The following were among cases received recently by the Montgomery County Animal Services Division. For more information, call 240-773-5054. This number provides recorded information on such topics as Montgomery County Animal Shelter hours and location, adoption and licensing procedures, rabies clinics and low-cost neutering.

Girls Injured by Rabid Kitten

POTOMAC, Deborah Dr., 11000 block, Aug. 11. Two girls in a yard attempted to pick up a stray kitten. One of the girls was bitten, and the other one was scratched by the animal. The parents captured the 2-month-old black kitten and took it to the shelter. The kitten had a broken leg and behaved abnormally, officials said. Because of the extent of the leg injury, the animal was euthanized. It was submitted for rabies testing, and a specimen was sent to the state health department's rabies laboratory in Baltimore. Test results were positive for rabies, and the family, two employees from the Humane Society and a veterinarian staff member were contacted immediately and referred to the Montgomery County Health Department for rabies evaluation. They have begun a rabies shot series.

Raccoon Scratches Woman

CHEVY CHASE, Norwood Dr., Aug. 12. A raccoon was hit by a car and injured. A woman picked up the animal, which scratched her, then fled the scene. Police and an ambulance were called to assist the injured woman. The Humane Society later called the woman and referred her to the Montgomery County Health Department to be evaluated for rabies-exposure treatment.

What's Fowl Is for the Fair

SILVER SPRING, Caddington Ave., 1400 block, Aug. 13. A resident notified Animal Services of chickens and roosters making noise in a neighboring yard. An animal services officer informed owners of the yard that Montgomery County law requires birds to be housed no less than 100 feet from any dwelling and gave them seven days to remove the three roosters and two hens from the property. The owners said they would take them to the Montgomery County Fair.

Pets Available for Adoption

Dogs, cats and other pets will be available for adoption through the Montgomery County Humane Society Mobile Adoption Unit, which is scheduled to visit the following location. To confirm the schedule, call 240-773-5966 or visit


1-4 p.m. Saturday


20924 Frederick Rd.

-- Compiled by RIA MANGLAPUS