The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

G ST. W, 5-Bank One to Toni and Barry L. Zimmerman, $85,500.

POTOMAC ST. E., 409-Nicole and Curtis Sloan to Charlotte and Patrick Fisher, $177,000.

POTOMAC ST. W., 410-Jennifer L. and Brad A. Minnick to Christopher Troutman, $111,600.

SECOND AVE.,, 1011-Sheri M. Little to Shannon Popp and Kenneth Lema, $185,900.

Buckeystown Area

BUCKINGHAM LANE, 6830-Robert Sylvester to Jennifer Leigh Daniels, $200,000.

Emmitsburg Area

OLD EMMITSBURG RD., 16638-Michael W. Smith to Susan M. and William R. Pepal, $150,000.

ROBINDALE DR., 40-Sharon A. Hane to Rodney and Beth Waltersdorff, $147,500.

Frederick City Area

ANDOVER LANE, 1544-Daniel J. and Kimberly Jane Dubie to Katrina and Jack E. Miller, $232,500.

BLUE HERON DR., 8206, No. 3D-Gabrielle Lynn Smith to Janet Marie Brown, $145,000.

BOX ELDER CT., 5819-Mary Lou and Noah Hubbard to Doris L. Blatchley, $165,000.

BRISTOL DR., 2158, No. 6-Donald L. Rice to Kristina L. O'Neal, $139,900.

BUTLER DR., 105-B. Phillip Herring to Mehrdad Bayat, $151,000.

CATALPA RD., 7046-Lorraine M. Monnier to Mary Jane and Thomas J. Clarke, $196,900.

CATOCTIN CT., 2500, No. 1-2B-James Osier and June R. Patterson to Betty P. and Connie Mack Cannon, $200,000.

CENTER ST., 447-Adriana Del Cid to Toribio Del Cid, $225,000.

CLARKE PL., 2-Betty Jane and Lloyd L. Gilbert to Daniel E. Murphy, $410,000.

CLEARFIELD RD., 8004-Walter J. and Patricia L. Dubiel to Jacqueline J. Fielding and Christopher G. Fielding, $316,900.

DARTMOOR PL., 5132-Daniel and Deborah Schlosser to Trevor R. and Mary M. Wilfred, $245,000.

DUNMORE CT., 2430-Judy Anne Mikovits to Kelli B. Gonzales, $222,500.

FAIRFIELD DR., 155-Pauline B. Kefauver, trustee, to Karen Elaine Luensman, $160,000.

GARDEN LANE, 2203-Lois Brown Janac to Doris A. and Steve W. Grossnickle, $275,000.

HALLECK DR., 908-Stephen M. and Michelle L. Ferrone to Helen Long and Colin Klett, $237,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 751, No. 18B-Canton Group Properties Corp. to Duane Gardner, $91,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 999-K-Nancy F. Whitmore to Covenant Properties Corp., $84,700.

HILLCREST DR., 1324-Jacob L. Smith to Jaime Noel Guerrero, $199,500.

JUBAL WAY, 903-Frank A. Machi to James P. Rogers, $234,900.

KEY PKWY., 1405, No. 103-Sharon D. and Richard N. Cline to Christopher R. Shipley, $110,000.

LADD CIR., 7131-Joseph P. Jr. and Pamela A. Donitzen to Nancy A. and Donald J. Shea, $210,550.

LADD CIR., 7148-Craig F. Runyon to Soledad and Marcelo J. Martins, $215,000.

LAUREN CT., 106-Emelina and Rene Estrada to Jose Fabio Sanchez, $170,000.

LIVINGSTONE TER., 34-Julia A. and Douglas C. MacNair to Stanley E. Weightman, $143,000.

MARKET ST. N., 1312-Louise Irene Hines to Janice Beekman, $189,900.

NEWPORT TER., 6125-Lana M. and Todd D. Gentry to Stephen S. Hutzel, $218,500.

NEWPORT TER., 6145-Lloyd L. Beddow Jr. to Tracy L. Wilson, $230,000.

PARKRIDGE CT., 108-Joseph E. Vanhorn III to Igomokelo Lubula, $185,000.

PARTRIDGE WAY, 510-Ronald F. Jr. and Sandra D. Reed to Gina E. and W. Christopher Sink, $295,000.

PATRICK ST. W., 622-Henry F. and Doris L. Walter, trustees, to Tammie L. and William L. Kincaid Jr., $235,000.

PENDLETON CT. N., 34, No. 9C-Susan D. Hollenshead to Denise M. and David E. Spiezio, $140,000.

RED WING CT., 8210-Suzanne F. Grove to Amber M. and David E. Shrewsberry, $197,000.

RIVENDELL PL., 5599-Bradlee C. and Michelle R. Beard to Mindy E. Martin and William F. Collins, $215,000.

ROCK CREEK DR., 7033-Thelma G. and Charles D. Horn to Barbara Crum, $320,000.

RUNNYMEADE DR., 7916-Billy W. and Helen I. Rodgers to Sherry D. and Miguel A. Bueso, $325,900.

SPRING MEADOW CIR., 9014-Peter and Mary Rozakis to Joanne F. and Joseph S. Lyon, $444,000.

STRATFORD WAY, 810-E-Rhonda L. Moberly to Reagan and Robert Scott, $83,000.

UPSHUR SQ., 5546-Mark S. and Barri G. Hoffrichter to Neerja Ashok Limsay and Amit Gawane, $241,400.

WASHINGTON ST., 216-Kay L. and Richard E. Gant Jr. to Diana G. Christ, $94,000.

WEATHERBY CT., 6400-M-Yvonne L. Brown to Kelly C. Crum, $146,000.

SIXTH ST. W., 9-Estelle M. Barnhart to Susan N. and George D. Weller, $142,500.

SEVENTH ST. E., 112-Robert W. Heffner to Matt D. Triche and Michael H. Bauder, $256,400.

Green Valley Estates Area

REGINA CT., 10407-Melissa T. and Steven J. Shultz to Mark E. Spotts, $500,000.

Ijamsville Area

FIRE TOWER LANE, 2037-Shirley S. Chittenden to Adam Curtis and Louise M. Kennelly, $309,000.

WENTWORTH PL., 9907-William S. and Stephanie A. Bacon to Audrey B. and Brett A. Lane, $602,500.

YARDLEY PL., 11205-Robert L. and Jennifer S. Schuler to Karen and Stephen D'Ovidio, $502,500.

Middletown Area

JASPER DR., 7109-John and Christina McDermott to Karey and Ferdinand Herriman, $231,900.

MT. TABOR RD., 9015-Gloria J. Keller to Sharon I. Rudy, $275,000.

POFFENBERGER RD., 2707-John R. and Christine A. Calhoun to Eva I. and Darrell L. Swaim, $353,500.

Monrovia Area

COLD BROOK DR., 11785-Abbie Ostrow to Randy E. Jr. and Tracy Herald, $310,000.

LYNN BURKE RD., 4533-Donald O. and Alta N. Miller to Kristen E. and William F. Saah, $350,000.

Mount Airy Area

ILLINOIS CT. N., 6214-Stephen A. and Phyllis M. Burke to Janet and Kerry Hamilton, $180,000.

SLEIGHILL CT., 1106-Mark D. and Karen S. Wurster to Karel L. Wolf and Robert E. Cross, $349,900.

Myersville Area

BRETHREN CHURCH RD., 3801-Mia K. and Larry Bernhardt Brust to Charles W. Grogan, $190,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

WORCHESTER DR., 11117-Edward and Patricia A. Harden to Jacquelynne S. and Kimberly Ragan, $250,000.

New Midway-

Ladiesburg Area

WARNER RD., 11722-Betty I. and Hezekiah W. Albaugh to David A. Albaugh, $194,000.

Sabillasville Area

OLD SABILLASVILLE RD., 17655-Kenneth E. Myers to Heather M. Miller and David M. Bodnar, $118,500.

Thurmont Area

CATOCTIN HIGHLANDS CIR., 42-Paul V. Kelley to Amy J. and Mark L. Kennedy, $140,000.

RED BIRD LANE, 6810-Billy Dan Laster Sr. to Terri Lynn Smith and Billy Dan Laster Sr., $92,500.

Walkersville Area

INSPIRATION CT., 8798-John Parler Jr. to Kinneret Sara Broder and George Oscar Lindsay, $217,000.

REVELATION AVE., 8327-Helga I. Slate to Ashley S. Morgan, $140,500.

TREASURE AVE., 8747-Jeffrey S. and Judy J. Downs to Kimberly A. Elliott and Sabrina J. Bittinger, $153,000.

TREASURE AVE., 8755-Paul Ioannides to Sandra and Cristian Bramati, $135,000.

Woodsboro Area

DUBLIN RD., 11113-Mary and Gary Bostian to William F. Rowan, $183,000.