The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun County and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

CLOCK TOWER SQ., 24742-Farah Karimi to Shelly C. and Christopher L. Hess, $365,000.

FREMONT PRESERVE SQ., 42056-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Kimberly Collins and Cheryl L. Lowers, $388,765.

GEYSER PEAKS SQ., 24697-Roy Teran to Scott P. Raymond, $385,000.

GLACIER BAY CT., 42113-Beazer Homes Corp. to Jennifer and Michael Link, $529,679.

GYPSUM WAY, 24787-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge Corp. to Jan Y. and Timothy W. Viertel, $555,433.

KINGS CANYON SQ., 24657-Beazer Homes Corp. to Scott Webb, $160,250.

NETTLE MILL SQ., 24654-Beazer Homes Corp. to Carlos Villarreal, $310,142.


Regional Park Area

ABIGAIL TER., 46678-Wendy L. and Robert S. Brewer to Lan Chi Ngo and Loc Kinh Tran, $396,000.

BENTLEY DR., 7-Carrie A. and John Wesley Dodson to Flora Boswell and Sherry Boswell, $385,000.

BRINKS CT., 25-Ann M. and Ted A. Priest to Savani Dhumale and Ajey Tatake, $352,000.

CHESAPEAKE SQ., 20447, No. 201-Mary E. Lewis to Mark A. Morrison, $225,000.

CLOVER FIELD TER., 20369-David J. Crabb to Anthony Washington, $440,640.

DEVON CT., 21-Colin Hoffman to Mary Steshko and Brian E. Gareau, $193,000.

DOMAIN TER., 21176-Heather Johnson to Stacia G. and Patrick A. Collins, $280,000.

DRYSDALE TER., 46608, No. 200-Emily and Edward J. Shaughnessy to Denae M. Newman, $230,000.

DRYSDALE TER., 46620, No. 203-Florence Gilpin to Jamie S. and Erol S. Hak, $241,000.

FELLOWS ST., 45442-Cindy Z. and Thomas A. Johnson to Tiffany D. and Stephen Maro III, $360,000.

GANNON WAY, 16-Patricia Arteaga to Jesus C. Solis and Juan E. Chavez, $203,500.

GRAHAM COVE SQ., 46849-Marjorie E. and Robert R. Cabray to Stephanie D.A. and Adam B. Shipman, $350,000.

LAKE HAVEN TER., 45520-Oanh Ngoc Phan and Thong Vinh Cao to Laura K. and Bryant E. Johnson, $338,500.

MILLWOOD SQ., 21157-Glenda C. Thomas to Srikantha Reddy Bhoomireddy, $380,000.

QUARTERPATH TRACE CIR., 20547-Joan F. Furness and David J. Plick to Suzanne M. Volpe and Glenn D. Jones, $494,900.

QUINCY CT., 22-Maria Fe and Daniel P. Cahill to Amy and Daren M. Becker, $245,500.

RIPPLING DR., 47574-Victoria Yoder Truong to Ellen G. and Faouzi Chaabane, $505,000.

RIVERBEND SQ., 20419, No. 101-Barbara Ann Crabtree to Michael Hare and John P. Fimbel, $229,900.

ROYAL VILLA TER., 20874-Drees Homes to Jeanne M. Condie, trustee, $483,424.

SHARPSKIN ISLAND SQ., 47584-Abdolali Golesorkhi to Hooman Heravi, $323,000.

STANMOOR TER., 20933-Sara Briggs and James Shelmandine to Richard K. Manhard, $341,000.

STEED PL., 6-Loan T. and Chuyen T. Nguyen to Murat N. Silan, $565,000.

WATER MARK PL., 20259-Jeanette C. Russo, trustee, to Kathy and Peter Robison, $940,000.

Ashburn Area

ASCOT CT., 21753-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Claudine M. and Anwar M. Munayer, $255,900.

AUGUSTINE PL., 43320-Belmont Land Partnership to Lynda J. Schamber, $679,719.

AZTEC CT., 20222-Richmond American Homes to Nirvana T. and Ricardo A. Sabroso, $458,090.

BALTUSROL TER., 43246-Belmont Land Partnership to Kellie Derouen and Gregory Dale, $407,342.

BASELINE TER., 20401-Germaine and John Grinkley to Paul G. and June M. Petty, $337,000.

BEECHWOOD TER., 20281, No. 201-Amber L. Hayes to Eric Belluomini, $225,000.

BIRCHMERE TER., 20368-William A. Towery to J. Schnittker and Michael Schnittker, $280,000.

BITTERROOT TER., 21080-Christina and Thomas Carroll to Armelle and Jeffrey Hunt, $300,000.

CARRLEIGH CT., 43771-Equity Homes Partnership to Sybil K. and James M. Galligan, $549,678.

CEDARPOST SQ., 20920, No. 101-David Cline to Maggie J. Magoffin, $229,900.

CITATION DR., 20703-Shireen Saeed to Kumiko and Koji Nishimoto, $415,000.

COOL FERN SQ., 20493-Joseph Pascarella to Dena L. Benson, $268,000.

CORNERPOST SQ., 21078-Lisa and Josh Levi to Claire and Guillaume Favre, $319,000.

CORNSTALK TER., 20604, No. 301-Elmer L. Kohlhafer to Mison Kim and Jason W. Allen, $231,000.

CREW SQ., 20105-Daniel E. and Donna G. Fuller to Amy J. Angelides, $290,000.

CREW SQ., 20109-Michael A. Muroski to Diane E. Johnston, $183,500.

DELIGHTFUL PL., 43853-Kristine and Tommy J. Domingue Jr. to Hao Lin and Yu Tan Tseng, $519,900.

DUNHILL CUP SQ., 43632-Jennifer and Kenneth Stoll to Sarah E. Mage and David T. Pearson, $400,000.

FIELDGRASS SQ., 19885-Bryant Machuca and Norma Cruz to Kelly M. and Jeffrey T. Williams, $292,000.

FINDON CT., 21794-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Roy A. Sassano, $249,900.

FLATTOP CT., 20552-Zulema Castro and Carlos Avila to T. Lopresti and Donald Wright Jr., $440,000.

FLATTOP CT., 20553-Laura S. and David A. Claire to Shanon H. Venegas, $419,900.

FOWLERS MILL CIR., 20984-Elizabeth and William Stevens Jr. to Tracy A. and Scott R. Wimmer, $415,000.

GALA CIR., 44054-Dana M. and Seth P. Lawlor to Lyndsay A. and Justin D. Gleaves, $330,000.

GARDENPOST SQ., 43162-Rosemary G. and David E. Meisner to Mayra and Firouz Soltani, $330,000.

GREYSWALLOW TER., 43372-Pamela J. Rood to Elizabeth Wilson and Chae H. Kim, $277,055.

GROTTOES DR., 43867-Peggy S. and Rene A. Vazquez to S.E. Gilchrist and Thomas Donati, $550,000.

JARVIS SQ., 21794-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to L. Sredojevic and Jose A. Giron, $269,500.

KELSEY SQ., 21842-Parkside at Ashburn Corp. to Iris S. Bailey, $251,900.

LA BELLE PL., 43355-Belmont Land Partnership to Phuong Huynh, $505,725.

LIVONIA TER., 44452-NVR Inc. to Linda T. Johnson, $340,190.

LORDS VALLEY TER., 43993-Laura and Paul Greenlaw to Li Yu and Long Ma, $404,500.

MACEDONIA CT., 44098-Claudia and Donald W. Hansen to Mireille and Brett Steed, $481,000.

MACGLASHAN TER., 20220-Andrew T. Wallo to Carolyn M. and Benjamin N. Rosner, $275,000.

MIDDLEBROOK TER., 43714-Karl May and Karin G. Cowles to Christina S. and Theodore Tidmore, $349,900.

MILLAY CT., 43610-Latosca B. and Ray N. Brown Jr. to Storey Ellis and Clinton H. Robins, $650,000.

MIZNER TER., 19928-Belmont Land Partnership to Sarah Tees and Douglas W. Swanson Jr., $532,149.

MIZNER TER., 19932-Belmont Land Partnership to Shirley Ann Harr, trustee, $488,166.

MOSSY BROOK SQ., 44167-Michelle S. and Stan K. Crawford to Zeeye Hee Lee, $282,000.

MUIRFIELD VILLAGE CT., 20107-Suzanne and William O'Leary to Krista Nilsen and Michael Salmon, $570,000.

MUIRFIELD VILLAGE CT., 20119-Hong Bae and Pil Jae Lee to Dana M. and George J. Gehringer, $610,000.

NAPLES LAKES TER., 19881-Margaret E. and Harry M. Winters to Andrea C. and Stephen M. Creskoff, $550,000.

NOTTINGHAM SQ., 43446-Julie A. Curtis to Brent S. Booker, $350,000.

OLD GALLIVAN TER., 43069-Alicia Kae and Steven W. Douglas to Rajendra K. Valluru, $307,000.

OLIVE GREEN CT., 21258-Gurpreet Kaur and Rajeev Khanna to Laura M. and Michael C. Miller, $589,900.

OVERLAND PARK DR., 21539-Elizabeth Byrnes and Tammy Valentic to Tulika and Dinesh Singh, $480,000.

PETWORTH CT., 21811-Michael J. Stiltner to Christine Ann Orem, $305,000.

RIDGECREST SQ., 19897-Heidi M. and James A. Lutz to Abhilasha and Ramendra Singh, $315,500.

ROCHELLE CT., 43935-Margaret and John C. Howland to Paula and Steven J. Stahl, $495,000.

ROCKFIELD CT., 43174-Patricia J. and Robert R. Swindle to Bridget A. and Kevin R. Dorward, $565,000.

RYAN PARK TER., 21797-Dana M. and George J. Gehringer to Amy K. and Christopher B. Holtzman, $371,000.

RYDER MILLS CT., 20662-Frances Roberts and Brian Willard to Ruth and Robert Lang, $525,000.

SOMERSET HILLS TER., 43222-Belmont Land Partnership to Arthur H. and Arleene J. Hendrick, $373,134.

SONORA LANE, 44257-Debra J. Tibbals to Kelley Baker and Matthew S. Palmer, $343,500.

STEATITE CT., 21674-Washington Homes Inc. to Shiny Kunjachan and Mathew Thomas, $548,464.

STRONGHOLD CT., 43899-Samuel Pierce and Connie Ann Kosmann to Pamela J. and Michael A. Zanin, $495,000.

SUSCON SQ., 44287-Lisa T. and Dennis M. Scott to Suiyun Chen and Jwo Yuh Liu, $340,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 21023, No. 102-Roslyn V. Cephas to Karen and James Stiegler, $199,000.

VINELAND SQ., 21182-Jill M. and Benjamin D. Cohen to Namita Duggal, $329,000.

WILD MEADOW CT., 20584-Miller and Smith at Wild Meadow Corp. to Linda S. and Daniel L. Adkisson, $642,815.

WILDBROOK CT., 20550-Gulick Group Inc. to Ayampillay Jeyanathan, $974,803.

Broadlands Area

AUTUMNWOOD SQ., 43123-Victor H. Paez to Francisco Vasquez and Luz P. Reyes, $315,000.

BROADWELL CT., 42848-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Irene Bruno, $644,647.

DOLOMITE HILLS DR., 22422-Centex Homes to Arthur M. Koch and Doreen M. Cruz, $575,360.

EARLY LIGHT PL., 42848-Winchester Homes Inc. to Xi Jin and Ming Din, $619,045.

EVENING BREEZE CT., 42787-Tracy L. and Mitchell T. Maraney to Lisa D. and David A. Colangelo, $595,000.

FALLING ROCK TER., 21411-Valerie and Donald M. Showers Jr. to Shannon Brenner and Sharon M. Brenner, $410,000.

HOLLOWIND CT., 42763-Lori Beth Fyock to Shaila Reddy, $452,000.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43683-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Chau Huynh and Khanh Thanh Thai, $569,025.

MOUNTVILLE WOODS DR., 22782-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Gurpreet Kaur and Rajeev Khanna, $1.1 million.

OATLANDS GROVE PL., 22747-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Karuna and Vikram Kallepu, $462,280.

PINE TOP CT., 22471-Richmond American Homes to Jill C. and Scott D. Lawson, $631,740.

PORTICO PL., 22757-Winchester Homes Inc. to Cheryl and William Lewandowski, $663,350.

SCATTERSVILLE GAP TER., 22542-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Vera Jimenez and Ricardo Pascual, $328,456.

STILL CREEK DR., 42733-Richmond American Homes to Anh N. and Vernon L. Wong, $636,665.

SUNSTONE CT., 22007-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Benilda and Juan R. Batista, $426,575.

UNISON KNOLL CIR., 43160-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Irene and Konstantinos Fostieris, $879,748.

VICKERY PARK DR., 22867-Centex Homes to Anup Sharma and Anil Sharma, $453,790.

WELBORNE MANOR SQ., 22612-S.K. Flowers and Stephen G. Edwards to K. Avanti and Ashutosh Ballurkar, $455,000.

Dulles Area

BRONDESBURY PARK TER., 21755-Lara D. and Roberto E. Zamora to Srikala and Sreedhar Sana, $336,000.

GOLDEN SPIKE TER., 21913-Heidi L. Huhn to Shakil Kidwai and Farahnaz Kidwai, $285,000.

IRON HORSE TER., 45605-Aaron Kinworthy to Deana M. Mansoor, $310,000.

REGENT TER., 22913-Irandokht Sotodeh to Irene Leke and Atabe Nzalle, $330,000.

Great Falls Forest Area

SUGAR MEADOW DR., 10706-Jayne H. and Michael K. Donohue Sr. to Robin M. and Raymond J. Hoeymans, $520,000.

Hamilton Area

CURRY SPRINGS PL., 579-Christine P. Place to J. Franco Salagar and Hernan Ayala, $289,900.

IVANDALE RD. N., 40-Amy M. Locke and Paul L. Coates to Holly A. and Owen G. Abbe, $365,000.

MERAK CT., 39070-NVR Inc. to Leah B. and Curtis D. Carlson, $544,161.

Leesburg Area

ADAMS DR., 37-Kamna Chawla and Gurpreet Kaur to Anuradha Iyer, $128,000.

ADAMS DR., 6-Billie Jo and Kevin James to Patsy and S. McCabe and Mathew M. McCabe, $125,000.

ANDROMEDA TER., 403-Amy and Lance Nichols to Dan M. Friedberg, $270,000.

APACHE WELLS TER., 43789-Susanne A. Sullivan to Pamela Halston and Michael J. Halston, $465,000.

ARIEL DR., 274-Centex Homes to Bettye Z. and Dennis E. Brake, $486,990.

BAISH DR., 326-Ryland Group Inc. to Tisa and Matthew D. Kerby, $316,060.

BARKSDALE DR., 1407-Elizabeth and Gregory S. Phillips to Luis A. Melendez, $497,000.

BONNIE RIDGE DR., 815-Kristy F. and James P. Speronis to Som Van and Saroeum Pen, $595,000.

BOW LAKE PL., 829-Ann E. and Andrew C. Dunbar to Claudia M. Polo and Jose L. Gomes, $600,000.

BRAEMAR PL., 17640-Toll Land IX Partnership to Carmen and Peter J. Lepore, $917,604.

BROWNS CREEK PL., 40223-L.M.H. Corp. to Andrew L. and Jennifer T. Wexton, $834,825.

BURSTALL CT., 43175-Andrea L. and Kim Edward Jensen to Michelle F. and Anthony J. Trepal, $435,000.

CANDLEWICK SQ., 43084-Tina D. and Domonic T. Creek to Mary C. English, $295,000.

CLOISTER PL., 43410-R.C.S. Homes Corp. to Richard A. and Carol L. Janis, $1.1 million.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125-I, No. 11-Andrea and Azmi Zarou to Mary A. and Lonn W. Larson, $98,000.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 623L-Lynette M. Florence to Jeffrey M. McCoy, $190,000.

COTON HALL ST., 19238-Lansdowne Community Development to Kenneth Ward and Karen Saifer, $505,713.

CREEK FIELD CIR., 19253-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to James Paul Nicholas, $665,720.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19385, No. #216-Helen E. Ball to John F. Carroll, $217,000.

DAVIS AVE., 251-Rebecca L. Wilson to Felipe Blanco, $260,000.

DEARMONT TER., 43028-Hyang J. and Moon S. Song to Nhan Do and L. Bui and Matthew Bui, $375,000.

DOYLE TER., 514-Drees Co. to Lori A. Gheitanchi, $306,719.

EAGLE MINE TER., 19119-Chuck Kim to Lance Miyamoto, $425,000.

FERNDALE TER., 843-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Cameron D. Jordan, $263,521.

FIELDSVIEW CT., 43267-Basheer Edgemoore Goose Creek Corp. to Rachel J. and Gregory R. Ashley, $883,376.

FORT EVANS RD., 122-D-Timothy A. Bowers to Virgilio and Imelda Gunda, $175,000.

GAINES CT., 318-Juliette R. and Deon C. Barber to Robert F. and Anna G. Toth, $569,000.

GLEN ABBEY CT., 18224-Renaissance at River Creek Corp. to Janet and Mark Radcliffe, $867,690.

GOOSE CREEK LANE, 38559-Robert E. McQuaid to U. Kaul and C. Sinha and Anand Subbiah, $325,000.

GROUSE TER., 19060-Lansdowne Community Development to Wasi Ahadi and Abe Nader, $366,160.

GUNPOWDER CT., 803-Dana M. and Michael E. Wagner to Albert Gnadt and Kimberly Ingram, $495,000.

HAMPSHIRE SQ., 122-Anne E. McNamara and Liri Nela to Viviana Pereira and Julio A. Cunza, $269,000.

HANCOCK PL., 93-Madina Haque to Mohammad R. Alam, $50,000.

HAWLING PL., 1191-Lori F. and Sean P. O'Connell to Elisabeth and Bobby N. Turnage Jr., $835,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1137, No. 102-Denis Beach and Todd A. Wenner to Scott Lewis and Kristie Ralston, $159,900.

INDIAN FIELDS CT., 43988-Lansdowne Community Development to Mount Clifton and Rosemarie Truman, $832,105.

IRON LEIGE CT., 40330-Beacon Hill Corp. to Sharon C. and Paul V. Edelmann, $831,695.

LARCH VALLEY CT., 821-Baljinder Kaur and Surjit Singh to Bhagya L. and Narendra Polavarapu, $455,000.

LECROY CIR., 43266-Mark A. Smith to Rachael and Loi Duc Mai, $549,000.

LEES MILL SQ., 43755-Lansdowne Community Development to Kathleen B. and Dwight C. Hayes, $381,563.

LIMESTONE CT., 16357-V.M.K. Associates joint venture to Tanda M. and Robert B. Russell, $816,423.

MAXIMILLIAN CT., 119-K.L. Olde Towne Corp. to David Kilcy, $319,050.

NICKELS DR., 319-Suzanne K. and Joseph W. Marcus to Marilyn Barstow and Richard Darconte, $520,000.

NORTHLAKE BLVD., 43035-Brookfield Washington Corp. to Uzma Malik and Najeeb Malik, $525,015.

NOTTOWAY ST., 115-Mary and Paul Goldstein to L.R. and S.M. Hart and James Hart, $268,000.

PERDIDO BAY TER., 18535-Catherine L. Adams to James William Dyer Jr., $459,900.

PROSPECT DR., 125-Kyle W. Timbrook and Marc P. Timbrook to W. Stephen Baggett, $310,000.

RUNDLE TER., 43036-Katrina L. and Dan M. Harris to S. Gopalrathinam and M. Chandrasekar, $395,500.

SHANKS EVANS RD., 705-Jennifer L. and Daniel L. Sherry to Mayra Mendez, $500,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18503-Stephanie J. Meyers to Junko S. and Yinjing Gao, $344,900.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18507-Christine and John Gorham to Renee S. and John L. Cooney Jr., $369,990.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18508-Heather and Albert Kidwell to Patricia Barber, $360,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 853-Andrew A. Starinsky to Roberta W. Griffith, $265,000.

SPENCER TER., 184-Kincaid Virginia Corp. to Bevin Cetta Gates, $333,600.

STABLE VIEW TER., 350-Javier Navarro Gonzalez to Cynthia A. and Michael Zint, $258,000.

SWEIG TER., 19202-NVR Inc. to Ahmad Anari and Katayoun Bakhshayesh, $377,585.

TALL OAKS SQ., 827-C. Wannamaker and Mark Skorupinski to Tatyana Y. and Oleg Korsak, $278,000.

TEABERRY DR., 43150-Kimberly W. and John C. Zerega to Lara and Curt Alt, $487,500.

TENNESSEE DR., 1239-Terri and William Mason to Neil A. and Paula L. Senner, $445,000.

VALEMOUNT TER., 847-S. Leighton and Daniel Serafin Jr. to Timothy A. and Karen M. Jennings, $393,500.

WARBLER SQ., 43681-Lansdowne Community Development to Wayne Robert Welch, $496,315.

WHITE GATE PL., 17533-Toll Land IX Partnership to Victoria and Timothy Liang, $746,565.

WILDMAN ST., 217-Dorothy J. and Lee C. Lehr to Eugenia and Michael Chesser, $360,000.

WINNING COLORS PL., 17008-Renaissance at Beacon Hill Corp. to Amie V. and Carl D. Gustavson, $1.1 million.

WOODS EDGE DR., 1826-U S Home Corp. to Tzu Fen Wang and Michael Zdimal, $484,352.

Lovettsville Area

RIDGELY LANE, 39008-Julie and Richard Fifield to Mary Beth and John C. Sherman, $485,000.

SUGAR MAPLE LANE, 39550-Tamara P. and John I. Frye to Sheldon J. Pratt, $489,000.

Purcellville Area

CHARLES TOWN PIKE, 36012-Eileen and Nate Wooley to D. Plantier and William J. Walls, $274,900.

CHARLES TOWN PIKE, 37010-Candice C. and Richard J. Bower to Amanda J. and John W. Dean, $465,000.

GATEPOST CT., 416-Washington Homes Inc. to Irma J. and James C. Jacobs, $419,208.

HACKLEY CT., 102-Wm.E. Jones and Gary Wm. Jones to Margaret M. and Thomas P. Horgan, $246,000.

IVY HILLS TER., 133-Toll Virginia Partnership to Gloria Seeger, $260,175.

KING JAMES ST. E., 205-Zian Z. and Salahadin O. Karim to Sharon V. and Ty A. Gerlach, $424,900.

LINCOLN RD., 18088-University Homes Corp. to Natasha H. and Mark S. Barth, $898,000.

MAIN ST. E., 600-Wayne Bookstaver to 600 East Main Corp., $615,000.

MAPLE AVE. S., 625-Roberta and Alan R. Evasius to Sandra F. and Lawrence R. Kincannon, $449,900.

MISTY POND TER., 100-Toll Virginia Partnership to Vanderbilt Corp., $308,683.

SANDS RD., 18183-Myrtle E. Amos estate to Shirley and John Edward Amos, $189,900.

SHANNONDALE RD., 15268-Clifford Moore Jr. trust to Gina Schaecher and Michael Williams, $715,000.

SHORT HILL RD., 16385-Suzanne W. Wright, trustee, to Aberdeen Corp., $2.1 million.

YORKSHIRE RIDGE CT., 402-Arcadia 21st Street Towns Corp. to Brittany A. and Michael C. Gorman, $269,124.

Round Hill Area

CLOVER TER., 35896-Susan S. and Lawrence C. Held to Kelly C. Smith, $241,000.

LEGACY TER., 17357-Laura M. and Travis J. Ludvigsen to Noel Burke, $232,000.

PARK HEIGHTS CIR., 35788-Laurie L. and Nino J. Bonura to Susan L. Kelley, $379,900.

South Riding Area

BRADDOCK RD., 42491-Kristen Manos and Michael Kalina to Peter R.Q. Knop, $630,000.

CABIN POINT CT., 25670-Pulte Home Corp. to S. Nanduri and Sairavik Komarraju, $607,775.

CEDAR POND PL., 43413-Drees Co. to Kristi F. and Patrick R. Loop Jr., $753,356.

CENTER ST., 42769-Melissa J. and Adam M. Perotti to M. Susan Dorsey and Adam K. Pitcher, $437,500.

CHAMBERS DR., 25454-Cara L. and Samuel F. Romanzo to Josh Lampel and Eric Taylor, $515,000.

CHASE ST., 43223-Patricia and Keith Lindsey to Marielle Amelsvoort and Viet Chu, $600,000.

CREEK RUN TER., 25625-Annette Jablonsky to Susan R. and Thomas L. Lopresti, $489,000.

FREDA LANE, 25476-Teresa Waitzman Bannister to Joseph Preston Bowling, $359,900.

FREEDOM ST., 42747-Melissa R. and Paul B. Schlee to G. Delligatti and Jason Kozlowski, $407,000.

FREEDOM ST., 42783-Friba S. and Sammy U. Sarwari to Anita Tantry and Krishna N. Rao, $439,900.

GLADEHILL CT., 43684-Pulte Home Corp. to Nivin Joudeh and Gary Richter Jr., $744,710.

GLADEHILL CT., 43688-Pulte Home Corp. to Christopher D. and Alicia C. Skoug, $698,625.

GLADEHILL CT., 43692-Pulte Home Corp. to Dana L. and Ronald D. Canfield, $704,736.

GOLF VIEW DR., 43260-Dana L. and Ronald D. Canfield to Amy L. and Jason E. Sfaelos, $525,000.

HARTWOOD DR., 25973-Christine A. and Jason O. Waldrop to Yoonjoo Cho and Ikhee Lee, $449,900.

HARTWOOD DR., 26029-Bridget F. and Brian C. Porter to Navinder and Jagjit Dhillon, $451,000.

HOWERTON DR., 25725-Michelle Slone and Michael C. Rush to Brenda and Lawrence E. Osborne Jr., $630,000.

INDIAN HILL CIR., 25420-Heather T. and Jeffrey W. Jones to Elizabeth A. and Robert Partin, $319,900.

LANDS END DR., 26149-Michael E. Yager to Melinda D. and Joel E. Nelson, $355,000.

LOCKLEAR TER., 42760-South Riding Partnership to Thuy Ho, $336,550.

NELLIE CT., 25883-Ryland Group Inc. to Monica and Sanjay Bhatia, $594,316.

PILGRIM SQ., 42819-Jennifer V.E. Johnson to Katherine H. and Brian J. Davis, $299,000.

PINEBLUFF DR., 25893-Wendy R. and Timothy J. Storey to Alyssa A. and James J. Everett, $469,900.

RACHEL HILL DR., 26009-Lori H. and Grant T. Moher to Teresa Waitzman Bannister, $525,000.

RACHEL HILL DR., 26242-Michelle C. and John P. Anderson to Kecia and Brent Broussard, $481,000.

SARAZEN DR., 26078-Kimberly and Christopher Jungles to Rebecca K. and Nathan M. Spong, $526,500.

SPRING FARM CIR., 25824-Ryland Group Inc. to Wai Jen and Chien Chih Wang, $607,020.

TREMAINE TER., 25677-South Riding Partners Partnership to Sandra L. Kaplan, $449,398.

VALIANT DR., 43288-South Riding Partners Partnership to Christopher L. Phan, $675,666.

Sterling Area

AMELIA ST. N., 1904-Cynthia D. and Patrick K. Horan to Sylvia Reyes and Margarita Garcia, $300,000.

ARGONNE AVE. N., 1707-Thomas Pavelko to Traci L. Porter, $285,000.

BEACON DR., 215-Patrick M. Terry to Millicent Stokes and Jay Mischo, $319,900.

BRETHOUR CT., 723-Pamela S. and William Robert Lorentz to Margarita Romero, $213,000.

CANDLEBERRY CT., 13-Carol K. and Adam J. Joseph to Jose D. Argueta, $390,000.

CANOPY TER., 21769-Michael Dimaggio to Brian T. Fletcher, $179,900.

COMSTOCK CIR., 21700-M. Vasquez and Jorge Vasquez Olivera to Nicholas Decicco and John Dabaie, $230,000.

DINWIDDIE ST. N., 1507-Hannah B. Huhn to Cynthia L. and John E. McNally, $329,900.

EMORY DR. N., 161, No. 8-Kevin A. Decker to Guy Sparks, $134,500.

FILLMORE AVE. N., 221, No. 3-Rosemary Bevans to Irma Y. and Carlos O. Rodriguez, $145,000.

FLICKER TER., 46710-Jody A. Dosen and Daniel C. Solem to Kimberly and Kenneth J. Kartsen, $317,000.

GILES PL., 408-Lucio L. Andrade to Jian Jiang and Qiang Zhao, $216,000.

GORDON ST. E., 308-Barbara H. and James L. Dunlap to Kenneth Van Alt and Ronald Hinckley, $315,000.

JASPER CT. W., 703-Shannon and Christopher Hicks to Jose C. Flores, $303,900.

LOST TRAIL TER., 45498-Jennifer and Robert Shelton to Chhavi and Atul K. Mathur, $317,000.

MARCUM CT., 106-Lynette M. Hall to Dino V. Ford, $215,000.

MARGATE CT., 1029A-Martha L. King to Amy W. and Ronald W. Dick, $143,000.

MIRROR RIDGE PL., 21317-Lonnie K. and W. Robert Smith Jr. to Majed M. El Bayya, $490,000.

POPLAR RD. E., 509-Noreen A. and Miles R.M. Shorey to Steve A. Moore, $260,000.

POPLAR RD. W., 611-Chaumette R. Garcia to Miguel Urquilla, $315,000.

RABBITRUN TER., 46907-Chi H. and Vuong M. Vo to Thomas Harden, $316,000.

SUGARLAND RUN DR., 424-Mary P.A. and Robert R. Walker to Becky and Richard Cockerill, $339,900.

SUGARLAND RUN DR., 427-Mary H. Webb to Jose Ramos, $315,000.

TOTTENHAM CT., 1026-Jaime Perez to Vilma Perez, $220,000.

TRAMORE CT., 306-E.A. McKillop and David Boileau to Rhiannon and Mark Blair, $380,000.

TRUMPET CIR., 46826-Christopher D. Dicarlo to Gita Far, $285,000.

TRUMPET CIR., 46913-Teri Carpenter to Margarita R. Velarde, $265,000.

TWINRIDGE SQ., 21106-Betsy B. and Phillip V. Trinh to Shiva Afshartous, $379,995.

WEDGEDALE DR., 23-Franklin Todd Ballinger to Eric J. Sandin, $227,400.

WOODMINT TER., 46757-Gail and Scott Dean to Syed K. Hussain, $270,000.

WOODSTONE TER., 46843-Arjuman Begum to Sayyid M. Syeed, $282,000.

Waterford Area

MAIN ST., 40158-Richard L. Storch to Kristin Scheel and Morgan G. Hough, $570,000.

OLD STAGE PL., 38996-Richmond American Homes to Linda D. and Carl A. Espejo, $660,590.