The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

ACADIA PARK DR., 9060-Rocky Gorge at Victory Lakes Corp. to Helena and Steve Mihelarakis, $563,181.

AIREDALE CT., 9855-Eileen F. and Donald R. Sauer to Kelly E. and Francis H. Scheuring, $385,000.

BEDDER STONE PL., 9643-Beverly Miller to Dean E. Nichols, $246,000.

BENCHMARK LANE, 8976-Kathryn T. and Brian E. Buchanan to Lee E. Smith Jr. and Florinda Trejo, $259,900.

CAMBORNE CT., 12496-William H. Cook to Denise R. Haynes and Ronald Haynes Jr., $450,000.

DARNAWAY CT., 10038-Constance M. and Christopher H. Nayeri to Carron Michele and William D. Adkins, $400,000.

DARNICK CT., 12901-Katherine M. and George T. Foster to Jesse C. and Kimberly A. Hailey, $510,000.

DRUM SALUTE PL., 12196-Christopher J. and Sarah W. Forst to Suzanne J. and Wayne A. Ince, $300,000.

EDMONSTON DR., 8896-Depolo and Kull Development Inc. to Dawn H. and Gregory W. Smith, $488,598.

ELLESMERE WAY, 8606-Victor Perry and Jocelyn L. Amorin II to Melissa L. and Christian N. Hunter, $215,000.

FALCON GLEN CT., 9044-Rita Fowler to Melanie R. Amacher, $267,000.

FALCON VIEW CT., 13500-Rachel H. and James G. Fleischman to Dawn and Edward Pell, $425,000.

FLYNN CT., 13140-Sang S. Hong and Jin Y. Hong to Amy N. and Christopher D. Barnes, $421,011.

FLYNN CT., 13217-Eileen A. and Michael D. McGuire to Mary L. and Michael J. Neyland, $424,999.

GROUSERUN LANE, 13505-Laura C. and Jeffrey M. Schilling to Jennifer Travis, $270,000.

HACKNEY DR., 8761-Alexandra J. and Sang Y. Kang to Rony Morales, $465,000.

HAWKEYE RUN CT., 14024-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Ernest Mruzek, $325,000.

HOWLAND PL., 8856-Sherri A. Lewis to Mo Ching and Wai Kay Yip, $275,000.

HUNTING COVE PL., 12928-Vera L. and John J. Bogle to Sarah E. Brown and Wesley M. Clements, $445,000.

KENNOWAY CT., 9702-George T. Beard to Amalia Medley, $320,000.

LANIER OVERLOOK CT., 8484-Richmond American Homes to Sherry A. and Chad J. Chlebowski, $328,790.

LIMBAUGH WAY, 8422-Matthew Bender to Goldie Mansour, $260,000.

LOOKING GLASS CT., 9641-Darla G. and Mark S. Honkus to Kimberly J. and Vinh Nguyen, $415,000.

MAITLAND LOOP, 9818-K.M. Croson and Robert A. Lee to Dianne Strassner, $260,000.

ORLAND STONE DR., 10009-Metro Place Holdings Corp. to Michael M. Hinke and Kenneth A. Crovetti, $470,000.

PALE ROSE LOOP, 10159-Jacqueline D. and Alexander F. McQueen, trustees, to John O. Kugler and Rochelle Fudala, $307,500.

PENTLAND HILLS WAY, 10000-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Danute Nagrodzki, $316,265.

RILDA PL., 9204-Lynn M. and Jeffrey A. Dean to Melynda S. and Bryan S. Hill, $430,000.

ROARING SPRING LOOP, 9054-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Jon and Nicole Spetrino, $442,870.

ROARING SPRING LOOP, 9058-Kelly and John A. Bonanno to Nina D. and Phong V. Ngo, $507,375.

ROARING SPRING LOOP, 9062-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Amy E. and Craig A. Bubeck, $524,780.

RUNNER STONE PL., 9802-Cindy L. and Kenneth J. Cartwright to Patricia and John A. Jameson, $413,000.

SCOTTISH HUNT LANE, 13236-Ronald K. and Patricia R. Bailey to Maria and Luis Hernandez, $420,000.

SELKIRK CIR., 12438-Ji H., Kerry and Moon So Lim to Alejandra I. and Michael A. McLaughlin, $259,000.

SHENVALE CIR., 13016-Marie and Daniel A. Greenbaum to Ludmila and Aristos N. Kissi, $301,000.

SIR REYNARD LANE, 10100-Jay J. and Clifford N. Knox to Kellee Denise Meier and Steven E. Yohler, $325,000.

SIR REYNARD LANE, 10102-John D. Evans Jr. to April L. and Bryan Condie, $300,000.

TUMMEL FALLS DR., 10111-Michael W. Scully to Shenly L. and John G. Williams, $411,000.

UPPER MILL LOOP, 9803-Thi Q. and Michael C. Trippett to Van T. and Ryan Vu Nguyen, $396,000.

VICTORY LAKES LOOP, 12672-Victory Lakes Corp. to Colleen B. and Thomas J. Madigan, $652,057.

WISHING WELL WAY, 12805-Stefanie A. and Jason Hansen to Shannon A. and Douglas C. Simpson, $281,600.

Catharpin Area

ALDIE RD., 4001-Edwina and Thomas F. Gulbronson to Jo Ann and David C. Baird, $161,000.

Dumfries Area

ACCOLON CT., 16610-Andreas H. and Michelle L. Knispel to Robert L. and Pamela A. Tanzola, $439,000.

AZALEA SANDS LANE, 3093-Nancy and Daniel D. Rios to Kim S. and Darren D. Taylor, $450,000.

BANKS CT., 2831-Francisca and Jose Umana to Jose Adan Vallecillos, $161,000.

BEAVER DAM RD., 15887-John D. Falbo to Joan R. Sherwood, $265,100.

BELLEPLAIN CT., 3413-Catherine J. and Marlin L. Dunkle Jr. to Derek A. George, $235,640.

BREEZE WAY, 4952-K.Y. and William B. Archer to Karyn and Gregory Kelsey, $410,000.

BUENA VISTA DR., 4981-Kristin H. and Robert J. Schmoldt to Mike Green, $269,000.

CHISHOLM LANE, 17612-Ellen F. and Daniel M. Enoch to Chastity M. and Anthony W. Bechtold, $458,000.

CURTIS DR., 17849-Peter D. Wood to Coleen R. and Donald A. Cooke, $205,000.

DAHLGREN PL., 3659-Vanita C.S. Reynolds to Gwen A. and Reed R. Probst, $168,000.

DARTMOOR DR., 16207-Barbara and George E. Eibel to Carol A. Westover, $342,000.

DEER PARK DR., 16099-Michelle L. and Jeffrey R. Pryslak to Sonja R. and Richard J. Ragaller, $419,900.

DENALI PL., 17457-John T. Savelsberg Jr. to Pamela E. Harris and William R. Lewis, $275,000.

EDGEHILL DR., 15332-Myra J. and Richard C. Annan to Tira Michele and Keith A. Hottinger, $289,900.

FORT FISHER CT., 1606-Charles D. Hudson to Cynthia F. and Melvin Brown II, $198,000.

FORT HENRY CT., 1729-MJH Investment Group to Nadia Serhani and Fahd Eltobgi, $192,000.

FORT MONROE CT., 1959-Jacqueline and Vernon S. Ely to Kenneth A. Beckwitt, $191,000.

FORT SUMTER CT., 1501-Sean R. Floyd to J. Dick and So Sim Dick, $160,000.

FRANCIS WEST LANE, 16866-Gerald Black and Frances Horne to Freba Ali and Meana Tahmas, $305,000.

HYACINTH PL., 15264-Linda B. and Osborne K. Walls Jr. to Meaghan H. and William M. Barnett IV, $350,000.

ISLE ROYALE TER., 17478-Jose A. Mercado to Kimberly J. Reubush, $284,000.

JASPER LOOP, 4081-Karen and Duane I. Hogan to Gladys Oduro and Emmanuel Nimo, $256,000.

KAGERA DR., 17433-Maria K. and Fred W. Seaton to Josephine R. and Maurice J. Glass, trustees, $260,000.

KILDARE LANE, 17359-Gladys Gyamfuaah to Nina and James K. Emmanuel J. Awuah, $260,000.

KILPATRICK PL., 2409-Claudia C. Mejia to Roberto Ramirez and Israel A. Gomez, $180,000.

LANDS END CT., 5115-Shanna and Keith Glatz to James Henry Glatz, $260,000.

LANSDALE PL., 15725-Diane A. Irwin to Amy and Kurt A. Sanftleben, $245,000.

LARKIN DR., 17209-Kimberly E. Henderson and Brian C. Henderson to Thu T. and David T. Nguyen, $325,000.

LARKIN DR., 17267-Sanda P. and Darrell B. Garrison to Christian R. Hernandez, $312,500.

LARKSPUR LANE, 15253-Holly L. and Robert D. Snodgrass to Sally A. and Thomas L. Baith, $308,900.

MAMMOTH CAVE LOOP, 3997-Dawn and Cedric C. Bevis Jr. to Anoop and Kanika Jain, $253,000.

MEDFORD DR., 2923-Shirl D. Roberts and Michael T. Dandridge to John C. Buckley II, $490,000.

MONTEZUMA WAY, 17360-Brian Herdt to Celina M. and Matthew H. Smith, $255,000.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 2927-Mona A. and Mirghani S. Mohamed to Kimeerly and Frederick Fleming, $410,000.

NORTHGATE DR., 15582-Mary Quick to Michael A. Malone, $225,000.

NORTHGATE DR., 15632-Camilla M. and Samuel R. Jordan to Scott M. Munnelly, $325,000.

NUGENT LANE, 17247-Michelle D. Kendall to Jennifer and Alan G. Dorn, $246,000.

NUGENT LANE, 17337-Sam Sumo to Jamana Afram, $220,000.

POINT PLEASANT LANE, 16931-Michelle A. Rodriguez to Antonio Harrison, $234,900.

POINT PLEASANT LANE, 17010-Carrie S. and Bruce A. Evans to Dana S. Blackwell, $210,000.

PRESTWICK CT., 16013-Helen V. and Charles F. Sullivan to Janice B. and Wilfred A. Covington, $377,000.

RESERVOIR LOOP, 16664-Kettler Forlines Homes at Princeton Woods to Amy B. and Jeffrey L. Purtan, $345,845.

SPRING BRANCH BLVD., 5054-Yukiko and F.B. Bankert III to Bryan J. Gallagher and Robyne L. Rentz, $425,000.

TELESCOPE LANE, 16533-Brian S. Reeder to Kathy L. Denne, $410,000.

TULIP TREE PL., 3177-Cheryl L. and Matthew N. Nagasako to Steve W. Buckner and Gregory Salera, $360,000.

VIDALIA CT., 3033-Washington Homes Inc. to Paul Simons, $427,286.

VIDALIA CT., 3069-Washington Homes Inc. to Sara M. Hopkins, $498,008.

WILTSHIRE PL., 4285-Nerrissa H. and Steven A. Adair to Wilbur Adams, $490,000.

Gainesville Area

AMSTERDAM CT., 8010-Sherry and Carl Hilberg to Heidi L. and Norman W. Kyzer Jr., $619,887.

BOX ELDER LOOP, 6520-Mary C. Bakke and Maurice L. Bakke to Katie C. Magill, $330,000.

BOX ELDER LOOP, 6529-U.S. Home Corp. to Mary C. and Maurice L. Bakke, $414,351.

BRIGHTVIEW WAY, 13455-U.S. Home Corp. to Linda A. and Ronald E. Knudsen, $487,723.

COVEWOOD CT., 7642-Barbara L. and Daniel E. Eldridge to Renee S. and Benjamin J. Pearson III, $412,000.

CRIMSON CROSSING WAY, 8305-Richmond American Homes to Samuel D. and Fiona L. Makarevich, $401,265.

CRIMSON CROSSING WAY, 8310-Richmond American Homes to Hae S. and Jang S. Hong, $444,890.

CRIMSON CROSSING WAY, 8319-Richmond American Homes to Tamra M. and Sean Fagan, $413,665.

DALLAS CT., 14152-Fred and Sarah Ball to Michael J. Lane, $410,000.

FIELDSTONE WAY, 13278-U.S. Home Corp. to Joyce J. Mancini, $455,460.

FIELDSTONE WAY, 13289-U.S. Home Corp. to Lynda C. and Roger A. Schoenbeck, $404,265.

FIELDSTONE WAY, 13368-U.S. Home Corp. to Geraldine M. and John J. Gallagher, $446,896.

FOWLERS MILL DR., 14387-Sung Joon Lee to Helen Hyun Park, $350,000.

FOWLERS MILL DR., 14412-Judy A. and Robert D. Clarke to Megan E. and Christopher McInnis, $315,000.

GAFFNEY CIR., 15043-Global Investments Corp. to Harto S. Nyoto and Budi Purwanto, $349,900.

GREAT DOVER ST., 7679-Richmond American Homes to William F. Ostrander Jr., $531,186.

GREAT DOVER ST., 7680-Richmond American Homes to Tamara Judge and Raymond Hansen, $511,465.

HERITAGE VALLEY WAY, 13671-Patricia G. and Edward G. Brill to Betty M. Fraser, $430,000.

HULFISH WAY, 14383-Najia Khalid to Robert Pichtel, $268,900.

HUNTERS RUN WAY, 14145-Beth G. and Erik T. Nelson to Sung Sook and Se Youg Oh, $380,000.

LANDFALL CT., 8142-Barbara C. and Mark S. Inch to Eulsoon K. Lee, $420,000.

LEGEND GLEN CT., 14365-Ahmad and Najlah Naebzadeh to Lorrie L. Bolt, $265,000.

MELTON CT., 7502-Natalie A. Gerbracht to Byoung O. and Young Sook Joung, $341,612.

MONTOUR HEIGHTS DR., 8081-Donna L. and Daniel R. Obarski to Alan D. Hendry, $315,000.

MORRIS CT., 13608-Donna J. Scarborough to Theresa E. and Robert W. Kirchner Jr., $525,000.

NEWBERN LOOP, 14371-Kimberly A. Heil to Reginald W. Sheetz III, $235,000.

PELHAM CROSSOVER LANE, 13624-Patricia J. and Eddie W. Stinnett, trustees, to Richard D. Vitale, $373,000.

ROGUE FOREST LANE, 7000-Bonnie J. and C. Stephen Goddard to Terry W. and Robert P. Barton, $300,000.

ROXBOROUGH LOOP, 8244-Hilary D. Billingslea to Sarah G. and James D. Morris, $679,000.

SPRINGFIELD CT., 14324-Patricia R. Garcia to Todd Morgan, $225,000.

STERLING POINT DR., 14052-Christopher A. Helme to Stacy L. and Carl R. Brown, $519,900.

TACKHOUSE CT., 13507-Michelle W. and Cordell S. Tobin Jr. to Glenda Lee and Cordell S. Tobin Sr., $242,500.

TALL TIMBER DR., 8248-Jennifer A. and David S. Sauls to Cheryl A. and Matthew C. Saunders, $415,000.

VILLAGE STREAM PL., 6904-N.P. Investment Co. to Kwang S. Kim, $236,000.

VILLAGE STREAM PL., 6912-Reena A. and Rajesh S. Iyer to Puja Hari, $234,990.

YEWING WAY, 5744-Lorrie L. Brol and Alan G. Bolt to Sushma K. and Raghuk Bhardwaj, $713,000.

Haymarket Area

ANTIOCH RIDGE DR., 5361-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Mary Ann and Terence P. Smith, $375,578.

ARMOUR CT., 5244-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Mary J. and David A. Fitch, $336,583.

ARNOLD PALMER DR., 15435-Jong Gin Jung to Julie A. and David N. Collins, $545,000.

ASHBY GROVE LOOP, 6442-Heather B. and Patrick J. Hughes to Jasvir K. and Paramvir S. Bhambra, $410,000.

BAKERWOOD PL., 14350-Roberta F. and Joseph N. Radun to Kyung Hwa Baek and Kwan Soo Park, $485,000.

BENGAL PL., 5638-Richmond American Homes to Daovone and Thuan Ly, $494,165.

BENGAL PL., 5642-Richmond American Homes to Jeanette M. and Reginald D. Johnson, $498,490.

EMPIRE LAKES CT., 6009-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Raquel Gregorio and Kwang Woo Choi, $801,859.

ERIN DR., 4511-Teri L. and Douglas A. Scott to Richard Ducote and Jing Yang, $437,000.

HIGH RIDGE RD., 4202-Catherine D. and Harry R. Moore Jr. to Bonnie L. and Randy R. Niece, $392,000.

HUNTING PATH RD., 6651-Jennifer L. Curry and Jason W. Moore to Brian Jeffrey Anderson, $200,000.

JAMES MADISON HWY., 3495-James Madison Corp. to Myeong Ran and Kee Sung Park, $335,000.

JORDAN DR., 14740-Nanako T. and Martin V. Dunning to Lani L. and John P. Carter, $375,000.

LITTLE RIVER RD., 2406-O.S. Newman and Ira C. Newman to James C. Farr, $430,000.

LITTLE RIVER RD., 2407-Angela L. and Scott D. Miller to Jennifer Green and Michael E. Regis, $455,000.

MICHENER DR., 6120-Jill A. and Robert P. Dunbar to Shawn Landry, $500,000.

MILL CREEK RD., 3708-Sheila Ann Thomas to Marc T. and Lisa L. McSwain, $150,000.

MOUNT ATLAS LANE, 4129-Melanie A. and James E. Reetz to Robert Hanan and Hanh Kim Truong, $340,000.

MYRADALE WAY, 6159-Timothy S. Shipe and Steven M. MacMillan to Lai Kit Angel Wong and Hong T. Dang, $315,000.

OTIS CT., 14403-Maryann and Stanley Stojakovich Jr. to Jennifer L. and Andrew S. Martin, $315,000.

PENNSHIRE DR., 14739-Michele Y. and Michael D. Primich to John Van Horn and Brigette Norman, $570,000.

PIEDMONT VISTA DR., 13716-Ana M. and Chris M. Molinari to Prudential Residential Services, $647,000.

PIEDMONT VISTA DR., 13737-Lisa S. and Richard H. Rossman to Robert W. Patterson, $669,000.

PROSPERITY DR., 15692-Marion G. Mayer to Arwen Bicknell and John Bicknell, $425,000.

ROAN CHAPEL DR., 5571-Oak Valley Corp. to Kim and C. Andre Martin, $690,889.

ST. PAUL DR., 6856-Inga and Robert Y. Jelescheff to Raedene E. and Timothy J. Lamb, $460,000.

TOLEDO PL., 6215-Marlette F. and A. Benjamin Spencer to Kyusook and Johgmin Lee, $385,000.

VERDE PL., 14345-Gisela and Juan Lucca to Amy and Mike Grigsby, $348,500.

WAKE CREST CT., 6016-Diana M. and George H. Mundell III to Lori P. and Darryn M. Briggs, $469,900.

WALNUT PARK LANE, 6801-Oak Ridge Inc. to Khan Bahadur, $371,865.

WARBURTON DR., 15947-Karen A. and Robert A. Kuhn to Alissa J. and Donald R. Miller Jr., $340,000.

Manassas Area

ABINGDON CT., 9410-M. Renee Taylor to Maria Martinez and Juan A. Martinez, $230,000.

ASHEVILLE ST., 10164-Jose Bobadilla to Carlos A. Perez, $170,000.

BASILWOOD DR., 9524-Donna L. and Steven S. Hyatt to Jose Solis, $409,900.

BASS POND CT., 6630-Sharon K. and Robert T. Jennings Jr. to Daniel S. and Michelle A. Battitori, $500,000.

BLACKSTONE RD., 9424-John Tomas to Maria Ponce and Jose Portillo, $300,000.

BOTSFORD RD., 9800-Sharlene K. and Patrick M. Murphy to Terri A. and Phillip R. Wiersberg, $325,000.

BROOKMEAD DR., 13080-Margaret E. and Steven M. Constantino to Crystal L. and Roger M. Palmisano, $531,500.

CALLIE FURNACE CT., 5977-Washington Homes Inc. to Joan J. and James W. Brewington, $550,444.

CAMPAIGN CT., 10831-Ashley P. and Jeffery Scott Adair to Monirand Soum, $265,000.

CHESHIRE RIDGE CIR., 9817-Xiao Ping Su to Crystal L. and Edgardo N. Garcia Moreyra, $315,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8020-Lucas Rubio to Dora A. and Jose F. Rivera, $194,000.

COPELAND DR., 9731-Carol J. and H. Curtis Brush to Maria and Jose Arias, $345,000.

COPELAND DR., 9736-Tracie A. and Hani G. Khazmo to Carol L. Brown, $380,000.

COPELAND DR., 9901-Elmer R. Carrillo to Blanca L. Hernandez, $357,000.

COUNSELOR RD., 8050-Cathy A. and Roger W. Jones to Martha W. McClellan and Blair Brown, $489,000.

COUNTRY ROADS LANE, 9527-Michelle A. and Francisco Q. Pablo to Jerome J. Driscoll, $366,255.

COVINGTON PL., 9580-Terri A. and Phillip A. Wierskerg to Douglas Lewis, $205,000.

DEN HOLLOW CT., 13573-Delores R. and Ruth E. Smith to Melissa and William Perry, $362,500.

DUNEIDEN LANE, 7622-David P. Montgomery to Bethany J. and Anthony E. Zarrella, $250,000.

ENGLISH ST., 7884-Amanda J. and Michael M. Cornell to Elizabeth H. and Brian W. Robinson, $625,000.

FANCY FARM CT., 15583-Anita J. and James T. Odom to Agenna and James Mathley, $449,000.

FARRAGUT CT., 10233-Bestland Corp. to Xiomara Canales and Jose Alcantara, $195,000.

FINCASTLE DR., 5869-Teresa L. and Harvey D. Johnson to Kathleen M. and Richard W. Caruso, $440,000.

FINCASTLE DR., 6018-Kris Paulsen and Dennis O. Paulsen to Nicole D. and Keith Trippie, $532,900.

GIBBON PL., 8239-Jennifer L. Friend to Susan D. Ellington, $245,000.

HILLIARD DR., 8068-Paul W. Gordon to Ira C. Newman, $295,000.

HIRAM CT., 10984-Clement L. Thompson to Jimmy Vasquez, $176,000.

HIRAM CT., 11003-Janet A. O'Boyle and Kevin M. Hagood to Gerard G. Boucher Jr., $173,000.

HOBSONS CHOICE LOOP, 5621-Shannon K. and Robert D. Harbison to Sharon D. and Robert W. Cummins Jr., $364,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 10245-Phouvieng Chamlongphet and Boun N. Phomphackdy to Victor Posada, $216,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 8343-Florence E. McLaughlin to Reyna and Wilber Amaya, $191,500.

JAMAICA LANE, 10221-Richard Friedman to Alla Tarasevich, $265,000.

LABRADOR LOOP, 10436-Eric J. Ruta to Lanelle L. and John S. Morris, $342,500.

LABRADOR LOOP, 10494-Joni L. and Donald L. Collins III to Van B. Han and Khai M. Nguyen, $375,000.

LACY DR., 8099-Janie Carter and Ronald A. Bright to Lisa D. and Michael D. Dellisola Jr., $202,000.

LAFAYETTE AVE., 9609-Santos J. and Jose A. Rojas to Jennifer A. and Keith B. Powers, $242,900.

LISLE DR., 8058, No. 244-Margaret R. Bassette to Cheryl A. Darensbourg, $185,000.

LISLE DR., 8058, No. 248-Matthew J. Conde to Tracy L. Thompson and Raimond C. Hoffmann, $176,900.

LOUDOUN AVE., 9916-Silvia Y. Diaz and Rolando Rivas Lainez to Eric Cruz and Nuria D. Estrada, $315,000.

LOUDOUN AVE., 9923-Dianne B. and Thomas H. Thompson to Mercedes Romero, $340,000.

MEANDERVIEW CT., 10941-Marybel C. and Cyrus E. Balan to Jennifer A. and Nader Salehi, $635,000.

MEDWAY CHURCH LOOP, 11814-U.S. Home Corp. to Marwan Mahmoud, $315,479.

NORFOLK CT., 7900-Nena L. and Glen O. Ray to Rocio and Juan Sanchez, $265,000.

NORMANTON WAY, 9604-Jerry M. Catron to Alice Grant and James R. Wigington Jr., $319,900.

NORMANTON WAY, 9606-Jefferson Group Corp. to David Sealock, $305,000.

PETTIGREW WAY, 10959-Gerson Galacia to Gaby R. Aranibar, $295,000.

RAPIDAN LANE, 10424-J.R. and H.B. Simpson to Peter F. Duest, $169,900.

SABIN DR., 7411-Gertrude L. and Guy T. Meabon to Dawn Crawford, $165,000.

ST. JOHNS CT., 7300-Joann M. and Gerald M. Stalker to Ghausia Bano and Haq Nawaz, $257,500.

SCARLET ST., 9502-Cindy P. Gulick and Ahsanul Sheikh to Maria A. Cente and Victor M. Vargas, $340,000.

SHAMROCK RD., 6512-Douglas D. Lott to Dennis W. Merchant, $365,000.

STONE HILL LANE, 10834-Margaret J. Duarte to Robert Archondo, $261,700.

TASKER DR., 10107-Carlton Ridgeway Sr. to Yamileth Martinez, $240,000.

THREE OTTERS PL., 15520-Timmy Shrum to Christopher D. McGoff, $205,000.

TINKLING SPRINGS CT., 6411-Susan B. and Raymond E. Sorelle to Simona M. and Travis A. Tebbe, $525,000.

TRAILS END CT., 13195-Glenda J. and James P. McGee to Charlene W. and Joseph T. Finnegan, $514,900.

VICTORIA ST., 9418-Boonyung Tatiya to Wirat Wiyagul, $300,000.

VIOLET CT., 10810-Jose J. Molina to Maricela Roxabel Hernandez, $145,000.

WILMINGTON ST., 10160-Delfina Martinez and Marcos O. Lopez to Margie Merced, $175,750.

WILMINGTON ST., 10162-Amie and Jason E. Davis to David Cantrell, $215,000.

Manassas Park Area

AMHERST DR., 7591-Emilio L. and Aparicio Zepeda to Isabel and Joaquin Padilla, $270,000.

ASH LAWN CT., 7298-Vickie and William Carlisle to Beverly A. Miller, $535,000.

BOSBURY CT., 7501-Christina Loving to Azra Mahmood, $187,000.

BRUIN CT., 7016-Nelda A. and Henry R. Hawkins to Linda D. and Benjamin M. Smith III, $550,000.

BUCKHALL FARM CT., 9416-Birchwood Manassas Associates Corp. to Rosa M. Portillo, $398,300.

CABOT CT., 8558-Jennifer M. and Kenneth L. Jeffrey to James M. Tharpe and Dane M. Rector, $239,000.

CABOT CT., 8573-Christine M. Gard to Yanira Navarro and Jorge M. Rios, $253,000.

EVANS FORD RD., 10009-Susan T. and Shelton Richard Young to Colleen A. and Kenneth F. Conway, $450,000.

GLENOLDEN PL., 7602-Christina R. Loving to Azra Mahmood, $182,000.

MOCKINGBIRD LANE, 6591-Gi B. and Myung C. Kang to John F. D'Alelio, $409,900.

MONTGOMERY DR., 10715-Martha Alderman to Richard D. Gundert, $340,000.

MOORE DR., 10796-Roseanne D. and D. Rand Norton to Karen J. Adsit and John C. Hunt, $420,000.

NEWOOD DR., 11079-Richard Daigle Sr. to Alan J. Casey, $400,000.

OAK ST., 8112-Anne P. and Edward P. Garman to Guillermo Oliva, $325,000.

PARKLAND ST., 8704-Brenda S. and William T. Young to Helen and Nam Nguyen, $294,900.

PINE ST., 7606-Yang Sun Seo to Eun Mee Kim, $310,000.

PLUM CT., 8254-Maria M. and Fernando L. Machado to Ana S. and Giovanni R. Santa, $460,000.

RAINWATER CIR., 8130-Comstock Blooms Mill Corp. to Georgina and Emmanuel Okyere, $314,225.

RAINWATER CIR., 8133-Comstock Blooms Mill Corp. to Joanne M. Mallory, $280,525.

TINSLEY WAY, 7280-D.R. Horton Inc. to Veronica and Dominic Nnanyelugoh, $580,453.

VERMONT PL., 8256-Somboune Thoummarath to Min Joung Kang and Sung H. Kang, $245,000.

WHITEHALL DR., 7569-Guadalupe L. Piche and Mauricio Villegas to Rene Lopez, $190,000.

WILCOXEN FARM PL., 7846-Dawn M. and Colin K. McDonald to Shaquwanda and Linus M. Baker, $474,900.

Nokesville Area

NOKES ST., 11806-Martha E. and David C. Mabie to Cynthia M. Winn, $399,999.

Occoquan Area

FORTRESS WAY, 467-Marjorie S. and William B. Marx to Tania Said and Steven Schuler, $295,000.

Triangle Area

JOPLIN RD., 17551-Clara Whitlow Magor to Deanne M. Driver and Michael J. Zuck, $271,500.

KERILL RD., 18710-Richmond American Homes to Rita F. and Bryant K. Dunston, $352,840.

MASTHEAD TRAIL, 3699-Audrey L and Curtis Witherspoon to Sonia M. Bravo, $157,000.

OLDE PORT LANE, 18155-Marilyn J. and John W. Hull to Rene E. Bermudez, $175,000.

THOMASSON CROSSING DR., 3712-Jessica Gail Kline and Katherine Griffin to Gloria Depaz and Leo Ayala, $369,900.

Woodbridge Area

ADAMS ST., 2889-C.L. Cone and W. Albert Hamwright Jr. to Milagro and Lazaro Rodriguez, $508,000.

AEGEAN TER., 11374-Alison E. Rush to Jessica and Justin Knight, $340,000.

AMESBURY ST., 13020-Jean Colpas to Lee E. Worthan Jr. and Jane M. Jagemann, $312,000.

ANCHORSTONE DR., 5004-Tara and Andrew Oltmans to Mongolkhuu Galaarai, $374,900.

ANDY CT., 4481-Amy B. and John J. Harvey to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $359,900.

ARMSTEAD ST., 13316-Iris M. Ramos to Gladys and Ferriel Jarjuri, $244,000.

ARUM PL., 15134-Roxanna M. Martinez and Jose O. Martinez to Alexander G. Martell, $185,500.

AVIARY WAY, 3485-Vonda Trotter to Julie Anne L. Kealey and Lief K. Johnson, $237,600.

AVOCET LOOP, 15654-Colette E. and Samuel D. Gilson to Kai A. and Michael A. Mann, $360,000.

BAKERSFIELD ST., 14641-Ninfa A. Gutierrez and Carlos A. Ortiz to Ana M. and Roger M. Velez, $199,900.

BANCROFT LANE, 4102-Jaime S. and David C. Bohl to Juliet A. Perkins, $300,000.

BARKSDALE ST., 14721-Edgar E. Gonzalez to Elmer E. Villatoro, $190,000.

BARNABAS TRAIL, 15354-Jane L. and Charles W. Olden to Genaro Rivera and Mazimino Mesina, $269,900.

BATLEY PL., 11729-Deborah L. Ford to Somon Nuth, $345,000.

BAXTER ST., 13324-Santos Canales and Maria S. Huezo to Andres D. Amaya Perez, $260,000.

BEAVERWOOD PL., 12144-Pamela Kaye Gauch to Gregg H. Weisz, $217,500.

BELMONT BAY DR., 683-Miller and Smith at Belmont Bay Corp. to Dorothy E. and Stephen A. Landi, $409,920.

BICYCLE PL., 3500-Ridgedale Inc. to Razik Sbahi, $270,693.

BICYCLE PL., 3510-Ridgedale Inc. to Rosa and Alfredo Ochoa, $254,740.

BOBOLINK DR., 15846-Fairfax Capital Corp. to John D. Taylor, $389,900.

BOMBAY WAY, 12780-Donna M. and William C. Dulany Jr. to Wendy S. Radding and Todd L. Cumpston, $310,000.

BOWES LANE, 2872-Ruth A. Hall to Deisi E. Hernandez and Nelson D. Servellon, $186,000.

BRADDOCK DR., 3407-Jennifer J. Boyer Dewitt and William H. Dewitt to Juliza L. and Jose M. Rivas, $190,000.

BRADFORD ST., 3233-Cecelia M. Fairchild to Ana and Jesus Menchaca, $245,000.

BRANDON CT., 14426-Carol and Candido Alicea Jr. to Brian J. Sirnack, $203,000.

BRANDY MOOR LOOP, 16779-Mary Dodoo and Elizabeth Clarke to Gifty Boateng Kankam, $210,000.

BRAZIL CIR., 15301-Carol A. Geringer to Michelle D. Mitchell, $265,000.

BRIER POND CIR., 2740-Rosibel G. and Pedro A. Fuentes to Grace T. Agyemang, $230,000.

BRITTANY CT., 4246-Kimberly G. and Kenneth A. Smith to Prudential Relocation Inc., $505,000.

BURLEIGH LANE, 3309-Tammie and Michael Steele to Nehemias Estrada and Edgar Espana, $265,000.

BYBROOK LANE, 3330-Deborah R. and Kevin E. Roderick to Olga E. Fuentes and Santos R. Arriaza, $335,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1462-David L. Scriven to Rosa L. Flores and Oscar N. Guevara, $239,900.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 2920-Angela L. and Ronald P. Barnedo to Nanette and Ian Godinho, $222,000.

CARDAMOM DR., 12052-Stephen A. Conroy II to Sarah E. Morrison, $155,000.

CARLY LANE, 3409-Susan D. and James E. McSlarrow to Constance R. and Norman L. Duncan, $548,700.

CAROLYN FOREST DR., 13005-Nomi Shaool to Vic Datta, $230,000.

CASTLE CT., 15104-Karen L. and David W. Via to David L. Faught, $225,000.

CATAWBA DR., 12653-Michelle Anne Henson to Kelly Anne and Larry Wayne Wilbanks, $405,000.

CHOWNING CT., 16717-Saul E. Vasquez to Sandra Y.V. Flores and Oscar A.V. Sanchez, $178,000.

CHRISTY LANE, 3499-Maria E. Magruder to Shervin Ghaffarian, $243,005.

CINNAMON ST., 12187-Christy J. and Michael S. Drennan to Brenda Cabrera, $240,000.

CLOVERDALE RD., 15021-Iris M. and Santos D. Reyes to Susan N. Ho, $252,000.

COBIA CT., 14150-Brenda A. and Richard F. Cole to Sharon B. Strieter, $360,000.

COLCHESTER FERRY PL., 13379-Tara P. Wilson and Brian D. Wilson to Clarence L. Fisher, $350,000.

CORCYRA CT., 3297-Kathleen J. and Andrew G. Arredondo to Amanda N. Chandler, $267,500.

CORNICE PL., 3529-Kum Ok and Sung No Park to Gloria and Bruce Minthorne, $365,000.

COTTON MILL DR., 11943-Michelle E. and Bryan K. Hise to Osneida and Hernan Reyes, $321,000.

COXCOMB MEWS, 3514-Bradley Joseph Olsberg to Grace Kwawu, $235,000.

CRANMER MEWS, 3531-Melissa D. Caplinger to Morna E. and David B. Green, $230,201.

CUDDY LOOP, 14151-Total Investments Corp. to Benjamin D. Tobin, $202,336.

CUMBERLAND DR., 2001-Mary C. and Joseph H. Hill to Jose Luis Lopez, $284,000.

DALE BLVD., 4517-Michelle R. and Byron Landon to Reliable Management Group Corp., $265,000.

DARA DR., 12705-Jacqueline K. McGuin to Juan A. Campillay, $101,000.

DARBYDALE AVE., 14811-Carlos and Luisa Reyes to Juan A. Martinez, $240,000.

DECATUR DR., 4237-John L. Douglas to Wendy and Neil Pal, $300,000.

DEERFIELD LANE, 1415-Myong H. and Donald R. Montgomery to Cristina and Jose Rivera, $244,900.

DEL MAR DR., 3815-Carl S. Crookshanks and Solomon J. Jones to Brennan Messi, $273,000.

DELANEY RD., 13230-Capital Investments Corp. to Maribel Villalobos, $285,000.

DELANEY RD., 13851-Michael W. Bradshaw to Kendra M. Powell and Andra S. Beasley, $390,000.

DELTA CT., 14758-Deanna K. and Timothy Murphy Weaver to Maria A. Cross and James K. Wykowski, $253,500.

DOVERHILL CT., 2527-Carlos M. Simancas and Patrick Rakotonanahary to Cheryl L. and Kent Furman, $240,000.

DUCKLING PL., 15417-Petra Rose to Robin and Rebecca Borum, $554,000.

DULCINEA PL., 12607-Maria Fernandez to Elmer and Wilfredo Rodriguez, $218,857.

DULCINEA PL., 12644-Javarline Nelson to Makiba Griffin, $196,000.

DUNDEE CT., 14510-Kimberley K. and Raymond A. Johnson to Juan Orozco, $285,000.

E ST., 1306-Charlene C. and Donnie L. Horrocks to Ali Imran and Nadim Ahmed, $220,000.

EARLHAM CT., 14635-Longstreet Investments Corp. to Mario Berrios and Wilson Gomez, $170,000.

ECHO CT., 4405-Ann J. and David M. Simmons to Jose E. Montes, $315,000.

EDGEHILL DR., 111-Rhonetta M. and Henry L. Matthews to Mary Ann Miles, $479,000.

EDINBURG DR., 4521-Joanne M. McGowan to Guillermo A. Ventura, $259,900.

EMBERDALE DR., 14879-Janice R. Montgomery to Vivian and David Baffour, $200,000.

EMIL CT., 2804-Kimberly A. and Cainaan C. Walker to Sharokh Aramiden and Roya Yaghaini, $420,000.

ENSBROOK LANE, 4387-Patricia Diane Brown to Sherrell R. and Timothy L. Cheppell, $210,000.

ENSBROOK LANE, 4390-Sandra K. and Charles Robert Aue II to James A. Fosu, $199,999.

ENSOR CT., 14811-Juan Carlos Ruiz to Julio C. Rodriguez, $185,000.

EVANSDALE RD., 4630-Rita S. and Theodore C. Schelin Jr. to Juan Ortega Ramos, $262,000.

EVANSDALE RD., 4656-Amna Mushir to Steve Loureiro, $235,000.

FAIRFIELD LANE, 3709-Michael W. Lowry and Sara K. Dail to Joshua H. Snoke, $215,625.

FAWN HOLLOW LANE, 1457-NVR Inc. to Claudia E. and Roger L. Caslow, $317,955.

FAWN HOLLOW LANE, 1463-NVR Inc. to Danielle K. Driscoll, $335,460.

FAWN HOLLOW LANE, 1473-NVR Inc. to Victor M. Salmeron, $329,740.

FIR CT., 1312-Santos F. Vasquez to Javier A. Guzman and Daniel A. Vasquez, $165,000.

FLINT HILL PL., 3430-Jessica J. Clawson to Phillip Rosenthal, $331,000.

FLODDEN CT., 4300-Deanna L. and Ray O. Duvall to John A. Colwill Jr., $369,900.

FONTAINE CT., 14409-Irael Burgos to Roxana M. Calix and Jorge A. Hernandez, $195,000.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3541-Paxton Investments Corp. to Tiffany M. Vernier, $239,500.

FOUNTAINBROOK CT., 1958-Rocio Lopez and Victor Salmon to Manuel and Diana Garcia, $253,000.

FOX RIDGE CT., 2550-Jacqueline A. Peck to Kim Furman, $155,000.

FRANCES DR., 1516-Pionne and Rodney E. Corbin to Manuel Rosales, $275,000.

FRANCES DR., 1618-Brenda L. Flowers to Otilio and Ana Rivas, $245,000.

GATEHOUSE TER., 15393-Colin Lamb to Kenneth Beckwitt, $205,555.

GERANIUM CT., 14887-Maria and James Procter Jr. to Anne M. Lusher and John J. Horvath, $351,500.

GINA PL., 3283-Jacqueline J. Simms to Worth K. Mays, $260,000.

GLENDALE RD., 4115-Bernardito Santiago to Maria Davenport, $190,000.

GREENWOOD DR., 13675-Mija Romer to Ramon Martinez, $312,000.

GUM LANE, 13906-Jerry D. Webb to Oscar Escobar, $210,700.

GUNSMITH TER., 15310-William A. Hutton to Sibyl S. Burton, $187,000.

GUNSMITH TER., 2154-Rebecca and Carroll Mullins to Colleen Kerr, $150,000.

GUNSTON HALL DR., 5268-Washington Homes Inc. to Mary Pat Skoda and Paul E. Yandik, $521,494.

GUNSTON HALL DR., 5333-Washington Homes Inc. to Margaret E. and Steven H. Thomas, $449,520.

GUSTUS DR., 4206-Denise E. and Todd C. Bachmann to Sandra M. Romero and Joel D. Calderon, $219,000.

HAMILTON DR., 4420-Miguel Pinedo to Carlos Lacosta, $240,000.

HARVARD ST., 3194-Pamela K. and William J. Sigmund to Christina R. Gauthier, $231,700.

HARVEST SUN RD., 5922-Patricia M. and John S. Laitinen to Maureen F. and Adam C. Ziegler, $430,000.

HAYES LANE, 16025-Michael A. Mann to Adriane B. Diggs and Kathleen W. Barnett, $550,000.

HEDGES RUN DR., 12469-Waqar Un Nisa Bhatti to Amir Iqbal, $312,200.

HEDRICK LANE, 4739-James L. Stevens to Roxana M. and Candido R. Carcamo, $185,500.

HEMINGWAY DR., 4205-Mohammad Kabir Karimi to Ramon Flores, $251,000.

HILL MEADE LANE, 11527-Richard G. Baltes to Amparito Ruiz and Patrick McConville, $273,000.

HOFFMAN DR., 4107-James Kanala to William Lopez and Edwin Vargas, $245,000.

HYATT PL., 14896-Bernarda and Ana Emanuel A. Santa to Paul Vilaychith and Haesun Kim, $235,000.

HYATT PL., 14926-Rosemary W. Brinkley and Marcia A. Harris to Danielle Rivers, $210,000.

INVERNESS WAY, 12712-Michael W. Garth to Susan J. Flores, $265,000.

JED FOREST LANE, 16921-Terri Schnetzer to Stephen V. Welsh and Chalida J. Yuvanavattana, $266,150.

JENNINGS ST., 2259-Rita U. Ponterio to Dennis P. Askin, $300,000.

JODHPUR PL., 13508-Jacqueline H. and Daryl A. Washington to Asia and Faruq M. Suri, $494,700.

KEMPSTON LANE, 12526-Mal C. and David L. Peacock to Stanley J. Allen II, $185,000.

KENTLAND DR., 4509-Andrea J. and Sylvester Lamont to Tayab I. Paracha and Habibullah Khalid, $200,000.

KENYON CT., 4903-Anna A. Emerich Wiener and Michael J. Wiener to Jenny L. and Jose Medardo Mendoza, $280,000.

KEPP LANE, 5082-Rosario V. and Noel M. Atienza to Jose H. Bonilla, $340,000.

KIDWELL DR., 12900-T. Harrell to G.J. Carter, $275,000.

KIDWELL DR., 13002-Linda B. and James E. Gilleland to Abel and Reyna Gutierrez, $250,000.

KINGSTON RD., 4527-Linda F. Coppock to Santos Franco and Ana Reyes, $195,500.

KIRKDALE DR., 4713-Melynda S. and Bryan S. Hill to Carolina Barrientos and Elmer Jerez, $287,900.

KIRKDALE DR., 4916-Renee M. and Marshall T. Forney to Luis Pineda, $300,000.

KNICKERBOCKER DR., 15135-Janette M. and John A. Ray to Jileene M. and Mark A. Vivians, $412,000.

KORVETT DR., 4717-Maria H. and Celestino S. Guerreiro to Olga Bonilla, $305,000.

LABOURN DR., 3348-Elsie D. and Rufus T. Manning to Sandra and Sherman Miller, $369,900.

LINDEN KNOLL CT., 2847-Janice Miller to Jozann M. and Anthony Crosby, $380,000.

LINDENDALE RD., 14263-Anne and David L. Edwards to Raul and Luis Almaraz, $297,900.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12806-Jacqueline F. and Jerry L. Ellis to Victoria A. Ladd, $269,900.

LODGE TER., 15265-Angela D. and Michael S. Johnson to Patricia A. Tillery, $190,000.

LONGVIEW DR., 2300-Young Ok Lee and Jung Hee Kang to Isai Fonseca, $329,000.

MACWOOD DR., 5315-Linda J. and Chris R. Robertson to Maria E. and Luis V. Hernandez, $275,000.

MADELYN CT., 3463-J.A. McAlister and Richard Kneubuehl to Janine R. and Eric P. Wohlrab, $470,000.

MALTA ST., 14087-Gillian B. and Ronald L. Jones to Patricia M. and Steven A. Wolpert, $300,000.

MALTA ST., 14101-Dorothy and Roger Lin to Ann and Mark C. Lombard, $289,900.

MANCHESTER WAY, 12334-Beth M. Moore and Hannes Johannsson to Paun Edmiston and Jon E. Withee, $285,000.

MANSFIELD CT., 5283-Moises No and Isaac C. Mariscal to Maria Reynalda and Eligio Cardona, $254,000.

MAPLEDALE AVE., 14196-Joao Paiva to Edgar Celis and Georgianna Copelotti, $265,000.

MARLBORO CT., 12287-Kevin D. Palka to Dennis Mehegan and Bruce Gribble, $210,000.

MATHEWS DR., 13949-Stephanie L. and James C. Pritt to Hernando Balderrama, $305,000.

MAYFAIR CT., 13701-Cynthia J. Franco to Phuong Kim On, $261,000.

MCGUFFEYS CT., 2677-Crystal E. Guthrie to Sarah A. and Steve T. Curtis, $255,000.

MICHIGAN RD., 15209-Sharon T. Savoy and William Thaxton Jr. to Carmen Guzman and Felix A. Villatoro, $275,000.

MILL HOUSE CT., 12850-Harold L. Miller to Marie Fontaine, $275,000.

MIRANDA LANE, 16829-Misty and William Cross to Cheryl and Robert J. Cantanio, $258,000.

MONTEGA DR., 4622-NVR Inc. to Deborah L. Robinson, $601,539.

MOONBEAM DR., 5743-Kristine A. and Jason A. Fosdick to Kimberly A. and Kenneth J. Fischer, $419,999.

NELLINGS PL., 11618-Amy Y. and Eric G. Pokorak to Rosa Bohabot, $320,000.

NELLINGS PL., 11628-Marie and Lloyd Wolfe to Elizabeth and R.J. Garcia, $289,900.

NETTLECREEK PL., 12722-Maritza G. Acosta to Juan V. Mancia, $252,000.

NOBLE FIR CT., 2814-Mary Sorenson and Walter C. Sorenson to Julie A. and Timothy C. Dodge, $443,100.

NORTHTON CT., 5622-Ridgedale Inc. to Afework G. Nigatu and Kedija H. Jima, $365,820.

NORTHTON CT., 5630-Ridgedale Inc. to Carolina and Carlos Avalos, $426,734.

NORTHTON CT., 5668-Ridgedale Inc. to Winston G. Powell, $367,553.

NORTHTON CT., 5683-Ridgedale Inc. to Gloria A. and Isaac A. Asiedu, $419,035.

OAT CT., 13125-Selina H. and Timothy P. Kochel to Deborah L. Stewart, $405,000.

OLD MARSH RD., 1750-Helen M. and William J. Schaefer to Mohammad S. Pervaz, $150,000.

OLD SALEM CT., 12183-Mary M. and Jeremiah J. Osburn to Karol A. Pascale, $215,000.

ORANGEWOOD DR., 13436-James C. Lemley to Stanley Golob, $215,000.

OSPREYS VIEW PL., 13532-Maria C. and Christian A. Atienza to Teresa G. and Steven W. Reed, $599,000.

OSPREYS VIEW PL., 13540-Cathleen B. and Eric L. English to Jodi L. and Kevin W. Jobkar, $595,000.

PALERMO TER., 15718-Hattie M. Broadnax to Arthur J. Stovall, $305,000.

PALERMO TER., 15720-Dawn D. Keasley to Sanjay P. Shrestha and Niraja S. Karmacharya, $320,000.

PANORAMA DR., 16834-Freestone Partnership to Jane E. and John L. Lafferty, $516,127.

PAXTON ST., 2542-Randall O. and Karla R. Risher to Georgia B. and Charles C. Howell, $304,900.

PEPPERIDGE CT., 3967-John F. Newton to Kara S. Artz and Kevin J. Fahy, $270,000.

PHOTO DR., 13490-Kathryn M. and Michael A. Henry to Alhassan O. and Fatmata H. Kamara, $314,160.

PLYMOUTH CT., 12561-Robert C. Sholar to Lisa C. and Miguel A. Leno, $220,000.

PONDEROSA CT., 14644-Stephen Turner and Michael Magnotti to Roldan N. Palma, $175,000.

POPPY CT., 4952-Mary S. and Hoyt J. Shortt to Bonnie J. and Richard T. Tuff, $699,000.

PRESIDIO WAY, 12167-Coleen R. and Donald A. Cooke to William Rosario, $219,000.

PRINCEDALE DR., 13413-Regina L. and Rodney L. Harper Sr. to Beeren and Barry Investments Corp., $290,500.

PRINCEDALE DR., 14294-Janelle Scribner to Linwood J. and Christopher P. Hegele, $262,000.

PULPIT HILL CT., 2832-Christiane M. Tabatzky and Paul Wysopal to Prudential Relocation Inc., $375,000.

PURDHAM DR., 12707-Susan P. Temmer and Craig A. Temmer to Susan I. Petro and Kenneth C. Petro, $465,000.

QUAINT DR., 5455-Fouzia and Noureddine Bouchair to Eunice E. and Frankie Emanuel Vernon, $439,900.

QUANN LANE, 13147-David H. Planakis to Jose D. Flores and German E. Velasquez, $183,000.

QUARTERHORSE LANE, 12767-Nitin M. Chittal to Anita and Michael Sweeney, $448,200.

QUEST CT., 5432-Tamara and Stephen M. Shapiro to Terri and Stuart Rabkin, $240,000.

RACINE CT., 13874-Giget M. and George J. Rucker to Michael A. Nickolas, $306,000.

RADCLIFFE LANE, 16630-NVR Inc. to Cecilia R. and Norberto M. Chavez, $515,090.

RADCLIFFE LANE, 16653-NVR Inc. to Mary Jo and Walter C. Sorensen, $573,840.

RED BIRD LANE, 3920-Katherine D. and Kent D. Rogers to Tracy T. and Mark R. Daniels, $395,000.

REGAL CT., 13823-Betty J. and Larry R. Price to Ellen J. and David L. Lady, $349,900.

RENATE DR., 1604-Luis E. Somoza Salomon to Mary R. and Clayton P. Brenke, $112,000.

RHODE ISLAND DR., 5729-Cynthia M. and Willie L. Kornegay to Maria and Salvador Escoar, $344,950.

ROBEY WAY, 4565-Equity Homes Corp. to Dayna K. Better and William T. Sepeck, $679,599.

ROCHELLE CT., 1805-Robert Lowe Jr. to Thuy Nguyen, $224,900.

ROCKSBURY LANE, 5735-Lynda B.L. and Edward D. Loewen to Suzan Kim and Jong Chul Jeong, $360,000.

RYECLIFF CT., 4607-Equity Homes to Tracey and Joseph Sawyer Jr., $628,750.

SAFFRON LANE, 5676-Doretha F. and Arthur L. George Sr. to Santos Contreras and Ernesto Rivas, $268,000.

SALEMTOWN DR., 12126-James E. Armstrong to Maurice Ycaza, $180,000.

SALEMTOWN DR., 12138-Melva Grabowski and Angeline M. Armas to Wille Smith Jr., $198,000.

SAXON ST., 1328-Larry D. Tickle to Dorothy A. and James A. Saunders, $240,000.

SHANNON CT., 5604-Maria and Salvador Escobar to Emily and William Salamanca, $285,500.

SHAW CT., 14357-Lorraine and James P. Kukura to Kevin A. Inge and Jennifer D. Conrad, $283,000.

SIDNEY WAY, 12747-Franz G. Hirmas to Carlos A. Perez, $250,000.

SILENT TREE PL., 15768-Gloria and Tomas Alonzo to Aisha Amin and Mohammad A. Sheikh, $301,000.

SILENT TREE PL., 15774-Reliable Management Group Corp. to Hina Zahoor Awan, $307,000.

SILVERDALE DR., 14325-Particio Anton and Evelyn Patricia Ayala to Catalina and Mario A. Murcia, $265,000.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4727-Tammy M. Norman to Roberto K. Castillo, $192,500.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4739-Constance L. Webb to Marline D. Melendez, $185,000.

STEVENSON CT., 12264-Amanda K. Quick and Eric S. Pierron to Lisa Leon, $135,000.

STEVENSON CT., 12268-Jeffrey S. Leach to Angela Bruck, $140,500.

STILL PL., 4716-Catherine A. and Richard D. Reid to Jeffrey S. and Bradley B. Costello, $135,000.

TAZEWELL CT., 14601-Julie A. and John J. Yates to Maria E. and Candelario Garcia, $285,000.

TICKET WAY, 6046-Ridgedale Inc. to Eileen T. and William S. Powell, $229,120.

TICKET WAY, 6056-Ridgedale Inc. to Vilavanh and Amorn Vongsiri, $229,733.

TIGER LILY CIR., 1760, No. 105-Nicole L. Brown to M. Anne Leech, $199,900.

TILLETSON PL., 1801-Giovanna and Joseph W. Boston to Shirley L. Mingle Taylor, $192,999.

TITANIA WAY, 12907-Craig E. Holmes to Paul M. Cornetta, $324,000.

TITANIA WAY, 12911-Desiree Stevens to Sylvester T. Gooden, $177,000.

TOLSON PL., 11593-Allison A. and Nathan M. Olsen to Susan M. and Daniel E. Schnock, $299,000.

TONBRIDGE PL., 3744-Pamela and Timothy Guiden to Suzi Connor, $333,600.

TRAFALGAR LANE, 3257-Frances M. and Richard A. Battle to Karima and Emanuel Yarborough, $250,000.

WATERWHEEL TER., 15261-Jennifer Dunville and Howard C. Gavin to Ronaldo Contreras, $219,900.

WAYNESBORO CT., 4145-Veronica D. and Juan A. Cruzsantiago to Brenda M. and Victor R. Morales, $400,000.

WHEATFIELD RD., 15630-Mary E. and Kyle P. McAvoy to Elizabeth and Samuel C. Homsy, $435,000.

WHITAKER PL., 4623-Joyce E. Pinckney to Keith J. Harlow, $185,000.

WHITAKER PL., 4624-Yuen Kim Yee to Hosea McGaskay, $107,000.

WHITAKER PL., 4657-Frederick G. Wirtz to Taslima Nasrin and Zakir Hossain, $172,900.

WIGGLESWORTH WAY, 1765-Gwendolyn D. and Bennie E. Martin to Doris and George Washington Jr., $265,000.

WILLOWOOD DR., 12002-Christopher Goebert to Keyna B. and Patrick M. Ward, $398,000.

WOODHAVEN CT., 3627-Nathan J. Lockhart to Renee and Marcus Eder, $222,500.

WYNDALE CT., 3345-Edward Carl Wenger Jr. to Kimberly A. and James J. Ebel Jr., $175,000.