The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

B ST., 7603-Mark B. Tanner to Bruce Cropf Jr., $480,000.

BAYSIDE RD., 8233-Mary Ann and Norman Ray Sawyer to Jeffrey J. Krahling, $225,000.

Dunkirk Area

DIANTHA CT., 11438-Stephon M. and Sonji T. Scriber to Kouri E. and Gregory T. Miller, $585,000.

SOUTHERN MARYLAND BLVD., 11901-Albert E. and Eleanor Entzian to Norma J. Ketay and Thomas J. Paprocki, $530,000.

THREE DOCTORS RD., 10310-Beth Rhodes to Michelle B. Maturo and George S. Foster, $480,000.

Huntingtown Area

ALI CT., 3055-Nancy L. and Martin C. Dennis to Vendemia and Decesaris Builders Inc., $100,000.

HUNTING CREEK RD., 3895-Shannon Wood to Maria Ilse Birnkammer, $360,000.

SOUTH VIEW DR., 10-Timothy J. Elmendorf to Laura Peruzzi Logan, $254,000.

Lusby Area

BARREDA BLVD., 12954-Horatio and Jeanette Moronta to Mary Lee and John C. Propeck, $164,900.

BARREDA BLVD., 13003-William E. Deavers Jr. to Heather Kristen Lowe, $165,000.

CATTLE DRIVE LANE, 1075-Darleen S. and Robert E. Dale to 1075 Cattle Drive Corp., $135,000.

CIRCLE DR., 8351-Karen D. Jarrelle to Gina Haesloop, $149,000.

CORDOVA DR., 1153-Nancy A. Herbert to Lisa D. Wood, $188,000.

FORT WORTH TRAIL, 1076-Regina Jennette to George R. Slay Jr., $124,900.

GRAY DR., 312-William E. Deavers Jr. to Heather Lowe, $165,000.

H.G. TRUEMAN RD., 12840-Irma and Alva J. Humphreys to Solomons Island Corp., $249,000.

HILLTOP RD., 11722-Richard L. and Denise Cherington to Judith A. and James E. Jones, $315,000.

RANGER RIDGE RD., 1134-William Randall Biddle to Stephanie and Shawn M. Qualley, $199,900.

RAWHIDE RD., 11464-Paul E. Monger to Raymond E. Stewart, $195,400.

SAILBOAT LANE, 8407-John E. Palmer Jr. to Cynthia C. Kovacs and Victor J. Goeller, $160,000.

SIX GUN CIR., 11925-Diego Mera Jr. to Joyce L. and John Henley, $258,000.

TAHODA TRAIL, 981-Joshua G. Sands to Alwin M. Watson, $156,000.

North Beach Area

GREENWOOD AVE., 9213-Tod F. and Melisa D. Ricks to Francine and Paul R. Levy, $222,000.

SEA OAT CT., 9366-William E. Deavers Jr. to Kelly L.C.M. and Ryan M. Epstein, $196,500.

Owings Area

SHERIDAN DR., 1217-James E. and Brenda R. Shaffer to Dawn M. and Jeffrey C. Ibbott, $350,000.

Prince Frederick Area

CAMBRIDGE PL., 234-Joseph R. Harris to Shirley and David Pilerton, $220,000.

DAYBREAK DR., 6027-Erin L. and Erick D. Pate to Philip Edward Rawlings, $207,500.

St. Leonard Area

ST. LEONARD RD., 3850-Michael W. and Sarah K. Thompson to Laura S. and Alvin H. Hatcher, $285,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

LANDS END CT., 6125-Rosalind Frazer to Charity Burd, $185,500.

LONGBOW CT., 2635-Keith D. Shorter to Cathy A. Ziegler, $160,000.

MARSHALL HALL RD., 2179-Susan M. Salviejo to Daniel West, $173,500.


Prince Frederick Road Area

PERSICA LANE, 16710-Hal W. and Lynda A. Williamson to Tanya M. and Charles J. Davis, $399,993.

Indian Head Area

RIVERSIDE RUN DR., 97-Thomas Tomasky to Edward R. Colona, $128,900.

STRAUSS AVE., 4945-Clara Ardella Carpenter to D.P. Kopcak and John V. Blandford Jr., $100,000.

Issue Area

HONEYSUCKLE WAY, 14585-Carol A. Simpson to Patriot Builders Corp., $40,000.

LORD BALTIMORE DR., 11110-USX Corp. to Caryl A. and John J. Marshall, $50,000.

La Plata Area

ENGLEWOOD DR., 11680-Bank of New York, trustee, to Albert G. Able, $169,900.

EXCHANGE DR., 6030-Garth E. Jr. and Debra A. Bowling to Karola and John A. Meyer, $510,000.

LAUREL LANE, 849-Sonny and Lee Tolbert to Frances R. and Roy E. Melvin, $95,900.

MADISON ST., 129-Brel Corp. to Dolores L. and Jack A. Sherman, $137,400.

PORT TOBACCO RD., 8745-George E. Albrittain to Sarah Stack and Bradley Good, $150,000.

REDWOOD CIR., 1394-Rosalie A. and Karl B. Torvik to Lynda A. Williamson, $330,000.

ROBIN RD., 7497-Richard D. and Elizabeth A. Scruggs to Karen and Clay D. Starner, $260,000.

WILLOW LANE, 23-Paul O. Chiriaco to Jennifer C. and Jason A. Wilson, $194,000.


Rock Point Road Area

SYLVAN TURN, 9810-John W. and Helen D. Studgeon to Ester L. and Larry R. Crandall, $7,500.

VICTORY PL., 12350-A. Williams and Jonathan Kalin to Kathleen A. Fitzsimmons, $288,000.

Pomfret Area

BELLEWOOD DR., 4401-Cecelia A. and Richard E. Smail to Peggy J. Berthod, $249,500.

COLUMBIA PARK RD., 4339-Robert and Stephanie Pauole Brown to David L. Danielson and Debra A. Gragg, $226,000.

LARK HAVEN DR., 4785-Charles J. and Mary E. Ullman to Linda M. and Thomas A. Harley, $340,000.

Port Tobacco Area

ANN HARBOR DR., 7780-Marshall A. and Stacy M. Able to Michael J. Parsons, $252,500.

St. Charles Area

BRYAN CT., 1538-Timothy H. Altaner to Lance Costello, $110,000.

KELLY GREEN PL., 3862-Tina M. Wimbush to Delphia McCoy, $120,000.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3607-Markia J. and Reginald L. Hayes to Vicky More, $133,000.

MEMPHIS PL., 9704-Tia Bowles and Louis Montgomery to Jacqueline R. Lowe, $245,000.

PALMETTO CT., 3596-Edward E. Jr. and Charlene G. Kline to Lakeda and Robert A. Williams, $220,000.

TIGER LILY PL., 3457-Laura B. Hillier to Phyllis E. Garcia, $189,900.

WALBROOK CT., 2359-Cynthia M. Wimbush to William Branch III, $178,000.

Waldorf Area

BALLANTRAE LANE, 13800-John M. and Tracy Parkerson to Patricia A. and Westley E. Brengle, $599,900.

COLOGO CT., 6840-Karen F. and Darrell M. Buck to Valerie Cortez, $275,000.

DOCTORFISH CT., 5023-Roy H. Pansey to Kenneth Ramsey, $225,000.

DRAKE CT., 4291-Raymond F. Meyer III to Mary E. Boyd, $140,000.

FURTHER LANE, 10138-Jennifer A. and Sean M. Kelley to Tonia Y. Perry, $249,900.

GANNET CT., 2608-J. Barton and Stephanie L. Hoffman to Africa L. and Rodney C. Williams, $311,900.

GRANITE CT., 9132-Paul and Tara Vise to Joanne I. Gaines, $283,000.

JOY LANE, 3719-Gerald L. and Nancy Miller, trustees, to Ann C.S. and Daniel R. Stine, $280,000.

LISA CIR., 3412-Michelle Holmes to Tiffany Dunlap and William Jenkins, $222,000.

MOURNING DOVE PL., 2982-Sherryl J. and Marco R. Furnari to Christopher M. Radack, $197,000.

PANTHER CT., 6210-Lisa L. and Joseph Swann to Alisha Gardner, $287,900.

PORTOBELLO CT., 2848-Louise Boydston to Carmen M. and Benjamin W. Rayburg, $289,600.

PORTOBELLO CT., 2853-T.A. Morgan and William A. Boydston to Jason D. Hadeed, $324,900.

RYON CT., 3271-Melody Thomas and Michael D. Coates to Blynda Metcalf, $128,000.

STANFORD PL., 2650-Cecelia B. and Tracy M. Maruco Ford to Owen R. and Tonya L. Alexander, $195,000.

WESTDALE CT., 3200-Maria J. and Terrence H. Guishard to Scothelia M. Thomas, $149,000.

WHISTLERS PL., 6298-Beverly Jean and John M. Crowson to Deborah L. Bartholomew, $145,000.

White Plains Area

BROOKWOOD DR., 3670-Gloria J. and Douglas A. Fisher to David Rebecca Labanowski, $250,000.

GRIFFITH LANE, 10155-Russell A. and Laura A. Dyson to Kimberly H. and Robert J. Mika, $285,000.

NAUTICA PL., 10830-Angela R. Stewart to Michelle Lopez, $220,000.

St. Mary's County

Abell Area

VAN WARD RD., 39015-Charles Ethelbert Abell Jr. to Timothy J. Muris and Pamela R. Harmon, $332,000.

California Area

COBBLESTONE LANE, 23140, No. 304-Caleb Wesley Page Sr., trustee, to Maureen Ellis, trustee, and Frank Weikel Trust, $155,000.

NOLTE CT., 45880-Vicente F. Castillo to Edward Marvin McIntosh, $112,600.

ST. ANDREWS CHURCH RD., 44090-Matthew T. O'Dell to Robin A. Finnacom, $162,500.

Great Mills Area

CHURCH DR., 45791-Lawrence B. Ludwig to Sean M. Wells, $133,000.

Hollywood Area

BURNT MILL DR., 41685-Ferne L. Danielson to Elizabeth Souders and Matthew Snyder, $215,500.

EMILY WAY, 44732-Mary Helen Danieli to Louise A. Preston Delozier and Roger A. Delozier, $99,900.

Leonardtown Area

BOB GUY LANE, 22158-John Wayne Thompson to DNA Companies Thomas Homes Inc., $97,000.

CALVERT ST., 22585-Lawrence B. Ludwig to Donna E. Bownes and Cameron Kashani, $154,000.

CENTER 40 CIR., 40746-James M. Belmont to Michelle A. and Jason G. Delucco, $275,000.

EVERGREEN CT., 42530-Paul V. Barker to Marsella and Danny N. Trout, $140,000.

HOLLYWOOD RD., 23466-James B. Hayden Jr. to Catherine L. Lacey, $100,000.

KENTUCKY CT., 41916-Design Builders and Associates Inc. to Charity Banfield, $329,500.

LUCKTON CT., 23188-Quality Built Homes Inc. to Catherine M. and Steven M. Davis, $261,804.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 23860-Mary J. and John I. Evans to Brenda B. Hewitt, $120,000.

ST. ANDREWS CHURCH RD., 42185-Ada Rodriquez to Francis P. Bonds, $6,000.

Lexington Park Area

COLUMBUS DR., 46359-Wells Fargo Bank of Minnesota to Rodney Jones, $80,000.

COLUMBUS DR., 46361-Jay David Beaumont to Brian Gass, $80,000.

FLOWER DR., 46823-Stephen J. Riordan to Melvin Brown, $62,000.

FREEDOM RUN DR., 20929-DNA Companies Thomas Homes Inc. to Tracy A. and Dallas Lee Pope, $227,750.

GWYNN'S ISLAND WAY, 21500-John W. Erskine to Kathryn B. and James Oliver Puckett Jr., $282,000.

HAVIRLAND RD., 48550-Dawn Marie Muir to Holly M. Carroll, $175,000.

HILTON RIDGE DR., 46411-Gary E. and Carol J. Shrout to Jeanette R. and Matthew C. Aley, $298,597.

PINEY ORCHARD ST., 48002-Brian E. Hollingsworth to Margaret Mary and Raymond William Raley, $169,000.

ROMINGER CT., 21512-Oakridge Associates Inc. to Mahalia and Edward M. Sangalang, $209,780.

SANDALWOOD ST., 46694-Party Walls Inc. to Heather M. Toomey and Scott A. McGuire, $196,300.

WOODLAWN DR., 45492-Michael Milton Bravos to Mark A. Fahey, $177,000.

Mechanicsville Area

BARTLETT ST., 26908-Michele M. Shisler to William Downs and Ashley L. Russell, $165,000.

CROSS WOODS DR., 30029-Golden Investments Inc. to Gholamhossein Bakhtiary, $181,900.

GOLF COURSE DR., 35423-Union Planters Bank to Theresa L. and Clarke T. Holmes, $169,000.

LIVINGSTON DR., 28999-Raymond E. Vest to Julia M. and Charles T. Carlson III, $362,000.

MORGAN WAY, 40240-Joseph P. Jones to Kara L. and Raymond E. Vest, $415,000.

MOUNT STERLING CT., 25134-Richard L. Wood to Timothy A. Thompson, $271,000.

THERESE CIR., 29881-David Allen Buckler to Marcia Cherry and Pierre Richard Laraque, $215,501.

Ridge Area

PINE ST., 16420-Mollie K. and Lucius L. Latham to Renee L. Rye, $235,000.

St. Inigoes Area

MOLLS COVE LANE, 47878-Martin J. Jakim to Susan P. and David Hesse, $355,000.

PACKER CT., 48720-Ronald S. Swann to Angela M. and Bryan C. Pickeral, $413,000.

POST OAK RD., 48084-William L. Ryon Jr. to Keith A. Knoblauch, $185,000.

Valley Lee Area

BLAKE CREEK RD., 45029-Daniel J. Spencer to Samuel Ray Carter Sr., $53,000.