The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Ashton Area

STRILEY DR., 17718-C.R. and David R. Gibson to David R. Gibson, $300,000.

Clarksburg Area

FREDERICK RD., 22401-J.M. and Laurence E. Magruder to Laleh Ordoubadinia, $305,000.

Damascus Area

BRIGADIER PL., 26004-D-Carol S. Hadeed to Kristy L. Permisohn, $127,500.

BRIXWORTH CT., 10617-Sharon M. Donahue to Stefanie and John S. Bagnoli, $305,000.

CANVASBACK WAY, 9900-Jeffrey B. Spencer to Luz S. and Edward E. Violette, $172,700.

CARLYN RIDGE RD., 10417-Dennis M. and T.A. Benden to Maureen R. and James D. Reed, $321,150.

SANTA ANITA TER., 10516-Paul J. and J.B. Heffernan to Irina and Sergey Koshelkov, $447,000.

WOODFIELD RD., 25325-J.A. and Edward J. Fitterer to Matthew A. Borten, $210,000.

Derwood Area

APPLEWOOD LANE, 17500-Lillian E. Carr to Victoria Amphone Kingkeo and Hung Phi Thach, $552,000.

AZALEA DR., 18620-Ginnette B. Delucia to Darlene S. Sagheer, $392,000.

BRIARDALE CT., 34-Susan G. Hayes to Howard E. Tate, $140,000.

CATALPA CT., 17017-Carol J. Winckler to Merissa M. and Guillermo J. Rojas, $294,000.

CENTENNIAL RD., 7312-Ronald J. and M.R. Davies to Nancy A. and James A. Black, $445,000.

POLARA PL., 7809-Michael E. and M.E. Daley to Desiree and Gladstone Marcus, $480,000.

ROLLING DR., 5817-G.J. and Dennis C. Shannon to Debbie Hsu, $770,000.

Dickerson Area

BIG WOODS RD., 21921-William R. Roberts to Laurie Jean Lemaster, $150,500.

Gaithersburg Area

ALFANDRE ST., 305-Donald R. and Kristene K. Miller to Susan S. and Bryan R. Smith, $725,000.

ANNA CT., 54, No. 268-R. and Daniel Raley to Musa Touray, $200,000.

AUGUSTINE WAY, 7624-Olawale A. and C. Ayodeji to Diane S. and Thomas B. Kummer, $520,000.

BIG ACRE SQ., 8, No. 22-4-Peter J. Tedesco to MacKenzie L. Cashman, $239,000.

BRIAN CT., 8, No. 157-Christopher J. Sappe to Brenda Boateng and Lawrence Ahwireng, $200,000.

BROUGHAM WAY, 14651-Doris M. Mahrenholz to Dean A. Rankin, $454,000.

CACTUS CT., 18040-Mahmood Ameri to Nestor Eder Manzanero, $247,200.

CARRIAGE WALK CIR., 18507-Aaron and S. Simmons to Colleen M. and Don P. Murphy, $305,000.

CARRIAGE WALK CT., 21-Romeo J. Gourgue Jr. to Aleksey Vinokurov, $322,100.

CHERRYWOOD DR., 112-Fen Shyu to Thanh N. and Thich Du, $456,600.

COVE LEDGE CT., 10243-William E. and C. Wayland to Vida Bampoe and Festus A. Botchway, $260,000.

DE SELLUM AVE., 11-Rita Fox Bierl, trustee, to Robert J. Wilson, $375,000.

DEER PARK RD. W., 278, No. 32-C-Fungbe R. and M.O. Aderele to Lynnette K. and John M. Ford, $235,000.

DUVALL LANE, 120, No. 123-103-Miguel Batres Jr. to Margarita N. Melendez, $87,000.

DUVALL LANE, 132, No. 210-202-Nadav Kalai to Chana Sky, $114,000.

FALLING LEAF CT., 14503-Mitchell H. and J.G. Herbets to Diane C. and G. Richard Harris, $988,888.

GEORGE ST., 14-S.E. and Jay M. Scheiner to Sandra Naing, $350,000.

GIRARD ST., 404, No. 22-T.D. Offutt to Karla and Rafael Munguia, $111,630.

GIRARD ST., 416, No. 97-Mohamed Al Abbadi to Diana Cisnado, $107,500.

GOUCHER TER., 126-Richard A. Roth to Edwin K. Donato, $325,000.

LAMONT LANE, 113-Syed A. Hasnain to Shahbaz Khan Kundi, $217,500.

LONGPOINT WAY, 121-Tzu Lee to Ann Tran, $390,000.

MAYHILL TER., 19709-Micahel and Irma Carin to Liliana and Cleto Taboada, $315,000.

MIDLINE RD., 4-E. and Trudy A. Gaitwood III to Sherry King, $259,000.

MILLSTREAM DR., 10245-Kelley Leigh Land to Cesar Rojas, $225,000.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL LANE, 8209-Madan Verma to Francis P. Pejo, $329,900.

PALMSPRING DR., 433-Susan J. Fluegel to Annitsa Louiza D. Rementelas, $199,500.

PALMTREE DR., 503, No. 11-Maureen G. Kennedy to Martin Nevaril, $156,000.

PARKRIDGE DR., 17705-Robert E. and H.C. Gartner to Andrea M. and Yahya Moussaoui, $375,000.

PRAIRIE ROSE CT., 5, No. 9-3-Sharon R. Davies to Gloria E. Gonzalez and Felix D. Rivera, $225,000.

QUAIL RUN DR., 15322-James R. and J.B. Richards to Jena B. and James M. Richards, $632,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 728, No. P-2-Sarai Gerena to Michelle A. McNichols and Brian R. McNichols, $158,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 772, No. P-2-Bernadette Seeman to Susan Frizzell, $158,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 876, No. 201-Andy S. Yao to Carol Brannum, $153,900.

RIDGEPOINT PL., 302, No. 26-Amy L. Matthews to Cheryl L. and James V. Beatty, $276,500.

ROSEMONT DR., 9105-Lawrence J. and S.M. Skok to Keri A. and David E. Morton, $452,900.

SHAMROCK GLEN CIR., 20807, No. 7-704-Shawn K. Anderson to Jae S. and Chang G. Lee, $323,000.

SNOW GOOSE CT., 17200-Diana L. Grabowski to Hal B. Perkins, $515,000.

SWEETBOUGH CT., 12380-B.C. and Theodore E. Shepherd to Andres Franzetti, $364,000.

TEA ROSE DR., 8451-Semyon and F. Shekhtman to Santos E. Lovo and Juver E. Garcia, $334,000.

TRANSHIRE RD., 19459-Nancy A. Wood to Sutura Bello Bobbo, $189,900.

TREYFORD TER., 9513-Eric B. Conroy to Rajendra Patel, $225,000.

TURTLE DOVE LANE, 9144-S. and Khosrow Afsharzanjani to Rukhsana Khan, $235,000.

WASHINGTONIAN BLVD., 9724-Sattva and K.R. Neelapu to Weihong Qiao and Yibin Zhang, $451,000.

WEST SIDE DR., 1060, No. 25-D-Manny M. and M.T. Hersh to Dora Mercedez Ruiz and Luis A. Flores, $177,000.

WINTER WALK DR., 308-Damoni Kitabire to Chun Shaw, $419,900.

WISELY SQUARE CT., 4-M. and Luis H. Zelaya to Jose Zelaya, $390,000.

Germantown Area

ALDBURG WAY, 11511-Perfecto Navidad to Michele M. Duron and Christopher A. Duron, $219,900.

AMBASSADOR DR., 13643-Marcia and Tarek Aly to Jamie S. Kim, $225,000.

AMETHYST LANE, 20544-Janet Shaffer to Brian R. Krause, $240,000.

APPERSON WAY, 11543-D. and Gale L. Stewart to Natalie Brown, $264,000.

APPLEDOWRE CIR., 19953, No. 108-Tonya S. Tyndell to Gary Drew and Wa Mo, $169,900.

ARISTA MANOR WAY, 12031-Thomas J. Wickham to Zhixin Yuan and Chunfeng Lin, $569,900.

BIRDSEYE DR., 18843-Janet Isman to Sean and Annamarie A. Sensenig, $133,500.

BLACK ROCK RD., 16201-Kent A. and P.P. Haws to Stuart M. and Lawrence J. Skok, $720,000.

BLACK ROCK RD., 17551-Barbara A. O'Connor to Irene Campos and Michael E. Halvosa, $388,000.

BRIARCLIFF TER., 13105, No. 11-1107-Michael D. Foy to Soon Kim Morris, $177,900.

BRIDGER DR., 13045, No. 1314-Stephanie R. McGoey to Charles Gaba, $253,000.

BRUNDIDGE TER., 11431-Marcia R. Garrett to Amy C. and Andrew D. Dehennis, $271,950.

CABANA DR., 20401-E. and Chempithera V. Thomas to Fatu Fofana, $349,900.

CEDARHURST WAY, 20330-Reuben A. Davis to Marisol Garcia Madariaga and Alfonso Madariaga, $268,000.

CHALET DR., 18040, No. 15-201-Robert J. Jr. and D.S. Goldsack to Janet R. Pearlman and Allessandro Dipietro, $176,500.

CHALET DR., 18130, No. 8-201-Shadi and Farhad Rozi to Hyo Young Chang, $176,000.

CHALET DR., 18141, No. 23-201-Xiong Li to Theodore Lagis, $162,000.

CHURUBUSCO LANE, 19331-Brenda T. and W.S. Brown to Wilma E. and Benedict E. Javelosa, $267,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13024-Brice D. Jackson to Ana M. Urena, $216,600.

CROSS RIDGE WAY, 12518-S.D. and Sean L. Taylor to Adrian E. Reyes, $187,000.

CROWNSGATE CIR., 18413-Ted and Julie Overman to Rene A. and Vivian C. Lopez, $518,750.

DEERWATER DR., 13621, No. 9-G-John K. Diamond to John W. Beall, $220,000.

DEMETRIAS WAY, 13527-Allan W. Gaitirira to Warren L. Thomas, $162,000.

DUHART RD., 13527-N.E. and Donald R. Harris to Letitia A. Jones, $190,000.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12212-L-Heather M. Owen to Ann Church, $191,500.

EAGLES ROOST DR., 18522-Marlene Small to Catherine T. Martinez, $216,000.

ETON MANOR DR., 11812, No. 202-Sally A. Barnhart to Nahid Abbasi, $215,500.

FOUNTAIN CLUB DR., 13431, No. 15/101-Ella E. Lewis to Jae Yoon Woo, $216,500.

FRUITWOOD WAY, 11415, No. 166-Brett C. Jeffries to Pearlette E. Williams, $183,500.

GALLOP DR., 19009-Stacy A. Toy to Katarzyna Idczak, $330,500.

GRASSY KNOLL TER., 11000-John M. Plaschke to Kristen M. and Adam C. Busch, $431,000.

HAWKS NEST LANE, 12525-Alexis A. and E.M. Preciado to Nga Ngoc Lam and Tan Quach, $463,000.

JUMP DR., 14034-Jong Duk Moon to Eun Kyung Lim, $290,000.

LARK SONG TER., 18910-Diane S. Lunsford to Bing Xu, $285,000.

MOUNTAIN LAKE TER., 20822, No. 1605-Anthony A. and S.K. Cristello to Nathan Kent Mote and Kate E. Oliver, $327,000.

PICKERING CT., 5, No. 5-02-Richard W. Stone Jr. to Colan Potemra, $143,000.

PLACID LAKE TER., 20081-Koran and Dei Anang to Andrea D. and David T. MacDuffee, $318,000.

RIFFLE FORD RD., 17200-Marcia V. Geoghan to Bonnie Lee Adams, $795,000.

SAWYER TER., 19049-Homayoun Solaimani to May Manesh, $311,000.

SCOTTSBURY DR., 20820-Hemanth K. Domalapally to Chong H. and Hyon K. Mun, $335,000.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13111, No. 10-153-Roland Allen to Ronald L. Shores, $160,000.

SHAKESPEARE CT., 6-Deborah Sue and Robert C. Heffner Jr. to Veronica Galeano, $357,500.

SMOKE HOUSE CT., 18211-M.L. and Brian D. McLaughlin to Eric B. Conroy, $160,000.

SPARKLING WATER DR., 18707, No. 11/103-Linda Amato to Maddalena T. Tilli, $226,500.

STAFFORDSHIRE CT., 31-Kevin J. and Jennifer L. Goodwin to Andrew and Madeline Truszkowski, $261,000.

SUMMER OAK DR., 11855-Susan L. Jutila to John W. Gaffney, $265,000.

SUMMER SWEET TER., 20707-William A. and D.E. Garcia to Jessica L. and Samuel E. Canales, $396,000.

SUMMERSONG LANE, 20454-Jeffrey M. Eppolite to Wendy L. Groomes, $228,000.

TRIMFIELD LANE, 13212-Robert S. Pumphrey, trustee, to Amy E. and Christopher M. White, $220,000.

VALLEYSIDE CT., 20-Monica Vidal Rico to Manuel A. Vilegas, $165,000.

WALNUTWOOD LANE, 13409-L. and Stanislaw Cedzynski to Ennice Gobin, $405,000.

WAYFARER RD., 10736-Larsen L. and D.S. Furr to Karla E. and John A. Hudalla, $412,000.

WELL HOUSE CT., 13043-Nancy V. Hebron to Gary A. Davis Sr., $200,000.

WONDERLAND WAY, 13124, No. 21-303-Joel M. Brubaker to Hector O. Espana, $129,000.

WYMAN WAY, 20007-Donald G. and B.G. Vivas to Hafida Stelate and Jawad Bouchti, $187,300.

Hillandale Area

OAKVIEW DR., 1605-Edwin J. III and Billie C. Beller to Mary Ann and Kevin J. Dworak, $278,500.

TAHONA DR., 8309-Ana S. Castro to Zo Ann Soong, $193,000.

Laytonsville Area

BELLE HOLLOW WAY, 9409-John M. Jr. and B.B. Deane to Gwendolyn M. and James A. Kekeris, $347,500.

BUSH HILL RD., 24201-Elizabeth M. Floyd to Lori and Tim O'Brien, $287,500.

KIMBLEHUNT DR., 9011-Dennis J. and M.I. Bustamante to Frances and Yoshihiro Ichijo, $720,000.

SAM RIGGS RD., 6104-Kenneth L. and L.L. Snedden to Vicki A. and Stephen R. Cook, $403,000.

TOBACCO LEAF LANE, 10104-Matthew C. and K.A. Gull to Lourdes D. and Alexander Zeppos, $315,000.

Olney Area

BOWIE MILL RD., 18557-Raymond E. Romig to Murray and Glenda Van Pelt, $327,000.

BUEHLER RD., 17406-Lin Carroll Klinger to Robert D. Gartrell, $330,000.

MACDUFF AVE., 17450-Ricardo C. Muscolino to Tok Sun Stasinski and Zdzislaw G. Stasinski, $477,500.

MOSS SIDE LANE, 17026, No. 58-H.K. and Robert A. Woodburn to Adam P. Sharp, $255,000.

OHARA PL., 3000-Kimberly L. Haller Duerr to Jason R. Ingram, $219,500.

PISNER TER., 3404-Miguel Passarinho to Marie E. and Matthew A. Kroll, $380,000.

QUEEN ELIZABETH DR., 18201-Maimouma and Tidiane Ngaido to Janice A. Weinberger, $395,000.

ROLLING MEADOW WAY, 18233, No. 35-A. Bartley McIntyre to Janice L. and Thomas P. Valois, $210,000.

ST. THERESA DR., 17411-Patrick Hawk to Shalyn L. and Frank F. Hsia, $410,000.

WICKHAM RD., 18204-Sally P. Campbell to Sherry White, $675,000.

Poolesville Area

FISHER AVE., 19547-Marcia Carlyn to Anita M. O'Connor, $332,000.

KOHLHOSS RD., 17666-Michael T. Marceron to Daisy P. and Steven R. Ling, $162,000.

WHITAKER RD., 17305-Lori A. Popp to Ozra and Khosrow Aghavali, $260,000.

Potomac Area

BEMAN WOODS WAY, 9731-John Jr. and Monica Darvish to Mary K.F. and Ronald F. Paulson, $1.35 million.

CEDAR RIDGE DR., 11410-Charles M. and P. Bress to Daniel Riordan and Diane Magrane, $733,000.

FALLS CHAPEL WAY, 8732-Gwen P. and Daniel J. Goettle to Kathleen K. Banks, $645,000.

HAISLIP CT., 11012-Omar and A.H. Perez to Carla Nano and James P. Scriven, $730,000.

HEATHSIDE WAY, 10406-Peng Song to Karen B. and Shawn D. Roman, $443,000.

HIDDEN MEADOW TER., 7801-Lore D. Kruger, trustee, to Jonathan R. Adler, $930,000.

INVERNESS RIDGE RD., 8124-David and Anat Adi Atias to Catherine C. Ayers, $455,000.

JEB STUART RD., 8407-Edmond S. and S.C. Mesko to Minli and Wengang Liu, $560,000.

KERSEY LANE, 1384-S. and Bakhshish Saini to Isaac Fogel, $515,000.

MUIRFIELD DR., 10661-John J. Dennis II to Flora F. and David C. Kan, $350,000.

PALATINE DR., 11420-Patrick Baranyanka to Shohreh and Mehdi Mohebbi, $1.6 million.

PASTURE BROOK CT., 5-Cynthia J. Frankel to Elizabeth C. and George C. Wong, $675,000.

PIPESTEM PL., 1136-Theodore S. Theodore to Joann and Spiro Theodore, $430,000.

REACH RD., 9520-Phillip A. Fishman to Jeanne B. and Mark J. Carroll, $850,000.

RIVERS EDGE DR., 12301-W. Taylor Johnson to Shirin Naseri Nader and Madji Nader, $980,000.

THRUSH LANE, 9400-Peter and M.H. Bowell to Sharon O. and John A. McGuire, $870,975.

TURNBERRY CT., 8308-Carolyn G. Albright, trustee, to Katherine B. Blue, $850,000.

TURNBERRY DR., 9411-Frank M. and Candice L. McDonald to Lydia A. and Howard A. Vine, $912,500.

WANDERING TRAIL DR., 9120-Arthur J. and S. Fuchs to Scott A. and Erin R. Mirsky, $525,000.

WHITERIM DR., 10846-C.Y. and Sung S. Park to Joanna Chanhee Shin, $290,000.

WILDEN LANE, 9808-Leslie C. and S.L. Scherr to Audrey T. and Kok Hua Loh, $665,000.

Silver Spring Area

BARITONE CT., 11321-Steven H. Carey to Tony A. Every, $260,000.

BRUNSWICK AVE., 10009-David G. and S.L. Moore to Jayne J.Y. and Chan Park, $654,500.

CAPITOL VIEW AVE., 9908-J.L. and William R. Moulden to Laura M. Dennis, $365,000.

COLUMBIA PIKE, 11215, No. 34-E.P. and Harold D. Motin to Lelon R. Powell, $196,000.

DAY AVE., 10209-Maria C. Govantes to Kelly C. and Kevin M. Jana, $412,000.

DUNMOOR DR. S., 10618-Carol S. Lite to Susie Leong and Thomas Lepkowski, $280,000.

EVERGREEN ST., 9505-Allan F. Price to Martha B. and John G. Holland, $320,000.

FLEETWOOD TER., 152-Powell B. Jones to Mehrnaz D. Azimi Green and David Green, $386,250.

GEREN RD., 8702-Narciso A. and R.E. Betances to Jorge A. Benitez and Maria R. Arriaza, $347,000.

HANNES ST., 230-Steven L. and A. Kaplan to Mebrat Zegeye and Admasu Gebeyehu, $390,000.

HANNES ST., 334-G.L. and David Sotsky to Elva E. Herrera, $292,000.

INDIAN SPRING DR. E., 412-Joseph P. Davies to Joseph P. Kusi Davies Jr., $280,000.

LADSON RD., 315-Susan E. Halley to Nancy L. Tyson, $286,000.

LOCKWOOD DR., 10837-Elizabeth Nyang to Christiana and Thomas Akede, $262,500.

LORAIN AVE., 9607-Pamela Bentz Parker to Jennifer B. Mariotta and Franklin W. Margiotta, $463,000.

MALCOLM DR., 819-Marquetta G. Newbill to Robert L. Clark Jr., $250,000.

MARK CT., 2200-Burt Edward Jackson Jr. to Helene J. Clarke, $300,000.

OAKWOOD ST., 11114-Luis Diaz to Kathleen P. and James D. McKean, $435,000.

SLIGO CREEK PKWY., 9039, No. 1214-Judith A. Mead to Nelsie L. Smith, $216,000.

THREE OAKS DR., 9236-Lauren A. Degnan to Oded Pincas, $351,000.

WAYNE AVE., 702-C.E. and Jeffrey Z. Karpinski to Richard P. Oder, $463,500.

Takoma Park Area

DOMER AVE., 410-Miguel A. Guevara to Gloria P. Rodriguez, $299,000.

ELSON CT., 1313-Freda Denis Cooper to Dana and Jan Los, $280,000.

FLOWER AVE., 8112-Jan Walker to Stephen J. McGarry, $500,000.

GREENWOOD AVE., 8407-Ronald D. Williams to Anjali and Mark Coleman, $350,000.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 7303-James A. Welu to Leah and Marc Ryan, $515,733.

WILDWOOD DR., 7909-Clement A. and H.U. Porter to Gloria E. and Nieves A. Bernal, $375,000.

Twinbrook Area

MARSHALL AVE., 1610-Michael E. Halvosa to Kathryn and Kevin Wilcox, $320,000.