Girl Bitten; Dog Euthanized

LEESBURG, Edwards Ferry Road, Aug. 26. A man who was walking his cousin's pit bull said the dog chased a squirrel and then attacked a girl as she was getting into a car. The 16-year-old girl was treated at a hospital for extensive bite wounds on her legs. The dog was taken to the animal shelter, held for a 10-day rabies quarantine and then euthanized at its owners' request.

Deer Reunited

ASHBURN, Alexandras Grove Drive, Aug. 29. An animal control officer opened a small area of a construction fence to allow two trapped fawns to join a doe and a buck on the other side.

Copperhead Found in Home

ASHBURN, Birch Manor Terrace, Aug. 30. An animal control officer found a baby copperhead snake in a bedroom. The snake was captured and released into a wooded area.

Fishing Line Snags Duck

STERLING, Westlake Drive, Sept. 3. An animal control officer responding to a call found a female mallard duck with a fishing line around its beak, part of a worm hanging on the side and signs of a hook attached to the line inside its mouth. The officer was not able to catch the duck but determined that it was able to eat and drink. The case was transferred to wildlife rescue.