The Voters Guide issue [Sept. 9 District Extra] incorrectly described the polling place of the city precinct with the largest number of registered Republicans. Precinct No. 6 votes at Hardy Middle School, 35th and T streets NW. (Published 9/16/04)

Washington is often characterized -- sometimes derided -- as a Democratic preserve. And when voters trek to the polls Tuesday to vote in the city's primary, there will be nearly 10 Democrats registered for every Republican.

Nonetheless, there is no precinct in the city where the Republicans are entirely shut out. It may not be many, but there are at least 28 Republicans registered to vote in every one of the city's 142 precincts -- and one polling place has 1,358 official GOP voters on its books. There are at least six Statehood Green Party registrants in every precinct as well.

The most Republican-intensive precinct is No. 6, in Georgetown, which votes at Hardy Middle School, at 5th and T streets NW. Not only does it have the most registered GOP voters, it has the most registered voters, period: 5,666. That's 2,563 Democrats, 1,358 Republicans, 52 Statehood Green Party registrants, 1,674 independents and 19 others. The most Statehood Green registrants are found in Precinct No. 40, which votes at Bancroft School, 18th and Newton streets NW. That number is 141, in a precinct with 2,571 Democrats, 207 Republicans and 822 independents.

The party registration figures paint a portrait of a city with pockets of Republicans, independents and Statehood Greens and widely differing numbers of registered voters in each ward and precinct.

Here is a political snapshot of the wards, taken from the records of the Board of Elections and Ethics as of June 30, strictly by the numbers.

Across the city, 356,357 individuals are registered to vote. A total of 75.2 percent of registered voters are Democrats; 15.3 are independents, or registering for "no party"; 7.7 percent are Republicans, and 1.4 percent are Statehood Greens.

Ward 1, the burgeoning area that includes the north side of the U Street corridor and Adams Morgan, has the third-fewest registered voters in the city, 40,922. A total of 29,327 are Democrats, 7,917 are independents or registered for no party, 2,433 are Republicans and 1,020 are Statehood Greens.

The ward's biggest precinct -- in number of voters -- is No. 25, which votes at the Goodwill Baptist Church, 1862 Kalorama Rd. NW. That precinct also has the most registered Democrats and Republicans of any in the ward: 3,107 Democrats and 453 Republicans. Precinct No. 137, which votes at Garrison Elementary School, 12th and S streets NW, has the fewest voters. This tiny precinct, with only 780 registered voters, has 592 Democrats, 33 Republicans, 21 Statehood Greens, 129 independents and 5 others.

Ward 2, which includes much of downtown and Georgetown, has the second-fewest registered voters in the city -- 38,992 -- but the biggest single precinct, No. 6. Its smallest is Precinct No. 2, which votes at the International Monetary Fund Center, 720 19th St. NW. It has 392 Democrats, 131 Republicans, 9 Statehood Greens, 231 independents and 4 others.

Ward 3, the westernmost residential part of Washington, has 47,258 registered voters. Precinct No. 11, which votes at the International Union of Operating Engineers building, 2461 Wisconsin Ave. NW., has the largest number of registered voters in the ward, 4,611, as well as the ward's greatest number of Republicans, 806. But the precinct with the most registered Democrats -- 2,789 -- is No. 34, which votes at Edmund Burke School, 2655 Upton St. NW.

Ward 4, in the northern part of the city, has more registered voters than any other ward, 51,671. The biggest precinct in Ward 4 is No. 51, which votes at Lafayette School, Broad Branch Road and Northampton Street NW. It has 4,117 registered voters. That same precinct has more Republicans registered than any precinct in the ward, 605. The most Democrats -- 3,019 -- are registered in Precinct No. 62, which votes at Shepherd Elementary School, 14th Street and Kalmia Rd. NW.

Ward 5, including a great swath of Northeast, has the second-largest number of registered voters of any of the city's eight wards: 48,551. Precinct No. 66, which votes at Backus Middle School, South Dakota Avenue and Hamilton Street NE, has 4,617 registered voters, 4,063 of them Democrats. The largest Republican registration is 231 reported in Precinct 44, which votes at the Ukranian Catholic National Shrine, 4250 Harewood Rd. NW. Precinct No. 139, voting at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, 31st Place and Fort Lincoln Drive NE, has only 33 registered Republicans, out of a precinct total of 1,781.

Ward 6, which includes Capitol Hill and some of Southwest, has 46,635 registered voters. Precinct 81, which votes at Miner Elementary School, 601 15th St. NE, has the most registered voters, 4,780, of whom 3,880 are Democrats. Precinct 89, voting at Hine Junior High School, Seventh and C Streets SE, has the most registered Republicans, 634, out of a total of 3,395 voters.

Ward 7, the easternmost ward, has 45,342 registered voters. Precinct 110, which votes at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, 3601 Alabama Avenue SE, has the ward's most registered voters, 4,083, the most Democrats, 3,485, and the most Republicans, 117. Ward 7 also contains the precinct with the lowest Republican registration in the city. No. 95, which votes at Drew Elementary School, 56th and Eads streets NE, has just 28 GOP voters.

Ward 8, the southernmost ward, has the smallest number of registered voters in the city, 36,986. Precinct 125, which votes at Hendley School, Sixth and Chesapeake Streets SE, is the ward's largest, with 3,469 voters, of whom 2,862 are Democrats. Precinct No. 123, which votes in Martin Luther King Elementary School, Sixth Street and Alabama Avenue SE, has the ward's largest Republican registration, with 197.