The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard County and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

CLIFTON OAKS DR. SE, 5936-Jin Ku Lee to Anil and Bhanwarjit Chopra, $920,000.

JOHNS HOPKINS RD., 11605-William T. Jenkins trust to Eunhee Park, $370,000.

TRAIL CREEK CT. NW, 6904-Robert A. Soule to Hieu and Anh Pham, $615,000.

Columbia Area

AFTERNOON LANE, 9323-Williard T. Cook to Bruce Jr. and Amy J. Henkel, $320,000.

BARE BUSH PATH, 12243-Cheryl A. Gallagher to Brian M. and Elizabeth L. Yankle, $305,150.

BARNWOOD PL., 5811-Joseph A. Salvatori Jr. to Eugene and Thelma Glazebrook, $177,000.

BEATRICE WAY, 5063-Jason E. Cavanagh to Lora Shell and Suzanne Costa, $327,500.

BLACKSMITH DR. SE, 5088-Savid A. Colangelo to Jason J. Smith, $335,500.

BRIGHT PLUME E., 6305-John Edward Marr III to Michael T. Craig, $300,000.

CAMELBACK LANE, 6002-Carole L. Ball to Jeffrey J. and Francine A. Zagorin, $296,500.

COPPERWOOD WAY SW, 7079-Veronica J. Calvin to Barbara Ann Nichols, $260,000.

EAST WIND WAY, 10540-Christopher P. Thorn to Peter A. Manlove and Karen E. Levi, $239,900.

EDEN BROOK DR., 7371-Harold K. Chandler to Anita Komlodi, $271,000.

FLICKER PL. S., 9001-Henry A. Jensen to George W. and Nicole L. McGurl, $260,000.

GRACIOUS END CT. NW, 9150-Shirley M. Marcus to Ronald Hannebohn, $205,000.

HARVEST SCENE, 5510-John Stanford to Cheri D. Cannon, $281,000.

HICKORY LOG CIR. W., 7443-Vidol J. Ogunlade to Benjamin Moreland, $215,000.

INDIAN CAMP RD., 9415-Jia Liu to Martin Monday and Ida Ann Jallow, $174,000.

KILIMANJARO RD., 9516-Justin R. Geisel to Michael M. Turpin, $151,500.

KINGS MEADE WAY NW, 8418-Leisa M. Timmons to Roberto A. Arocho and Elizabeth Nieves, $401,200.

KNIGHTHOOD LANE SE, 7053-Larry G. Drummond to Matthew C. Drummond, $150,000.

LAUNCELOT LANE, 10387-Chin Sung Chen to Benjamin P. Stein and Karen MacFarland, $450,000.

MAJORS LANE, 6093-Michael C. Hammond to Shazhou Zou, $79,000.

MELLENBROOK RD., 9221-Virginia R. Burke to Vivian Kelly, $200,000.

MILLRACE CT. N., 5921-Howard I. Ginsburg to Virginia R. Shaw, $191,000.

RED JACKET WAY W., 8044-David I. Furst to James W. and Suzanne Boland Pope, $417,500.

SEA CHANGE NW, 7476-Paul Buckmaster to Theodore Bikoi, $240,000.

SEA WATER PATH W., 8113-James W. Farrington, trustee, to Robert R. and Judith A. Caton, $365,500.

SETTING SUN WAY W., 7477-James William Pope to Robert W. Moore, $278,000.

SILVER ARROWS WAY W., 6139-Deaba N. Palmer to Mahmond Nazem and Malihe T. Nazem, $310,000.

SOFTWATER WAY NW, 9721-Crawford Neolia Parson to Christopher Hass, $221,500.

SPOTTED HORSE LANE, 10624-Edward W. Lazenby to Jessica M. and John E. Weldon, $290,000.

STORM DRIFT NW, 5367-Lucille Lather to Sheldon N. Anderson and Catherine M. Woodgate, $279,000.

TAMEBIRD CT., 8877-Anne Marie Cassara to Christina R. Grimes, $52,000.

THUNDER HILL RD. S., 5431-David L. Kelejian to Christopher and Heather Swan, $275,000.

TIMESWEEP LANE N., 9440-Deborah A. Franklin to James M. Johnson Jr. and Lydia A. Romero, $135,000.

WATCH CHAIN WAY, 5970-David J. Lashman to Laurel A. Bowker, $130,000.

WHITE ACRE RD., 9639-Gabriel John Hiza to Ruth Ann and Russell A. Gazaille, $72,000.

WILD SWAN WAY N., 6290-Michael A. Higgs to Amy Y. Hwang and Annue T. Hwang, $185,000.

Elkridge Area

ARBOR WAY, 6355-Craig R. Bomhardt to Robert E. and Monica B. Hoesch, $295,000.

CAMBRIA TER., 6648-Brendan T. Mahoney to James and Lisa Cox, $268,000.

CHIPWOOD CT., 5862-David Joseph Dixon to Richard J. and Dianne Cumby, $180,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6550-Timothy Neil Belt to Adam McNeely, $185,000.

LORI LANE N., 6131-James A. Russ Jr. to Eric and Michelle Rikon, $305,000.

MEADOWFIELD CT. NE, 6521-Archie G. Warren to Darin A. and Stacy King, $412,500.

MONTGOMERY RD., 6414-William John Barker Jr. to Hugh F. Cole Jr., trustee, and John Lipirani, trustee, $460,000.

ROWANBERRY DR., 5914-Douglas J. Jones to David M. Patterson, $167,100.

ROWANBERRY DR. E., 5701-Jeremy Pendleton to Donald R. and Malinda M. Peeples, $144,000.

SEDGWICK ST. NW, 6425-Rodney L. Ulrich to Annmarie Gordon, $263,000.

WOODVALE PL. NW, 6417-Su Young Jang to Doo Hyun and On Ja Kim, $350,000.

Ellicott City Area

BLUEBERRY HILL LANE, 7723-Murphy Marina to Kiran and Mayur Thakkar, $304,000.

BONNYBRIDGE PL. SW, 3713-Norma Calcucag to Jeong Sun and Young Pil Kim, $220,000.

BRIGHT BAY WAY NE, 4269-Cheryl A. Gill to James T. and Teresa S. Kaidy, $510,000.

BRIGHTFIELD RD. W., 8036-Joseph Steven Janesh to Louis Farber, $235,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7963-Colleen P. Coyle to James M. Washburn, $315,000.

BRIGHTWIND CT., 7941-John C. Kuffel to Deborah J. Miller, $277,872.

CEDARLINE CT., 11697-Back to the Bible Apostolic Faith to Tammy V. Brown and St. Clair Jeffers, $899,000.

CRAGSMOOR RD., 3661-Sung Sook Kim to Young Kun and Seung Ja Park, $385,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. N., 4990-Tel Corp. to John J. and Carol A. Lobell, $217,000.

FALLS RUN RD. NE, 8507-Richard J. Hosey to Michael and Kathryn Solomon, $160,000.

HALLOWED STREAM SW, 4625-Darren Lee Proudfoot to Bin Cal and Zhou Li, $283,000.

MAYFAIR CIR. SW, 7826-Ronald L. Scott to Boris Borovsky, $157,000.

MELBA RD. W., 2680-John H. Brill to Anthony Garzarella and Eunhui Lie, $495,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NW, 8354-Brian D. Kahat to Thomas R. Cave II, $165,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8375-Cara L. Roberts to Douglas Bradley and Tricia Hudson, $167,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8385-Lisa M. Orton to John Kevin and Maria Gibson, $170,000.

OLD MILL RD. E., 9999-Khaled Wardak to Laurence W. and Cynthia A. Howenstein, $445,000.

RAMBLEWOOD RD. SE, 3265-Seth David Klondar to Matthew J. and Tara S. Decapite, $475,000.

TRIADELPHIA RD., 13245-Wanie Randall Bradford to Wanie Randall and Ruth A. Bradford, $336,000.

VALLEY MEDE CT., 9530-Ben Colvard III to Keith A. and Alison Perry Mayberry, $515,000.

WEST SPRING DR., 3254-Richard T. Byas to Kyungyol and Kil Im Kim, $226,000.

WHARFF LANE E., 4835-Raymond E. Smith to Ronald B. Wildman, $897,500.

YORKSHIRE DR. E., 4529-Charistopher J. Peduzzi to George T. and Maryse Petasis, $430,000.

Highland Area

HIGHLAND RD. E., 13217-Yvonne G. Jauregui to Thomas and Deborah McKee, $374,900.

Jessup Area

GUILFORD RD., 10126-Mary Ann Hall to Samba Mapangala, $176,000.

Marriottsville Area

DEER HAVEN RD., 12121-Susan I. Handschuh to Ananta and Stacia Hejeebu, $800,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9500-Scott Lilienthal to Patricia Ann Jackson, $163,000.

CASTLEROCK CT., 8736-Brian D. Landis to Jonathon D. Ness and Tiffany M. Wunderlich, $242,000.

KENBROOKE CT. E., 9304-Michael Joseph Young to Rosemary Santana Vogt, $239,900.

RIDINGS WAY, 9353-James A. Lauer to Jonathan A. and Rebecca B. Abell, $265,000.

ROYAL PATH COVE, 9402-Kenneth P. Guerino to James T. and Tracey M. Martin, $216,000.

SPERRY CT. NW, 8305-Deanna D. Withrow to Robert D. Jeffery and Kim Matzen, $214,000.

WASHINGTON AVE. N., 9512-Paul E. Boyce Jr. to John H. Reckner Jr. and Jason R. Downie, $265,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9904-Rosemary S. Vogt to Savath T. Liv, $150,000.

Woodbine Area

FLORENCE RD. SW, 2884-John D. Schaber to Michael J. and Christina M. Mayhew, $375,000.

WOODBINE RD. NW, 1660-Charles R. Snouffer to Wendy L. Gray and Scott D. Campagnari, $275,000.