The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

BLACKWALNUT CT., 1356-Michael W. Lord to Kevin J. and Laraley S. Mish, $380,000.

CHESAPEAKE AVE., 1404-Lonnie Murray to Yvonne W. Gipson, $175,000.

CHESAPEAKE HARBOUR DR. E., 2200, No. 2200-Clifford L. Peer, trustee, to David and Melinda Zanecki, $700,000.

CLINTON CT., 7024, No. 18A-Warren L. Brown to Victor E. and Rebecca C. Kleinfelter, $415,000.

HUNT MEADOW DR., 1915-Keith A. Seay to Frank R. and Margaret Alicia Levi, $497,500.

HYDE PARK DR., 1047-Ernesto Q. Manlapaz to David A. Krewson and Cynthia R. Towle Krewson, $275,000.

JANWALL CT., 11-Thomas Murphy to Robert A. Veltri, $230,500.

THOMAS POINT RD., 3752-Alfred L. Case to Harold R. and Mary J. Bloom, $850,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 605, No. 3081-Helen E. Macuci to Amy H. Wisner, $235,000.

ANNA MARIE CT., 1419, No. 23-Ellis Wolod to Christian E. Bolf, $264,900.

CAPE ST. JOHN RD., 276-Harold H. Wolnik to Nancy L. and Randy C. McGuire, $360,000.

COLLEGE AVE., 22-Abigail Goldstein to Martin K. and Cathy S. Deafenbaugh, $570,500.

DOGWOOD TREE DR., 990-Frederick Wanner to Erin E. Murphy, $241,306.

HALSEY RD., 416-Johnny H. Deans III to Susan F. Meredith, $362,000.

HAMPTON RD., 1161-Thomas M. Tekach to Bruce E. Green, $178,900.

MARYLAND AVE., 30-Joseph M. Scarborough to James Dunn, $1.2 million.

MERMAID DR., 1115-Kimberly L.A. Bowen to Vincent L. and Lisa G. Elliott, $320,000.

MOCKINGBIRD CT., 2820, No. 86-Thomas A. Porter to David M. Bourquin, $337,000.

NEPTUNE PL., 1172-Jon A. Fisher to Robert W. Haynes, $287,900.

NORTH HAVEN COVE, 2516, No. 1018-Norman C. Kimmey to Margaret Beegle, $273,000.

SAMPSON PL., 23-Russell J. Irvine to Jason W. and Deborah L.H. Cronin, $415,000.

SAMUEL CHASE WAY, 523, No. 68-Fran Grega to Michael A. Schneider and Janet S. Huang, $399,900.

SCHLEY RD., 443-Thomas M. Newquist Sr. to Amherst Properties Corp., $370,000.

TUDO CT., 2518-Helen Rennie to William C. Lambros, $170,000.

VALLEY RD., 1965-James F. Dray to Miles D. and Uyden Do Joebchen, $260,000.

WOOD DUCK LANE, 512-Brett A. Garner to Lawrence A. and Amy L. Stebelsky, $377,000.

Arnold Area

ASQUITH DR., 1129-Knut J. Aarsand to Scott M. and Jennifer L. Steele, $775,000.

BIRCHWOOD CT., 851-Robert C. Leimbach to Richard W. Stringer and Barbara A. Wilhelm, $325,000.

CANDLE RIDGE CT., 345-Ronald E. Schmidt to Randall J. Avers and Janet E. Johnson, $395,000.

JONES STATION RD., 360-Richard L. Beall to James E. and Illene B. Rollis, $715,000.

OVERLEAF CT., 298-Raphael H. Johnson to Jamie Selzer and Diane Abrams, $236,000.

Brooklyn Area

POPE ST., 5725-Anthony Soroka to Christina M. and Nicholas L. White, $194,900.

14TH AVE., 318-William J. Hartline to Donald P. Schramn, $195,000.

Churchton Area

WILDWOOD LANE, 1117-Clifton M. Owens to 3603 Partnership, $195,000.

Crofton Area

AIRY HILL CIR., 2508, No. 5-B4-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Dorothy Beaudry, $140,000.

AMBLING CIR., 2508, No. 13-Katherine D. Fenton to Kimberly F. Wojcik, $299,900.

BELLARBOR CIR., 1928, No. B-Brennan R. Jacobs to Elizabeth E. Bowers, $142,000.

BIRDWOOD CT., 1514, No. 100-Roy J. Carls to Randy M. and Tanya Smargiassi, $280,000.

BIRDWOOD CT., 1528, No. 128-Moni S. Gordon to Christopher A. Wheeler and Brandi E. Bailey, $259,000.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 2032, No. 8-Mary F. Adams, trustee, to Nicole B. and Stephen E. Levy, $189,900.

CHATHAM CT., 1495, No. 62XB-Newman Enterprises Corp. to Amy Getter Santos, $186,000.

CHELMSFORD DR., 2408-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Richard T. and Kristin K. Williams, $252,000.

HAREWOOD LANE, 1752-Phillip C. Ernst to Thomas Harvan and Jillian Blaschak, $421,073.

SELKIRK CT., 2555-Donald D. McGee to Manuel S. and Julia Santos, $272,900.

SHADYWOOD CIR., 2476-Charles A. Hudicek to Jocelyn Ann Jarzynski and Amy Newell, $417,000.

Crownsville Area

SHELTON RD., 775-Matilda A. Mylander to Barbara L. and Robert W. Gear, $249,900.

Curtis Bay Area

SWANHILL CT., 1264, No. 319-Catherine Billing to Gregory Hoffman, $201,000.

TRIWATER CT., 1365, No. 153-Susan L. Noll to Darrell J. Abed and Sue E. Powell, $310,000.

WATERVIEW DR., 609-Gale C. Watson to Gregory and Valerie Arnold, $225,000.

WATERWAY CT., 1325, No. 142-David L. Fallen to Martin B. and Deborah L. Emerick, $296,000.

Davidsonville Area

ASPEN CT., 3605-Jack R. Snoberger to Kenneth C. Barnes, $410,000.

Edgewater Area

CALAWASSE RD., 3917-Darren D. Gil to Michael and Pamela Hebb, $380,000.

LERITZ LANE, 3336-Robert D. Wisnom Jr. to Carole and Alexei Kuriatnikova, $390,000.

MCAFEE LANE, 403-Cole Ventures Inc. to Ryan H. and Jennifer R. McQueeney, $473,235.

RIVER CLUB DR., 3925-Richard S. Hylton to June W. and George E. Davis, $270,000.

SIXTH AVE., 3724-Joseph K. Hartman to Frank Stone, $230,000.

Gambrills Area

DAVIDSONVILLE RD., 2280-Ronald H. Chaney to Vintage Homes Corp., $300,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ANDEL CT., 111-Michael P. Mahoney to Erik N. and Windy L. Hart, $188,000.

BROADVIEW BLVD. N., 120-Patrick C. Panek to Brendan J. and Kristy J.S. Bagley, $275,000.

CLEAR DROP WAY, 6509, No. 302-John R. Miller to Soon Im Yun, $155,000.

COLONIAL KNOLL, 6442-Michael J. Fauceglio to Karl A. Smith, $106,000.

DOVER RD., 515-Thomas Nediert to Lidia Dicke, $191,500.

FOXVIEW DR., 154-Charlotte B. Reed to Jamie G. and Michelle Lorio, $198,900.

GREAT BEND RD., 8190-Jennifer M. Winters to Gerald W. Stitely, $142,000.

JUNEBERRY WAY, 204, No. 204-3C-Henry Berrios to Frank A. and Doris L. Ruff, $104,000.

LONGTOWNE CT., 479-Derrick Brown to Dawn McCready, $149,900.

MAPLE LANE NW, 420-Citifinancial Mortgage Co. to Zmarai K. Ibrahimi, $100,000.

NOTTINGHAM DR., 1128-James J. Earle to Clifton P. Brown, $154,900.

ROOSEVELT AVE., 310-Augus Buchheit to Christopher L. and Deane D. Milby, $175,000.

SHIPLEY AVE., 313-W.H. Shade to Michael A. Shade, $82,500.

WELLHAM AVE., 708-Miriam S. Fowler to Michael and Tina Cavey, $170,000.

WINTON AVE., 503-Steven Dannemann to Stanley S. and Angela K. Shedlock, $190,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BLUE WATER CT., 304, No. 204-Tammy L. Chambers to Jason J. Fox and Heather M. Rosskopf, $124,900.

CARROLL RD., 257-Jessie L. MacKay to Victoria L. Sunderman, $135,000.

HOWARD MANOR CT., 7814-Gary D. Santos to Cecil D. and Ana Marie Santos, $66,100.

NINA CT., 202-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Majed and Susan P. Atiyyat, $185,001.

SHANA RD., 218-Donald R. Johnston to Coretha Chalmers, $198,000.

SHELLYE RD., 7821-GMAC Mortgage Corp. to 2301 Post Road Corp., $118,500.

THREE COIN WAY, 102, No. 102-Gary M. Nacht to Wilmer E. and Donna K. Barnette, $135,000.

Hanover Area

BOULDER CT., 1412-Claude W. Misher Jr. to Rory A. and Andrea Springs, $279,500.

Harwood Area

JOHN HARRISON RD., 300-Nancy L. Lane, trustee, to Mark E. and Deborah A. Hernick, $625,000.

Laurel Area

CLOUD ST., 8314-Timothy M. Frazier to Virginia C. Robinson, $225,000.

CLOUD ST., 8332-Alan P. Seto to Kyung Wha Bae, $250,000.

INDIAN SPRINGS RD., 8612, No. 22-Maureen A. Buchanan, trustee, to Arthur F. Palaganas and Amelia R. Aguindaldo Palaganas, $273,000.

LINDENWOOD DR., 3506-Robert Zenker to Steven Krigas and Elizabeth Kime Krigas, $395,000.

LYNDHURST ST., 8235-Elizabeth S. Underwood to Richard C. and Holly G. Christy, $259,900.

RABBIT CHASE DR., 118-Eli G. Brokowski to Rachel E. Walker, $239,900.

Linthicum Heights Area

DOGWOOD RD., 522-Robert A. Dodge Jr. to Jeffrey J. and Deborah L. Geesaman, $289,900.

FOREST VIEW RD., 525-Richard G. Froderman to Eleanora and Ernest Kerbe, $305,000.

HAMPTON RD., 5-Adrian Stutterheim to Kenneth B. and Pamela J. Stutterheim, $140,000.

MAPLE RD. W., 415-Norma L. Fink to F. James Scott Jr., $200,000.

SHIPLEY RD., 426-Charles E. Kelley to Gerald P. and Harriet L. Starr, $265,000.

Millersville Area

COOL RIDGE CT., 330-Gary C. Rasicot to Sean F. and Michelle L. Layne, $430,000.

KENORA DR., 544-Leon L. Fernholz to Linda M. Bain and John A. Fernholz, $200,000.

MIMICO S., 8256-Gershon Hoffer to Michael R. and Seun P. Nicholas, $257,000.

RUPERT RD. N., 8220-Michael J. Ritter to Ty P. and Christine K. Foley, $204,500.

RUSTLING OAKS DR., 1054-Eric M. Wenger to Philip R. and Sandra Kennett, $465,000.

Odenton Area

APPLE BLOSSOM LANE, 2456, No. 304-Lynn R. Miller to Rebecca S. Swartz, $180,900.

BREEZE CT., 2210-Carlton M. Green to Sean T. Brady, $250,000.

IMPERIAL SQ., 502, No. 2-Mary A. Hays to Amy Smith, $177,000.

MEADOWMIST WAY, 518, No. 5-518-David Snipes to Zebulon Y. Proctor, $180,000.

PEACH TREE CT., 498-Christopher L. Rayburn to Kelly and Pamela M. Gaston, $360,000.

PINE MEADOWS DR., 8712-Sharon D. Demarest to Andrew M. and Tracey E. Paez, $270,000.

SYCAMORE GLEN LANE, 8603-Dianne B. Bates to Michelle D. Vie, $195,900.

SYCAMORE GLEN LANE, 8624-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Adeleke Osundina, $186,000.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 689, No. 101-Robert I. Harris Sr. to Lauri A. Heinlein and Matthew L. McCormack, $180,000.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 699, No. 101-Michelle L. Truman to Renee A. Karpen and David C. Steenberg, $174,500.

Owensville (West River) Area

CHALK POINT RD. W., 5005-Robert J. Wilkinson to Douglas K. and Elizabeth J. Tirpak, $560,000.

SHADY OAKS RD., 837-Margaret W. Burroughs to Walter and Geraldine Clinton, $650,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ATLANTA RD., 218-Kathy J. Lupi to Kimberly Congdon, $197,900.

BEACHWOOD PARK RD., 8329-Glen Griswould to Benjamin C. Edwards, $229,900.

COBSCOOK HARBOUR, 8661-Claire C. Miller to Allison L. and Helen L. Jones, $192,900.

DALE RD., 245-Judith A. Faucette to Kimberly C. Hammond, $275,000.

DIVISION RD., 1822-John N. Haran to Jana L. Patterson and Joseph P. Lightner Sr., $50,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CT., 345-Monica L. West to Erin R. Heere and Ruben Lopez, $197,000.

HILLCREEK RD., 1224-Robert J. Welsh to Ann M. Farrell, $300,000.

KENTON RD., 8454-Julie M. Scanlon to Ernest W. and Judith A. Brauckhoff, $223,000.

LINDEN AVE., 114-Mark K. Ford Jr. to Gary J. Houser, $168,000.

MAGOTHY BEACH RD., 188-Ronald J. Dodson to Bernard J. and Sandra C. Lowry, $235,000.

PEPPERBOX LANE, 7902-Edward Trushaev to Mario M. and Arlene G. Lopez, $292,000.

SOUTHWOOD RD., 216-Robert J. Blanchfield to Jason and Jaime L. Blevins, $227,092.

TURF VALLEY DR., 843-Paula Joseph to Charles J. Hudson and James E. Sweeney, $172,500.

VALLEY DR., 1151-Evelyn I. Wolak to Gregory M. and Stephanie McGuigan, $382,500.

WOODHOLME CIR., 8048-Robert J. Purdum to Joseph A. Pagurek and Holly T. Cooper, $212,000.

Riva Area

DOGWOOD RD., 19-Jessica L. Curry to Molly Veltri and Michael J. Walden, $275,000.

ESCAPADE CT., 1369, No. 1384-Irina A. Colley to Kimberly A. Quinlan, $335,000.

SOUTHVIEW DR., 502-Stephanie Jo Palmer to Paul W. and Allana S. Stephens, $475,000.

Severn Area

ARWELL CT., 1845, No. 15C-Treva N. Boney to Eric S. and Jeannie H. Franklin, $50,000.

AVERILL CT., 8233-Raquel T. Beaudoin to Frederick David, $99,900.

BARNWOOD CT., 1731-Lyn Alfred to Donald A. and Neela Walter, $270,000.

BUSKIN CT., 302-Eddie L. Moore to Amanda M. Crawford and John C. Tighe, $424,900.

CARRIAGE DR., 7931-Richard W. Powell to Scott D. and Nicole McDonald, $335,000.

GOLDEN PINE CIR., 7867-Robert E. Dillinger to Thomas and Julie Githens, $359,900.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7963, No. 105-Monroe I. Robertson Jr. to Kristina M. Aleshire, $215,000.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7993, No. 90-Cherrie T. Wise to Alicia Chavez, $225,000.

LEXINGTON DR., 8240-Michael A. Smith Jr. to Stacey L. and Dominic J. Basta, $163,000.

ROANOKE CT., 8248-Department of Veterans Affairs to Dina E. Reyes, $130,000.

WIEKER RD., 909-Chester V. Oliver to Hugh Hambruch and Norman E. Bechtel Jr.,


Severna Park Area

BLENHEIM CT., 791-Richard D. Gibson to P.B. and Maureen A. Creel, $380,000.

CENTER DR., 617-Avis A. Simmons to Daniel F. and Cynthia M. Loiselle, $265,000.

HATTON DR., 45-John C. Rains to Robert A. Compton and Ruth M. Hough, $570,000.

HOLLAND RD., 321-John T. Studnicky to Douglas A. and J.P. Shade, $320,000.

RYECROFT CT., 925-Raymond A. Shilinski to Rita V. Swift, $51,103.

SALTZMAN RD., 645-William B. Carraway to Robert P. and Jayne M. Conner, $225,000.

SIMMONS LANE, 45-Robert F. Maloney to Michael T. and Lisa B. Cavey, $663,000.

TRENTON AVE., 760-L. Virginia Todd to Jennifer L. Hyatt, $299,500.