The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard County and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

BROADWATER LANE NE, 5609-Mohammad Anwar to Inderjit Kuar and Karamvir Singh Sawhney, $620,000.

GENTLE CALL SW, 5944-Scott D. Rardin to Milton and Eunice N. Kaplan, $350,000.

MEADOW WOOD WAY NW, 7314-R. Bruce Armiger to Max and Jodi Grogl, $565,000.

WELCOME NIGHT PATH N., 6612-Changben Jiang to Majid H. Tehrani, $500,000.

WESTMEATH LANE W., 13213-Michael P. Fabrizius, trustee, to Stefan H. and Beth S. Hoenicke, $852,000.

Columbia Area

BELLWART WAY N., 9096-Catherine G. Beck to Suresh and Anita Kadalga, $268,900.

BRENNAN CT. NE, 10909-David J. Haines to Christina L. and Samuel S. Williams, $367,000.

BRETT LANE S., 9439-Steven J. Schwan to Robert V. Glueck, $240,000.

BROADCLOTH WAY, 7505-Robert J. Heim to Michael L. Finch and Amethist S. Finch, $335,505.

BROKEN TIMBER WAY, 9240-Richard D. Solomon to Mark Schober, $396,000.

BROKEN WING CT. S., 6212-Shipul D. Patel to Dana M.S. Wilson and Philip Gloor, $495,000.

BUSHRANGER PATH NE, 6706-Carlas R. Wilburn to Chuol Su and Hyun Suk Kim, $315,000.

CABOOSE CT., 9535-Walter G. Bumphus to Donald Hutchins, $272,500.

CARLINDA AVE., 6632-Felicia Ann Stokes to Eric T. Pakulla, $260,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE LANE NE, 9193-Daniel J. Sweeney to Damani K. Ingram and Zillah Ingram, $280,000.

CARVED STONE SW, 7332-Norman J. Currie Jr. to Julie L. Lovell, $203,000.

CASTILE CT., 9592-Robert Bruce Nirenberg to Erin E. Shepherd, $235,000.

CEDAR LANE W., 5470-Mark H. Weisner to Richard P. Fitzgerald, $94,000.

CEDAR LANE W., 5472-Lucia A. Foglia to Venkataraman Sivakumar, $121,000.

CLOCKTOWER LANE, 9589-Carolyn Moore to Evaldas and Jurate Bujanauskas, $249,000.

CLOCKTOWER LANE, 9597-Mary M. Austin to Christopher V. and Elizabeth V. Maani, $205,000.

COLUMBIA RD. E., 5049-Young Kim to Stacey L. Cruse, $285,900.

COLUMBIA RD. W., 4924-Christine A. Haber to Timothy R. and Jane M. Simons, $154,000.

COMMITTMENT CT., 6149-Rochelle Young to Rochelle Young and Kathryn Moore, $219,000.

CONSTANT COURSE NE, 9013-Jung Jun Park to Vallimanalan Thirugnanam and Sujatha Meenakshisundaram, $244,900.

CORINA CT. N., 6605-Rajendra P. Tripathi to Walter N. and Pamela J. Vieser, $870,000.

CRAZYQUILT CT. NE, 9217-Michael N. Akar to Garry Alan and Maureen Chandler, $254,000.

CRICKET HOLLOW CT., 11114-William J. Klein to Maria C. Uy, $450,000.

DEEP EARTH LANE E., 6217-Robert P. Aiken to Brian J. Newcomb and Nichole G. Citron, $239,000.

DURHAM RD. W., 5049-Jeffrey C. Therrien to Thomas E. Sellner, $379,000.

EARLY APRIL WAY NE, 9044-Joshua Eui Hahn to Manoj B. Shrestha, $232,000.

EMERSONS REACH N., 9180-Audrey D. Vieser to Pamela R. West, $222,500.

ENDICOTT LANE, 5445-Jarod M. Moore to Mirza M. Djangali and Amy Sterner Djangali, $173,300.

FOOTED RIDGE, 8987-Dolores G. Cabrera to Andrea Alverez, $145,000.

FOOTPRINT PL. NE, 9501-Rickey C. Myhand to Andrew and Diane C. Green, $395,000.

FRIETCHIE ROW, 6565-Brian A. Stephens to Christopher Hass, $175,500.

GENTLE LIGHT LANE N., 6309-Jaewon Hong to Jaewon and Anna Hong, $465,000.

GOOD HUNTERS RIDE SE, 6114-George N. Butler to Khondakar Y. Salahuddin, $268,000.

GRACIOUS END CT. E., 9101-Jeremiah A. Reed to Devlin Henderson Peters, $177,000.

GRANITE HILL RD. SE, 9441-Roi Laurence Kasten to Jonathan M. Kawacki, $134,500.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5039-Charles R. Brent to Tracey L.M. Williams, $96,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5541-Stephen T. Mears II to Monica Stevens, $113,000.

GUILFORD RD., 8695-Eleanor L. Doran to Michael A. Takovich and Jennifer L. Smigal, $359,900.

HARPERS FARM RD., 5675-John H. Doud to Richard E. and Lucile A. Walker, $142,500.

HARPERS FARM RD., 5695-Eugene G. Glazebrook to Carol Sulzner, $166,000.

HASTINGS DR. E., 9640-Michael McDonald to Ryan Jude Stephen Brewster, $193,000.

HAYLEDGE CT., 5237-Tat Kuen Mui to Michael F. Berkey, $257,500.

HELAINE HAMLET WAY NW, 9123-Dimmit M. Standley to Denise Angela Manns, $265,000.

HICKORY LIMB SW, 9525-Joseph Mariano to Katherine E. Saxe, $168,900.

HONEYCOMB GATE E., 6107-James L. Murphy IV to Jacqueline C. Toussaint, $286,000.

HONEYLADEN PL. NW, 7127-Stephen M. Johnson to Slobodan and Marcia Maletic, $256,100.

INDIAN CAMP RD., 9421-Joan Posey Fletcher to Mark McLendon, $147,000.

JERICHO RD. SW, 5032-Brian Blonder to Essam Ibrahim and Kathleen Horvath, $680,000.

JERRYS DR., 6021-Edward J. Duckhorn to Randall M. and Leslie A. Arvizu, $452,000.

KERRY HILL CT. N., 7371-Meghan Galiber to Yaa K. Appiah and Twumasi A. Appiah, $196,400.

KNIGHTHOOD LANE SW, 6990-Homer Frank Ellinger to Daniel E. and Jennifer M. Ward, $189,900.

KNIGHTHOOD LANE SW, 7004-Eric W. Spencer to Yasmeen Hassan, $174,025.

LAST SUNBEAM PL. NW, 6308-Michael J. Mellion to Julie Pavlovsky and Vivek Agrawal, $505,000.

LASTING LIGHT WAY, 7142-Richard W. Meyer Jr. to Herbert and Mary A. Greenberg, $225,000.

LIQUID LAUGHTER LANE N., 6413-Susan Hunt to Jeffrey M. Goldscher, $488,000.

LLANFAIR DR. W., 6142-Ellen P. Schwenk Medlock to Barry J. Labonte and Beatrice L. Hawkins, $420,000.

LOCHRIDGE RD., 6441-Brenda L. Dangelo to Juan N. and Emily J.L. Medina, $397,500.

LOG RAFT N., 10333-Richard Ty Mereness to Luna Angela M. Hopkins, $395,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6001-Richard B. Gordon to Nian Cherryann Tang, $115,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6005-John A. Russo to Jerry W. and Elizabeth J. Webb, $70,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6007-Kevin E. Hertel to Karen Ann Burley, $115,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6059-Eric P. Robinson to Rafeal R. Pabon and Erissa M. Castro, $111,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6063-Neil W. Berger to George Harry Leisner Jr., $105,500.

MAJORS LANE, 6073-Robert W. Kreckman to Therese Sekellick, $81,500.

MAJORS LANE, 6093-Richard M. Fowlie Jr. to Skandakumar Abeyesekere, $75,900.

MALLARD CT. NE, 8904-Brian Patrick Carey to Han J. Seung, $205,000.

MOSSY BRINK CT., 7356-Azeal G. Wilson to Koffi J. Yao, $225,000.

MOVING WATER LANE S., 9049-Claude A. Rankin to Bruce D. and Sherri C. Hebert, $233,000.

OLDE WOODS WAY S., 10885-Thomas J. Hoeck to Audrey D. and Tammy L. McDonald, $195,500.OVERHEART LANE S., 6512-Eric Pakulla to Joyce M. Smith, $169,900.

PASTURE GATE LANE, 10125-Frederick M. Bomse to Jeanean Denise Willis, $320,000.

PHELPS LUCK DR. E., 5507-Bong Soo Bae to Paul T. and Vicki M. Zelenka, $345,000.

PINE BARK CT. N., 5262-Thomas Thattumpurathu Paily to Brendan J. and Xiomara M. Bassett, $409,000.

POUND APPLE CT. S., 6455-Amir Vojdani to Amir Vojdani and Nazila Masoumi, $200,000.

POWDER RUN, 11248-Erik Strom to Shizuka H. Sun and Sam H. Sun, $158,888.

PROCOPIO CIR. S., 7216-Gussie M. Watson to Sonia A. Harvey, $140,000.

PROCOPIO CIR. S., 7232-Gregory George Jamison to Rogelio Sixtos Perez and Laura A. Sixtos, $148,000.

QUICK FOX SE, 9228-Jacqueline M. Brown to Panagiotis V. Kokolakis, $250,000.

RAIN FLOWER WAY E., 7555-David A. Schwartz to Theodore Mills, $163,700.

RAIN FLOWER WAY NW, 7542-Brian S. Adkins to Carolyn C. Valdez, $225,500.

RED CART CT. SW, 9244-R. Lee Breidenbaugh Jr. to Xie Wei, $203,000.

RIDGEVIEW DR. S., 9523-Rick Thuy Huu Nguyen to John T. and Lisa L. Demetreon, $355,000.

ROLL RIGHT CT., 8865-John F. Neal to Darrell R. Martin, $78,000.

ROUNDTREE LANE E., 5634-Roy Bourgeois to Eilenn M. Hall, $401,000.

SCOTCH PINE CT., 9010-Alan S. Bowers to John L. and Dana B. Snyder, $399,000.

SEA CHANGE NW, 7452-Jill B. Taylor to Karim and Jennifer Shehadeh, $230,000.

SETTING SUN WAY W., 7417-June K. Roper to Daniel and Carol S. Carmen, $158,500.

SINGLE WHEEL PATH SW, 7206-Annette K. Essey to Tammy M. Borkowski, $319,500.

SIXPENCE CIR. E., 10325-Joan R. Crawford to Scott and Carolyn M. Semel, $374,900.

SLEEPING DOG LANE, 5488-Donald J. Anderson to J. Kevin Beer, $285,000.

SMOOTH PATH W., 7144-Ramon A. Fernandez Jr. to Quoc A. Nguyen and Kelly J. Nguyen, $270,000.

SOFTWATER WAY SE, 9704-Michael A. Manglitz to Mary Lee Cole, $225,000.

SPINNING SEED, 6906-Daniel R. Kirchhoff to James A. and Anita M. Skelton, $262,900.

SWAN POINT WAY, 7425-Sandra L. Goldman to John R. Callahan and Elizabeth E. Strats, $320,000.

TAMAR DR., 5903-Kathleen M. Swingle to Custodia Lima, $95,000.

TANAGER LANE, 10206-Richard E. Froehlich to Prosper Osai Wuau, $220,000.

TANAGER LANE S., 10201-Clifford S. Trent to Wayne W. Finegar II and Natalie A. McKeown Finegar, $280,000.

THUNDER HILL RD. E., 5717-Fernanda S. Brito to Dong Van Ly and Cuc Thi Nguyen, $137,500.

THUNDER HILL RD. W., 5720-Rene Patrice Dunn to Gloria T. Wharton, $98,000.

TREE SWALLOW CT. W., 6006-Bruce G. Goodwin to Rebecca Degraaff, $212,000.

TROTTING RIDGE WAY, 10957-Joel Barry Brown to Bruce P. and Anna Christina Windesheim, $130,000.

TROTTING RIDGE WAY, 10958-Emily J. Vaias to Mansour Davoodi, $202,000.

TWILIGHT CT. NE, 9509-John Michael Brown to Kathy L. Dorado, $349,900.

TWILIGHT CT. NE, 9517-Isiaka O. Ibraheem to Rahim Khalid and Tazeen Khalid, $350,000.

WALNUT GROVE S., 6554-Lundy Family Foundation to Lucyna Orlicki and Dariusz S. Orlicki, $292,000.

WATCH CHAIN WAY W., 5904-Bruce Roper to Casey M. Moffett, $140,000.

WATCHLIGHT CT., 8956-Saifuddin Qaiyumi to Jamil Khaliq, $169,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY W., 7603-Neal P. Hyman to Paris L. Hollins, $139,900.

WEATHER WORN WAY W., 7617-Robert A. Wagner to Bruce S. Copeland, $130,000.

WHITE ACRE RD., 9635-Michael J. Deemer to Leonard Williams III, $78,500.

WHITE ACRE RD., 9651-Angelo M. Stefano to Enectali Figueroa and Barbara Algarin, $69,500.

WINDSTREAM DR., 10055-Katherine A. Palmer to Sau Chun Wong, $230,000.

WINTER ROSE PATH, 7112-Barbara M. Peart to Esther C. Ngo Bikoi and Mispa S. Bikoi, $219,500.

WOOD ELVES WAY SW, 11145-Kristin H. Vanvranken to Stephen J. Horvath and Tara J. Hart, $370,000.

YOUNG SEA PL. NE, 8838-Srirangarajah Thuraisingham to Kwang Ho Kim and Young Hee Hong, $234,000.

SECOND MORNING CT. SW, 6716-Judith A. Heckrotte to Catherine S. McLlwain, $169,000.

Dayton Area

MORNING STAR DR. SE, 4971-Grace K. Ashenden to Minh B. and Lillian Nguyen, $354,000.

TRIADELPHIA RD., 14420-Harold L. Kemper to William Marlow, $435,000.

Elkridge Area

ARBOR WAY, 6362-Kristen Bowen Perry to Ariana Lowenbach, $285,000.

AUGUSTINE AVE., 6012-Michael G. Griffin to Tara and David Nunan, $299,900.

BLUE SKY S., 5811-Hazel A. Moore to Brian Pakulla, $272,000.

COLLINGWOOD CT. W., 7164-Karen K. Hart to Gary and Susan Mills, $650,000.

CRITTER CT. E., 5873-Orlando Rafael Zayasboujouen to Maxine Burnett, $175,000.

DOWNS AVE., 6100-Thomas R. Goodling to Uriah Simonton, $230,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6652-Brian S. Gilbert to Abdel H. Qousar, $188,900.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6776-William J. Stebenne to Rajat Subhra and Aditi Datta Biswas, $172,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6820-Darrin A. King to Mia Nicholson, $190,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6932-Jose L. Santana to Marcia L. Goldberg and Scott M. Stone, $177,000.

EDMUNDS WAY SW, 7808-Debra A. Collins to Allison E. and Matthew D. Cline, $254,900.

HAWTHORN AVE., 6385-Kenneth J. Cannon to Getachew Kassa, $219,000.

HIGHBANKS CT. SE, 6405-Carl L. Dixon to Aileen B. Cook, $175,000.

HILLRISE CT. NE, 8013-Bipin M. Aghera to Tasha McGuthrie, $313,000.

MANCHESTER WAY SW, 6242-William Glover to Robert E. and Kara E. Calder, $254,900.

MARIOAK DR. S., 7835-Faye E. Brown to Christine Marqueta Adams, $145,000.

MARIOAK DR. S., 7855-Bank of America to Wail Higazi, $152,000.

MEADOW ROSE SE, 5945-Rebecca Brothers to Ryan C. Legge and Kristen Rider, $310,000.

MILLSTREAM CT. N., 7994-Frank Gomez Jr. to Amy D. and Gregory Gallagher, $192,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 5947-Lisa G. Mitchem to Arup K. Mondal and Pampa Mondal, $228,000.

MONTGOMERY RD. E., 6734-Mary G. Cummins to Lisa L. Athas and Michael G. Dunay, $155,000.

OLD ROCKBRIDGE DR. SE, 7671-Jeffrey E. Kleinsmith to Millard and Sandra E. Copley, $230,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 6317-Start to Finish Corp. to John Fitzhugh and Wisley Samuel, $98,000.

ROCK GLEN DR. W., 6015-Ronald F. Toloczko to Shawn K. Small, $114,900.

ROLAND CT. SW, 8000-Boye Aromolaran to David Lam and Nancy Nguyen, $425,000.

ROWANBERRY DR. E., 5735-Steven N. Lafon to Migen Shehu, $139,000.

ROWANBERRY DR. E., 6335-Chad Greve to James W. Moroz, $340,000.

SANDPIPER CT. NE, 6215-Kay M. Klaers to Brent E. Sollenberger, $146,500.

SETTER DR., 5917-Ellen P. Ferguson to Damon Vermillion and Neil Shroff, $375,000.

TRANQUIL WAY W., 6712-Daniel L. Rizzo to Jeffrey Charles Mitchell, $272,100.

Ellicott City Area

AUTUMN FIELD CT. NE, 5435-David M. Hyson to James E. and Susan L. Bendik, $450,000.

BONNYBRIDGE PLACE. N., 3702-Carol Ferguson to Brian M. and Christine P. Barnhart, $235,000.

BRANCH WOOD CT. SW, 8025-James L. McEvoy to Richard Feinleib and Katherine Taylor, $237,113.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7907-Kevin S. McKeon to Nivedita Bansal and Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $276,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7965-George Heiner to Richard Carrasco, $252,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7972-Jose Paganini to Daniel L. Keating, $264,500.

BRIGHTMEADOW CT., 7944-Scott T. McElroy to Andrea Lyn Berman, $259,900.

BUCKS COUNTY CT., 3508-Hee Ja Kim to Yang L. Cho and Kang S. Oh, $330,000.

COACHLIGHT LANE, 7641-Abigail B. Sweigert to Dong Zhang, $189,350.

CRAGSMOOR RD., 3629-Patrick G. Maggitti to Joseph L. and Jane E. Hockersmith, $472,000.

DONCASTER DR. SE, 4509-Gerard J. Nuber to Walter P. and Melissa P. Miller, $528,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4880-Cynthia A. Greer to Evan I. and Wendy K. Greenfield, $203,500.

DUNLOGGIN RD. SW, 9457-James P. Hancock Jr. to Gregory J. Shontz and Shura A. Kendzierski, $455,000.

ELKO DR. E., 8218-Trong Loc to Ying Liu and Wei Xian Zeng, $505,000.

FALLS RUN RD. NE, 8503-Sung W. Jang to Dong C. Kim and Eun Jung Chol, $140,000.

FALLS RUN RD. NE, 8503-Anne H. Yoon to Ronald R. and Robin L. Andachter, $153,000.

FALLS RUN RD. NE, 8605-Edward Witherspoon to Danford Shamuyarira, $160,000.

FREDERICK RD., 8669-Joseph Patraic Weymouth to Caesar M. Calucag, $260,000.

FREDERICK RD. W., 9614-Donald E. Shaffrey to Hee Soo Hong, $331,100.

FURROW AVE. S., 9195-John Greco to Keum Nan Kim and Kwang Ho Moon, $485,000.

GLOBE DR., 10227-Helaine Jeffers to Michael and Arlene Woods, $495,000.

GREEN CLOVER DR., 10061-William Springer Jr. to Tyson and Heather Koska, $497,900.

HAWK CT., 9600-Brian W. Bartlett to Jason and Melissa Teves, $514,000.

JOPENDA DR., 8410-Chong Suk Lee to Eldon F. and Suzanne H. James, $305,000.

LAKEWAY DR., 3513-Donald R. Bacon to Christopher and Theresa M. Coufal, $435,000.

MAYFAIR CIR. SE, 7864-Arthur B. Paul Jr. to William J. and Jean B. Sonntag, $187,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 5049-Sarah H. Arnold to Milton H. and Maria D. Ossorio, $200,000.

MONTGOMERY RD., 5533-Frances M. Luken to Mathew M. Klucina, $255,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. E., 8355-Teresa L. Syme to Terrill J. Carter, $160,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NE, 8330-Linda C. Rogas to Rhodri James Evans and Robyn Ann Ford, $174,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8387-Joel V. San Buenaventura to William C. and Janette V. Choi, $163,600.

ORANGE GROVE CT., 3424-Michael P. Boyle to Raja A. Faiz, $245,000.

PAPILLON DR., 8830-John S. Butler to Papillon Corp., $245,739.

PEBBLE BEACH DR. S., 2986-Jeannette Wescott to Eddie B. and Deana N. Palmer, $480,000.

RED HILL WAY S., 4833-Jalal Rayka to Clint Alan and Gail S. Rose, $312,000.

ROGERS AVE., 3508-Jeffrey L. Hanson to Hali Ann Hartmann and Sam Hay Keith, $424,900.

ST. JOHNS LANE, 3075-Gregory B. Phillips to Susan M. and Christopher A. Toth, $349,900.

SPRUCE RUN CT. SE, 8618-Alice F. Palle to Jacek and Gregory Grabowski, $152,600.

STONEHOUSE DR. S., 8789-Matthew S. Mills to Richard T. and Marsha L. Byas, $360,500.

STONY CREEK LANE, 7651-Sooin Kim to Katherine M. Katzenberger, $170,000.

TALL TREES CT. S., 8232-Leslie R. Thorne to Joseph P. Flynn, $240,700.

TIMBER HILL CT. SW, 8510-Scott Harris Lawrence to Matthew E. Dudonis, $372,500.

TRAIL VIEW DR. NW, 8596-Arvil A. Daniels to Jin Ung Kang and Sung Eun Choo, $485,900.

WESTWOOD DR., 9522-Michael D. Fadrowski to Jae Hong Park and Soo Mi Shin, $340,000.

Fulton Area

LOVAT RD. N., 9431-John Charles Brown to Russell and Cynthia Hall, $558,500.

Glenelg Area

SHARP RD., 4093-Roy E. Kolly to Patrick J. and Kimberly B. Miller, $517,500.

Glenwood Area

COUNTRYSIDE DR., 3560-Thomas D. Migrock

to Kyung Sik and Ji Un Choi, $549,000.

Hanover Area

WINTERS LANE, 6322-Peggy E. Robinson to BZ Enterprises Inc., $405,000.

Highland Area

DEER VALLEY RD., 7145-Edward Danny Jones to Donald M. and Camilla K. Cornwell, $625,000.

ISLE SKYE DR. NW, 6643-Michael Fitzpatrick to John F. and Janice Maloney, $625,000.

MINK HOLLOW RD. NW, 7318-Harriet F. Rush to Willson Investment Corp., $340,000.

Jessup Area

CEDAR AVE., 7307-Keith Jones to Glenn M. and Sonia R. Jones, $160,000.

CEDAR AVE. SW, 7284-Thomas R. Pittock to Darlene Huyer Berman and Martin R. Berman, $250,000.

FAIRHAVEN PL. NW, 8714-Vincent Arianna Jr. to Antony W. Galotta and Wenona M. Morris, $265,000.

MISSION RD. NE, 8759-Susie Beatrice Eades to Christian Nwankwo Jr., $190,000.

OAKWOOD WAY, 8912-Haddon S. Reines to Christopher P. Chiu, $209,000.

REDONDO WAY NE, 8660-Catherine M. Cross to Edwin Carrasquillo, $260,000.

SHEFFIELD CT. S., 8105-David Dohm to James A. and Gwendolyn R. Thompson, $179,900.

WELLINGTON PL. S., 8224-Eric D. Rikon to Elmer Rodriguez and Catherine Proot, $185,000.

Mount Airy Area

BAHNER CT. NE, 16648-Evelyn E. Taylor, trustee, to Mohammad and Mahrukh Khan, $425,000.

BRADFORD LANE NW, 1009-Olegario Ramirez to Ashish and Shiny Nedungadi, $525,000.

MULLINIX MILL RD. NW, 2460-D. Oscar Fuster to Myrko Walker, $629,000.

OLD FREDERICK RD. S., 17840-Luther J. McKenney Jr. to William and Carol Schantz, $290,000.

WELLER DR. E., 740-William C. Becker to Benjamin C. and Kelly J. Betzer, $574,900.

WELLER DR. SW, 637-James J. Feehan Jr. to Keith E. Parker, $542,500.

Savage Area

COMMERCIAL ST., 8525-Jennifer L. Laidacker to Janis Taylor, $290,000.

ELLEN WAY S., 8113-Joel Alan Willard to Ricky T. An Festa, $209,500.

WOODWARD ST., 8332-Geraldine Watts to Ernest W. Linzey Jr. and Krista Lynn Watts, $190,000.

WOODWARD ST. N., 8107-Scott T. Jacobs to Hyun K. Nam and Wha O. Nam, $212,950.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

BALTIMORE AVE. S., 9501-Raby L. Little to Thomas F. Bahde, $250,000.

BREAMORE CT., 9353-Andrew S. Diltz to Brian Gable and Carol Kunsak, $160,000.

BURLEY LANE NE, 9200-Vincent Ly to Robert E. Braun and Kawaki J. May Braun, $270,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9338-Maurissa D. Stone to Emeric Williams Jr. and Danlette K. Williams, $169,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9370-Richard G. Davidson to Paul I. Ogordi, $142,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9516-Lisa I. Gibson to Cheryl D. Sutton, $158,500.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9656-Irma Gonzalez to Jaime and Gladis Castro, $156,000.

CASTLEROCK CT., 8702-John Jude Mulvey to Jason and Amy Moorash, $178,000.

CHIPPENHAM DR. NE, 9405-Victor G. Cheswick Jr. to Nick Pantinakis, $194,000.

CROSS TIMBERS SW, 9307-Rebecca D. Gabrielli to Thomas M. and Darcee Divan, $190,000.

DOVES FLY WAY S., 8785-Thomas W. Stead to David S. and Michelle S. Whisenant, $375,000.

GLEN HANNAH DR., 10767-Erin E. Fleming to Theresa Mills, $208,000.

GLEN HANNAH DR., 10780-Robert B. Chick to Christopher Jack and Charles Tipton Jack, $165,000.

GORMAN RD., 10386-Daniel A. Mills to Rowena J. and Brett R. Post, $310,000.

HADLEIGH CT. S., 9609-Paul H. Brown Jr. to David Clark, $246,000.

HARDING RD., 11004-Young L. Yoon to Chong Hye Min and Peter Lee Joosung, $630,000.

HITCHING POST LANE, 9175-Joanne Desrosiers to Aida Y. Sanchez, $112,000.

HITCHING POST LANE, 9185-Edward Grant Moore Jr. to Lenora Washington, $120,000.

HOMESTEAD CT., 9640-Lawal B. Olukayode to Rita A. Richey, $119,900.

HORSHAM DR. NW, 9685-Lisa Kurr Green to Paul and Nicole Dibenedetto, $290,000.

HUGHES AVE., 9930-Jeffrey W. Nathan to Melrose T. Lavador and Ernillo R. Lavador, $242,000.

KENDAL CIR., 9313-Olayemi O. Kilo to Temitope O. Gbolagun, $229,000.

KENDAL CIR., 9355-Steven Line to Xiaozhong He, $250,000.

KINGS GRANT RD. NE, 9401-David Clark to Olukemi A. Adebiyi, $213,000.

LAUREL RD. N., 9005-Robert M. Lynagh to Darlene Feamster, $120,000.

LAUREL RD. N, 9075-Christopher Austin to Kenneth Golding, $122,000.

LOCH LEVEN CT. S., 9412-Andrew N. McCormick to Norma Fay McCoy, $255,000.

MADISON AVE., 9310-Ralph P. Broomall to Brian J. Trieschman, $60,000.

MAXWELL CT., 9313-Craig M. Womeldorph to Jonathan L. and Sarah C. Ramirez, $280,000.

MAXWELL CT., 9355-Aaron Shakespeare to Prakash Sargunar and Anne Winston, $256,000.

NORFOLK AVE. N., 9625-John F. Maloney III to Selvin Levons, $399,900.

NORTHGATE RD., 9329-Nitinkumar N. Bhatt to Francisco A. Garcia, $260,000.

OLD SCAGGSVILLE RD., 9301-Bernard E. Brown to Ruth Elaine Ratcliff and Richard E. Hatton, $160,000.

OXLEY FOREST CT., 8927-Patty T. Stier to Patty T. and Jeffrey R. Stier, $203,500.

PARK AVE. S., 9515-John H. Eliot to Justin W. and Erin K. Triplett, $251,000.

REDBRIDGE CT. W., 9203-Andre M. Mahasa to Andre M. and Natasha Mahasa, $162,000.

STEEPLE CT. SW, 9392-Ahmed I. Guerra to Zhihau Kuang and Hongye Liang, $250,000.

TYMAT CT. NE, 9116-James R. Deutsch to Eric T. Pakulla, $157,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9765-Gary L. Warren to Bradford and Nicola Hesse, $150,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9842-Ava J. Winston to Andrea Chen, $132,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9845-Lolita M. Adgerson to Aaron L. and Sarah A. McQueen, $128,400.

WHISKEY RUN, 9914-Constance Mandley to Juan Carlos Diaz and Rosemarie Bustamante, $127,900.

West Friendship Area

GREAT VALLEY DR. N., 3321-David Scott Rueter to Patrick J. and Dawn C. Crovo Clarke, $785,000.

Woodbine Area

CAMDEN MEADOWS CT., 15621-Frank J. Caruso to James P. and Susan J. Bauer, $585,000.

DAISY RD. W., 3210-Kenneth W. Kardos to L. Michael and Margarita B. Lane, $989,900.

DOE HILL CT. W., 15300-Joseph Ryland Hogg to Harold K. and Carol E. Allen, $629,900.

ED WARFIELD RD. N., 16144-Benjamin C. Medlock to John and Catherine Pearcy, $441,000.

THISTLE DOWNS CT. N., 15601-Mark W. Harbold to Donna S. and Robert J. Schoepfer, $550,000.

Woodstock Area

BREEZEWOOD CIR., 10630-Raymond C. Desor to Gary W. Cullison and Lori A. Vetter, $369,000.