First it was music and skateboarding at the new Wakefield Skate Park in Annandale, which hosted 25 bands Aug. 21. Tomorrow night it's a variation of the same theme, only with music and ice skating at Fairfax County's only publicly owned indoor rink, at Mount Vernon RECenter in the Alexandria area.

The 200by-85-foot rink will be turned into a concert venue, with a stage and bleachers on the rink and a second stage in the warming room, where skaters put on their blades.

There will be no Foreigner singing "Cold as Ice," but there will be 10 area bands from Virginia and Maryland on this, the first Friday night of the new school year.

Two acts that also played at Wakefield's "Flipside SummaFest" last month will be on hand: 33 West, a rock, punk and reggae band from Fairfax, and Common Effect, a pop punk band from Reston. Also look for Driving East, a relatively new Fairfax band whose four members play what they call "a fresh blend of energetic rock" (see

Others on the bill: Single Spies from Richmond, and Release from Clinton, Md.

Justin D'Amato, assistant supervisor of the ice rink, promises a good time for a concert idea that he says "has definitely been picking up steam." Steam and ice don't usually go together, but we get the idea.


Mount Vernon RECenter is at 2017 Belle View Blvd. Admission is $10 a person and includes the show plus skating. For more information, call Justin D'Amato at 703-768-3224.

Fairfax's 33 West is among 10 bands set to play for ice skaters at tomorrow's concert.