Gwynn Park wide receiver Anthony Herbin, all 5 feet 7 and 140 pounds of him, doesn't look much like a football player. In fact, he hardly stands out while walking down the hallways of the Brandywine school. On the field, he can hide behind offensive linemen who weigh twice as much as he does.

Even on the football field, Herbin has heard it all. "Aren't you too small to be out here, little guy?" is a familiar taunt from opponents.

But when Herbin starts to run, it is easy to see why he is able to make plays. Gwynn Park Coach Danny Hayes said once opposing defenses start paying attention to Herbin, things open up for the Yellow Jackets' other receivers.

"Most people underestimate me and they think that because I'm short and small like that, they think I'm sorry and they can push me around," Herbin said. "They find out when the game is on that I'm kind of hard to check."

Gwynn Park assistant coach Leslie Shepherd said he has always been impressed with Herbin's ability to run precise routes and catch the ball with his hands -- details that many high school players fail to master.

Although many college coaches have told Herbin that he is too small to play at a high level in college, Shepherd -- listed at 5-11 and 185 pounds during his seven-year NFL career -- thinks Herbin can find the right situation.

"It all depends on what program he tries to pursue," Shepherd said. "Some coaches like the big physical guys and some like the shifty guys. I don't see it being a problem. He can play the game of football. That's what it boils down to."

Herbin said: "Me being short, [college coaches] think they can get a taller wide receiver. I plan on proving them wrong, whatever school I happen to go to."

Others to Watch:

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* Tim Jennings, Pallotti: Washington-area's fifth-leading receiver last season caught 47 passes for 1,045 yards and 15 touchdowns.

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* Roscoe Webb, Largo: At 6-4 and 220 pounds, he could give the Lions a nice receiving target at tight end.


Gwynn Park's Anthony Herbin weighs only 140 pounds, but he has proven doubters wrong with his pass-catching abilities.