The following were among cases received recently by the Montgomery County Animal Services Division. For more information, call 240-773-5054. This number provides recorded information on such topics as Montgomery County Animal Shelter hours and location, adoption and licensing procedures, rabies clinics and low-cost neutering.

Loose Pit Bulls Cause Accident

SILVER SPRING, Bel Pre Rd., 2400 block, Aug. 14. Two pit bulls ran loose and caused a minor traffic accident near the above intersection. An animal control officer captured the uninjured dogs. The dogs were released to their owner after the owner paid $200, the fine for allowing dogs to run at large.

Owner Fined for Errant Ferret

POTOMAC, Sundance Rd., 10000 block, Aug. 17. A woman found a ferret walking into her living room, picked it up, placed it in a cat carrier and brought it to the animal shelter. After four days, the owner claimed the ferret and paid $66 in impound and board fees.

Stray Peacock Captured

POTOMAC, Tribunal Lane, 12000 block, Aug. 19. A resident called Animal Services about a peacock in the resident's back yard. While waiting for the officer to arrive, the resident fed the bird corn and macaroni. The officer picked up the bird and transported it to the animal shelter to be held for six days. If the bird is not claimed by an owner after six days, it will be available for adoption.

Animal Services Rabies Bulletin

Because pets can be exposed to rabies through contact with wild animals, the Montgomery County Police Animal Services Division reminds pet owners to have their dogs and cats regularly vaccinated for rabies. A dog or cat that has contact with wildlife and has a current rabies vaccination will be placed on a 45-day restraint quarantine. During that period, the animal cannot leave the owner's property. If the animal's rabies shot has expired, it will be placed in a six-month isolation quarantine. The pet will be housed in a locked cage in a room behind a closed door with limited human contact. Owners who are unsure of their pet's vaccine status should contact their veterinarian.

-- Compiled by RIA MANGLAPUS