1. Woodland Phase 1A, northeast corner of Routes 860 and 617. Subdivide 386.20 acres zoned PDRV (planned development-rural village) for 23 single-family lots, seven townhouse lots and one conservancy lot as part of the first phase of a multiphase rural village center planned development.

2. Barclay Ridge Section 4, 22616 James Monroe Hwy. Subdivide 286.25 acres zoned AR-2 (agricultural rural) for 29 single-family detached rural hamlet lots.

3. Round Hill Rural Estates, east of Route 719, about 1.5 miles south of Route 7. Subdivide 361.03 acres zoned A-3 (agricultural, one unit per three acres) for 30 single-family detached lots.

4. Ashbrook Village, Section 2B, Ashburn Village Boulevard and Russell Branch Parkway. Subdivide 40.58 acres zoned PDH-6 (planned development housing, six units per acre) for 62 single-family attached units.

5. Tall Cedar Estates, Phase 2, west of Poland Road, east of Planting Field Drive and south of Tall Cedars Parkway. Subdivide 35.34 acres zoned R-1 (residential, one unit per acre) for 35 single-family detached lots and associated easements, street dedication and open parcel.

6. Churchill Downs, Section 2, south of Evans Pond Road, west of Chapel Lane and south of Lucketts Road. Subdivide 45.57 acres zoned AR-1 (agricultural rural) into 14 rural hamlet lots for single-family residences and four open parcels.

7. Churchill Downs, Section 1, 43247 Evans Pond Rd. Subdivide 64.63 acres zoned AR-1 into 18 rural hamlet lots and one conservancy lot for single-family residences and 22 open parcels.

8. Meadow Lane, Section 3, Lot 10, southwest side of Mountain View Drive. Subdivide 19.52 acres zoned CR-1 (countryside residential) for 10 single-family detached units and two open parcels.

9. Lenah Run, Hamlet F, Lots 211-251, 40491 Lenah Run Cir. Subdivide 69.03 acres zoned TR1UBF (transitional residential) for 42 single-family detached lots, one open parcel and one conservancy lot.

10. Lansdowne, Section 33B, Lots 1-31 and Section 35, Lots 1-31, Riverside Parkway, northwest of Vestals Court. Subdivide 203.58 acres zoned PDH-3 (planned development housing, three units per acre) and PD-SA (planned development-special activities) for 62 single-family detached lots and three open parcels.

11. Leesburg Crossing, 42296 Greenfield Farm Lane. Subdivide 117.27 acres zoned AR-1 for 18 single-family detached lots.

12. River Creek Landbay P, Phase 7, Section 4A, River Creek Parkway north of Olympic Boulevard. Subdivide 6.99 acres for 26 single-family detached lots with accompanying easement dedications involving 367.63 acres zoned PDH-3.

13. River Creek Landbay P, Phase 7, Section 4B, River Creek Parkway north of Olympic Boulevard. Subdivide 1.55 acres for four single-family detached lots with accompanying easement dedications involving 367.63 acres zoned PDH-3.

14. River Creek Landbay P, Phase 7, Section 4C, River Creek Parkway north of Olympic Boulevard. Subdivide 4.96 acres for 20 single-family detached lots with accompanying easement dedications involving 367.63 acres zoned PDH-3.

15. Poland Road Property, Section 2, west of Poland Road and east of Planting Field Drive. Subdivide 96.42 acres zoned R-4 (residential, four units per acre) for 32 single-family detached lots, two open parcels and public street dedication and various easements involving Section 2 of the Poland Road property.

16. Jones Farm, south side of Charles Town Pike, between Meadow Lane and Hampton Road. Subdivide 38.88 acres zoned AR-1 for 12 single-family detached lots.

17. Ohio Valley College Tract, west side of Ashburn Road about 0.8 miles south of Route 7. Subdivide 9.20 acres zoned CR-1 for 10 single-family detached lots, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, water lines, temporary construction and dedication of right of way.

18. Stone Ridge (South) Section 53 and 55, south of Route 50, west of Route 659. Subdivide 310.99 acres zoned PDH-8 (planned development, eight units per acre) and PD-OP (planned development-office park) and PDCCSC (planned development, commercial shopping center) for 82 single-family detached lots, easements, parcels and street dedications.

19. Parks at Belle Terra, north of Ryan Road and east of Belle Terra Drive. Subdivide 15.74 acres zoned R-1 for 16 single-family detached units and three open parcels within the subdivision of Parks at Belle Terra, Sections 1B and 2B.

20. Kirkpatrick Farms, Braddock Road Phase 2, 41796 Braddock Rd. Approval for the dedication of Braddock Road through Kirkpatrick Farms on 326.42 acres zoned PDH-4 (planned development housing, four units per acre) and TR1LF (transitional residential).

21. Elk Lick Estates Lots 1-13, 0.6 miles south of Route 50 and Elk Lick Road. Subdivide 14.03 acres zoned CR-1 for 13 single-family detached lots including various easements and one public road (Blackstone Court).

22. Rokeby Hamlets, east of James Monroe Highway and west of Gleedsville Road. Subdivide 417.00 acres zoned AR-1 for 81 hamlet lots and five conservancy lots.

23. Brambleton Landbay 2, Phase 1, Section 12, Phase 2, Section 14, Legacy Park Drive and Belmont Ridge Road. Subdivide 234.36 acres zoned PDH-4 for a county elementary school, 350 single-family detached lots (194 to be administered as R-8).

24. Broadlands South Sections 200, 202 and 206, Block 2, south of Waxpool Road and east of Claiborne Parkway. Subdivide 181.57 acres zoned PDH-4 for two lots for office uses and one lot for retail uses with accompanying right of way and easement dedications for Demott Drive Phase II and Ryan Road Phases 2A and 2B.

25. Kirkpatrick Farms, Sections L and M2, west of Braddock Road and Gum Spring Road. Subdivide 326.42 acres zoned PDH-4 and TR1LF for 42 single-family detached lots.

26. Red Hill Manor, north side of Red Hill Road and west of Evergreen Mills Road. Subdivide for five residential single-family detached hamlet lots, one conservancy lot and three open parcels.

27. Dulles Trade Center II, Lots 17-26, north of Old Ox Road and Pebble Run Drive. Subdivide 54.12 acres zoned PD-GI (planned development-general industrial) for 10 commercial lots, right of way dedication and associated easements.

28. Brambleton Landbay 2, Phase 2, Section 15, south of Legacy Park Drive and Belmont Ridge Road. Subdivide 223.34 acres zoned PDH-4 for 355 single-family detached residences (152 lots to be administered as R-4).

29. Poland Road Property, Section 3, west side of Poland Road and east of Planting Field Drive. Subdivide 96.42 acres zoned R-4 for 57 single-family detached residential units.

30. Brambleton Landbay 2, Phase 2, Sections 16 and 17, Block 1, 22941 Belmont Ridge Rd. Subdivide 225.75 acres zoned PDH-4 for 211 townhouses and 53 single-family units.

31. Round Hill Rural Estates Upper Lakes Phase 1, east side of Route 719, about 1.5 miles south of Route 7. Subdivide 339.59 acres zoned AR-1 and PDH-3 for 45-single family detached lots and two open parcels.

32. Rosspriory Estates, west side of Peach Orchard Lane. Subdivide 83.26 acres zoned TR3UBF (transitional residential) for 21 single-family dwelling lots and one open parcel.

33. Round Hill Rural Estates Upper Lakes, Phase 2, east side of Route 719, about 1.5 miles south of Route 7. Subdivide 339.59 acres zoned AR-1 and PDH-3 for 42 single-family dwelling lots with associated public streets.

34. Avonlea-Tall Cedars Parkway, south of John Mosby Highway and east of Pinebrook Road. Street dedication with various easements along Tall Cedars Parkway on 73.14 acres zoned CLI (countryside light industrial) and PDH-4.

35. Kenneth B. Rollins Water Plant, Edwards Ferry Road and River Creek Parkway. Special exception to allow expansion of the plant from 10 million gallons a day to 18 million gallons a day on property zoned JLMA3 (joint land management area).

36. Steeplechase Condo Section 2, Lots 16, 18 and 20, east side of Atlantic Boulevard, west of Cedar Lane. Construct four one-story warehouse-office buildings totaling 288.298 square feet on 22.54 acres.

37. Lansdowne Landbay F-2, Section 3A, Lot B6-2, west of Lansdowne Boulevard and Riverside Parkway. Construct a 100,000-square-foot office space with associated water main, sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure on 9.22 acres zoned PD-OP.

38. Sterling Plaza I, south of Enterprise Street and east of East Maple Street. Construct a 22,555-square-foot retail space with associated utilities on 3.11 acres zoned PDH-3.

39. Lansdowne Riverfront Park Improvements, west of Lansdowne Conference Center within the Lansdowne community. Improvements to golf course to include two on-course comfort stations, a turn stand, a golf course starter station and a parking lot on 160.28 acres zoned PDAAAR (planned development-age restricted active adult), PDH-3 and PD-OP.

40. Next Generation Day Care Facility, Stone Springs Boulevard and Serpentine Place. Approval for a 6,301-square-foot day care facility in the Stone Ridge subdivision Section 37 on 198.48 acres zoned PDH-4.

41. Cameron Chase Center, Ice Rink Plaza. Revision to change the alignment of a proposed storm structure along Farmwell Road on 9.44 acres zoned PD-IP (planned development-industrial park).

42. Autobody of Dulles, Lot 4, west of Pebble Run Drive and Overland Drive, north of Route 606. Approval for a 15,000-square-foot automotive service and body shop with surface parking and utilities on 1.90 acres zoned PD-GI.

43. Loudoun Summer Music Fest, 43880 Russell Branch Pkwy., Ashburn. Approval to allow a temporary cultural and recreational use for a summer community concert series on 434.88 acres zoned PDCCCC (planned development commercial center), PDH-4.

44. Titan America, Leesburg Plant, south side of Cochran Mill Road and north of the W&OD trail. Approval for a 1,072-square-foot concrete batch plant on 13.79 acres zoned MRHI (material resource heavy industrial).

45. Courtland Rural Village Wastewater, 20851 The Woods Rd. Infrastructure and grading for construction of a wastewater treatment facility to serve the Courtland Rural Village project on 200.53 acres zoned PDRV.

46. Loudoun Composting, north side of Wade Drive, west of Route 609. Approval to add an 84,000-square-foot heavy vehicle and equipment maintenance facility to the site on 24.60 acres zoned MRHI.

47. Clippers Inc., north side of Evergreen Mills Road, east of Belmont Ridge Road. Approval to rezone 2.39 acres from CR-1 to PD-GI.

48. Avonlea Plaza, south side of Route 50, east of Pinebrook Road off Tall Cedars Parkway. Approval to rezone 66.96 acres from CLI (countryside light industrial) to PDH-4 for a 260,000-square-foot small regional retail center with special exception uses.

49. Barr Dulles Business Center, south of Moran Road and west of Powers Court. Approval to rezone 5.10 acres from PDIP from the 1972 zoning ordinance to the 1993 revised zoning.

50. Frontier Springs, east of Gum Spring and Braddock roads. Rezone 21.55 acres from R-1 to PDH-4.


51. Goose Creek Preserve, west side of Belmont Ridge Road, immediately south of the Dulles Greenway. Rezone 163.39 acres from R-1 to PDH-4 for construction of 202 single-family detached lots, 128 single-family attached lots and 170 multifamily dwelling units.


52. Sterling Land, 137,456-square-foot self-storage facility at 45980 Old Ox Rd.

53. South Riding, 27 townhouses at Radke Terrace.

-- Compiled by SANDY MAUCK