Setting up schedules and ensuring there is a trainer and security at every sporting event are some duties that a high school athletic director must perform.

But for first-year school Huntingtown, the challenges are even greater when everything is being done for the very first time. Being without a scoreboard for its first-ever home football game was not something highlighted in the job description when Valerie Harrington considered becoming Huntingtown's first athletic director.

She had overseen several seasons of football games at Patuxent without the slightest hitch, but none of them will compare to tomorrow night, when Huntingtown hosts Patuxent.

"It's got to be stressful for everyone, the first game of the season, the first game for the school," said Harrington, who does not expect a scoreboard to arrive this season.

With no electronic device to keep track of the game, Huntingtown staff members will have to be creative with their resources.

Much like in soccer, the game clock will be kept on the sidelines. Harrington said she may have event staffers with walkie-talkies sending occasional updates to the announcer's box during the game to give the crowd an update.

Harrington also noted that the cheerleaders and band members on the sideline will also get involved in mass communication. They will hold up cards, displaying the down, distance and score.

"We're going to make it an event," Harrington said. "We're going to try to make it fun. We haven't had any home scrimmages," Harrington said, "so we haven't had a chance to do a test run. We're just going to have to trust people with their past experiences."

Another challenge for the school is facing the fact that it will be competing for spectators.

With Northern and Calvert also hosting games, all four Calvert schools will be playing within the county tomorrow night, which may limit the size of Huntingtown's crowd. But even though there is no scoreboard, the concession stands and restrooms are ready.

Gates will open at 5:30 p.m., and there will be no advance ticket sales. The bleachers can accommodate about 2,200 people, with standing room on the track surrounding the field.

But after she shuts off the lights tomorrow, Harrington won't have much time to relax. Next week, another county rival -- Northern -- visits.

"We have to turn around next weekend and do this again," Harrington said, laughing. "We'll do fine."

Huntingtown's brand new football stadium will not have an electronic scoreboard this year. Cheerleaders and band members will keep fans updated with cards showing the down, distance and score.Athletic Director Valerie Harrington said tomorrow's football opener will "be stressful for everyone."