The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill Area

BRAD DR., 14210-F.M. and Roy S. Hickman to Wanda Cockrell, $374,900.

TRAILWAY DR., 5133-L.M. and Colin F. MacIlwain to Judith K. Spencer, $481,000.

VEIRS MILL RD., 12730, No. 16-102-Gary A. Sutton to Marina G. Fasolyak, $152,000.

Bethesda Area

BARDON RD., 9213-Loretta R. Hull to Montha K. and Peter M. Falk, $495,000.

BATTERY PL., 8906, No. 4-Victoria A. Cavazos to Michael J. Wirth, $255,000.

CHELSEA LANE N., 4705-William T. Buller to Joseph Leary, $525,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10643, No. M-2-Philip D. Keif to Stephen C. Pollock, $205,000.

MOORLAND LANE, 5103-James E. and J.L. Mahoney to Jenifer J. Curhan and Aaron M. Panner, $1.93 million.

POOKS HILL RD., 5324, No. 304-Mary P. Andrich to Melissa K. Myers, $412,500.

RIVER RD., 6504-James A. III and M.J. Donohoe to Mary F. and Samuel V. Rogers, $1.9 million.

ROCKHURST RD., 6512-George E. Flores to Jodi M. Renbaum, $635,000.

TOWN GATE CT., 5-Joann P. Davis to John V. and Anne Miglarese, $1.23 million.

WILMETT RD., 5921-J.E. and Sigurd W. Hermansen to Katharine H. Vincent, $599,000.

WOODACRES DR., 5918-John C. Foreman to David E. Martin, $625,000.

Burtonsville Area

ANGELTON TER., 14249-K.W. and Paul J. Carroccio to Erna Lee Benjamin, trustee, $285,000.

WEXHALL TER., 14741, No. 18-190-K.G. and Thomas D. Williams to Shaun M. Heckel, $232,500.

Calverton-Colesville Area

CASTLE CLIFF WAY, 13825-M.A. and Moon H. Tae to Asheeta Bhagat, $379,900.

MCHENRY DR., 2516-Lawrence E. and J.E. Duncan to Lorena and Javier Rosario, $500,000.

MEMORY LANE, 3137-Kyu C. Kang to Joong Kil Choi, $360,000.

Chevy Chase Area

FAIRFAX RD., 6627, No. 110-John S. Everline to Hilary M. Branson, $575,500.

HAWKINS LANE, 8813-Hal A. Kass to Emily S. and James D. Massey, $755,000.

OAKLAND RD., 5319-Gail W. Ginsburgh to Mary Ellen and Ghassan K. Hatoum, $1.28 million.

OLIVER ST., 4017-James H. and A.O.C. Egan to Sarah and Matthew Poggi, $1.12 million.

WESTERN AVE., 6716-Daniel N. Max to Laura W. and John R. Mansueti, $729,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

FARMGATE LANE, 108-John Licorish to Theresa and Fidelis Doh, $683,000.

LOCUSTWOOD PL., 2504-Bridget Lyons to Lawrence J. and Okianer C. Dark, $479,875.

WATERGATE RD., 15217-Barbara A. Klaess to Farzad Shirzad and Sonya Lecuona,



New Hampshire Estates Area

HEDIN DR., 9732-A. and John M. Connor to Bertha A. Hernandez, $290,000.

Kensington Area

BROOKFIELD DR., 4418-Martin Gorman to Leslie H. and Strart A. Schwager, $870,687.

HALSEY ST., 4009-Julianne B. Peterson to Randall F. Goldstein, $260,000.

Laytonsville Area

BRINK RD., 7740-Esther A. Copeland to Nasim Atarzada, $261,000.

ETCHISON DR., 24700-P. and Harless Holmes to Shawn R. Carey, $229,000.

ROCKY RD., 7917-David J. Nugent to Peggy and Richard E. Gilbert, $316,000.

WHITE PILLAR TER., 9517-Michele Connolly to Thomas K. Shearer, $201,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

BEL PRE RD., 3764, No. 2-Boureima Ouedraogo to Edwin L. Quintanilla, $110,000.

COPPER MOUNTAIN TER., 2412-Michael G. Kaczmarek to Patrick F. McLister, $367,000.

HICKORY HILL LANE, 2013-Robert P. and N.L. Garfield to Ki Eun Oh and John Kim, $349,900.

IDLEWOOD RD., 11402-Badia Al Hadad to Thomas E. Karpf, $266,000.

MCKISSON CT., 14904, No. 8CF-Ellen M. Siegel to Eusun Lee Choi, $180,000.

SNOW MASS CT., 15113-H.M. and James E. Gianiny Sr. to Ling Chen, $394,000.

Potomac Area

BOBBINK CT., 12409-Emily J. Burman to Daryll M. and Sharon B. Schneeman, $630,000.

CEDAR RIDGE DR., 11438-Darrell M. Polster to Zuyue Wang, $800,000.

COPENHAVER DR., 9125-Mohammad Khishtan to Ruti G. Zerubavel, $850,000.

GATEWATER TER., 9221-Horna S. and Iliad Terra to Lisa Winer, $515,000.

GLEN RD. S., 11101-Mark H. and S.W. Berey to Carmina E. and Jeffrey A. Paper, $1.1 million.

GRAND TETON DR., 8023-Benson Zweig, trustee, to Ellyn J. Pollack, $649,000.

GREGERSCROFT RD., 11721-Daniel J. and Ellen E. Tobin to Jane K. and Alan S. Solomon, $860,000.

INVERNESS RIDGE RD., 8181-Nonny W. Pouliquen to Cornelia and Andrei R. Florescu, $439,000.

LAUREL LEAF DR., 7628-Kaushik K. and N.H. Vyas to Julie K. and Robert S. Erdman, $1.1 million.

RIVER FALLS DR., 7401-William G. Gosnell to Shelley C. and Jason A. Crist, $925,000.

TANAGER LANE, 10706-Robert J. and Amy S. Hart to Bryn Sherman and Scott Kramer, $1.23 million.

TURNBERRY CT., 8315-Hassan S. Judah to Geraldine and Kenneth P. Moorefield, $859,500.

WARDE TER., 8521-David M. and K.M. Barrett to Celeste and Mark Richardson, $1.12 million.

Rockville Area

BLUE HOSTA WAY, 24-N.A. and William F. Forcey to Rinku Deol, $485,000.

CRABB AVE., 710-Wayne A. Drapeau to Jose F. Arguera, $124,900.

EDSON LANE, 5904-J. and Benjamin Zindler to Yung S. Kwon, $484,000.

HAMPTON MILL TER., 10701, No. 412-Kory Hankin to Catherine J. McCarthy, $240,000.

KINGS RIDING WAY, 10714, No. T4-21-Linda C. Wright to Yiwen Chen, $216,900.

LONGWOOD DR., 518-S.B. and Audelino Ramos to Jose N. Romero, $250,000.

REGAL OAK DR., 1168-S.H. and Randy J. Bloom to Shih Yu Shirley Jao, $570,000.

ROCK RD., 11119-Meleta Newton Knight to Helen M. and James E. Gianiny Sr., $330,000.

STRAND DR., 11420, No. R-211-Ana Berta Chepelinsky to Pamela A. Prue, $336,500.

WICKSHIRE WAY, 10914, No. D-2-R. and Morton Friedland to Andrew Wolfson, $424,500.

YEARLING DR., 10320-Jeffrey L. McKeeby to June Yang and Frank M. Liu, $900,000.

Silver Spring Area

DALE DR., 126-Catherine and Steven Young to Deneen L. Brown, $510,000.

ETON RD., 9006-Peter F. Scholl to Stephanie D. Griffith, $370,000.

GLENVILLE RD., 9219-Santos A. Torres to Renee Leiberman, $289,900.

GREENBRIER DR., 435-Phyllis L. Maringer to Craig W. Runyon, $499,000.

GRUBB RD., 8331, No. 8331-Marsha Kostura to Monica Sharma, $219,900.

HIGHLAND DR., 1608-John B. Russell, trustee, to Arthur Dunkin, $485,000.

KERWIN RD., 402-M.M. and Robert L. Ingram to Oscar P. Melara, $280,000.

LOCKWOOD DR., 11035-Peter N. Doh to Magdalene Basona, $369,000.

NOYES DR., 1409-Christine M. Kowalski to Michelle R. and Yosefi M. Seltzer, $460,000.

SLIGO AVE., 614, No. 407-Sharon S. Yohannes to Edward Yohannes, $100,000.

THAYER AVE., 500, No. 502-E.A. and Glenn B. Kelly to Rafael Ayala, $145,000.

THAYER AVE., 511-David Kober to Amy C. and Timothy A. Craig, $347,000.

Takoma Park Area

CARROLL AVE., 7429-Joyce Chido to William B. Childs and Marjorie P. Rouse, $567,600.

ELSON PL., 1210-Mary K. Ralston to Kent R. Willard, $409,000.

GARLAND AVE., 8104-S.G. and Leonard G. Kessler to Michael Perrino, $475,000.

Twinbrook Area

BROADWOOD DR., 503-Harriet R. Houldsworth to Denise S. Wu, $315,000.

CORAL SEA DR., 1301-John C. Muehl to Paul R. Turner, $305,500.

FORBES ST., 1601-Mahnaz Badamchian to Robert L. Clark Jr., $270,000.

HIGHWOOD RD., 1102-James R. Matthews Jr. to Eiichi Nakatsuka, $315,000.

MARSHALL AVE., 1618-Gloria A. Peacock, trustee, to Timothy Maloney, $291,000.

Wheaton Area

BRISBANE ST., 1604-Josephine I. Davis to Ladislav and Irena Ivic, $306,100.

BYBEE ST., 11213-Helene Weitzman to Abbey L. and Stuart A. Mopsick, $348,000.

DRAWBRIDGE CT., 10806-Charmaine Davis to Dolma Lama, $355,000.

NEWTON ST., 3002-Edgar and A. Nolasco to Elsy N. and Carlos R. Hernandez, $290,000.

RICKOVER RD., 3942-Richard W. and N.C. Hendler to Lualhati and Joel Dejesus, $510,000.