Q What does President Bush have to do to have a successful convention?

A The president needs to tout his achievements and then lay out his agenda for the next four years. He promised to lower taxes and he did it. He promised to create accountability for effective public schools and he did it. He promised to help seniors with their pharmaceutical costs and he did it. When this nation was attacked by terrorists, he promised that we would take the appropriate actions to hunt down and punish the perpetrators and he did it.

Looking forward, the president will lay out the critical issues facing this country and speak about how he will address those issues and improve the lives of all Americans.

What about the Republican Party platform should appeal to Fairfax County voters?

The official platform is still in progress, but in general the Republican Party principles of lower taxes and personal responsibility appeal to county voters because Fairfax is a county of entrepreneurs. Fairfax residents are people with innovation and the ability to create new technologies and new ideas that can change the landscape of this entire country. The Republican Party seeks to foster innovation -- not regulate, tax and sue it.

Fairfax Democrats say they believe that John Kerry will be the first Democrat since Lyndon Johnson to carry Fairfax County. Do you anticipate this election being closer locally than some past presidential contests?

In 2000, President Bush carried Fairfax County by 6,000 votes out of more than 400,000 cast. It is hard to imagine a closer election, but this one just might be. The Democrats are spending an unprecedented amount of money trying to buy a win in Fairfax County, but I continue to believe that the combination of strong leadership by President Bush at the top of our ticket, plus strong grass-roots organizing by committed Fairfax Republicans, plus energized donors, equals Fairfax County remaining in President Bush's column.

In general, what does the county Republican Party need to do to shore up its strength?

The county party must continue to reach out directly to voters at back-to-school nights, fairs, Metro stops and grocery stores; and on the phone, door to door and in every other way that we can. Thousands of people have signed up as volunteers to help reelect President Bush, and committed volunteers have already knocked on thousands of doors in the county and we have contacted more than 100,000 voters by phone.

Most voters will begin to pay attention to this campaign after Labor Day, and we are confident that President Bush will carry Fairfax County and that we will reelect Reps. Thomas M. Davis III in the 11th District and Frank R. Wolf in the 10th District, and replace Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D) with Lisa Marie Cheney in the 8th District.

Who's Going From Fairfax

Here is a list of the delegates from the Fairfax and Falls Church area who are attending the convention. Delegates are chosen at a local convention.

District Delegates

* Juanita Balenger, Annandale

* Katherine Anne Gentry, Fairfax

* Anna Lee, Centreville

* Harold Y. Pyon, Fairfax Station

At-Large Delegates

* Gary H. Baise, McLean

* Charles H. Cunningham, Fairfax

* Jeannemarie Devolites, Vienna

* Vellie Dietrich-Hall, Springfield

* Jorge G. Lozano, Annandale

* Kathleen M. Naylor, Springfield


* Patricia Monique Anthis-Hunt, Fairfax Station

* Barbara Bowie-Whitman, Alexandria

* Timothy Hugo, Clifton

* Mary Pauline Jones, Vienna

* James Kaplan, Vienna

* John M. Clerici, Oakton

* George D. Croft, McLean

* Robert Hartwell, Alexandria

* H.V. Hawley, Annandale

* Aleyda V. Kasten, Vienna

* K. Habib Khan, Fairfax

* Robert M. McDowell, Vienna

* Ralph C. McGehee, Falls Church

* Shayam K. Menon, Falls Church

* Kamal M. Nawash, Falls Church

* George Selim, Fairfax

* Charles J. Weir, Oakton

* Albert C. Zapanta, Annandale

Eric LundbergThe Republican National Convention -- starring President Bush and Vice President Cheney -- will begin Monday in New York.