The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

ARKENDALE RD., 6220-Donald N. Gower to Scott and Kristen Williams, $530,000.

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1406, No. C1-James G. Randolph to Kelly A. Caughlin, $199,000.

JOLIETTE CT., 1902-Jerome B. Connolly to Pamela M. Serino, $545,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

BARRY RD., 7217-Sonarga Corp. to Thanh P. Nguyen, $940,000.

DONIVAL SQ., 6133-Elizabeth A. Zimmer

to Michael G. and Mary C. Sanjume, $380,000.

ESSEX HOUSE SQ., 6130, No. B-Robert W. Hairfield to Erin M. Pender, $240,000.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5940-Michael E. Winiarski to Mary C. Freed, $268,000.

KINGS LANDING RD., 6419-Thomas Edward Davidson to Sonia E. Ulloa and Jose R. Cruz, $359,000.

LAMOYNE CT., 7518-A. Suzanne Hutchings to David C. Kosling, $371,500.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6923-Robert J. Patchett to Demek Adams, $149,900.

ROCKSHIRE ST., 6463-Anthony Higgins to Ngo Dal and Cing Pum Neem, $275,000.

ROLLING CREEK WAY, 6889-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Paul Schweizer, $479,900.

TOWER HILL CIR., 5646-Prestwick Corp. to Feda Abujamous and Bayan F. Abujamous, $715,245.

UPLAND DR., 4907-John Elliott Dickerson to Cory Gens and Bora Lee, $275,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6923, No. E-Prudential

Relocation Inc. to Robert V. Coward, $197,400.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4937, No. 204-Diane Lett to Francisco M. Bispo, $150,000.

CHAMPIONSHIP DR., 4000-William R. Bates to William A. and Joyce S. Smith, $318,000.

HORSESHOE DR., 4114-Albert N. Glaserman to Novus One Corp., $180,000.

KLOMAN ST., 4010-William F. Arnst to Melville and Donna Q. Yudkin, $375,000.

MURRAY CT., 7002-Glynn R. Ford to Scott W. and Mary F. Crawley, $355,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH BLVD., 8902-Donald G. Murphy to E.W. Gray Development Corp., $385,000.

THORNTON ST., 4017-Bill J. Polizos to Olga Brazhnik, $400,000.

WILLOWRIDGE LANE, 8805-George R. Fister to Stephen R. and Jacqueline B. Lowe, $419,500.

Baileys Crossroads Area

LEESBURG PIKE, 6056-Faye S. Osborne to Robert J. Osborne, $200,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6133-Irvin L. Boeskool to Gregoria A. Pocasangre, $115,500.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 422-Helen G. Franco to Kashif and Ahmer Tarar, $240,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505-Albert T. Bruton to Carl and Kayota Seaton, $293,000.

Burke Area

ANDROMEDA DR., 9053-Kiok Choo to Capital Investments Corp., $278,500.

CHESTNUT WOOD LANE, 10058-Ronald W. Robinson to Yhun T. Yi, $280,000.

GABON CT., 9826-Edward Risberg to Ruben V. Flor and Zulma Figueroa Flor, $250,000.

HICKORY TREE CT., 9203, No. 205-Hugo S. Gutierrez to Kevin and Amy Riddick, $224,900.

LEATHERSMITH CT., 9511-Robert S. Erb to John R. and Michelle Stafford, $495,000.

MANET RD., 9901-Aliakbar Kiaee to Aurora Loan Services Inc., $408,419.

MEYERS LANDING CT., 6042-Michael C. Jask to Michael C. and Jill R. Lane, $269,900.

MOUNT BURNSIDE WAY, 5647-Max M. Melendres to Mohammed and Rahnoma Rehman, $400,000.

OAK LADDER CT., 5823-Jason L. Becker to John A. and Joyce H. Becker, $255,000.

OLD LANDING WAY, 6104, No. 63-Joanne Denis Johnson to J. Dane Work and Fouad Qreitem, $115,000.

STANCHION LANE, 7101-John F. Payne to Russell S. and Diane G. Draper, $463,000.

TICONDEROGA CT., 6016-Hayford Korankye to Carlos E. and Noellia Penarrieta,


Centreville Area

ASHER VIEW, 14089-Scott C. Plein to Julio R. Moran and Telma E. Perez, $265,000.

BATTERY RIDGE LANE, 14614-Sabrina Kern to Pamela J. Phillips, $294,900.

BIG YANKEE LANE, 13912-Ritu Manchanda to Seung H. Kim, $244,900.

BLACK HORSE CT., 14444-Karen E. Nelson to John W. Gordon, $235,000.

BRASS BUTTON CT., 6420-Joseph A. Lykins to GGGR Investments Corp., $254,240.

CHANDLEY FARM CIR., 5320-James E. Mitchell III to Nick and Ana Ron, $1.06 million.

COMPTON LANE, 6938-Phillip J. Bryan to Benjamin S. and Tobi D. Rowland, $268,500.

CRANOKE ST., 14846-Woodrow W.

Herring III to Nina T. Tsui and Michael F. Lew, $318,000.

DEEPWOOD FARM DR., 6415-Equity Partnership to Daniel E. and Alicia A. Reebel, $594,000.

EASTCLIFF CIR., 13713-Charles L. Hargest to Mario F. Colorado, $412,000.

GOLDEN OAK RD., 14557, No. 129B-Hwa Lun Liu to Julie Moon and Bobby Suh, $175,000.

JULE STAR DR., 5294-Qian Wang to Clifton J. Best and Allison G. Cole, $379,900.

LADY MADONNA CT., 14948-Elizabeth Blass to Jorge A. Molina and Marta S. Ayala, $230,000.

LAVENDER MIST LANE, 13518-Winchester Homes Inc. to Stephen F. and Dona M. Riley, $341,625.

LAVENDER MIST LANE, 13523-Winchester Homes Inc. to Le Van Nguyen, $130,774.

MARY TODD CT., 6306-Derek T. McWilliams to Scott A. Seifried, $265,000.

MILLICENT CT., 14804-Margaret O'Neill to Teresa Baisey, $215,000.

MIST FLOWER DR., 13524-Winchester Homes Inc. to Joseph G. and Amy L. Ozalas, $468,543.

PALE MOON WAY, 5091-Pulte Home Corp. to Suk H. Cho and Sun Y. Cho, $424,625.

PENDLETON PL., 6344-Amy Yeager to Rodrigo L. Cordova, $285,000.

PICKETS POST RD., 14710-Salvatore J. Poulton to Nicole Lamb, $399,990.

RINARD DR., 5903-Diane M. Daniels to Jack Lopez, $300,000.

ROCK HOLLOW LANE, 6453-Equity Partnership to Christopher and Cheryl M. Maher, $794,819.

ROSEMALLOW CIR., 5325-Winchester Homes Inc. to Zibin Yang and Tong Tong Cui, $304,790.

SAPPHIRE SKY LANE, 5077-Pulte Home Corp. to Robert P. Turner, $423,125.

SPRUCE RUN CT., 5908-Bobby L. Christlieb to Amy W. Susi, $178,000.

TWIN PINE CT., 5701-John A. Marriott to Eric P. and Melanie G. Osborne, $435,000.

WATERDALE CT., 5819-Chong H. Yi to Mona M. Mashaal, $254,900.

WILLOUGHBY DR. NE, 5616, No. 33-Scott A. Seifried to Robert and Susana Rafidi, $212,000.

WOOD HOME RD., 14801-Aubrey R.

Cannon to Elizabeth and Stephen Gaudin, $346,950.

WOODSPRING CT., 14604-Lashell D. Coleman to Carlos Bonilla, $295,000.

Chantilly Area

BARE ISLAND DR., 13603-Patrick W. Cowne to Cody W. and Jacquelyn N. Wood, $564,000.

BENJAMIN CROSSING CT., 4713-Edgemoore Investment to Patrick W. and Beth Ann Cowne, $772,273.

MELVILLE LANE, 13433-Alan Robert Cohen to Stephanie A. Brotherton, $429,000.

NOVAR DR., 4020-Patricia J. Swain to Russell Sigeti, $298,000.

Clifton Area

COBBLE LANE, 13028-Martha A. Sala to Christopher R. Ball and Kelly T. Mann, $337,900.

PEBBLESTONE CT., 13007-Glen M. Miracle to Scott A. and Lisa G. Margulis, $650,000.

QUIGG ST., 7517-Emily F. Bright to Michael A. and Barbara W. Nelson, $835,000.

STONEFIELD DR., 13931-Paul W. Collins to James W. and Deborah A. Gong, $529,500.

Fairfax City Area

ARNIEL PL., 4508-Equity Homes Partnership to Michael S. and Monica R. Marburg, $723,950.

BIRKDALE WAY, 12590-Centex Homes to Tony O. Yeh, $410,870.

BRADDOCK RD., 12212-Lacy R. Dolinger to David Dolinger, $183,000.

BROOKGREEN DR., 4137-James M. Muscar to Randy Jannett, $415,000.

BUCKEYE CT., 3629-Josephine M. Valentin to William J. Dunn, $266,000.

BUCKLEYS GATE DR., 12621-Centex Homes to Parvaneh Khojin Hamid, $649,915.

DUVALL ST., 8710-Karl A. Luck to John J.

Dillenseger and Raymond W. Marks, $265,000.

ELJAMES DR., 9302-James Patrick Davidson to Wanda T. Chang, $405,000.

FAIR CREST CT., 12627, No. 117-Gregory A. Bogle to Eun S. Park and Minh H. Pham, $270,000.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12010, No. 383-Abhimanyu Singh to David H. and Constance L. Albert, $223,300.

GREAT LAUREL LANE, 3602-John E. Davis Jr. to David H. and Roberta C. Hellman, $461,000.

GREEN LOOK CT., 3908-Gary A. Jones to Wendy L. Daywalt, $357,000.

HAMPSHIRE GREEN AVE., 10322-Myoung G. Kim to Sang H. and Eun Y. Kwon,


LEE HWY., 12826-Robert T. Carew to Equity Homes Corp., $1.192 million.

LINDA MARIA CT., 9010-Horaciod Ciammaichella to Jonathan D. and Susan H. Gledhill, $550,000.

LINDEN LEAF CT., 9487, No. 9-Fairfax County Redevelopment Housing to Botie Zhao, $113,166.

PROVINCETOWN CT., 10206-Paul S. Lalljie to Anne Higgins, $329,900.

SAN CARLOS DR., 4412-Charles H. Kim to Maria E. Rodriguez, $337,500.

SANTAYANA DR., 9137-MSM Properties Corp. to Keith B. and Melissa E. Larson, $504,000.

STALLWORTH CT., 10407-Bumija Ireland to Leslie and Elaine Fritz, $435,000.

SWEDES ST., 12899-Pulte Home Corp. to Harold S. Ochoco, $663,250.

SWINTON DR., 5029-James W. Reffelt to Christian Monlezun and Amy S. Thurman, $410,000.

TALON CT., 5543-Tran Hoang to Eusebio Bernabe and Amelene Verzosa, $268,500.

TARA DR., 4705-Rizer Family Co. to Deepa Aggarwal, $359,500.

WOOD WREN CT., 9960-Edward L. Campbell Jr. to Victoria A. Palmer, $289,900.

Fairfax Station Area

ADAMS CHASE CIR., 9009-Brookfield Harris Corp. to Richard W. and Sue S. Laplant, $841,129.

BRANDT CT., 8000-Roger A. Butler to

Jeffrey A. and Margaret M. Abrahamson, $705,000.

CLIFTON RD., 7545-Robert C.S. Hackett

Sr. to Ali Beheshtin and Firooz Shojayi, $340,000.

WOOD POINTE CT., 8409-Barry A. Sklar to Bill and Dawn Martinos, $570,000.

Falls Church Area

CAROL LANE, 7424-William H. Hayes to Felix and Alicia Soto, $355,000.

CHANUTE PL., 8002, No. 6-Fernando J. Gonzalez to Khosrow Ranjbar, $166,000.

CHRISLAND COVE, 7518-Patricia A. Opal to Sean C. and Kari A. Tytler, $470,000.

FAIRMONT ST., 2902-Sue C. Moore to Cristina F. Pena, $333,500.

JACKS LANE, 7500-Jonathan M. Gill to

Edwin M. Gomez and Blanca D. Becerra, $360,800.

LEE HWY., 7370, No. 103-Edwin M. Rocha to Richard Zurita, $135,000.

LEE HWY., 7609, No. 302-Paul D. Nagel to Dan Xiao, $149,900.

LEE OAKS PL., 2802, No. 201-Jung Y. Lee to Duy Long Nguyen, $253,500.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

CLAREMONT DR., 2401-James R. MacPherson to David and Susan Graceson,


HYSON LANE, 2790-Christopher L. Thompson to Julie A. Amann, $315,500.

ORLAND ST., 6602-John D. Kirkpatrick to Julia R. Dunlap, $350,000.

VAN BUREN CT., 2232-Crestar Bank to Ann M. and Thomas A. Francis, $517,000.

Fort Hunt Area

DEWOLFE DR., 916-Frank J. Ceresi to James H. and Rebecca F. McDonough, $525,000.

FAIRFAX RD., 8007-Frank B. Holsten to Kathryn A. Shenkle, $310,000.

Great Falls Area

FALLS POINTE DR., 10704-Keith H. Mueller to Richard S. Oliver, $1.875 million.

GALPIN CT., 10302-Vincent Sandusky to Albert and Cynthia Calland, $675,000.

WALKER LAKE DR., 10113-Dori B. Solomon

to Wyott F. and Ashley S. Russell, $1.035 million.

Herndon Area

ACORN HUNT PL., 13611-Kyung M. Baek to Andrew X. Zheng and Clara L. Wen, $419,000.

BERGER PL., 2113-Milta Mayorga to Amit Garg, $161,000.

BRUCE CT., 709-Curtis J. Carmichael to Sandra Alfaro, $299,900.

DEER WOOD CT., 2503-Engle Homes Inc. to Wen Chung Liang, $518,100.

DEER WOOD WAY, 13121-Engle Homes

Inc. to Jeffrey R. and Laura C. Quinlan, $508,004.

ERIC CT., 657-Suba Srinivasaraghavan to Porfirio and Maria A. Jimenez, $283,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 521-Yolanda E. Ali to Edwin A. and Ismael Portillo, $150,000.

FOX WOODS DR., 12685-James M. Harris to Ling Diwu and Prudential Relocation Inc., $567,500.

HERNDON WOODS CT., 719-Leslie M.

Carsman to Jason S. and D.M. Harrison, $274,000.

KNIGHT LANE, 1089-Jose E. Mendez to Alan and Kimberly Vo, $199,900.

NESTLEWOOD DR., 3215-Robert B. Henderson to Steven H. and Jerri Pregozen, $520,000.

OWLSLEY WAY, 12801-David M. Auslander to Boaz and Majorie E. Kalfon, $730,000.

PREUIT PL., 13308-Gladys O. Guerrero to Ricardo L. Falla, $209,000.

ROLLING PLAIN CT., 13233-Christopher W. Soong to Terence H. Chue and Takako Sugiyama, $390,000.

SANDY CT., 12116-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Thomas D. and Laura B. Hellstern, $505,000.

SENATE CT., 300-Muhammad Akram to Yong Q. Tang and Lei Gui, $508,280.

STEVENSON CT., 1106-Bradley J. Vanroekel to Jose A. Portillo, $259,000.

VIKING DR., 2749-Gregory M. Sieber to Steve and Kristina Baumler, $415,000.

WINDY OAK WAY, 13211-Engle Homes

Inc. to Ashutosh and Amruta Gokhale, $433,514.

WINTERWOOD PL., 1616-Peter Jonathan Davis to Laurence and Dominique Hart, $325,000.

THIRD ST., 907-James L. Cone to Robert B. and Mary D. Brown, $395,000.

Huntington Area

BURGUNDY RD., 3407-Calvert Homes to

Nancy P. and Ronald J. Rosenbaum,


FARRINGTON AVE., 2238-Anne S. Hicks to Matthew A. Fullerton and Natalie A. Foxworthy, $219,900.

LENORE LANE, 5724-John R. Ponikvar to David K. Dawson, $358,500.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5903, No. 1104-Irena A. Pfau to D. Richard and Hilda Froelke, $410,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5904, No. 1510-John L. Hammett to Robert J. Schreiner and Nicole N. Vannatter, $325,000.

Hybla Valley Area

AUDUBON AVE., 7965, No. B2-Jaikumar Mirpuri to Balwinder Kaur, $92,000.

AUDUBON AVE., 7995, No. B3-James Puryear to Leslie D. Willson, $90,000.

AUDUBON MEADOW WAY, 7652-Centex Homes to Joseph F. Heath, $329,336.

BROSAR CT., 3108-Nicolas A. Abarca to Maria R. Ramos Pereira and Luis B. Ramos, $191,000.

BRYANT TOWNE CT., 7029-Rose H. Ours to Jose Castillo, $245,000.

DOUGLAS ST., 2907-James R. Beale to Obaidullah Futuri and Fauzia Shafik, $215,700.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7547-Joe Simpson to

Raymond R. and Kristen E. Arcand,


GREY GOOSE WAY, 7568-Beazer Homes

Corp. to Jon Holland and Joseph F. Heath, $281,385.

GREY GOOSE WAY, 7571-Beazer Homes

Corp. to Thomas and Karen Hagedorn, $309,130.

GREY GOOSE WAY, 7585-Beazer Homes Corp. to Thomas G. and Linh Black, $340,769.

JOSEPH MAKELL CT., 2818-Louis R. Jackson to Ludin Abarca, $289,000.

LINDBERG DR., 7505-Centex Homes to Lai Kit A. Wong, $452,725.

OAK DR., 6719-Elizabeth V. Hearns to Oanh Eggleston, $347,000.

ROSS ST., 2421-James B. Smith to Matthew A. Edwards, $290,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7507-Geoffrey A. Hopkins to Mayra Troche Matos, $210,000.

STONEYBROOKE LANE, 6802-C. David Noziglia to Le Cuong, $385,000.

Lincolnia Area

BISMACH DR., 5612-Christine Stolberg to Yee L. Soohoo, $154,260.

CHEROKEE AVE., 5107-Douglas Durnford Fenn to Robert M. and Mary S. Moulthrop, $200,000.

FAIRLAND ST., 6454-Glenn Sontheimer to John M. and Casey J. Baker, $406,100.

FAIRWAY DOWNS CT., 4523-Christopher Maher to Mohammad E. Hoque and Yasmin Parveen, $939,900.

MEDINAH LANE, 6657-Janet R. Shafer to Janet L. Garber and Kris A. Keydel, $299,900.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 4133-Joseph A. Sebastian Jr. to Jose A. and Edith P. Melgar, $325,000.

SHELDON DR., 5527-Farooq Bashir to Luz M. Nasser, $300,000.

SUMMER LEAF LANE, 5446-David J. Piscola to Antonio B. Iskandar and Patricia M. Mayorca, $400,000.

TAYACK PL., 6495, No. 203-Clifton Sicard to Andrew C. Murphy, $265,000.

Lorton Area

ASPENPARK RD., 7435-Douglas E. Bolanos to Martin Campigoth, $245,000.

BELMONT BLVD., 10610-Martin B. Jarvis to John S. and Kimberly S. Kern, $1.1 million.

BITTERROOT CT., 8762-Pulte Home Corp. to Chin K. and Kyung Y. Chong, $703,450.

BLUEBIRD WAY, 8311-Edward A. Phillips to Soo Y. Chun, $200,000.

EATON WOODS PL., 9683-Johnnie E. Robinson to R. and Marlene Perez, $280,000.

IGOE ST., 9005-Robert J. Jones to James T. and Diana M. Hughes, $599,900.

PAPER BIRCH DR., 8202-Pulte Home Corp. to Mark Podoff and Andrea S. Chin Podoff, $537,400.

RED CARNATION CT., 8250-Pulte Home Corp. to Sang Ho Lee and Bobin Jang, $419,350.

RHONDDA DR., 7415-MAFC Group Inc. to Sheryl Hinds, $250,000.

SAMUEL WALLIS ST., 8073-NVR Inc. to Uday Malhan and Sonia Juneja, $353,640.

SEAFARER WAY, 7836-Michelle E. Schuck to Michael E. and Sharon J. Sands, $296,000.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8239-Pulte Home Corp. to Gennet Negussie and Samuel A. Gebremariam, $403,275.

STATIONHOUSE CT., 8366-Abdul A. Ghafoory to David W. and Pamela D. Charbonneau, $237,000.

TIMARAND CT., 7925-Jibran Muhammad to Adela Ahmad, $158,200.

McLean Area

ALLENDALE RD., 1201-Ann C. Page to Linda L. Rhodes, $500,000.

CHELSEA RD., 6829-Joseph Carrico Blue Jr. to Daria Keyvani, $687,000.

DEAD RUN DR., 1006-William A. McGowan to Thomas K. and Tracy T. McGowan, $533,152.

FORESTWOOD CT., 7135-James C. Williams Jr. to Thomas P. and Linda B. Moran, $790,000.

GEORGETOWN PIKE, 6531, No. 1502-Najeh Rodolpho to Veena Railan, $1.325 million.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 805-Stephen L. McMains to Rainmaker Business Consultants, $248,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8370, No. 307-Daniel E. Wyman to Pontea and Mahnaz Kay, $305,000.

KENNEDY DR., 1944, No. T3-Luis A. Herrerra to Dawn E. and Thomas F. Gallagher, $230,000.

MCLEAN MEWS CT., 1431-John A. Merrigan to Marjan Zarafshar and Hamid A. Shariati, $600,000.

OLD DOMINION DR., 6307-Zelma Hall Taylor to Forrest E. Nielsen, $395,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1800, No. 805-Joan Rosenblum to Salaras Corp., $405,000.

RUPERT ST., 1724-Margaret P. Doherty to Amelia M. Acierto, $529,000.

SENECA AVE., 1606-Billy T. Edens to Roger F. Pillow and Debra J. Fredrickson, $905,000.

SILENT RIDGE CT., 1064-Yeonas and Ellis Reserve to Keith H. and Wendy O. Mueller, $2.296 million.

TREMAYNE PL., 7621-Edward T. Fei to Patricia Devine and Devine Revocable Living Trust, $280,000.

WESTWIND WAY, 1785-Gloria A. Melgaard to Nicole Miller, $222,000.

Mount Vernon Area

CHERRYTREE DR., 9010-Sarah E. Kenkel to John J. Kenkel, $337,690.

DIABLO CT., 8455-George W. Allen to Franklin G. and Kim B. Holland, $175,000.

EL SONETA PL., 3967, No. 10-Robert Schimmel to Marcia Crandall, $127,500.

GODFREY AVE., 4801-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Janet E. Baralli, $481,000.

HAVENWOOD PL., 3868-Jose N. Garay to David Espinoza and Maria E. Cortez, $142,900.

PEMBROOK VILLAGE DR., 4408, No. 110-Jeri E. Winn to Jennie L. Goldsmith, $174,900.

SAN LEANDRO PL., 7925, No. 120E-Pablo D. Martinez to Randolph T. Stephens, $145,000.

SHADWELL CT., 5703, No. 13-Jeffrey A. Jaxel to Matthew Shuster and Sheeba Ahmed, $120,000.

SHADWELL DR., 8604, No. 28-Gary G. Thomas to Katherine E. Meserve and M. Allison Wallace, $160,000.

VILLAGE SQ., 8722-Suleyma Lazo Martinez to Maria Lazo and Jessica Aviles, $134,000.

WYNGATE MANOR CT., 8560-Wyngate Corp. to Karen L. Baker, $360,414.

North Springfield Area

BULLOCK LANE, 8119-Annelise Maida to Brian D. and Pamela H. Feikema, $276,800.

DALHOUSE ST., 7121-Sean W. Carow to Ronald E. and Brenda J. Stough, $337,500.

JERVIS ST., 7515-Richard L. Ebeling to Raul Gonzalez, $355,000.

UXBRIDGE CT., 8382-Lisa G. Fralin to Gary E. Stevens, $269,000.

Oakton Area

GRANITE CREEK LANE, 10313-Chau Nguyen to Gabriela F. Arze, $305,000.

HICKORY HILLS DR., 3395-John R. Cantrell to Ashis and Sanjukta Chatterjlee, $570,000.

ST. HELENA DR., 11927-Douglas B. Neagli to Diane M. Hobbs and Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $654,900.

VALLEY RD., 11437-Jefferson Builders Corp. to Alireza Fathi and Anahita Nikzad, $615,000.

WATERMILL CT., 10901-Woon H. Kim to Hye S. and Jin T. Kim, $615,000.

Reston Area

AUTUMN RIDGE CIR., 1605-David W. Dunlap to Tejan and Amanda Hichkad, $319,000.

BRETON CT., 11807, No. 11B-Christopher N. Dickerman to Carmen T. Matos, $175,000.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2259-Charles Swarns to Michael Finley, $148,900.

CHANCERY STATION CIR., 12086-Patrick Darby to Maria L. and Juan Santisi, $575,000.

FOREST EDGE DR., 11180-Nick Y. Ron to Giovanni G. Paoletti, $184,900.

GATE HILL PL., 11402-Maria I. Monroy to Robert S. and Judith E. Ferry, $290,000.

HEMINGWAY DR., 11572-William D. Coale Jr. to Derek M. and Carol L. Brigden, $540,000.

MARGINELLA DR., 2258-John B. Beavers to Marvin M. Bergida, $200,000.

MURRAY DOWNS WAY, 1309-Weichang Wang to Harold E. and Amy L. Syms, $625,000.

NORTH SHORE DR., 11721-Linda H. Carruthers to Abbas Sayah, $333,000.

PURPLE SAGE CT., 12154-Hussein A. Abdelmaguid to Atef Sallam and Tai Do, $222,000.

SILENTWOOD LANE, 11249-James L. Forestell to Mohamed H. Qankow, $225,000.

SOURWOOD LANE, 11629-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Susan K. Brownsword and Craig L. Waters, $485,000.

SOUTHGATE SQ., 2445-Somsanith Khamvongsa to Ricardo and Edwin Romero, $220,000.

SUNDANCE DR., 1732-Mary Delaney to Bianca P. Watson and Michael S. Lozier, $255,500.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1926, No. A-William Mace to Alison N. Beach and James A. Quintana, $165,000.

WEATHERSTONE CT., 1217-Xiaoying Yu to Michael A. and Rebecca S. Shapiro, $390,000.

WEDGEWOOD MAN WAY, 1309-Davis L. Clark to Janice M. Kendall, $465,000.

Seven Corners Area

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3053-Leilani A. Arevalo to Champion Finance Corp., $68,500.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3100, No. 305-Ramiro F. Suarez to Somchai Laowattana, $180,000.

WILLSTON PL., 2906, No. 63-Tran Lien to Jimmy Tran and Lien Tran, $120,000.

Springfield Area

ATTLEBORO DR., 7820-Roberto C. Flores to Jeff and Lilia Jones, $402,500.

CEDAR FALLS CT., 8415-Adrian Rolfe to James E. Green, $207,400.

HIBBLING AVE., 6307-John A. Spahr Jr. to Bruce P. Spahr, $279,086.

NORTHEDGE DR., 9110-Scott W. Frix to George W. Hardman and Lisa M. Schroeder, $442,000.

PIONEER DR., 6110-Zarin Khawaja to Natasha Jan, $322,000.

SUPREME CT., 6831-Nabil A. Habashi to Mildred Wells, $267,777.

WHITSON CT., 8723-Genevieve H. Rumian to Eric K. and Kathy A. Hyde, $420,000.

Vienna Area

ATWOOD RD., 9602-Robert L. Grevemberg Jr. to Seville Homes Corp., $575,000.

BEULAH RD., 1729-Frances G. Masemer to Teresa Harris, $350,000.

BLAKE LANE, 9732-Camille Karim to Rodney J. Spratley, $385,000.

CLEARFIELD AVE., 10005-Douglas G. Sigman to Joseph J. Khoriaty, $455,000.

CRAIGO CT., 2225-Dennis J. Dugan to John and Carole Heller, $400,000.

FARIBA CT., 2788-Willson R. Kim to Chul Ho and Hyang N. Chang, $490,000.

GEORGE WASHINGTON RD., 2046-Peter J. Judge to Deborah E. and Jonathan P. Nelson, $849,990.

GLENGYLE DR., 2439, No. 221-Jeom H. Lee to Daniel G. Reece, $203,000.

HORSEBACK TRAIL, 1813-Mercer A. Wade to Andre P. and Catherine A. Duvic, $520,507.

JACKSON PKWY., 2516-Eldon H. Engle to Kevin and Donna Berk, $472,500.

LAKEVALE DR., 2525-Louis Kriser to Juan Armando and Sandra Susana Lazcano, $579,900.

LUCKETT AVE., 2416-David L. Smith to Adonice Hereford, $460,000.

NORTHERN NECK DR., 1573, No. 101-Michael Hartel to Mickey Hapoianu, $335,000.

PIERIS CT., 2018-CRG Tysons Corp. to Edward S. Chang, $451,745.

POST RD., 2108-Bruce A. Mackey to Alex Hejazi, $941,094.

SCENIC VIEW TER., 10036-Dean I. Rhoads to Harry T. and Frances M. Brill, $875,000.

TWEED CT., 1296-Paul J. Deleeuw to Kawthar Fathi, $810,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 101-Lee Koo to Peter and Samuel Suh, $229,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 134-Virginia Center to Alain Mesnard, $187,700.

West Springfield Area

BURTON HILL CT., 7209-Brian P. Eversmann to Kevin M. and Mila Montgomery, $334,900.

FORRESTER BLVD., 8388, No. 551-Heidi K.H. Fisher to Allyson C. Schafter, $188,700.

HARROWGATE CIR., 7819, No. B-Luis F. Pena to R. Scott and Marybeth Brown, $179,500.

PRINCE JAMES DR., 5909, No. E-Scott A. Poyer to Keri J. Barrett, $118,000.

REXFORD CT., 5766-Than Isert to Hung Nguyen and Kimnghia Doan, $149,900.

ROYAL RIDGE DR., 5814, No. R-Elena N. Orquera to Aida L. Thompson, $150,000.

SMITHFIELD AVE., 8201-Donald B. Persons to Evans G. and Anne C. Edwards, $380,000.

TIMBER HOLLOW LANE, 6004-Raja H. Shahriman to Jin K. Kim, $253,000.

WICKHAM RD., 8306-Stephen H. Fields to Jackie L. Cummins, $285,000.