The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

E ST., 7512-Daniel A. Jarboe to Paul T. Schlegel, $275,000.

FIFTH ST., 6234-Sandra N. Monger to Christine M. Gilworth, $174,000.

Huntingtown Area

BAY PKWY., 5217-Robert G. and Anne G. Jones to Jerry and Deborah Burdette, $379,900.

HUNTING CREEK RD., 3131-Sharon L. and Paul Bryant to F. and L. Development Ltd., $305,000.

OLD TOWN RD., 4150-Leon D. and A. Laura Mincher to Joan H. and Steven M. Simko, $128,500.

PLUM POINT RD., 1730-Martin J. Jr. and Deborah A. Johnson to April and Dennis Finotti, $310,000.

Lusby Area

BUFFALO RD., 456-Bradley S. Wolin to M.J. Investors Corp., $210,000.

CATALINA DR., 12473-John M. Allen to Kelly Mullen, $174,900.

CAYUSE CIR., 301-Leonardine V. and Stephen N. Norris to Robert A. Ament Jr., $119,900.

CRYSTAL ROCK RD., 994-Tammy L. Payne to Hope D. Harris, $165,900.

GOLDEN WEST WAY, 1120-Karla and Benjamin Reynolds III to Kevin Lee Warren, $90,000.

HALSEY RD., 8409-Karen L. and Wayne M. Tabor Jr. to Cyndi Jones Hindle, $144,000.

RAWHIDE RD., 11316-Jaime A. and Tracie L. Padilla to Tara and Richard A. Dubois, $203,000.

RIDGE RD., 12430-Patrick J. Walters to Deborah J. and Donald W. Hansen, $159,500.

ROPEKNOT RD., 11608-Donnie R. Millsaps to Steven M. Wise, $140,000.

SILVER ROCK RD., 651-Nicole J. and Robert C. Tongue Jr. to Mark Snyder, $213,000.

SPRUCE DR., 709-John H. Karkoska to Chaploon Yee, $145,000.

North Beach Area

BAY AVE., 9317-Floyd A. and Marian E. Payne to Gwen E. Schiada and Aric C. Euler, $275,000.

NINTH ST., 3831-Kenneth J. Reynolds to June M. Walton and Mark A. Arnold, $240,000.

Owings Area

BOYDS TURN RD., 9541-William Kevin and Shannon C. James to Nicole M. and Mark E. Hewlett Jr., $319,900.

NANA RUSSELL RD., 9140-John R. and Paula M. Padgett to Phyllis I. and William R. McGown, $420,000.

St. Leonard Area

GARRITY RD., 2247-Mick L. and Neita S. Blackledge to Margaret S. and Thomas P. Rice Jr., $469,000.

HARBOR DR. N., 1856-Edith M. and Francis J. Robacker to JTP Investments Corp., $10,000.

KINGS RD., 4431-Joyce A. and Wilhelm K. Raimund to Mark Hall and Margaret Ann Mc Clelland, $299,900.

MACKALL RD., 6781-Sandra N. Monger to Megan M. Schoenfeld and Ryan Crowley, $199,900.

WOODS RD., 2020-Anna R. and John P. Hill to J. Cage, $240,000.

Charles County

Brandywine Area

REGINA DR., 15215-Linda A. and Ernest S. Mahoney to Dewayne M. Robinson Sr., $110,000.

Bryans Road Area

INDIAN HEAD HWY., 6775-Helen J. Payne to Laurie J. and Kenneth C. Wood, $204,000.

SOUTH HAMPTON DR., 3070-Marisol L. Bryant to Ray D.J. Coleman, $178,000.

WATERS EDGE CT., 2849-Tina M. Smallwood to Rodriquez A. Wingfield, $195,500.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

TALL OAKS PL., 7860-Thomas Brady and Lisa and J. Johnson to Kelly L. and Benjamin F. Tucker Jr., $250,000.

Issue Area

LORD BALTIMORE DR., 11155-Charles David Bradley to Mary C.A. and M. Paul Bergmann, $249,950.

WOLLASTON CIR., 11577-Lena P. and Orban R. Grigsby to Mark E. Guthrie, $54,500.

La Plata Area

COCKERHAM PL., 5980-George L. Cockerham to Tommy's Truck Service, $142,500.

DARLEY DR., 8875-Marilyn J. Krause to Jennifer Charles and Leonard Thomas, $280,000.

GOOSE CREEK DR., 302-David E. and Carolyn M. Maddox to Vincent D. and Tracey M. Lyles, $103,000.

JENNIE RUN DR., 301-Magdalena M. Hatzel to Mohammed D. Hossain, $106,000.

KERRICK DR., 6160-John D. Jr. and Nicole L. Moran to Eloise S. and Leon M. Doane Jr., $515,000.

LINDY LANE, 9180-Randall and Laverne Schuyler to Donna O. and Robert D. Arnold, $329,900.

RIPLEY WAY, 6115-Karen E. Ayers, trustee, to Eric J. Simon, $140,000.

St. Charles Area

BRIGHTWELL CT., 1707-Kari L. Kalston to Darriyell L. Huff, $118,000.

BRIGHTWELL CT., 1753-Shelva J. and Robert C. Davis to Delia L. Reese, $122,500.

BRYAN CT., 1522-Shanell and David Brown to Jeri B. Kirkland, $132,900.

BRYAN CT., 1534-Pamela A. and Raymond D. Drayer Jr. to John C. Heilmeier Sr., $95,000.

GOTHIC CT., 2184-Karen E. and James A. Patrick to Timothy Richardson, $258,000.

LA PLATA RD., 12235-David G. and Carol C. Norwood to Lorie E. and Edward N. Grimes, $250,000.

LIGHT ARMS PL., 3902-Kathy J. Fraley to Tracy E. and James T. Ogren, $108,000.

ROCK CT., 4387-Cheye Anne Hazle to James M. Young, $189,900.

ROOKS HEAD PL., 2611-Anna Kinder to Melessa Rutherford, $127,000.

TACOMA PL., 2400-Tracie Valentine Moore to McQucio D. Moore, $255,000.

WINTERGREEN PL., 3935-Rickey A. Snipes to Evan M. Tanner, $139,000.

Waldorf Area

BOBCAT CT., 6001-Shari J. and Gary A. Hull to Tamara L. Brosco, $128,000.

CARROLL DR., 11200-David A. Krebeck to Allison F. and Matthew R. Palfy, $242,500.

COUNCIL OAK DR., 12576-Christopher A. and Shelly R. Duelley to Durga D. and Gurdial S. Kundhi, $249,000.

ELK CT., 6508-Roshell Young to Marie Louise J. and Frank D. Paris, $287,500.

JEFFERSON RD., 130-Mary A. Gooding to Elvira G. and Lawrence D. Parrott, $185,000.

KENBROOK CT., 2476-Murice D. and Seona L. Brown to Judith A. and John Simmins, $341,000.

KNOTWEED CT., 2308-Thomas L. and Barbara A. Willson to Kathleen A. and Andrew J. Degitz, $329,900.

LAMPREY CT., 5215-John A. and Yadira Monsanto to Terri L. and Stephen E. Prizer, $290,000.

MEADOW LANE, 53-Emily M. Carter to Kenneth C. Kowalk, $163,600.

OWEN CT., 3804-Pamela Sue Selbo to Benjamin K. Gilmore, $236,000.

PROGRESS CT., 2315-Terri M. and Darnell N. Curtis to James W. Holloway, $245,000.

QUIETFIELDS ST., 11322-Yakura T. Coffee to C.I. Chin and Oluwarotimi Akinmukomi, $340,000.

REDHORSE CT., 5022-Dwight G. and Helen K. Rawls to Tamika L. and Alton S. Hainsworth, $289,000.

SAGEWOOD CT., 2489-Vincent P. and Christina D. Farri to C.J. Kumbar and George J. Gott, $160,000.

SIRENIA PL., 6040-Stephanie L. Opalko to Melissa R. and Sylvon Josiah, $164,900.

SPRAGUE DR., 2718-Anita D. and Ronald J. Stoker to Frederick E. Barnes, $250,000.

VALLEY DR., 8661-Mary J. Beil to Hope T. and Stephen J. Miller, $246,000.

WHISTLERS PL., 6309-Christopher and Rebecca Broadwater to Lisa Latham, $169,000.

White Plains Area

BLOOMSBURY PL., 8035-Anthony K. Allen to Gregory J. Chery, $250,000.

HANSON RD., 4036-James R. and Evelyn M. Cullins to John P. and Elizabeth E. Madore, $242,000.

JACKSONHOLE PL., 10667-Charles Amis to Jewel A. Douglass, $200,000.

KINGSWAY DR., 8500-Earle and Melanie Lawrence to Stacey L. and Jeffrey M. Surina, $289,900.

KRIS DR., 9259-Deborah A. and John A. Hubicki to Gary H. Hauser, $279,900.

QUEENS GROVE ST., 4632-Regina A. Holmes to Amanda and Dominic Saunders, $295,500.

TIMOTHY CT., 10901-Frederick L. and Joyce F. Royer to Lisa M. Peterson and Todd A. Landers, $313,000.

St. Mary's County

Bushwood Area

UPLAND DR., 23137-Tri Star Construction Inc. to Joan M. and Albert D. Ledman, $151,175.

California Area

CHICKORY LANE, 22946-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Sandra L. and Timothy E. O'Connor, $412,500.

OTHELLO WAY W., 45295-Marvin E. Hill Jr. to Virginia M. and Robert R. Guzman, $127,500.

Chaptico Area

MADDOX RD., 24169-Martha J. and Ernest Carter to Wayne M. Scriber, $155,000.

SKYVIEW DR., 36772-Ernest Sylvester Carter to Wanda M. Jeffery, $117,000.

Great Mills Area

BECTIVE WAY, 45540-Anthony S. Vivona to Damien J. Howard and Nicole C. Harris, $221,450.

VICTORIA CIR., 22005-Linda L. Cyr to Roberta and Leonard Gravett, $239,000.

Leonardtown Area

BLAKE CREEK RD., 43599-Mark S. Laubach to Russell Sidney Leitch III and Michelle Lynn, $489,000.

GREEN HILLS LANE, 41935-Thomas Jerry Norris to Iris A. Pegg, $180,000.

HODGES CT., 44383-Margaret Stancliff to Nancie L. and Robert M. Lumpkins, $523,000.

LAKE AND BRETON VIEW DRIVES, 40727-Robert J. Tate to Eric S. Walker, $219,900.

LAKE CECIL LANE, 39929-St. Clements Woods Partnership to Julie A. Khalil, $150,000.

Lexington Park Area

BRYAN RD., 46883-Bryan and Courtney Smith to Deborah and Lowell Dutcher, $195,000.

DEFENDER ST., 21615-John L. Schlichter to Janet and Richard Pelle, $175,900.

KINGFISHER CT., 45829-Thomas L. Dorwin to Dawn M. and David J. Murphy, $311,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 47423-Homecomings Financial Network Inc. to Valentino Johnson, $77,500.

LUCCA WAY, 46098-Tiffany C. Boatwright to Paul Mount, $115,000.

SEARFOSS CT., 21554-Oakridge Associates Inc. to Irma and Lowell Schweickart Jr., $232,672.

THREE NOTCH RD., 18580-Aaron Scott Browne to Wilma E. and Charles F. Myers, $168,500.

WICKSHIRE DR., 47790-John R. and Laura W. Mansueti to Deborah L. and Kevin S. Landis, $349,900.

Mechanicsville Area

BRUCE RD., 29748-Enos Pumphrey to Patrick K. and Jean F. Burke, $165,000.

BURNING OAKS LANE, 26941-Eleanore R. and Richard R. Yost to Debra Heidenberg, $232,000.

CHRISTOPHER CT., 28963-Dale D. Schnoor to Jeffrey J. Bresnahan and Sheri Lyn Plugge, $193,000.

DOUGLAS CIR., 29971-Karen Culver to Michael A. Graham, $222,000.

GOLF COURSE DR., 35586-Edward J. Keightley III to Lee Brown Henriquez and Eduardo C. Henriquez, $190,000.

LAUREL RIDGE DR., 38182-James A. Ward to Larry D. Boswell, $190,000.

MILES-DOTSON RD., 39929-Danette M. Gross and Kevin W. Gross to Michelle Borandi, $226,600.

TIN TOP SCHOOL RD., 26260-Samuel H. Swarey to G. Croft Corp., $345,000.