The following were among incidents recently reported by the Howard County Police Department. For more information, call 410-313-2236.


Metro Crime Stoppers, a nonprofit organization, will pay up to $2,000 for information leading to an arrest and indictment in connection with these and any other felonies. Call the 24-hour hotline at 410-276-8888. Callers may remain anonymous.

Columbia Area


FORELAND GARTH, 6000 block, 11:26 p.m. Sept. 6. A male in a gas station had a blue towel wrapped around his right hand, implying he had a weapon, and demanded cash from a clerk. The clerk complied and the robber fled on foot.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 10000 block, 1:08 a.m. Sept. 2. A male in a gas station pulled out a black semi-automatic handgun and demanded cash from a customer and an employee. The robber then took cash from a cash register drawer and fled.


BROKEN LAND PKWY., 9800 block, 1:39 a.m. Sept. 1. Three laptop computers were stolen from several business offices entered by forcing doors in a building entered by forcing an exterior door.

BUGLENOTE WAY, 10300 block, 10 p.m. Sept. 4 to 9 a.m. Sept. 5. A bicycle was stolen from an unlocked residential garage.

COLUMBIA RD., 5000 block, 11:15 a.m. Sept. 7. A male entered an apartment through an unlocked sliding back door and was confronted by a resident. The intruder said he was with maintenance and he was checking an air-conditioning problem. The resident said there was no problem with the air conditioning. The intruder then casually fled.

DOBBIN RD., 6400 block, 6:04 a.m. Sept. 5. Cash was stolen from a register by using a crowbar at a business entered by smashing a front door glass.

FAREWELL RD., 9500 block, 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sept. 1. Jewelry, a camera and stereo equipment were stolen from a residence entered by forcing a basement rear window.


DOBBIN CENTER WAY, 6400 block, 11:55 a.m. to 12:55 p.m. Sept. 3. A 1998 Lexus GS300 and a black 2004 Acura MDX were stolen from an auto body shop.

NIGHTSONG LANE, 9500 block, 2:45 a.m. Sept. 3. A 1998 Honda Accord was stolen.

OLD ANNAPOLIS RD., 8700 block, 5:31 p.m. Sept. 1. A blue 1991 Toyota Camry was stolen.

STEVENS FOREST RD., 5600 block, 1:01 p.m. Sept. 1. A blue, white and black 2004 Suzuki motorcycle was stolen.

TAMAR DR., 8800 block, 3:19 p.m. Sept. 5. A white 1992 Honda Accord was stolen.

TWIN RIVERS RD., 10400 block, 1 to 2:58 p.m. Sept. 7. A black 2000 Pontiac Sunfire was stolen.

Elkridge Area


BUSINESS PKWY., 6700 block, 6:50 a.m. Sept. 2. A generator was stolen from a construction-site trailer entered by cutting a lock of a door.

BUSINESS PKWY., 6700 block, 6:41 a.m. Sept. 7. A generator was stolen from a construction site.

DUCKETTS LANE, 7100 block, 4:30 a.m. Sept. 3. An intoxicated person in an apartment was found passed out on the floor near a bed in a baby's room. The residents later learned that the person lived in an apartment upstairs.

ELIBANK DR., 6400 block, Aug. 31 to Sept. 2. Lawn equipment was stolen from a shed entered by force at a cemetery entered by forcing a gate.

MEADOWRIDGE RD., 6500 block, overnight Sept. 6 to Sept. 7. A construction-site trailer was entered. Nothing was reported stolen.


MONTGOMERY RD., 6000 block, 12:03 a.m. Sept. 4. Two males attempted to steal a yellow 2002 Chevrolet school bus. A bystander chased the thieves from the area.

MONTGOMERY RD., 7200 block, 5 p.m. Sept. 1. A 1995 Freightliner tractor truck was stolen.

ROUTE 100, 7000 block, 6:30 a.m. to 9:18 p.m. Sept. 2. A blue Dodge Caravan was stolen.

WASHINGTON BLVD., 6700 block, 4:30 p.m. Aug. 31 to 6:30 a.m. Sept. 1. A yellow 1998 International school bus was stolen. The bus was recovered in Baltimore County.

Ellicott City Area


ROUTE 40, 10100 block, 9:55 p.m. Sept. 2. A male in a convenience store approached a counter, pulled a red bandana over his face, took out a black handgun and demanded cash from a female clerk. The clerk informed the robber she was unable to open a register and pushed a holdup alarm. The male fled empty-handed.

NORMANDY WOODS DR., 3100 block, 11:10 p.m. Sept. 2. Three people in a pool area accosted a male pedestrian, who was asked to give them a dollar. The pedestrian refused and was assaulted. Two men, ages 18 and 19, and a juvenile were arrested.


ROUTE 40, 8000 block, 11 p.m. Sept. 6. A back door of a gas station was opened by force. Nothing was reported stolen.

ROUTE 40, 9100 block, 9 p.m. Sept. 6 to 8 a.m. Sept. 7. An attempt was made to enter a gas station by forcing a back door. Two sheds were entered. Nothing was reported stolen.

COUNTRY LANE, 2800 block, 5 p.m. Sept. 1. A flight bag was stolen from a residential garage.

ILCHESTER RD., 4800 block, 2:30 p.m. Sept. 2 to 6:30 a.m. Sept. 3. A welding tool was stolen from a construction site building entered by cutting a padlock.

ILCHESTER RD., 4900 block, 2:30 to 5:30 a.m. Sept. 3. A weed cutter was stolen from a storage shed entered by force at a school.


TOWN AND COUNTRY BLVD., 8900 block, 3:59 a.m. Sept. 5. A dark blue 1994 Toyota van was stolen.

Jessup Area


MONTEVIDEO RD., 7500 block, 3:30 p.m. Sept. 2 to 7 a.m. Sept. 7. A construction site trailer was entered by cutting a padlock. Nothing was reported stolen.


ASSATEAGUE DRIVE AND OCEANO AVENUE, 5:30 to 8 p.m. Sept. 2. A 1997 Freightliner tractor-trailer truck was stolen.

Laurel Area


ALL SAINTS RD., 9100 block, 9:54 p.m. Sept. 2. A male armed with a steak knife and holding a bandana over his face entered a convenience store and took a small amount of cash.

Savage Area


GREENWOOD PL., 8700 block, 4:30 p.m. Sept. 2 to 6 a.m. Sept. 3. A white 1999 International 4700 box truck was stolen.

-- Compiled by LINDA JAMES