The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

MORLAND DR. S., 5742-Michael R. and Sandra L. Lamb to Corina and William Noah, $464,900.

Braddock Heights Area

INQUIRY CT., 8735-Michael S. and Susan L. Knouse to Alexander and David Wimsatt, $132,900.

Brunswick Area

DAYTON AVE. S., 1-John R. Cooksey to Robert A. Smith, $175,000.

Emmitsburg Area

HERITAGE LANE, 17-Michael W. and Stacy B. Perry to Cory M. and Kristen R. Bell, $193,900.

Frederick City Area

ACACIA CT., 6844-Arthur Robinson to Matthew Ray Truax, $152,900.

ADMIRALTY PL., 8005-Edith C. and Allen E. Wiles to Ali James Afrookteh, $249,900.

ALL SAINTS ST. W., 134-Howard J. Hess and David C. Hess to Sappington Properties Corp., $89,900.

AVONSHIRE PL., 5630-G-Christa Ann Blaine to Suzanne S. and Robert R. Marsh, $150,000.

BARTONSVILLE RD., 6026-Alice Hill to Grover H. Moreno, $209,700.

BELLHAVEN CT., 9525-David L. and Lori M. Etter to Anne L. and Stephan Kurz, $235,000.

BLUE HERON DR., 8202, No. 1B-Colin G. and Eleanor M. Simpson to Sarah A. and John R. Baker, $140,000.

BLUE HERON DR., 8204, No. 3A-Sarah Beatty to Arthur and Lynn Wagman, $145,000.

CATOCTIN CT., 2502, No. 2-3C-Jean M. and George F. Pecor to Michael O. Cole, $191,500.

COOPERS WAY, 1635-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Sheryl W. and Edward D. Heller, $221,000.

DANCE HALL RD., 7404-Richard D. and Ruby E. Baer to Valerie S. and Kenneth M. Dougherty, $435,000.

DUKE CT., 5185-D. Scott Beck to Tanya B. and Marlon J. Artis, $145,000.

ELLINGTON WAY, 6512-Cameron M. Sokoloff to Michele and Mark Sokoloff, $201,400.

ELLSWORTH WAY, 2404, No. 3A-Konstantin G. Yakovlev to Susan M. Manville and Graham N. Gamble, $164,900.

ERNIE LANE, 5210-Donna L. and Roland E. Pearman to Rod M. Fleischman, $390,000.

FLEETWOOD CT., 9656-Neal M. and Susan L. Kassman to Barbara L. and Sean B. Roddy, $340,000.

GAMBRILL PARK RD., 12006-Ursula H. and Philip Shapiro to Lynne A. Stanker, $265,000.

HAVILLAND PL., 1506-Alba Arely Amaya to Mohamed Diawara, $247,500.

HOLLYBERRY WAY, 511-Tanya M. and Douglas L. Rodrigues to Seyed A. Mirhadi, $206,000.

HOPE COMMONS CIR., 3712-Regina R. Grubb to John S. Cushing, $312,500.

JEFFERSON BLVD., 6702-Nicholas P. and Ruth K. Warren to Deana and Steven E. Greenberg, $379,000.

KELLY CT., 6407-Rusty L. Monhollon to Kristy L. and Bryan A. Malseed, $200,000.

KEY PKWY., 1403, No. 102-Ida B. and Essix Wilson to Lube Center Inc., $110,000.

MILL ISLAND PKWY., 2009-Charles C. Estelle Jr. to Regina E. and William E. Junda III, $300,000.

PRIMUS CT., 585-Susan E. and Claude C. Tyner to Alfredo Giordano, $235,000.

RUTHERFORD CT., 6395-J-Robert L. Fletcher III to Mark R. Boorse, $142,000.

SAVAGE RD., 209-Wiwat and Ummit C. Tonggarwee to Nelly Siles and Juan Carlos Cespedes, $240,000.

SAVANNAH CT., 122-Kimberly and Bobby R. Marshall Jr. to Eric J. Dallavalle, $125,000.

SUNDAY'S LANE, 7512-Bertrand E. Newcomer to Mahadi Stephens, $199,900.

VICTORIA SQ., 34-Edith H. and Paul L. Clark to Michelle A. Pratt, $180,000.

WAINWRIGHT CT., 2149-BB-Delice Marie Kemp to Jennifer G. Pilch, $133,500.

WESTCOTT CIR., 5518-Traci L. and Jonathan Cadle to Sudha Ravindran and Arun S. Balasubramanian, $229,000.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2213-Benita C. and Melvin D. Rascoe to Marvin Dixon, $189,000.

WHITLEY CT., 1208-Dennis W. Boswell to Kathie L. Court and Wayne B. Mixdorf, $255,000.

YOUNG PL., 1103-Grace and Glenn Rippeon to Deandra D. Jones, $205,000.

YOUNG PL., 1117-April Fehr to Irene A. and Conrad L. Mills, $215,000.

Ijamsville Area

BROADMOOR TER. N., 5568-Willie and Janice L. Rotolone to Mamie L. Buchanan and Robert K. Tang, $638,000.

VISTA RIDGE CT., 9804-David R. and Eileen M. Gellerman to Jeanette M. and Kenneth M. Ziegler, $600,000.

Jefferson Area

BROAD RUN CT., 2387-James and Margery MacKeith to Arlene B. and James T. Kelly, $325,000.

Middletown Area

CAROLINE DR., 10-Frances L. and Clarence W. Lantz Jr. to Joyce E. Guyton Keller, $300,000.

FRANKLIN ST., 114-Ed Shaffer to Thomas E. Fisher, $410,000.

JAMES ST., 8214-Tommy R. Worsley to David D. Jackson, $280,000.

MAIN ST. E., 122-David Stephenson to IC Properties Corp., $269,900.

MARIAM PASS, 204-Austin C.J. and Ruth N. Wiles to Patricia A. and George J. Leiby, $322,000.

Monrovia Area

ROSSWOOD DR., 12190-W. Rogers III and Sharon M. Abbott to Nancy M. Martin and Daniel Ghanayem, $407,000.

Mount Airy Area

BOYERS MILL RD., 6413-Tony M. and Sharon L. Stream to Michelle and Lloyd L. Beddow Jr., $269,900.

HEMLOCK POINT RD., 6573-David Scott and Jill Anne Harry to Shelly and Talat Abuhamada, $230,000.

LOMAR TER., 4102-Steven L. and Stacie Crawford to Jennifer B. and Christopher N. Hyde, $450,000.

RAWLEY RD., 10919-Oscar M. and Aura D. Porras to Debra J. and Robert M. Hood, $325,900.

Myersville Area

FLINTRIDGE DR., 2732-Daniel G. and Michelle M. Stadler to Daren and Nicholas J. Chumbris Jr., $355,000.

Sabillasville Area

HARBAUGH VALLEY RD., 17310-James Victor Forrest to Eileen D. and Chester Willard, $110,000.

Thurmont Area

CARROLL ST. N., 6-M.G. and Edgar D. Boller to Kenneth E. Myers, $155,000.

CATOCTIN FURNACE RD., 12609-Joann and Wayne E. Kerns to Wayne E. Kerns Jr., $150,000.

HAMMAKER ST. E., 122-Scott M. Cooper to Cathleen Plaza, $159,900.

IRONMASTER DR., 105-Martha H. and Don T. Myers to Paul Hahr, $210,000.

ROCKY RIDGE RD., 7902-Kathryn M. Beall to Margaret C. Koester, $172,000.

SUNHIGH DR., 116-EMC Mortgage Corp. to Elia Sue Tegeloff, $173,500.

WILLIAM DR., 4-Fatma J. Ekinci to Shirley M. Draughan, $230,000.

Walkersville Area

ADVENTURE AVE., 8806-Robert W. Wright to Freddy H. Durand, $248,500.

CRAMER AVE., 307-Kevin A. and Connie L. Peyton to Mary D. and John G. Kevilly, $311,900.

DISCOVEY BLVD., 8522-Gary L. and Deborah D. Taylor to Mirna Villareal and Miguel Batres, $144,900.

REVELATION AVE., 8315-Michael F. Wells to Michael Shadoan Wells, $110,000.

REVELATION AVE., 8318-Belinda A. and Edward A. Gleason Jr. to Samuel Oji, $127,550.

SILVERSTONE DR., 211-Christopher J. and Christine Hickle to Keli L. and Michael P. Jensen, $262,000.

Woodsboro Area

HAUGHS CHURCH RD., 11059-Frenzie C. Stottlemyer to Alan R. Harrison, $120,000.