Winning a championship isn't necessarily a record-setting moment until you realize the amount of success Calvert football had before its Maryland 3A title in 2000.

There was hardly any.

Except for its 8-2 mark in 1999, Calvert had never won more than six games in a season, and that had only happened twice since it started varsity play in 1972. The Cavaliers had never made the playoffs. Their most noteworthy records were about their futility.

"It was something that a lot of people were saying 10 years earlier would never happen," Calvert Athletic Director Sam Oliver said. They said, "'You can be good in track and basketball and women's sports, but you'll never be good in football.' It was like the U.S. [hockey] team beating the Russians" in the 1980 Olympics.

Calvert's 34-22 victory over Annapolis in 2000 clinched the first and only state football title in Calvert County history. The title run galvanized the county, even turning Northern fans, bitter Calvert rivals, into Cavaliers fans.

"It was a big event for football in the county, period," Oliver said.

-- Alan Goldenbach

Coach Jerry Franks, front, and the Calvert football team won the 2000 state 3A championship, the county's first, 34-22, over Annapolis.