The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

FLINT HILL RD., 3107-Robert F. and Megan E. Taylor to Rebecca J. and James R. Mills, $173,000.

Brunswick Area

ORNDORFF DR. E., 3-Andrew L. Ripple to Cassandra and Dustin Miller, $119,000.

Burkittsville Area

MAIN ST., 14-Debbie A. and Michael S. Mackey to Gretchen Wright, $190,900.

Emmitsburg Area

HARNEY RD., 11322-Wells Fargo Bank of Minnesota to Michael Murbach, $150,000.

WARTHENS CT., 3-Department of Housing and Urban Development to William A. Jautze, $98,000.

Frederick City Area

ANDOVER LANE, 1519-Julian D. Johnson Jr. to Adam C. Heller and Christina K. Farmer, $200,000.

ANDOVER LANE, 1541-James E. Potter to Elvia R. Melgar and Miguel B. Rogel, $228,500.

ANDROMEDA CT., 5776-MVA Holdings Inc. to Evelyn M. Boone, $193,500.

BANKSIA DR., 418-Anthony L. and Lisa G. Devine to Mauricio Torres and Javier Flores, $215,000.

BARTONSVILLE RD., 5821-Grace A. Heller to Joel Moskowitz, $138,000.

BEVERLY CT., 1552-Bonnie L. Martin to Zhaoxia Liu and Changyun Xiong, $192,000.

BLACK DUCK CT., 6706-Scott A. and Mary A. Myers to David M. Carmichael, $187,000.

BLOSSOM LANE, 418-Vivian G. and David A. Walter to Rebecca Becker, $187,000.

BRADFORD WAY, 6308-Charles A. and Jeannie L. Elgin to Anthony M. and Stacy A. Toy, $426,000.

BRADSHAW CT. E., 7105-James M. Klingensmith to Teresa Ann Schreiber, $215,000.

CAMERON WAY, 2666-Kelly A. Wilson to C. Diane and David A. Jones, $230,000.

CHASE CT., 5704-Deborah L. Wilson to Marlene J. Suero, $175,000.

COLLEGE TER. W., 311-Antonio L. Checchia to Deeann V. and Darren H. Chamblee, $615,000.

COOL SPRINGS TER. N., 6126-Douglas C. Menapace to Erica L. Moore and Leonard Queiroz, $416,600.

CROSSING POINTE CT., 100-Valerie D. Vallana to Linda A. Lowe and Martin J. Brown, $320,000.

CYPRESS CT., 7187-Crystal A. and Florian Carr to Elizabeth C. and Daniel J. Burdette, $137,000.

DEARBOUGHT DR., 1744-Brian S. and Lorie D. Barnett to Marta E. and Federico Patino, $357,500.

DRAWBRIDGE CT., 5807-Tina and Raymond Watts to John and George Hermina, $110,000.

DULANEY CT., 1817-Norman and Carolyn Taylor, trustees, to Tiffany A. and Carlton D. Barger, $125,000.

DUNMORE CT., 2403-Nancy E. and Frederick W. Oberer to Georgina R. Chidaushe, $187,500.

ELKRIDGE LANE, 9010-Gretta L. and James R. Triesler to Jeffrey Mizikoski, $199,900.

FIVE SHILLINGS RD., 2514-Joyce R. and Kenneth B. Connolly to Jeannette Chao, $260,000.

FRINGETREE CT., 5798-Harry N. Sr. and Crystal M. Scott to Daphnie V. and John D. Campbell Jr., $194,900.

GRANVILLE CT., 6652-Diana C. Stewart to Anuja and Avinash Uttarwar, $226,000.

HANNOVER TER., 5820-Dae Mun and Eun Chin Yim to Samantha S. and Dennis W. Adams, $195,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 993-D-Terry W. Harding to Bradley Loper and Mahesh Desai, $70,000.

HENDRY TER., 9100-Robert Shapiro to Tammy and Michael Falcone, $544,900.

HIMES AVE., 621, No. IV-107-Bradley S. and Kelly M. Willard to Er Nazarene and Travis Dickens, $132,500.

HONEY CLOVER CT., 8195-Pauline G. Cosgrave to Heather A. and Chad M. Putnam, $299,000.

HORSESHOE DR., 11022-Steven C. and Donna M. Jenkins to Maria Catherine Bonanno and David Paul Burgess Jr., $257,000.

HUNTWOOD CT., 2422-Donna Sue Etheridge and Tim G. Bell to Vu T. Nguyen, $227,500.

JUBAL WAY, 808-Elizabeth C. McMullin to Patricia S. Ferreira and Daniel M. Porto, $234,900.

JUBAL WAY, 929-Susan G. Montouri to Max Sweet, $240,000.

KEMP LANE, 7750-EMC Mortgage Corp. to Jacqueline Cornejo, $114,000.

LAKESIDE DR., 2434-Dodie J. Hall to Mary W. Chege and Jean Pierre R. Jean, $227,400.

LAKESIDE DR., 2446-Mary A. Markle, trustee, to Robert Lawrence Brand, $198,000.

LARKSPUR SQ., 6825-Dawn J. Schrodel to Xiang Ma, $159,500.

LARKSPUR SQ., 6828-Eldridge Forrest Coles Jr. to Cherry H. and Biak K. Lian, $148,900.

MAGNOLIA AVE., 707-Cara S. Lofasso to Tamara M. and David E. Wilkinson, $125,000.

MAINS LANE, 5802-Daniel L. Santini to J. Blair Horne Jr., $200,000.

MERCER PL., 1003-Marilyn H. Buchen to Jennifer A. Henry Eliot and John H. Eliot, $330,000.

NAVAHO DR., 402-William D. Jr. and Tina Boggs Cole to Gregorio R. and Grettell Delcid, $239,900.

NEWPORT TER., 6113-Patrick M. Hayden to Cynthia S. Harris, $236,000.

PARISH LANE, 2213-Kenneth Paul Petto to Scott Shepardson, $260,900.

PENWICK CIR., 156-Xiaojin Wu to Mashudah Hashim, $234,000.

PENWICK CIR., 158-Vernon Wilkins to Shannon N. Severn and Michael A. Frownfelter, $219,900.

PINE CREST LANE, 6133-Edward S. Krusinski to Steven L. Cook, $240,000.

PINTAIL CT., 4979-Shannon M. Mulvehill to Rebecca Wilt and Joyce Jenkins, $189,000.

PLANTATION RD., 6921-Maurice E. Beall to Betty J. and Donald R. Butler, $165,000.

RHODERICK RD., 2742-Gary Andrew Gust to Farid H. Shoai, $270,000.

RIDGEFIELD LANE, 9105-Thomas James Yeager to Amy and Ryan Bartlett, $214,900.

RIPPLING BROOK RD., 2454-Tracey C. and Paul F. Caron to Ashley M. Armstrong, $344,443.

ROCKYGLEN DR., 1803-Matthew Robert Palfy to Tabatha Brenize Ott and Kene Ott, $215,000.

SCHAFFER DR., 1185-A.J. and S. Skinner to A.R. and R.C. Patel, $215,000.

SINGLETREE DR., 5688-Tony V. Saunders to Linda and Charles Shenton, $223,000.

SPRING VALLEY DR., 9030-K.A. Friedman to E. and J.J. Newman Jr., $489,100.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6513, No. 5302-S. Ridgely to R.A. Atkinson, $159,900.

STALEY AVE., 1213-Betty L. Moser to Ashley N. Creel and David G. Wood, $199,900.

SUGARBUSH CIR., 519-Debra L. and Jeffery M. Keilholtz to Juan V. Rangel Jaspe and Kellie N. Kautz, $205,000.

TIMBER GROVE RD., 1947-Sue Ann and William P. Johnson Sr. to Michael B. Porter, $355,000.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1628-Karen B. Moran to Linda S. and Lerry W. Fogle, $247,500.

WILSON PL., 515-T.E. and M. Molesworth to N.A. and C.L. Pritchard, $230,000.

FOURTH ST. E., 100-Margaret E. Brust to Helene Walker McCarron and Christopher A. McCarron, $205,000.

Ijamsville Area

JEFFRO CT., 11201-National Residential Nominee to Sandra C. and Patrick T. Purtscher, $620,000.

Jefferson Area

MAIN ST., 3995-Wesley E. Setters to Laura C. and Price W. Kaler Jr., $310,000.

Knoxville Area

KNOXVILLE RD., 243-Jerry M. Myers to Kevin M. Anderson, $115,000.

Middletown Area

CHURCH ST., 305-Ellen J. Wiles to Barbara J. and George R. Little, $219,900.

DEER SPRING LANE, 6743-Louis A. Fiore Jr. to Mary Alice and James F. Schooley Sr., $424,900.

JADE CT., 4496-Lyburn Properties Corp. to Maria M. Richardson, $210,500.

MAIN ST. E., 25-Austin L. and J. Naomi Main to Ruth M. and Steven L. Magnus, $335,000.

WILLOWTREE DR., 4489-April Jean Shobe to Amy J. Underwood, $239,900.

Mount Airy Area

BOBOLINK PLACE., 5602-Vincent J. and Katherine Policelli to Jennifer A. and Jonathan Kullgren, $375,000.

HIGH BEACH CT., 10599-Deanne L. Treemarchi and Mark Amann to Steven R. Lorentz, $268,000.

ILLINOIS CT. N., 6204-Christine and Michael Fowler to Terry J. Austin, $192,567.

MISSISSIPPI LANE, 6155-Kenneth H. and Virginia L. Michaels to Kathleen and William Adams, $342,000.

PANORAMA DR., 11282-Joseph S. and Marijo Kober to Virginia L. and Kenneth H. Michaels, $643,000.

SANDERLING CT., 6844-Patrick J. and Maria P. Dennis to Jacqueline E. and Andrew A. White, $275,000.

Point Of Rocks Area

GIBBONS RD., 1628-Christina Sherman to Norma Minters and Linda M. Delph, $215,900.

Rocky Ridge-

Creagerstown Area

LONGS MILL RD., 8826-Ronald M. and Brigitte Smith to May E. Taylor and Christopher T. Horstkamp, $240,000.

Thurmont Area

APPLES CHURCH RD., 220-Daniel L. Jr. and Kimberly S. Gerrie to Elizabeth M. and Troy A. Brawner, $187,000.

MOUNTAINDALE RD., 6416-Steven T. Wastler to Laurie Ann and Ronald M. Roberts, $165,000.

ROCKY RIDGE RD., 8219-Rondel and Karolyn K. Emery Legore to Kandi M. and Kenneth B. Bussey, $180,000.

SUNHIGH DR., 131-Jose M. Flores to Miquel and Ernesto Morales, $219,900.

WIGVILLE RD., 5245-William E. Kline to Anthony M. Lloyd, $150,000.

Walkersville Area

ANTIETAM DR., 8721-Austin M. and Earl H. Schroyer to Adam E. Davis, $190,000.

BURLINGTON AVE., 208-Dennis P. Sr. and Regina Cavell to Connie A. and Steve A. Hood, $259,900.

CURIOSITY CT., 8397-Lee E. and Eileen D. Weber to Deborah L. and Eric M. Schran, $230,000.

GLADE AVE., 9502-James S. and Jessica M. Lertora to Jeanette M. and Joshua C. Shoemaker, $252,000.

HAMPTON PL., 33-Patricia Lynn Getzandanner to Chester Wayne Kulp, $220,000.

REVELATION AVE., 8350-Ye Won and Kendrick A. Dennis to Douglas White, $95,000.