Dog Survives Snake Bite

LEESBURG, Cochran Mill Road, Aug. 23. A woman reported that she had killed a snake that bit her bull mastiff. An animal control officer advised her to go to an emergency animal clinic and to take the snake for identification. One of the dog's legs was swollen, but the dog was alert and able to bear weight on its injured leg. The snake was identified as a copperhead.

Children Helping, Not Harming

LEESBURG, Cedar Walk Circle, Aug. 25. A woman reported that some children were chasing a dog and hitting it with sticks and rocks. Two animal control officers found several boys carrying sticks, but the dog had been confined in its owner's yard. The owner's son said the children had been trying to help catch the dog, not hurt it. He said some children threw dirt and mulch at the dog, so he hosed her off. The dog had no apparent injuries. Its owner was told about regulations against dogs running loose and given 10 days to buy a county dog license.

Border Collie on the Loose

LOVETTSVILLE, Rocky Lane, Aug. 27. An animal control officer picked up a border collie that a resident had confined, thinking it was a stray. Through its county license, the dog was traced to its owner, who picked it up at the animal shelter and was given a warning for violating regulations against loose dogs.

Rescue Mission Aborted

STERLING, Pepperidge Drive, Aug. 28. A woman said she heard barking from a sewer on two occasions and thought a dog was stuck inside. An animal control officer heard growling but could not see clearly into the drain. The Sterling rescue squad removed manhole covers over a two-block area. The dog was spotted but eluded the officer and firefighters. The dog did not appear to be underweight or injured. The officials determined that the dog had access to two sewer openings and called off the rescue.

Horse Fatally Injured

HAMILTON, Digges Valley Road, last Sunday. The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office requested the assistance of an animal control officer at an accident between a horse-drawn carriage and a vehicle.

Two horses had minor scrapes, one had moderate injuries to its legs and a fourth was impaled by part of the carriage and later died of its injuries. The horses' owner said that the vehicle was speeding on the narrow road and that they did not have time to move out of the way.