July 1

Lamar Andrew Dorsey, a son, to Lisa and Wayne Dorsey of Bryans Road.

July 19

Mackenzie Lee Catena, a daughter, to Angela and Nicholas Catena of Marbury.

July 22

David Patrick Bailey, a son, to Kimberly and Michael Bailey of Indian Head.

July 23

Emily Marie Tyrrell, a daughter, to Mary and Robert Tyrrell of Indian Head.

July 26

Anthony Isaiah Dorsey, a son, to Stacy Proctor and Mitchell Dorsey of Newburg.

Jay'da Imari Owens, a daughter, to Tyra Livingston and Jay Owens of Bryans Road.

July 27

Joshua Todd Briscoe, a son, to Stacie and Darrin Briscoe of White Plains.

July 28

Jordyn Avery Cooksey, a daughter, to Patricia and Wayne Cooksey of Waldorf.

July 30

Lindsay Joanne Mumford, a daughter, to Michelle and Loilland Mumford of Hughesville.

AUG. 2

Sailor Frances Hawes, a daughter, to Kimberly and Mark Hawes of Swan Point.

AUG. 3

Peyton Jeremiah Morris, a son, to Lori and David Morris of Lusby.

Samantha Leigh Verras, a daughter, to Angela and David Verras of LaPlata.

AUG. 4

Emma Paige Dove, a daughter, to Shann and Christopher Dove of Waldorf.

Grady Michael O'Neil, a son, to Rachel Bates and Brent O'Neil of Indian Head.

Paige Riley Brazelton, a daughter, to Nickole and Tony Brazelton of Waldorf.

AUG. 5

Xavier Makhi Williams, a son, to Kemba and Jamar Williams of Waldorf.

Austin David Rye, a son, to Stefanie and Steven Rye of Mechanicsville.

AUG. 6

Conner Steven Garner, a son, to JoAnn and Steve Garner of Mechanicsville.

Emily Rose Webb, a daughter, to Nikole Bassett and Ralph E. Webb Jr. of Newburg.

AUG. 9

Connor Patrick Cox, a son, to Megan Cox and Sean McCarthy of Waldorf.

Michael Allen Edwards III, a son, to Heather and Michael A. Edwards II of Waldorf.

AUG. 10

Georgia Rey Harvey, a daughter, to Robyn and Monty Harvey of Leonardtown.

AUG. 11

Caden Joshua Connolly, a son, to Angela and David Connolly of Charlotte Hall.

Hannah Nicole Krauel, a daughter, to Tabitha and Robert E. Krauel Jr. of La Plata.

AUG. 12

Hope Adelaide Eastburn, a daughter, to Patricia and Ricky Eastburn of La Plata.

Christopher William Keller Jr., a son, to Laurie and Christopher W. Keller of Waldorf.

AUG. 13

Allison Renee Cuellar, a daughter, Kim and Phil Cuellar of La Plata.

Ella Jane Wilson, a daughter, to Colleen and Brent Wilson of La Plata.

AUG. 14

Shania Lasha Thompson, a daughter, to Joy Thompson and Mark Proctor of Waldorf.

AUG. 17

Josiah Charles Peissner, a son, to Sandra and Charles Peissner of Mechanicsville.

Taylor Elaine Stalnaker, a daughter, to Cary and Lee Stalnaker of Waldorf.

Conor Ian Orsilla-Null, a son, to June Orsilla and Michael Null of Waldorf.

AUG. 18

Sydney Rae DeVincent, a daughter, to Jodi and Michael DeVincent of Mechanicsville.

Aliyah Renae Thompson, a daughter, to Robin and Mike Thompson of Waldorf.

AUG. 19

William Reid Dyson, a son, to Kathryn and Jon Dyson of Waldorf.


July 18

Ta'Kwon De'Marion Mason, a son, to Marchel Mason of LaPlata.

July 19

Sarah Elizabeth Sassaman, a daughter, to Stacy and Andy Sassaman of California.

July 20

Mariano Aiden Barolin, a son, to Dayna and Robert Barolin of Patuxent River.

Emily Jeanette Stevenson, a daughter, to Denise and Robert Stevenson of Leonardtown.

July 22

Audrey Anne Bailer, a daughter, to Jill and Tom Bailer of Great Mills.

Zachary Thomas Longmore, a son, to Kathryn and Christopher Longmore of Great Mills.

Kindall Marie Bramble, a daughter, to Rebecca and John Bramble of Lexington Park.

July 23

Devin Lamar Butler, a son, to Karen and Nelson Butler of Leonardtown.

Olivia Renae Zabko, a daughter, Tracey and Joseph Zabko of Mechanicsville.

Abigail Anne Cosgrove, a daughter, to Audrey and Matthew Cosgrove of Lexington Park.

Ricky Matthew Butler, a son, to Natasha Smith and Rick Butler of Lexington Park.

Amanda Lynn Griffin, a daughter, to Melissa and Jeff Griffin of Hollywood.

Starr Tiera Ross Greene, a daughter, to Tanya Jones and Ernest Greene of Lexington Park.

July 24

Jacob Samuel Birch and Morgan Renee Birch, a twin son and daughter, to Lesley and William Birch of Hollywood.

Jonathan Tyler Claus, a son, to Jennifer Miller and Steven Claus of Hollywood.

Dominique O'Neil Ridley, a son, to Tasha Evans and Don Ridley of Hollywood.

Sophia Lin, a daughter, to Hui Fang Dong and Wonrong Lin of Leonardtown.

Kayleigh Young, a daughter, to Beth Gannon and Joshua Young of Mechanicsville.

July 27

Kayla Elaine Wiler, a daughter, to Sharon and Justin Wiler of Patuxent River.

Jake Robert Zook, a son, to Kristen and Robert Zook of Lexington Park.

July 28

Benjamin Tyler Alvey, a son, to Jennifer and Robert Alvey of Lexington Park.

Halei Olivia Long, a daughter, to Michelle Alvey and Scott Long of Leonardtown.

Andrew Garrett Baird, a son, to Theresa Abell and Richard Baird of Bushwood.

July 29

Michael Anthony Johnson, a son, to Candice and Joseph Johnson of Lexington Park.

July 30

Andrew Scott Quade, a son, to Cheryl Tippett and Eugene Quade of Leonardtown.

Megan Elizabeth Knott, a daughter, to Denise and Stephen Knott of California.

July 31

Alexandra Mae Ficalora, a daughter, to Maria and Mike Ficalora of Hollywood.

AUG. 1

Robert Allen Oliver, a son, to Dawn and Robert Oliver of Mechanicsville.

Samantha Olivia Wallace, a daughter, to Jessica and Joseph Wallace of Leonardtown.

Demariae Tyquan Jackson, a son, to Rayshona Jones and Derrick Jackson of California.

Shiann M. Hall, a daughter, to Juanita Thompson of Lexington Park.

Mariana Janae Bowman, a daughter, to Tonina Miles and Mario Bowman of Lexington Park.

AUG. 4

Daniel Jeremiah Aaron, a son, to Sarah and Ryan Aaron of California.

Chancellor Robert Moriniti, a son, to Racheal and Jason Moriniti of Patuxent River.

AUG. 5

Helen Rose Bailey, a daughter, to Karin and John Bailey of Mechanicsville.

James Harvey Morgan III, a son, to Linda Hill and James H. Morgan II of Mechanicsville.

AUG. 6

Daniel Joseph Schieferdecker, a son, to Stephanie Schieferdecker of California.

AUG. 7

Hailey Nicole Higgs, a daughter, to Angie and Billy Higgs of Mechanicsville.

AUG. 8

Nicholas Craig Smith, a son, to Beth and Rob Smith of Great Mills.

AUG. 10

Victor Manuel Perez III, a son, to Dolores and Victor M. Perez II of Lexington Park.

William Edward Bailey III, a son, to Kimberly and William E. Bailey II of Bushwood.

AUG. 11

Aliyah Janel Wright, a daughter, to Lora Wright of California.

Brooke Kendall Henderson, a daughter, to Jennifer and Bruce Henderson of Mechanicsville.

AUG. 12

Morgan Riley Grant, a daughter, to Lisa and Robert Grant of Tall Timbers.

AUG. 13

Brandon Michael Gray, a son, to Amy and Richard Gray of Hollywood.

Devin Winder, a son, to Sariesha Dyson and Danielyn Winder of Lexington Park.

AUG. 15

Jaylin DeVante Lawrence, a son, to Cheree Lawrence and Felix Chase of Lexington Park.

AUG. 16

Jackson Brian Duke, a son, to Jane and Brian Duke of Hollywood.

AUG. 18

Alyssa Ann Armstrong, a daughter, to Loren Cyr and John Armstrong of Patuxent River.

Peter Michael Zickel, a son, to Susan and Michael Zickel of St. Mary's City.

AUG. 19

Jackson Keith Benfield, a son, to Margie and Steven Benfield of Mechanicsville.

AUG. 20

Jayla McKenzie Reed, a daughter, to Jayme and Jody Reed of Lexington Park.

Ivy Marie Szymanski, a daughter, to Sheila and Eric Szymanski of Lexington Park.

AUG. 21

Kan'ilani Samara Bugaren, a daughter, to Heidi and David Bugaren of Lexington Park.