

HAMMOND PKWY. S., 7874-Paul C. Cunzeman, trustee, to Denise M. and Glenn A. Rivers, $335,000.

HIGH RIDGE RD., 10155-Springer Goyne to Christine L. Bordine, $246,000.

HOMESTEAD CT., 9640-Daniel E. Boone to Adam and Linda E. Tailfouri, $130,000.

HOMESTEAD CT., 9655-Philip L. Grier to Sonya R. Carter, $140,000.

LAUREL RD. N., 9015-Monique A. Willard to Jacques Philippe Metayer, $120,000.

LAUREL RD. N., 9065-Richard W. Piper to Eston D. Ganoe and Ida Jean Ganoe, $118,000.

LAUREL RD. N., 9065-Laura Clarke to Jennifer Michelle Smith, $120,000.

MARY LEE LANE SE, 8245-Jason C. Tyler to Dawn Pettit, $153,000.

MARY LEE LANE SE, 8311-John L. Stetka to Sangwoo and Miryang Lee, $205,200.

MAYFLOWER CT. SE, 9448-Timothy K. Ryan to Sserumaga Tibasiima Godfrey, $207,000.

MCIVOR RD., 7808-Valentino Cevrain to John L. and Anna M. Smith, $335,000.

MOONSHINE HOLLOW, 9090-Martha Lulia Velez to Mary Lee Burton, $130,000.

MURPHY RD., 8325-Robert A. Lincoln to Randall A. and Suzanne M. Jewell, $625,000.

NORFOLK AVE. S., 9652-James R. May to William R. and Lisa A. Rice, $270,000.

OLD SCAGGSVILLE RD., 9307-Laura M. Miles to John M. Hayes, $225,000.

OVERTON DR., 9609-Christopher R. Rivera to Donald E. and Jennifer A. O'Connell, $364,900.

PINENUT CT. E., 9221-Jeffery J. Powell to Scott J. Rappaport, $192,000.

PINENUT CT. E., 9239-Christopher A. Polimeni to Thomas D. Currier and Lindsay Diane Moore, $203,000.

PINEWAY DR., 8529-Glenn H. Clevenger to Byron H. and Bonnie S. Adams, $390,000.

REDBRIDGE CT. W., 9203-Andre M. Mahasa to Andre M. and Natasha Mahasa, $162,000.

RIDINGS WAY W., 9319-Pamela H. Stephen to Kevin M. and Nisha L. Kelly, $273,000.

RIVERBRINK CT. N., 9436-Kimberly K. Leakey to Rebecca L. and Travis J. Nichols, $202,000.

TYMAT CT. NE, 9106-Rosalyn Diane Featherstone to Sharada Muralidharan, $205,000.

TYMAT CT. NE, 9112-Scott C. Crumley to Nelci Fraga and Evaldo Alves, $220,900.

WHITEROCK CT., 10615-Dale W. Lantz to Anil and Meena Khatri, $200,000.

FIFTH ST. S., 9397-Brian Holt to Brian and Jennifer Holt, $198,000.

Sykesville Area

HIGH STEPPER TRAIL NE, 953-D. Richard Aten to Jeffrey S. Quillen and Linda M. Willis, $640,000.

West Friendship Area

MCKENDREE RD., 2328-Leah L. Smith to Jeannine Sherbs, $185,000.

Woodbine Area

CHESSIE CROSSING WAY, 700-Reese Ann Nank to Kenneth Oland Jr. and Pamela L. Bierly, $505,000.

OLD FREDERICK RD., 14999-Larry J. Herron to Lina Heidi Peterson, $400,000.

SPRING HOUSE CT. NW, 3108-James M. McDonnell to Pamela L. and Kelly Hailstone, $650,000.

Woodstock Area

CHESHAM WAY NE, 10505-John Michael Brewer to Naushad A. Akhund and Deborah Akhund, $600,000.

FOLKESTONE WAY W., 10763-Gary W. Phelps to Keechun Hong and Nanhui Park, $475,500.

ROUTE 99, 10861-Harvey J. Jenkins to Jesse S. Jones Jr., $370,000.