Projects Proposed

Brentsville District

1. Bristow Rd., 10504 Bristow Rd. Rezone 1.37 acres from agriculture to planned mixed residential to construct a 6,675-square-foot office building.

2. Miller Toyota, 8500 Sudley Rd. Special-use permit to add 142 parking spaces on 1.43 acres at existing business.

3. Avis Rent-A-Car, 8200 Sudley Rd. Special-use permit to operate a motor vehicle rental business.

Projects Approved

Brentsville District

4. Wellingford Industrial Park, 7265 Wellington Rd. Rezone 65 acres from light industrial to heavy industrial.

Gainesville District

5. Bethlehem Woods, 7902 Bethlehem Rd. Rezone 3.93 acres from agriculture to light industrial.

6. Camp Snyder, 6100 Antioch Rd. Amend a special-use permit to construct a 67-foot-high climbing/rappelling tower.

Site Disturbance Permits

Brentsville District

7. Applebee's, 9401 Liberia Ave. Construction of a 4,850-square-foot restaurant.

8. Bank of America, 12881 Braemar Village Plaza. Construction of a 4,700-square-foot bank with three drive-through windows.

9. Broad Run Industrial Park, 9489 Hawkins Dr. Construction of a 20,500-square-foot building.

10. Hilldrup Moving and Storage, 8422 Wellington Rd. Construction of 119,952-square-foot and 29,000-square-foot buildings.

11. Logis-Tech, 9420 Innovation Loop. Construction of a 36,797-square-foot building.

12. New Bristow Village, 10604 Bristow Rd. Construction of 421 single-family houses and 98 townhouses.

13. Nextgen Corporate Center, 9550 Godwin Dr. Construction of a 35,332-square-foot building.

14. Virginia Gateway, 8103 Linton Hall Rd. Construction of a 56,660-square-foot building and road work.

15. Wellingford Industrial Park, 7265 Wellington Rd. Construction of a 65,622-square-foot building.

Dumfries District

16. Forest Park, 17521 Barron Heights Rd. Construction of 40 townhouses.

17. Four Seasons, 16403 Dumfries Rd. Construction of 107 single-family houses.

Gainesville District

18. CFP, 12301 Randolph Ridge Lane. Construction of a recycling facility.

19. Dominion Valley Country Club, 5600 James Madison Hwy. Construction of 183 single-family houses, 54 townhouses, retail and commercial buildings, office buildings, a church and a day-care center.

Woodbridge District

20. Port Potomac, 16124 Meeting House Ct. Construction of 102 single-family houses.