Laurent Ross


Age: 50

Residence: Petworth.

Education: BA, Latin American studies, American University; master of international studies,George Washington University.

Occupation: College savings program manager, Calvert Group.

Elected offices/civic activities: Board member, D.C. Youth Orchestra; treasurer, John Eaton Afterschool Program; member of Local School Restructuring Team at Bruce-Monroe Elementary School, Garnett-Patterson Middle School, Banneker High School and John Eaton Elementary School.

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction?

"The most important issue in this election is health. I think the incumbent, Carol Schwartz, is bad for your health: 1. Ms. Schwartz is chair of the committee that oversees the Water and Sewer Authority; she was asleep at the wheel during the whole lead-in-our-water crisis. 2. Ms. Schwartz blocked legislation in her committee that would ban smoking in all workplaces and make D.C. into a smoke-free city. 3. Ms. Schwartz is supporting George Bush, one of the worst presidents for the health of D.C. residents and all Americans."

Why should voters elect you?

"I have the strategic planning, management and advocacy skills that will make me a great city council member for all of D.C."

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