Waiter Slain During Robbery

Arrest Eases Fears Over Dupont Circle Holdups

A popular waiter was fatally shot amid a rash of robberies in Dupont Circle, and a suspect was arrested days later -- just moments after allegedly committing a robbery about 12 blocks from the slaying scene. Adrien D. Alstad, 55, a waiter at Annie's Paramount Steak House, was killed early Monday after he left work. The killing and the robberies have unsettled the neighborhood, but residents were pleased to hear of an arrest, and about 20 patrons at Annie's burst into applause.

Polls Apart on D.C. Baseball

Two Opinion Surveys Show Major Differences

The proposal to bring baseball to the city is extremely unpopular because it would ask for public funding, or it has widespread support -- particularly compared with a competing Virginia proposal -- depending on the answers to different polls. A poll conducted by the Service Employees International Union, which opposes the proposal, found 70 percent of those surveyed opposing public funding. Then the city released a poll it commissioned. And Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D) was proud to report that residents overwhelmingly favored the city over a Virginia site. His poll didn't ask the public funding question.

A Census Snapshot of Washington

Report Cites More Toddlers and Homeownership

Your city continues to change. If you've noticed fewer kids but more toddlers, more folks buying their homes and the white-hot real estate market, the Census Bureau confirms your observations. Census reported its findings in the American Community Survey for the first three years of this decade. Blacks now account for 59 percent of the household population in 2003, compared with 61 percent three years earlier. And white, Asian and Latino population shares have risen since the 2000 Census.

Mayor Gives Nod to Brazil

Barry Fails to List Donors in Campaign Report

Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D) endorsed D.C. Council member Harold Brazil in the upcoming election. In another race, where former mayor Marion Barry is challenging council member Sandy Allen (D-Ward 8), Barry filed a campaign finance report showing $17,242 in contributions. But he failed to list the names of donors as required.

Jews for Jesus Seeks Converts

Some Foes Send Out Counter-Missionary Teams

Jews for Jesus, evangelists who want to convert Jews to Christianity, hit local streets in a campaign that is part of a 66-city worldwide effort by the San Francisco-based organization. The schedule for proselytizing overlaps some Jewish holy days, and some in the Jewish community are planning to send out counter-missionary teams to discredit the group.

Krispy Kreme Draws a Crowd

First in Line Plans to Give Doughnuts Away

Krispy Kreme doughnuts retained their cult-like status last week when the chain's first store in the District opened in Dupont Circle. Some people stood in line overnight to be the first to get hot doughnuts. The first customer, who won a dozen doughnuts a month for a year, said he wouldn't eat any -- he doesn't really like doughnuts, and he keeps Kosher (the store's doughnuts aren't certified). "Everybody gets 15 minutes, and I didn't have to be on a reality show," Rami Genauer said. He plans to give the doughnuts to the homeless.

Medical Director Is Ousted

Official Clashed With Fire Chief on Staffing

Fernando Daniels III, medical director for the city's Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, has been removed after clashes with the fire chief, Adrian H. Thompson. Daniels, who had been in his job since 1999, said he opposed the haste of some of the chief's moves to tie together work of firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical technicians.

Reunited: Retired Lt. Col. Brian Birdwell, badly hurt in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon, hugs Juanita Medlin, clinical manager at the Washington Hospital Center burn unit.