The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

ARKENDALE RD., 6220-Donald N. and Mary E. Gower to Scott and Kristen Williams, $530,000.

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1406, No. C1-James G. Randolph to Kelly A. Caughlin, $199,000.

14TH ST., 6405-Geoffrey D. and Rebecca F. Kenyon to Stuart L. Davidson and Mary Elsea, $535,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

AUSTIN AVE., 3527-Sarah Kelly to Kathryn Romelotti, $289,550.

BARRY RD., 7217-Sonarga Corp. to Thanh P. Nguyen, $940,000.

BLANFORD CT., 7562-Sandra M. Metcalf to Todd A. and Altagracia E. Alexander, $280,000.

DOROTHY GILES CT., 6720-Kevin L. Giles and Rendi L. Howell to Babrak and Nasrin Gardizi, $370,000.

ESSEX HOUSE SQ., 6130, No. B-Robert W. Hairfield to Erin M. Pender, $240,000.

FOGLE ST., 6259-Sally E. Mudd to Mirzo and Snjezana Babic, $250,000.

GRANGE LANE, 6501, No. 301-Holly Eisenhour to Adam C. and Kelly M. Markham, $259,900.

GREENLEIGH LANE, 6628-Nancy R. and Darius Khaghani to Jessica C.J. and Clint C. Sanchez, $277,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6923-Robert J. Patchett to Demek Adams, $149,900.

MORNING GLEN CT., 6504-John E. Schlosser to Grace Kim, $218,000.

ROUNDHILL RD., 4603-Lilliane and Son Corp. to Pablo and Lucia Martinez, $295,000.

WALTER DR., 6527-Paul V. Jackson and Christina Beck to Karim S. Hussain and Suad H. Jamil and Fran K. Ali, $349,900.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 6000-Philip D. Freedman to James R. and Monica M. Roberson, $419,000.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4325, No. 102-Bushra Bibi to Charles Abell, $165,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4937, No. 204-Diane Lett to Francisco M. Bispo, $150,000.

ASPEN HILL CT., 4613-Brookfield Aspen Hill Corp. to Grace Chiu, $544,140.

DASSETT CT., 7811-Catherine E. Selsor to Keisha Broadnax, $137,000.

GARBO CT., 4528-Mary C. Curry to Christian A. and Sergio R. Monterey, $290,000.

GLEN HOLLOW CT., 7255-Audrey C. Moore to Joyce C. Hall, $228,000.

LAKE BLVD., 3806-David Lee to Marcelo B. and Sonia Cavero, $405,000.

MAXFIELD DR., 4544-Zuhair Abu and Nancy Ghannam to Ziad Alnmir, $305,000.

MURRAY LANE, 7114-Paula M. Mathews to Boris M. Sigwalt, $390,000.

TOBIN RD., 8302, No. 8302-13-Judith F. Bassett to Thomas E. Nolte, $185,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3310-Alan J. Negin to Carmen Aponte and Melissa Mercado, $172,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3705-Raja Hewari to Jim N. and Jeanette A. Zaza, $256,000.

GREENTREE DR., 3401-Jeanette M. Morehead to Michael D. Martinelli, $404,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6056-Faye S. Osborne to Robert J. Osborne, $200,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6133, No. 203-Sarah L. Martin to Tammy M. MacDougall, $133,900.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 1817N-Karl D. Brendle to Elizabeth S. Wright, $110,000.

Burke Area

CHESTNUT WOOD LANE, 10009-Leslie T. and Elaine Fritz to Ignacio I. and Rosa A. Zarco, $281,000.

HICKORY TREE CT., 9203, No. 205-Hugo S. and Flor De Maria Gutierrez to Kevin and Amy Riddick, $224,900.

LAKE BRADDOCK DR., 9106-Won K. and Myung J. Choe to Hyun J. and Alexandra H. Choe, $380,000.

PARK HUNT CT., 9446-Stanley E. Perrin and Bonnie King Care to Robert R. and Patricia K. Jarrett, $272,500.

POND SPICE TER., 10301-Mary G. and John E. Dryer to Abraham Jacob and Susan Jacob, $284,900.

QUEENS WOOD DR., 5093-Nicholas and Anne Allan to Lori A. and Karl H. Gingrich, $425,000.

TICONDEROGA CT., 6016-Hayford and Agnes Korankye to Carlos E. and Noellia Penarrieta, $275,000.

Centreville Area

ASHER VIEW, 14089-Scott C. Plein and William M. Smith to Julio R. Moran and Telma E. Perez, $265,000.

BASINGSTOKE LOOP, 14812-Margaret S. and Robert E. Allworth to Shayan Torabi, $240,000.

CEDAR LOCH CT., 6808-Hai Hoa Nguyen to Matthew V. Kirchoffner and Laura K. Flynn, $309,900.

CHANDLEY FARM CIR., 5320-James E. Mitchell to Nick and Ana Ron, $1.1 million.

FARRAHS CAVAL RD., 6810-Stephen M. and Catherine E. Shema to Chong H. and Mi Ja Kim, $499,900.

GREEN PARK WAY, 14761-Gonzalo Borrero and Esperanza Ochoa to Hue Dung Quach and Dereck Jackson, $224,900.

GRUMBLE JONES CT., 14011, No. D-Jean C. McMillen to Erik A. and Diana E. Mojica, $234,950.

HONEY HILL CT., 14105-Roberto and Yanira Fuentes to Ahmed M. Azam and Farhana Hamid, $255,000.

KETTLE MOUNTAIN DR., 14342-Jennifer

M. Calachino to Peter H. Buchanan, $191,000.

PALISADES DR., 6515-J. Dan Recer to Esperanza Ochoa and Gonzalo I. Borrero, $300,000.

PENDLETON PL., 6344-Amy Yeager to Rodrigo L. Cordova, $285,000.

PONY HILL CT., 14220-Bruce H. and Nancy C. Thomas to Keith J. and Melissa A. Coughlin, $570,000.

ROCK HOLLOW LANE, 6449-Equity LP to Stacey L. Shndelar, $701,655.

ROCKY RUN DR., 5708-James B. and Rosemary Stanfield to Joseph and Elizabeth Remigio, $430,000.

ROWENA DR., 5601-Stephen F. and Susan K. Monick to Carl and Winifred O. Kachauskas, $425,000.

SAGUARO PL., 14461-Beth L. Anderson to Betsy Dill, $126,100.

SAPPHIRE SKY LANE, 5087-Pulte Home Corp. to Sung Kellie K. Kim, $448,650.

SPRUCE RUN CT., 5908-Bobby L. and

Sharon F. Christlieb to Amy W. Susi, $178,000.

WATERDALE CT., 5819-Chong H. Yi to Mona M. Mashaal, $254,900.

WILLOUGHBY NE DR., 5616, No. 33-Scott A. Seifried to Robert and Susana Rafidi, $212,000.

Chantilly Area

BARE ISLAND DR., 13603-Patrick W. and Beth A. Cowne to Cody W. and Jacquelyn N. Wood, $564,000.

BRENTWALL CT., 4695-Mohammad Ali Fakhro to Qu Duan and Li Xiang, $580,000.

ELLENDALE DR., 13617-Paul A. and Goldie E. Mansour to Emery D. and Tricia M. Skolfield, $352,777.

KIMBERLEY GLEN CT., 4031-Roberto Garcia and Gloria A. Chavarria to Rashika Shrestha, $274,000.

SAMUELS PINE RD., 4524-Talbot M. Black to Robert Havlovick and Anne E. Lindvay, $310,000.

WAVERLY CREEK CT., 13906-Timothy J. Bendel and Michelle E. Miller to William P. and Danielle S. Powers, $399,900.

Clifton Area

COBBLE LANE, 13028-Martha A. Sala to Christopher R. Ball and Kelly T. Mann, $337,900.

ROCK HOLLOW LANE, 6444-Preston E. and Kathleen A. Bach to Michael S. and Rebecca P. Campbell, $672,504.

Fairfax City Area

ARNIEL PL., 4495-Equity Homes LP to Xiangbo Xia and Xiaoling Lu, $823,948.

ARNIEL PL., 4508-Equity Homes LP to Michael S. and Monica R. Marburg, $723,950.

AUTUMN WILLOW DR., 13068-Gordon D. and Janet W. Boone to Yung J. and Uyon Cho, $575,000.

BIRKDALE WAY, 12592-Centex Homes to Timothy W. Grady and Kathleen P. Guinee, $402,560.

BRADDOCK RD., 12212-Lacy R. Dolinger to David Dolinger, $183,000.

CANNON RIDGE CT., 4320-Charles G. and Lynn C. Hunter to Bui H. Lee, $229,000.

CERROMAR PL., 12542-NVR Inc. to William K. and Denise S. Holliday, $634,398.

CHESHIRE MEAD WAY, 5516-Richard F. and Elizabeth G. Perkins to Eric P. and Teresa S. Hollandsworth, $270,000.

COLCHESTER BROOK LANE, 3165-Rose E. Montas to Zhi Jun Zhang and Li Jianling, $305,000.

DEER GLEN CT., 9351-Roy J. Dodd and Diane P. Gray to Turan Garibova and Anar Garibov, $515,000.

FAIR CREST CT., 12705, No. 304-Stephanie Barnhardt to Robert J. Morton and Leilani C. Eleccion, $270,000.

FORESTDALE DR., 4730-Michele A. Bolos to Francisco C. Cornejo and Ximena Suarez De Cornejo, $320,000.

GAINSBOROUGH DR., 4911-Jae Min and Sung Y. Shin to Hee J.J. Shin, $400,000.

GALLEY CT., 5412-Bonnie L. Court to Solomon Gessesse, $280,000.

GREENWOOD CT., 12104-Thomas P. and Elizabeth F. Kridler to Yograj Taneja, $210,000.

HAMPTON FOREST CT., 12989-Russell E. Martin to Carlos A. and Jacqueline L. Vargas, $430,000.

LINDEN LEAF CT., 9487, No. 9-Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Botie Zhao, $113,166.

LINDENBROOK ST., 9684-Carolyn D. Blair to Jianghui Ying, $269,000.

MADONNA LANE, 13113, No. 185-James C. Chamberlain to Joseph C. Brown, $384,900.

MANOR PL., 10010-Daniel and Salonie B. Turner to Nicholas and Alexandra Bakopoulos, $650,000.

PENDER RIDGE TER., 4035-Darryl L. Whitehead to Arlyne D. and Reginald G. Foy, $420,000.

POMMEROY DR., 5301-Michael S. and Kathleen L. Haines to Luis D. and Melissa R. Garcia, $375,000.

RIDGELEA DR., 3726-Sung Ho Han to Gee H. Han, $690,000.

RIDGETON HILL CT., 5526-Geoffrey W. and Melissa S. Shepard to Juan B. Juarez, Wilfredo Mercado, Jacqueline Predraza and Clara A. Juarez, $275,000.

SANTAYANA DR., 9109-William G. Wiegers to Stephen B. Weisman, $485,000.

STRONG CT., 12346-Jodi L. Hurley to Victoria E. Broderick, $236,900.

SWEETHORN CT., 3647-Deborah H. Fitzsimmons to Joan Stauffer, $280,000.

WAYTHORN PL., 3860-Lindsay M. Tipton to Sara B. Montera, $325,000.

WOOD WREN CT., 9960-Edward L. and Betty J. Campbell to Victoria A. Palmer, $289,900.

Fairfax Station Area

ADAMS CHASE CIR., 9002-Brookfield Harris Corp. to Barry A. and Stacy Sklar, $927,865.

REGENCY STATION DR., 10313-Robert A. and M. Susan McIntosh to Miles and Lisa McNamee, $795,000.

SWANS CREEK WAY, 9042-Brookfield Harris Corp. to Carl C. and Patricia A. Hartung, $807,302.

WILLOWBROOK RD., 7607-Raul A. and Eleanor M. Moran to Randal J. and Joan S. Onders, $670,000.

Falls Church Area

HICKORY HILL RD., 7015-Mary B. and Richard W. Hubert to Milton Flores and Limbert Merida, $349,000.

LINDEN LANE, 2901-Ronald L. and Carol L. Temple to Dean E. Nichols, $485,000.

NORFOLK LANE, 3246-Leroy F. Briggs to Eric A. Colby, $310,000.

WALLACE DR., 2945-Ralph S. and Marcella L. Westcott to Emma Louise Sanwogou, $325,000.

WILLOW POINT DR., 7784-Gary D. and Gale D. Avery to Brenda L. Ureke and Gilbert Workman, $202,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

GILSON ST., 1813-Patricia B. Lawton to Jorge Luis Sosa, $365,000.

PAXTON RD., 7332-Reva Mae Griffith to Pilar L. Morin, $314,900.

VAN TUYL PL., 2094-Mary V. Smith to Gigi P. Stowe, $498,000.

VENICE CT., 7501-GBM Properties Corp. to Martin R. Youmans, $555,000.

Fort Hunt Area

DEWOLFE DR., 916-Frank J. and Diana O. Ceresi to James H. and Rebecca F. McDonough, $525,000.

FAIRFAX RD., 8007-Frank B. Holsten to Kathryn A. Shenkle, $310,000.

Great Falls Area

CROWN MEADOW DR., 706-Thomas L. and Shelly S. Chapple to Vincent and Alma Sandusky, $895,000.

GALPIN CT., 10302-Vincent and Alma Sandusky to Albert and Cynthia Calland, $675,000.

GRACE MEADOW CT., 804-Gregory S. and Susan H. Hero to James P. and Judy L. Meeks, $1,255,000.

SPRINGVALE RD., 658-Victor B.X. and Daisy M. Desouza to Honorio and Elizabeth Padron, $1,206,405.

Herndon Area

BERGER PL., 2113-Milta Mayorga to Amit Garg, $161,000.

BICKSLER DR., 1118-Vladimir I. and Carlos A. Perez to Mynor Gudiel, $340,000.

ELEVATION LANE, 13401-Rebecca J. and Charles J. Munson to Brian D. and Amy C. Smith, $275,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 543, No. 202-Steven C. Browning to Evan B. Wentworth,


LOGAN WOOD DR., 2522-Jacqueline A. Biggio to Sandhya Diwana, $275,000.

OWLSLEY WAY, 12801-David M. and Lynne E. Auslander to Boaz and Majorie E. Kalfon, $730,000.

PREUIT PL., 13308-Gladys O. Guerrero to Ricardo L. Falla, $209,000.

ROSE GROVE DR., 12825-Winchester Homes Inc. to Chung J. and Amy Huey M. Yeh, $1 million.

ROWLAND DR., 1236-Walter M. and Kristin E. Presz to Rosa Ayala, $500,000.

SABER LANE, 1028-Alexis A. and Blanca R. Oliva to Ernesto E. Vasquez, $200,000.

STEVENSON CT., 1128-Jose A. Alfaro and Mercedes J. Urquilla to Echeverria Francisca Menjivar, $251,500.

SUMMERSET PL., 1532-John and Devon Coleman to Behrouz Jamali, $449,900.

VIKING DR., 2749-Gregory M. and Cynthia A. Sieber to Steve and Kristina Baumler, $415,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 456-Jose A. and Delfina Argueta to Fanny E. Chirinos, $268,000.

Huntington Area

FARRINGTON AVE., 2238-Anne S. Hicks to Matthew A. Fullerton and Natalie A. Foxworthy, $219,900.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5903, No. 1505-George S. Charuhas to Gerald F. and Sue E. Hughes, $310,000.

Hybla Valley Area

AUDUBON AVE., 7965, No. B2-Jaikumar Mirpuri to Balwinder Kaur, $92,000.

AUDUBON AVE., 7984, No. B1, BLDG 13-Jorge B. Menacho to Jose Bonnin,


GREAT SWAN CT., 7539-Michael Del Sontro to Zhongwei Wang and Zhaohua Zhang, $353,800.

JOSEPH MAKELL CT., 2818-Louis R. Jackson to Ludin Abarca, $289,000.

POPKINS LANE, 2814-Ceferino and Candida Vigil to Gloria J. Urrutia, $299,000.

ROSS ST., 2421-James B. Smith to Matthew A. Edwards, $290,000.

STONEYBROOKE LANE, 6803-Peter A. and Jennifer S. Lafley to Manfredis and Maria T. Ruiz, $379,000.

Lincolnia Area

BRYCE RD., 4000-Keith C. and Viola S. McUlty to Jose Delcid, $334,000.

COZY GLEN LANE, 5252-George W. Nicholson to Kim I. Moreland, $505,000.

LINCOLNIA RD., 6301-Raymond R. Botts to Satish Amin, $345,000.

MONTROSE ST., 6421-David L. Crosby and Margaret M. Everett to Dunja Lepusic, $410,000.

SHELDON DR., 5512-Joaquin Ramirez and Martha Heymann to Maria and Sylvia Sosa and Jorge L. Sosa, $309,900.

SUMMER LEAF LANE, 5441-Christopher R. and Susan O. Marston to Jason Lavender, $415,000.

Lorton Area

BLUE BONNETT DR., 8147-Pulte Home Corp. to Thomas H. and Pranee Schmidtke, $666,901.

BLUEBIRD WAY, 8316, No. 21-Charles T. Conner to Aimel Aziz, $225,900.

HAGEL CIR., 9825-Javier N. Henriquez to Ramon D. Flores and Alba Luz Torres Rios, $167,000.

LARNE LANE, 7476-James Daniel and

Karen S. Schulz to Miguel A. Benavides, $232,000.

LYNDAM HILL CIR., 7214-Horton Inc. to David E. and Sara L. Stout, $514,275.

MCCARTY RD., 9217-Elias B. and Maria S.P. Gerardo to Eduardo J. Larrazabal, $301,000.

RED CARNATION CT., 8248-Pulte Home Corp. to Yong J. and Sook Kim, $412,150.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8261-Pulte Home Corp. to Marcela B. and Rosana Montequin, $357,225.

STATIONHOUSE CT., 8366-Abdul A. Ghafoory to David W. and Pamela D. Charbonneau, $237,000.

SUMMERHILL CT., 7635-Michael E. and Sharyn J. Saunders to Irene Isarasak and Pitchpong Isarasakdi, $365,000.

McLean Area

BELLAMINE CT., 6511-Xiaozhu Liu and Ruay L. Ho to Young Kim, $860,000.

DOLLEY MADISON BLVD., 831-Suntrust Bank to Henry J. and Linda R. Konigsberg, $785,000.

EVANS MILL RD., 7260-Kay Bradley Mays to Robert and Susan Hudec, $660,000.

FONTHILL CT., 1836-Edgemoore McLean Basheer to Arman Firouzi and Mehrdad Hakimian, $690,051.

GREENSBORO DR., 8340, No. 724-Stephen Y. Cho to Roberto R. and Christine C. Rabe, $264,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8370, No. 307-Daniel E. Wyman to Pontea and Mahnaz Kay, $305,000.

PROVINCIAL DR., 7630-Gerry R. and Roland D. Gunn to Fontaine L. and Barbara V. Williams, $245,000.

SENECA AVE., 1606-Billy T. Edens to Roger F. Pillow and Debra J. Fredrickson, $905,000.

SILENT RIDGE CT., 1063-Gulick Group Inc. to Jose and Aurora Rodriguez,


SPRING GATE DR., 1571-Gates of McLean Corp. to Bradley and Catherine Lytle, $309,900.

SPRING GATE DR., 1580-Gates of McLean Corp. to Tony B. Pillai, $305,900.

THRASHER RD., 7206-Nicholas Zinni and Deirdre Maguire Zinni to Capital View Corp., $550,000.

Mount Vernon Area

COLONIAL AVE., 3702-Pamela M. and Robert M. Serino to Anil G. Nachnani and Pamela A. Sanders, $645,000.

EL SONETA PL., 3965-Alma E. Rodriguez to Jose P. Morales, $133,000.

GODFREY AVE., 4801-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Janet E. Baralli, $481,000.

JOSHUA PL., 3818, No. B, BLDG 43-Oshea Corbin to Roger Perez and Dione Tellez, $159,500.

MIRAMONTE PL., 3832, No. C-Luis F. Garcia and Lauro Gonzalez to Rosa E. Aguilera, $145,500.

MOUNT VERNON HWY., 8506-Wayne R. and Lila H. Mullins to Somrak Sarakahanee, $300,000.

OLD MILL RD., 8733-McShay Olde Mill Corp. to Gary G. and Tina M. Thomas, $337,269.

OLDE MILL CT., 5704, No. 137-Cara L. Rawlings to John W. Davis, $154,000.

SHANNONS GREEN WAY, 3745-William and Kelly Byrd to Andrew F. and Emily R. Dohse, $310,000.

VILLAGE SQ., 8722-Suleyma Lazo Martinez to Maria Lazo and Jessica Aviles, $134,000.

WYNGATE MANOR CT., 8560-Wyngate Corp. to Karen L. Baker, $360,414.

North Springfield Area

HAMLET ST., 7609-Douglas B. and Rosemary H. Leonnig to Monica Mapel, $370,000.

LEEWOOD FOREST DR., 7003-Thanh S. and Mai P. Ngo to Misgana Amelga, $285,000.

UXBRIDGE CT., 8386-James T. and Connie L. Conen to Jose Daniel S. Diaz and Ismelda Arriaza, $274,000.

Oakton Area

CYRANDALL VAL LEYRD., 2960-James L. Stephens to Daniel M. and Maria D. Hutchinson, $270,500.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10048-Amy S. Thurman to Ronald W. Preston, $182,000.

SOUTHAM LANE, 10346-Richmond American Homes to Mee Hwa Ahn, $873,515.

ST. HELENA DR., 11927-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Samuel H. and Diane M. Hobbs, $654,900.

WATERMILL CT., 10901-Woon H. and

Young K. Kim to Hye S. and Jin T. Kim, $615,000.

Reston Area

DOSINIA CT., 2281-Sungjoo Park to Jose E. and Maria Quiroa and Ana Quiroa, $355,000.

FREETOWN CT., 2311-Lana J. Ray to Casey A. Wrable, $148,000.

GATE HILL PL., 11402-Maria I. Monroy and Judith E. Ferry to Robert S. and Judith E. Ferry, $290,000.

GREAT OWL CIR., 11734-Stephane and Astrid P. Tisseront to Karthik Balakrishnan and Nima Rowhani, $385,000.

HOWLAND DR., 11001-Robert A. and Deborah K. Keene to Gary L. Thomas, $340,000.

MURRAY DOWNS WAY, 1309-Weichang Wang to Harold E. and Amy L. Syms, $625,000.

NORTHGATE SQ., 1301-Anthony P. Mayo to Melody Blackstone Thompson, $205,000.

SCANDIA CIR., 1547-Robert B. and Mary D. Brown to Patrick W. Weinhold and Mai T.N. Dinh, $300,000.

SENTINEL POIN CT., 11986-Cheng Tang and Katherine R. Archer to Gregory L. Howell, $320,000.

SIERRA WOODS DR., 1659-Stephen E. McGregor to Melissa L. Utzinger, $256,000.

STOWE RD., 1625-Gwendolyn M. and Moshe Shtuhl to Jessica Goveia and Simon P. Storm, $445,000.

TRIPLE CROWN RD., 11802-Ronald G. and Darlene R. Jardine to Julia A. Vermillion, $460,000.

Seven Corners Area

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 723-Ines Jimenez to Marilou De Vera and Marietta G. Vicente, $218,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3063-Vicente Velasquez to Mohammad Yousuf, $102,000.

Springfield Area

CEDAR FALLS CT., 8415-Adrian Rolfe to James E. Green, $207,400.

CLOWSER CT., 6827-Aisha Khurshid to Ahmad Mian, $249,000.

GAVELWOOD CT., 9060-Michael D. Neptune and Joan F. Fisk to Deborah H. and Robert W. Cook, $278,500.

HIBBLING AVE., 6307-John A. Spahr to Bruce P. Spahr, $279,086.

MICHAEL ROBERT DR., 6387-Edith Yvonne Claytor to Stuart D. Baird and Kim Wilson, $280,000.

PEBBLE BROOK CT., 7953-Marc C. and Elizabeth H. Geddes to Hye S. Yim, $279,900.

POWDERBROOK LANE, 8065-David and Christine Diaz to Luis Argote and Adriana Cachay, $294,000.

SHADY PALM DR., 7391-William J. and Charlene J. Harding to Tammy L. Weinzatl, $465,000.

SPRING GARDEN DR., 7093, No. 2-Mahesh and Babita Tahiliani to Sunil and Suman Sharma, $140,000.

SUNSET TER., 6310-Robert W. McMurray to Said and Mobashira Hussaini, $195,000.

Vienna Area

CHANBOURNE WAY, 2702-Russell R. and Karen H. James to Patricia A. Page, $489,000.

EAST ST. NE, 300-George T. and Carol L. Collins to Herbert N. and Karen E. Hackney, $555,000.

FRANK ST., 2203-Brian P. Fink and Monica L. Didier to Elizabeth A. Davis, $748,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2604, No. 120-Justin B. and Jennifer D.H. Stiefel to Leland R. Marcus, $225,400.

HILL RD., 2743-William P. Bishop to Joseph R. and Tina K. Fritsch, $633,000.

KILBY GLEN DR., 9312-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Reed T. and Jennifer L. Parker, $581,500.

MANHATTAN PL., 2664, No. 103-Nooruddin Ali and Dilshad Mavani to Kevin M. and Shannon R. Long, $370,000.

OLD COURTHOUSE RD., 9436-Patrick J. and Margaret G. McCullough to Mohammad Tahir and Hoory Abawi, $495,000.

SKIDMORE CIR., 2635-S. Elizabeth Kestler to Steven B. Roberts and Travis J. Kuhn, $357,200.

TAPAWINGO RD, 316-Carl W. and Winifred Kachauskas to Sung H. Cho, $590,000.

TWEED CT., 1296-Paul J. and Siobhan E. Deleeuw to Kawthar Fathi, $810,000.

VILLANOVA DR., 2447-Cendat Mobility Financial Corp. to David Weber and Lisa Grossman, $431,100.

West Springfield Area

HARROWGATE CIR., 7800-Sanford L. Zarkin and Maryann P. Hinds to John B. and Maryann P. Hinds, $180,000.

KINGSFORD RD., 5902, No. A-Wynola Robison to Roger Grooms, $124,500.

QUEENSTON ST., 5957-Dino M. and Martha H. Ragagli to Mary A. Richardson, $275,000.

REXFORD CT., 5766-Than and Jiraporn Isert to Hung Nguyen and Kimnghia Doan, $149,900.

ROYAL RIDGE DR., 5802-Patricia Gerstman to George M. and Traci M. Allan, $115,000.

TORY RD., 8208, No. 138-Grant D. and Sharon Steele to Jarid Feiertag, $231,000.