The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

BLACKWALNUT CT., 1354-Dorianne A. Meloy to John A. and Laura N. Pica, $390,000.

CEDAR LANE, 325-Marco M. Maggio to Greg M. and Kimberly J. Manning, $286,000.

CHANNEL VILLAGE CT., 7022, No. 102-Leslie Scherr to C. Allen and Susan C. Foster, $295,000.

EDGEMERE DR., 412-Richard K. Beckley to Joseph R. and Elizabeth A. Coelho, $280,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 794, No. D-Neil C. Brown to Colin Hughes, $212,000.

KLAKRING CT., 2-Gateway Partners Corp. to Benjamin E. and Jennifer E. Pope, $325,000.

QUAY VILLAGE CT., 2004, No. 2004-201-Peter Heidenberger, trustee, to C. Allen and Susan Foster, $325,000.

SARGENT CT., 4-Donald P. Nowak to Candida M. St. John and Marc W. George, $125,000.

SILOPANNA RD., 111-I. Harry Brown to Romolo Zaffaroni, $247,500.

SILOPANNA RD., 4-SHK Properties Corp. to Kevin J. Bauer, $350,000.

SUNSET DR., 100-Llewellyn A. Gallego to Adam N. Summers, $398,500.

TYLER AVE., 709-William M. O'Gara to Honey and Wheet Corp., $285,000.

Annapolis- Sandy Point State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 603, No. 3-Darlene D. Thomas to James F. and Catherine A. McDonald, $219,000.

ADMIRAL DR., 605, No. 1021-Daniel E. Beasley to Michelle Timmerman, $135,000.

BAY FRONT TER., 2101-Irina Orlov to Thomas I. and Beth P. Weems, $508,000.

BESTGATE RD., 810-Helen M. Mason to Chesapeake Enterprises Corp., $249,900.

BURTONS COVE WAY, 653, No. 5-Beth A. Thompson to Aurora M. Swenson, $213,000.

BURTONS COVE WAY, 655, No. 9-William J. Homoky to Leslie D. and Luz E. Neely, $210,000.

BURTONS COVE WAY, 657, No. 1-Pamela A. Peters to Peter M. Kubaryk, $212,000.

CEDAR LANE FARM RD., 1514-Benjamin L. Porter Jr. to Lavar R. Arrington, $3.5 million.

CEDAR PARK RD., 1203-Sandra C. Heidler to Rymegand Properties Corp., $317,000.

CHARLES ST., 106-David S. Smith to Laney H. and Wanda L. Bisbee, $545,000.

COMPTON CT., 2019, No. 163-James R. Kennedy III to John P. McKim, $281,000.

FOOLISH PLEASURE CT., 1652-John P. Peacock to Mona Lacovey Longcrier and Steven W. Longcrier, $100,000.

FOREST BEACH RD., 328-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Elvia Velasquez, $128,500.

HARWOOD PL., 415, No. 32-Kristina L. Jacobsen to Eric Ditter, $110,500.

HILLTOP DR., 1255-Carolyn Lindo to Richard L. and Yvette P. Brooks, $259,900.

KATHERYNE VILLAGE SQ., 1606, No. 63-Aaron D. Madsen to Ryan S. and Megan E. Bowers, $265,000.

MERMAID DR., 1118-Horace E. Taylor to Barry K. and Stephanie A. Troxell, $324,000.

NATIVE DANCER CT., 1579-Karin McTernan to Roger M. and Joni W. Rose, $135,000.

PINDELL AVE., 220-J.H. Snowden to William A. Benner, $80,000.

POINT-NO-POINT DR., 1740-Henry Chadwick, trustee, to James F. and Deborah J. Ferguson, $550,000.

RIVA RD., 2574, No. 4A-Mary B. Frazier, trustee, to Thomas J. Nagle, $147,000.

SHIPMASTER CT., 928, No. 15-Erma M. Chamberlain to Constance L. Gubisch, $240,000.

SNOW GOOSE LANE, 607-Mary C. Downs to Peter D. and Erin A. Lima, $340,000.

THOMAS DR., 1906-Cornelius J. Barrett to Yelton Properties Corp., $325,000.

WESTMORELAND TRAIL, 1739-Amanda Miller to Paul and Melinda Zanecki, $700,000.

Annapolis-Sherwood Forest Area

ROBIN HOOD HILL, 828-Mary P. Powers to Brian D. and Laurie J. Holman, $670,000.

Arnold Area

BRADFORD AVE., 807-Rosalie L. Suthard to Heather R. Phillips and John J. Miller, $210,000.

BRIGHTLEAF DR., 1083-Joddi L. Jakupciak to Shannon M. Anderson, $135,000.

CARRONADE WAY, 360-Paul L. Lipinski to Kenneth J. Lipinski, $155,000.

DEEP CREEK AVE., 931-Fred L. Hewitt III to Peter G. McGoldrick, $315,000.

LOCUST RIDGE LANE, 289-Thomas C. Tettemer to Daniel C. and Barbara J. Shea, $445,000.

LONG MEADOW WAY, 391-Illene B. Rollis to James E. and Melissa A. Bader, $376,000.

Brooklyn Area

BON AIR RD., 10-Sharon P. Edwards to Kimberly E. Palmer and Michael A. Fowler, $175,000.

CAMROSE AVE., 300-Eugene Klemkowski to Douglas C. Turner and Shelly R. Webb, $186,000.

RUTH AVE., 4400-Laura N. O'Brien to Robert W. Hayden Jr., $80,000.

WALLACE AVE., 3-Elvira J. Boissonneault to Harry L. and Joan E. Heimiller, $193,500.

Churchton Area

SOUTH CREEK VIEW CT., 1001-David C. Greenbaum to David M. and Karen B. Rishar, $485,000.

Crofton Area

AIRY HILL CIR., 2500, No. 3C-Robert J. Chase to Jennifer L. Papajohn, $165,000.

CROFTON PKWY., 1479-Ean Forsythe to David I. Reader and Valerie D. Riddle, $345,000.

DRYDEN WAY, 1620, No. 2-John Juba Jr. to Mark I. Segal, $220,000.

FALSTONE LANE, 1534, No. 35-William H. Ruppert to Veronica M. Duron, $250,000.

FARMINGTON CT., 1720, No. 177-Margaret E. Sorensen, trustee, to Edward J. and Karen R. Yost, $135,000.

FLATWOOD CT., 1430, No. 14307-Gregory B. Winkler to Jennifer A. Strickler, $175,000.

FOXDALE CT., 1806, No. 130-Aslam Hayat to Rae Ross, $185,000.

KEMPER RD., 2447-James M. Henry to Prudential Relocation Inc., $429,900.

NEW WINDSOR CT., 1618, No. 117-Renia M. Gray to Sarah A. Benedict, $198,000.

NEW WINDSOR CT., 1667, No. 80-Susan E. Redman to Clark G. Griffith Sr., $185,000.

PAWLET DR., 2006, No. 27B-Jeffrey R. Miles to Colin N. and Leah Gregory, $192,000.

PRICE RD., 2759-Peter J. Espeut to Phillip R. Rollison Jr. and Penny Greenwald Rollison, $437,000.

RIDGELY CT., 1676, No. 169-Craig M. Knepp to Joseph F. Young, $165,250.

SANDWICH CT., 2416-Timothy G. Wright to Thomas and Melissa Palus, $240,000.

SAVOY CT., 2701-David Denhardt to Herman and Bonita Hunter, $419,900.

TRURO LANE, 903-Scott A. Barker to Jeffrey C. and Tamara A. Frey, $295,000.

Crownsville Area

CROWNSVILLE RD., 1584-Jerri L. Kamicker to Brent A. Jarvi, $315,000.

HALL RD., 356-Christopher S. Pickens to William S. and Anita M. Taylor, $168,200.

MAHOGANY LANE E., 1180-Eduardo Dorta Duque to Susan K. and William L. Bennof, $524,900.

Curtis Bay Area

COX COVE CT., 1350, No. 441-Michael McCauley to John L. and Elizabeth A. Fagan, $195,000.

KINGSWAY DR., 110-Frank H. Sachs to Jeffrey S. and Kathleen Kulski, $242,000.

LAUREN WAY, 900-Rita R. Redmon to Desmond C. and Kirsis S. Izquierdo, $225,000.

RIVERWOOD WAY, 1367, No. 378-James C. Schroeder to Kanda K. Harp, $239,000.

Davidsonville Area

RIDGEWOOD RD., 3759-Graw Family Corp. to Alberto Quintanilla and Ena M. Landaverde, $200,000.

Deale Area

BAY FRONT RD. E., 424-Paul W. Rogers to Margaret H. and Wayne Wood, $635,000.

Edgewater Area

CAMP LETTS RD., 3726-Nelson F. Steele to Edward and Jamie L. Crowder, $210,000.

DUVALL LANE, 134-Diane J. Flanigan to Stephen E. Marohl Jr., $240,000.

EDGEMONT ST., 3624-Nicholas Zafiriou to Dayton M. and Joyce H. Webster, $287,000.

GLEBE MEADOW WAY, 3845, No. 49-Laura L. Daron to Maria and Dennis Bustamante, $349,999.

OAKWOOD RD., 305-Donald E. Lee to Thomas L. Houser Jr., $179,900.

RIVERTON PL., 122-Robert J. Reto to Darron Makrokanis, $367,500.

ROLLING RD., 3164-M. Whiting Thayer to Marcia and John Adams, $850,000.

WARWICK PL., 414-Jonathan S. Williams to Sirva Relocation Corp., $269,000.

WARWICK PL., 414-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Jamie W. Dettmer, $269,000.

SEVENTH AVE., 3670-Fred J. Fillah III to Juan C. and Heather R.P. Garcia, $357,000.

Gambrills Area

DENSMORE BAY CT., 921-Delores R. Scally to Sharon Yeske Amato, $552,000.

FALL CIRCLE WAY, 981-John M. Borosky to Jeffrey M. and Kelly E. Gunn, $285,000.

Glen Burnie Area

AVENTURA CT., 458-Mandy M. Rittmeyer to Adam and Tamara Norton, $121,000.

BEND CIRCLE RD., 522, No. 100R-Troy E. Pfarr to Anis M. Wassif, $150,500.

DORKING RD., 905-Dan L. Daniels Jr. to Todd Roach, $152,000.

FOXCOVE CT., 7808-Douglas E. Richards to James Schwab and Tiffany Stephens, $200,000.

OAKWOOD STATION RD., 506-Cheryl A. Dorsey to Evelyn A. and Dennis Hook, $50,000.

WILLIAMS RD., 224-Toby Jo Muller to John F. and Machele A. Grace, $205,500.

THIRD AVE. SW, 403-David Herget to John Marx, $110,001.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1102, No. 1D-Deboorah L. McIntosh to Donna A. Hill, $116,000.

GATEWATER CT., 350, No. E-Lillian A. Malkus to Alan and Teri Plonsky, $93,000.

GLEN RD., 100-Steven R. Jones to Bernard T. Duglokeski, $128,000.

GUILDFORD RD., 1227-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Sharon L. Bernard, $119,000.

HENSON RD., 311-Rosie C. Brooks to Laura Marshall, $118,500.

PHYLLIS DR., 24-Michael C. Swift to David T. and C. Diggs, $170,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6605, No. 103-Irene Coruzi to Surender and Suman Kapoor, $133,000.

RENFRO CT., 491-Otis Cornish to Marcus D. and Nadia F. Henry, $188,000.

SHANA RD., 216-Michael A. Perrino to Diana and Christina Plummer, $179,500.

Hanover Area

GREENKNOLL BLVD., 42-Mary K. Cowden to David W. and Amanda M. Fields, $234,000.

KAWSHEK PATH, 7815-Cyrus D. Stroman to Michael T. Pautz, $230,000.

Laurel Area

LAUREL VIEW CT., 3628-Cynthia S. Conte to Ernesto A. and Nohemy A. Arias, $162,000.

LONDONLEAF LANE, 3407-Ronald L. Conrad to Donna J. Weathers, $219,000.

MARGANZA S., 326-Frederick P. Sones to Michael E. Ortiz, $212,000.

MAYAONE ST., 8624-Michael A. Miller to Devvrat Patel, $240,000.

SYCAMORE RIDGE RD., 225-Lisa D. Crawford to Christina A. and Richard Hagan, $221,000.

WATER LILY WAY, 8314-Jolene K. Gustafson to Manjila Shrestha and Prakash K. Saraf, $223,000.

WHISPERING HILLS PL., 3412-Jennette Rousseau to Lisa A. Patterson, $200,000.

WOODLAND MANOR DR., 8507-Ellen Merkle to Sylvia M. Toussaint, $270,000.

YELLOW SPRINGS S., 444-Manfred H. Weber to Todd and Jennie Parnell, $252,900.

Linthicum Heights Area

TWIN OAKS RD., 200-Tracey Evans to Jennifer M. Schroeder, $186,000.

Millersville Area

GRAIN CT. E., 601-John A. Simpson to James and Kelly Kauffman, $265,000.

HIGHGLADE CT., 8294-Michael R. Huff to David Chiu, $665,000.

Odenton Area

BEECHNUT PL., 2406-John J. Smiechowski Jr. to Daniel Sutton, $241,250.

BRIGHT MEADOW CT., 8739-Donald R. Pate to Clayton L. and Adrienne M. Roberson, $232,000.

CHAPELVIEW DR., 1309-Walter H. Fryc to Shawn M. Wheatley and Leah M. Bonistalli, $260,000.

CHESTNUT TERRACE CT., 2406, No. 301-Nicole Markovich to Richard and Rebecca Markovich, $225,000.

GREYSWOOD RD., 1335-Louise P. Yeabower to Samuel B. and Shannon M. Barley, $175,000.

MAPLEVIEW CT., 2702-John P. Richardson to Doris Qano, $272,500.

SUNFLOWER DR., 824-Jacob P. Miller to Joseph E. Miller Jr., $300,000.

SYCAMORE GLEN LANE, 8622-Peter McLaughlin IV to Benjamin A. Dawson, $225,500.

THORNBROOK CT., 2700-Ryan J. Smalley to Lakeisha S. Tutt, $299,900.

WESTRIDGE CIR., 86-William H. Marr to Andrew D. and Christina E. Mullins, $263,000.

WINDING RIDGE RD., 2415-Joseph A. Goodwin to Thomas D. Haaker Jr., $265,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ABBEY CT., 8048, No. H-Mary Ellen Nosworthy to Kathryn A. Fold, $103,000.

ARUNDEL RD., 177-Leo H. Phenicie to Ronald F. and Alicia L. Toloczko, $170,000.

BOOTH BAY HARBOUR, 1167-Frankie D. Almendra to Tracey M. Neubert, $201,500.

BYRD RD., 8466-Robert B. Foster to Danny P. Markley, $215,000.

CORDERO CT., 1111-Arthur St. Germain to Craig Varva and Julie Scanlon, $580,000.

DERO DR., 7863-RMG Investments Inc. to Veang S. Tang and Chantha Leng, $237,900.

DUVALL HWY., 825-Richard R. Andercyk to William J. Perry IV, $160,000.

EAST RD., 7812-Wanda E. Lee to Matthew W. Greer, $130,000.

EAST SHORE RD., 7783-Bradley F. White to Brian S. and Linda J. Fuller, $229,000.

HOLMESPUN DR., 1212-Corey M. Gray to Michael C. Cumberledge, $142,000.

KNOLL CT., 207-Louis R. Wingo Jr. to Jesse and Jessica Friedman, $204,900.

LOCUST DR., 1079-John F. Blake to Mark W. and Mary E. Cannon, $151,000.

MANSION HOUSE CROSSING, 7870-Dennis A. Hale to D.P. and Kelly H. Kain, $245,500.

MARYLAND AVE., 437-Dale Kesselring to Roy Hall, $120,000.

MIDDLEBURY DR., 8006-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Frank Almendra, $419,900.

MIDDLEGATE CT., 7749-Geoffrey W. Ennis to Elizabeth A. and William F. Jiron, $187,000.

MOUNT DR., 1127-Benjamin H. Coffey to Anissa L. Faulkner, $205,000.

NEW BEDFORD HARBOUR, 8662-C. Bradley Lawson to Kay Lane, $122,000.

NOTLEY CT., 1085-Caroline M. Koury to Michael and Laurie Garner, $177,000.

SHARON DR., 311-Helen Cannon to Levi E. Van Wert, $214,900.

SUNSET KNOLL RD., 506-Jack Schroeder to Jennifer L. Forrester, $299,900.

SUNSET KNOLL RD., 546-Eugene H. Storm Jr. to Stacy L. Golden, $289,900.

WEST SHORE RD., 7802-Steven K. Wormuth to Henry L. Ung, $190,000.

209TH ST., 668-Jerry Carson to Shawn M. Bilheimer, $209,900.

214TH ST., 753-Richard Devincent to Penny J. and Ray Ira Burwick, $164,000.

Severn Area

ARMOR CT., 1909-Eugene H. Cooper to Jon C. and Elizabeth A. Autrey, $231,900.

CITADEL DR., 7934-Molly A. Pirrung to John P. Gribouski and Larry E. Walker, $298,000.

INNKEEPER DR., 7925-Lindsey G. Streeter to Diedre L. Windsor, $275,000.

YEARLING CT., 606-Robert L. Gresham to Joseph A. Mayer Jr. and Kimberly M. Sollers Mayer, $415,000.

Severna Park Area

IXWORTH CT., 484-Robert M. Heany to J.A. Arminio and Susan Alvarez, $398,000.

PARK RD., 543-J.D. Schindler Construction Co. to Richard J. Mumaw Jr. and Avis A. Simmons, $435,000.