Frank McCourt

Maryland Legislator

Frank McCourt, 68, a former state lawmaker whose income tax evasion briefly sidetracked his career as a lawyer, died Aug. 27 at St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson after a heart attack.

Mr. McCourt was elected to the House of Delegates in 1962 and the state Senate in 1966. In the middle of his Senate term, he disappeared for 10 months, roaming Europe, India and Nepal.

On returning to the United States, he was arrested on charges of conspiring to smuggle 17 pounds of hashish. He was acquitted but lost his reelection campaign in 1970 and was indicted the next year for failing to file his federal taxes. He pleaded guilty to one count and no contest to two others.

He later resumed his legal practice and lived in Baltimore until his death.

Robert Lewin

Writer, Producer

Robert C. Lewin, 84, a longtime television writer and producer who was nominated for a best screenplay Academy Award for his first movie, "The Bold and the Brave" (1956), based on his World War II experiences, died Aug. 28 at his home in Santa Monica, Calif. He had cancer.

Mr. Lewin served in the Army and commanded a company of tank destroyers in North Africa and Italy. "The Bold and the Brave" starred Wendell Corey, Mickey Rooney and Don Taylor as soldiers whose various visions of humanity are explored as they face threats from the enemy.

Robert Clyde Lewin was a New York native and a graduate of Yale University. After the war, he was a reporter for the Atlanta Constitution and Life magazine. From 1951 to 1963, he ran a public relations firm with Leonard Kaufman and Marvin Schwartz.

As a television producer, he worked in the 1970s on "Baretta" and "The Paper Chase." He was a supervising producer on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and an executive script consultant on a half-dozen other shows.

David Myers


David Myers, 90, a cinematographer whose feature film credits include George Lucas's debut film, "THX 1138" (1971), but is best known for his camera work on landmark concert documentaries such as "Woodstock" (1970) and "Elvis on Tour" (1972), died Aug. 26 in a hospital in Marin County, Calif., after a stroke.

Mr. Myers's feature film credits also include Luis Valdez's "Zoot Suit" (1982), Neil Young's "Journey Through the Past" (1972) and "Human Highway" (1982) and Bob Dylan's "Renaldo and Clara" (1978).

Before moving into concert documentaries and feature films, Mr. Myers was at the forefront of cinema verite documentary filmmaking in the 1960s. He also traveled the world shooting documentaries for the United Nations and National Geographic and was part of the team that shot the Oscar-winning 1972 documentary "Marjoe," about onetime child evangelist Marjoe Gortner.