The year in which Barbara Lett Simmons protested the District's lack of voting representation in Congress by refusing to cast a vote in the Electoral College was listed incorrectly in the Voters Guide. It was 2000. (Published 9/16/04)

Several of the most spirited races in Tuesday's primary election are for seats on the D.C. Democratic State Committee.

Two slates of candidates -- the Victory 2004 slate, made up largely of incumbents, and the Running Against Bush slate, made up primarily of former Howard Dean campaigners and newcomers -- are vying for the party posts. Several candidates who are not affiliated with either slate are also on the ballot.

The state committee encourages voter registration and supports Democratic candidates. Its constitution calls for 72 members, including 12 at-large members (six men and six women); 32 ward members (two men and two women from each ward); four national and alternate committee persons and eight ward chairpersons. In addition, 12 ex-officio members are nominated by the executive committee and approved by the body at large. The Young Democrats organization also chooses four members, two of whom are national committee representatives. They are automatically recognized by the Democratic State Committee.

After this election, the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club will also choose two representatives to represent the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community in the Democratic State Committee.

The goals of the Running Against Bush slate are: to hold the first binding D.C. primary; to organize swing state voters to elect John Kerry; to provide fresh ideas; and to hold regular neighborhood issue forums with elected officials to discuss community concerns. The Victory 2004 slate, which supports the Democratic State Committee chairman, A. Scott Bolden, focuses on electing the Kerry-Edwards ticket, youth outreach, filling all the seats on working committees and making sure the state committee's membership reflects the diverse population of the city.

In addition, there are two ward-specific slates: the Ward 8 Democrats for Progress slate is represented by four candidates who have years of political involvement. The Ward 1 Democrats slate is made up of incumbents.

D.C. Republicans elected their Republican Committee leadership at a caucus in February, and no candidates for those posts will appear on the primary ballot. No party positions for the D.C. Statehood Green Party are to be decided in Tuesday's election.

The offices and candidates are:

National Committeeman

Arrington Dixon: Independent. Former council member, running unopposed.

Alternate National Committeeman

James Bubar: Victory 2004 slate. Lawyer, running unopposed.

National Committeewoman

Marilyn Tyler Brown: Victory 2004 slate. Director of Cathedral Scholars program at Washington National Cathedral and former associate superintendent of DC public schools. At-large member of the DC Democratic State Committee. Campaign chairman for Linda W. Cropp in 1996 and 2000; volunteered for campaigns of Clinton/Gore in 1996 and Gore/Lieberman in 2000.

Barbara Lett Simmons: Independent incumbent. Led an effort to recall Mayor Anthony A. Williams and protested the District's lack of voting representation in Congress by refusing to cast a vote for Gore in the 2004 Electoral College. Former three-term school board member.

Alternate National Committeewoman

Amanda "Amy" Hatcher-Lyon: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

At-large Committeewomen

Hope Tucker Stewart: Independent. First vice president of Ward 4 Democrats for two years; at-large ex-officio female Democratic State Committee member. Executive director and founder of the National Housing Corporation, a nonprofit organization.

Kirsten Burgard: Running Against Bush slate. Precinct captain for Dukakis-Bentsen, campaigned for Clinton-Gore, managed Kucinich for Congress in 1996. Loan specialist with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Esther Garcia: Running Against Bush slate. Former district director for Rep. Ruben Hinojosa (D-Tex.), congressional aide for former Rep. J.J. Pickle (D-Tex.) Latino community outreach specialist, also involved in international development projects in Latin America.

Tamela Gordon: Running Against Bush slate. Public policy and public relations consultant who campaigned for Howard Dean.

Robin T. Kelley: Running Against Bush slate. Associate director of the behavioral and social science volunteer program in the Office on AIDS at the American Psychological Association.

Keshini Ladduwahetty: Running Against Bush slate. Computer programmer who volunteers for America Coming Together and the Arlington County Democrats. Former Dean campaign volunteer.

Wanda R. Alston: Victory 2004 slate. Special assistant to Mayor Williams (D) for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender affairs. Issues committee chair for the D.C. Democratic State Committee. Delegate for Kerry in 2004 and alternate delegate for Gore in 2000.

Gaby L. Fraser: Victory 2004 slate.

Kathy Henderson: Victory 2004 slate. Incumbent and Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for 5B10. Substance abuse specialist for D.C. Department of Transportation, recording secretary for Ward 5 Democrats.

June E. Johnson: Victory 2004 slate.

Kathryn A. Pearson-West: Victory 2004 slate. Incumbent. Project manager at a business processes solutions firm. Chairperson of information services and external affairs/editor-in-chief for the Democratic State Committee.

Jackie Randolph: Victory 2004 slate. Deputy campaign manager for Anthony A. Williams in 2002; member of D.C .Democratic State Committee and Statehood Committees (2003-present), deputy director, Office of Boards and Commissions (1999-2002).

Regina W. Hubbard: Independent. Ward 2 Democratic Committee member and recording secretary of the D.C. Democratic State Committee.

At-Large Committeemen

Lenwood "Lenny" Johnson: Running Against Bush slate. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 1A10 Democratic State Committee member.

Patrick Johnson: Running Against Bush slate. Health policy analyst who volunteered in campaigns for Russ Feingold, Clinton-Gore, Bill Bradley, Sharon Ambrose and Howard Dean.

John Capozzi: Running Against Bush slate incumbent. Former D.C. "shadow" representative and president of the Barney Circle Neighborhood Association.

John Nowicki: Running Against Bush slate. Technical consultant and former Howard Dean campaign volunteer.

Jeffrey Norman: Running Against Bush slate. Former ANC commissioner (15 years) and president of the Chevy Chase Citizens Association (2 years). Volunteered for presidential campaigns of Howard Dean, Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern. Retired from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Jeffrey D. Richardson: Running Against Bush slate. Coordinates Howard University's Building Futures for Youth Project. Lead organizer for the First Annual Youth Service Day at Oxon Run Park.

A. Scott Bolden: Victory 2004 slate. Chairman of the D.C. Democratic State Committee and the Victory 2004 slate; finance chair (2003-04). Works as a partner at ReedSmith, LLP.

Darrin Glymph: Victory 2004 slate.

Wesley Gourdine: Victory 2004 slate.

Ron L. Magnus: Victory 2004 slate. Attorney, deacon at New Bethel Baptist Church, and chair of Ward 5 Coalition for Leadership. Two-time member of DC Delegate Selection Committee for presidential candidates.

Dan Wedderburn: Victory 2004 slate. Economist. Member of D.C. Human Rights Commission since 1997, Far Northeast-Southeast Council since 2000; board of directors of Jelleff Boys and Girls Club since 1993, executive committee of D.C. Democratic State Committee since 2001.

Victor D. Wenk: Victory 2004 slate. Incumbent since 1996. Charter member of the Federal Senior Executive Service and chair of the COG Citizen Advisory Committee. Served on the Ward 3 Democratic Committee for 20 years and on the executive committee for 17 years.

Ward 1 Committeewomen

Anita Bellamy Shelton: Ward 1 Democrats slate. Incumbent since 1996. Social worker and member of Metropolitan Wesley AME Zion church, Children's Coalition, Family Advocacy and Support Network, and the block club for the 1900 block of Lamont St. NW.

Linda Lancaster: Victory 2004 slate. Incumbent. Deputy chair of Information Services and External Affairs Committee for the D.C. Democratic State Committee; deputy editor of Democratically Speaking; former recording secretary, corresponding secretary and precinct representative for Ward 1 Democrats.

Lillian Perdomo: Victory 2004 slate. Founding member and first president of Hermanas Unidas. Volunteer for Jim Graham, Phil Mendelson and Anthony A. Williams; D.C. Council staffer for the Committee on Local, Regional and Federal Affairs; and member of the Commission on Latino Community Development. Presently on the executive board of the Council of Latino Agencies and chair of the Joint Advisory Council on ESL and Multi-cultural Education.

Ward 1 Committeemen

Jerry S. Cooper: Ward 1 Democrats slate. Incumbent since 1974. Retired. Founder and former long-term president of the Ward 1 Democrats. Worked campaigns for former City Council Member Dave Clark and presidential candidate Henry Jackson in 1976. Also former ANC commissioner.

Stanley "Stan" Mayes: Ward 1 Democrats slate. Incumbent for 12 years. Served as a precinct captain in Ward 1 for almost 20 years. ANC commissioner for 13 years. Chair of 3rd District Police Citizens Advisory Council, on the board of trustees United Planning Organization, vice chair of Peoples Involvement Corporation, president of the Urban Forest Council of Washington. A real estate zoning and land use consultant.

Sean Tenner: Victory 2004 slate. A Democratic political consultant for M&R Strategic Services, convention manager for the D.C. Delegation at this year's Democratic National Convention. Also executive director and co-founder of D.C. Democracy Fund PAC and former campaign aide for Council member Jim Graham in 2002.

Charles Thies: Victory 2004 slate. Political, conference management and special events consultant since 1994. Political director of D.C. Democracy Fund PAC. Former campaign manager for Phil Mendelson in 2002 and logistics coordinator for the AIDS Memorial Quilt Wellness Pavilion in 1996.

Patrick J. Nelson: Independent. Currently board member of Pleasant Plains Civic Association, executive committee member of Ward 1 Democrats (four years), and treasurer of 3rd District Police Advisory Citizens Council. Accountant.

Ward 2 Committeewomen

Karen Armagost: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Chasta Jones: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Ward 2 Committeewomen

Patrick Allen: Victory 2004 slate. Incumbent. Vice chair of Ward 2 Democrats since 2002, Fifth Precinct captain (1992-2000), volunteer for Clinton in 1992 and 1996, member of Executive Board Federation of Citizens Associations (1996-2004) and vice president of the Citizens Association of Georgetown (1996-2000).

Paul J. Riley: Victory 2004 slate. Incumbent since 2002. An attorney who was a Ward 2 precinct captain (Precinct 15) for most of the 1990s.

Rudi Riet: Running Against Bush slate. Systems analyst who acted as Internet coordinator for Howard Dean campaign.

Ward 3 Committeewomen

Patricia "Pat" Elwood: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

MaryAnn Miller: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Ward 3 Committeemen

Ron Bitondo: Victory 2004 slate. Incumbent, running unopposed.

Horace (Howie) Kreitzman: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Ward 4 Committeewomen

Donna J. Ellis: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Ella Creech Peete: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Ward 4 Committeemen

Paul R. McKenzie: Running Against Bush slate. Adjunct professor at Syracuse University who acted as Howard Dean's principal representative in D.C. Current president of the Friends of the Juanita Thornton/Shepherd Park Library.

George W. Fenderson: Victory 2004 slate. Incumbent since 1992 and former chairman of the finance committee and Ward 4 Democrats. Retired. Coordinated the Kennedy-King annual fundraising awards dinner for the Democratic State Committee. Acted as a campaign coordinator for Clinton/Gore, council members Linda Cropp and Harold Brazil, and mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly. Current at-large member of Citizens Advisory Council for the Metropolitan Police Department and former Fourth District chair.

Charles Gaither: Victory 2004 slate.

Calvin H. Gurley: Independent.

Ward 5 Committeewomen

Grace J. Lewis: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Romaine Thomas: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Ward 5 Committeemen

Fred Allen: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

James D. (JIM) Berry Jr.: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Ward 6 Committeewomen

Betty L. Smalls: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Sheila C. White: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Ward 6 Committeemen

Ron Collins: Victory 2004 slate. Incumbent since 2002. Director of the mayor's Office of Boards and Commissions. Precinct captain for Precinct 128 since 1997. Former chief of staff and acting deputy director of the D.C. Department of Human Services and chief of staff to Council Member H.R. Crawford for 10 years.

Don Dinan: Victory 2004 slate. Incumbent and chair of the D.C. Delegate Selection Committee for the Democratic National Convention since 2002. An attorney and adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center who represented citizens of D.C. in Microsoft litigation. Acted as general counsel for D.C. Democratic State Committee (1988-2000)and president of Ward 6 Democrats (1986-1988).

Henry Bofinger: Independent. Consultant and former World Bank and International Monetary Fund employee. Acted as volunteer organizer and fundraiser for the Howard Dean campaign.

Tom Heinemann: Independent. Running for office for the first time. A policy representative with the National Association of Realtors, formerly in Mayor Williams's Office on Policy and Legislative Affairs.

Keith Andrew Perry: Independent.

Ward 7 Committeewomen

Yvette Alexander: Victory 2004 slate. Incumbent. Insurance regulator at the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking since 2000 and member of the D.C. Democratic State Committee Executive Committee. Volunteered in the campaigns of Gore-Lieberman (2000), Anthony Williams (1998 and 2002), and Kerry-Edwards (2004).

Linda Jo Smith: Victory 2004 slate. Worked in public affairs at Pepco for 25 years. Chairman of the 6th District Police Advisory Council, past president of the Benning Ridge Citizens Association, current second vice president of the Federation of Civic Associations. Serves on the board of Some (So Others Might Eat) and on the board of the Marshall Heights Community Development Organization.

Geraldine (Jeri) Washington: Independent. Grants management specialist in the Department of Housing and Community Development.

Ward 7 Committeemen

Sam Bost: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Phillip J. Hammond: Victory 2004 slate. Running unopposed.

Ward 8 Committeewomen

Barbara Bailey: Victory 2004 slate.

Gladys M. General: Victory 2004 slate.

Wanda Lockridge: Ward 8 Democrats for Progress slate. Incumbent. Director of Sales and Marketing at D.C. Chamber of Commerce, member of the 7th District Advisory Council, first vice president of the Metropolitan Women's Democratic Club and former 8E Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.

Mary J. Cuthbert: Ward 8 Democrats for Progress slate. First vice president of Ward 8 Democrats, chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8C, vice president of the 7th District Citizens Advisory Council, and a member of the Metropolitan Women's Democratic Club.

Ward 8 Committeemen

Philip Pannell: Ward 8 Democrats for Progress slate chairman. Democratic National Convention delegate and three-time president of Ward 8 Democrats; works as a consultant and is president of AARP Washington Highlands Chapter. Former D.C. Democratic alternate national committeeman and president of D.C. Young Democrats.

Bradley Lewis: Ward 8 Democrats for Progress slate. A training consultant, at-large member of the D.C. Democratic State Committee, member of the Executive Committee of the Ward 8 Democrats and vice president of political affairs for the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club.

Lafayette Barnes: Victory 2004 slate. Incumbent and director of the mayor's Office of Partnerships and Grants Development. A member of Leadership Washington, the National Association of Black Public Administrators and the D.C. chapter of Concerned Black Men.

Karl M. Fraser: Victory 2004 slate. Toxicologist who serves as 8B02 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner and secretary of ANC 8B. Also an executive board member of the Knox Hill Civic Association.