Play of the Week

Chris McFarland intercepted the ball just in front of the back line of the end zone. Riverdale Baptist Coach Kervin Wyatt thought his junior linebacker might just step out for a touchback.

"Then he saw something," Wyatt said.

So McFarland started to run. And he kept running all the way up the left sideline in front of Riverdale's bench.

"I think a couple guys on their team thought he stepped out," Wyatt said.

But McFarland, a transfer from Bishop Ireton, did not stop until he reached the other end zone for a touchdown in the Crusaders' 38-14 victory over Hyde. It was one of three interceptions that Riverdale returned for touchdowns.

"It was amazing," said Wyatt, who recorded McFarland's touchdown as 109 yards. "That's got to be a national record. It can't be any more than that."

Though the NFL records return yardage from the point a player takes possession of the ball, the NCAA records return yardage from the goal line. And Doug Huff, the founder of the National Federation of State High School Association's football records book, said the federation follows the NCAA statistical manual.

So, officially, McFarland had a 100-yard touchdown. He also had a 30-yard touchdown run, and on another play he sacked the Hyde quarterback and took the ball away for a fumble.