C. Maurice Porter calls himself a homeboy and hopes it will serve him well as he becomes principal of Ferebee-Hope Elementary School this fall.

Rosemary DeVillar spent the last year in Qatar and plans to use it to her advantage in her new assignment at Merritt Educational Center.

Arriving from across the District or across the world, Porter and DeVillar are among 23 new principals who will begin their assignments at D.C. public schools this fall. Another new principal, Alex Donahue, will lead Roosevelt's STAY High School.

Most come from other positions in the city school system, but school officials hope they will bring fresh eyes to old institutions, interim Superintendent Robert C. Rice said last week.

Porter, who was born in the District and grew up in Deanwood, said he wants to strengthen ties between the school and the neighboring community and hopes his experience in the city will help.

He is working with community organizations to create partnership programs and wants to hold lunches where adults from outside the school read to students.

He previously served as assistant principal at Marie H. Reed Community Learning Center and asked to be assigned to Ferebee-Hope, he said, in part because he believes the neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River need strong schools and more opportunities.

"The community needs it," he said. "They've been left out of the economic pie of America."

DeVillar also plans to put her experiences to work as principal of Merritt Educational Center. She is keeping in touch with her students and teachers at the school in Doha, Qatar, where she served as principal last year and plans to begin a pen pal program for students.

DeVillar also hopes to expand Merritt's Montessori program, which serves pre-kindergartners through sixth-graders, to include seventh- and eighth-graders as well.

Before her year in Qatar, DeVillar worked in California schools for 25 years, including 12 as a principal.

New principals are listed below. As of Aug. 19, school officials had not named a principal for Alice Deal Junior High School.

Public Schools

Elementary Schools

Adams: Francisco Millet, former director of Fairfax County's English for Speakers of Other Languages program

Bunker Hill: Jerry Marlin, former school director for Edison Schools in North Carolina

Davis: Joyce Thompson, former principal at Evans Middle School

Emery: Ronald Taylor, former assistant principal at Henry D. Cooke Elementary School

Ferebee-Hope: C. Maurice Porter, former assistant principal at Marie H. Reed Community Learning Center

Garrison: Geneva Williams, former acting principal at Garrison Elementary School

Janney: M. Scott Cartland, former assistant principal at Murch Elementary School

Maury: Michael Wilson, former vice principal in Charles County

Orr: Michelle Williams, former participant in New Leaders, New Schools, based at Raymond Elementary School

Plummer: Otassa Boston, former assistant principal at Wheatley Elementary School

Randle Highlands: Teresa Alexis-Williams, acting principal, former assistant principal at Eastern Senior High School

Shepherd: Daniel Robinson, former principal in Harrisburg, Pa.

Stanton: Norman Brooks, former assistant principal at Stanton Elementary School

Tyler: Michelle Pierre, former participant in New Leaders, New Schools, based at Miner Elementary School

Wheatley: Vivianne Harriston, former acting principal at Wheatley Elementary School

Wilkinson: Donnell Peterson, former principal at Jefferson Junior High

Middle Schools

Kelly Miller: Robert Gill, former principal at Johnson Junior High School

Kramer: Kenneth Parker, former assistant principal at Kramer Middle School

Junior High Schools

Johnson: Sylvia Dark, former assistant principal at Johnson Junior High School

Senior High Schools

Ballou: Daniel Hudson, former principal, Bradford County, Pa.

Coolidge: Cecil Robinson, former assistant to area executive officer and principal, Baltimore

Educational Center

Merritt: Rosemary DeVillar, former education consultant in Doha, Qatar

Public Charter Schools

Children's Studio School Public Charter School of the Arts & Humanities: Ashindi Maxton, formerly policy director for Teach For America

Maya Angelou Public Charter School, Northeast Campus: Nataki Reynolds, formerly principal in residence at Maya Angelou Public Charter School, Shaw Campus

Maya Angelou Public Charter School, Shaw Campus: Eugene Pinkard, formerly assistant principal at Bell Multicultural High School.

New School for Enterprise and Development: Ira K. Thomas, formerly associate director of research and information for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and former director of alternative education at Ballou Senior High School

Options Public Charter School: Donna Montgomery, formerly director of special education at Options Public Charter School

Paul Public Charter School: Barbara Nophlin, formerly director of Policy Research and Analysis for the State Education Office and former principal at Amidon Elementary School and Community Academy PCS

Sasha Bruce Public Charter School: Linda Thomas, formerly Prince George's County principal, dean of students and teacher, SouthEast Academy for Scholastic Excellence Public Charter School

SouthEast Academy for Scholastic Excellence Public Charter School: Deborah Goggins, formerly lead teacher at Holy Temple Christian Academy

Tree of Life Public Charter School: Lewis Thomas III

New Public Charter Schools

The District of Columbia Bilingual Public Charter School: Alison Auerbac, former participant in New Leaders for New Schools program, as resident principal at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Academy PCS

E.L. Haynes Public Charter School: Jennifer Niles, former participant in New Leaders for New Schools, as resident principal at Capital City Public Charter School

Two Rivers Public Charter School: Jessica Wodatch, formerly middle school director at Kingsbury Day School

William E. Doar, Jr. Public Charter School: Nadia Casseus, formerly principal at Southeast Academy for Scholastic Excellence

Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy Public Charter School: D. Maurice Rawles, formerly state coordinator for DC School to Work program

Young America Works Public Charter School: R. Gerald Austin, formerly special education director and summer school principal at M.C. Terrell Elementary School