The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

CHATSWORTH DR., 915-Linda A. Bushrod to Celcia L. and Bradley T. Lee, $295,000.

MERINO DR., 17801-Alma D. and Allan Morsell to Pamela Y. McKenzie, $399,900.

Adelphi Area

BEECHWOOD RD., 2207-Shariff Mohamed to Marcia M. Martine and Jose Moreno, $243,900.

CHARLESTON PL., 2220-Michel and Cecile G. Fonrose to Jose G. Aguilar and Ines Vasquez, $262,000.

CONLEY RD., 6804-Annie M. Carter to Delores Johnson, $171,000.

COX AVE., 711-Shilja Nair to Ronald Graham, $241,000.

KEOKEE ST., 1711-Danny R. Campbell to Maria E. and Jose A. Guillen, $185,000.

LACKAWANNA CT., 2616-Mary, John and Ronald Vaughn to Maureen Powell and Adelaide Wiseman, $255,000.

17TH AVE., 8206-Carol and Steven S. Sulik Jr. to Genivaldo Pereira, $164,000.

17TH PL., 8205-Michael L. and Karen L. Pelham to Jose Galdamez and Leonidas Lazo, $200,000.

25TH AVE., 7919-Lois S. and Edgar S. Browning to Juana Bonilla, $180,000.

Beltsville Area

CEDAR LANE, 11608-Steven R. and Tamara S. Gray to Carlos Montoya, $279,900.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11210 No. 310-Simone S. Randrianarivelo to Kwabena Kantanka, $135,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11316, No. II-S-Rabaut and Eben K. Dorval to Lissette C. and Silvia K. Alarcon, $114,900.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11384, No. 1-H, 101-Cecile M. Trust Lichtenstein to Aku A. Agbovon and, $110,383.

FLINT ROCK DR., 13019-Andrew L. and Carol L.O. Norman to Emelyn and Carlito A. Deguzman, $279,000.

ODELL RD., 5512-Patricia A.K. Walker to Jennifer H. Kontros, $172,000.

PRINCE GEORGES AVE., 4710-Richard A. Heath to Orbelina Robles and Evelio Flores, $165,000.

ROSEDALE LANE, 11402-Francis J. Sr. and Elena L. Davis to Robin and Jeffrey E. Nicholson, $365,000.

SARASOTA PL., 4303-James M. and Doris M. Headrick to Jose P. and Melania M. Rodriquez, $275,000.

YUCCA ST., 4407-Paul K. and Mildred M. Riggleman to Gail I. and James W. Hemphill, $250,000.

43RD AVE., 10417-Ralph E. and Lynda G. Folk to Brian K. and Anita R. Rought, $190,000.

Bladensburg Area

SPRING RD., 5438-Ralph L. and Janice A. Smith to Margarita M. and German R. Gonzalez, $164,000.

TAUSSIG RD., 5442-Rainbow Properties Corp. to Marcelina Enique and Mario Gonzalez, $190,000.

Bowie Area

ALEXIS DR., 6703-David F. Staley to Wanda E. Hughes, $330,000.

ARIEL CT., 16509-George J. Leahy to Geraldine D. and Lawrence C. Johnson, $350,000.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15746-Gabriel J. Coronado to Megan E. Gucker, $115,000.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15773, No. 412-David W. Geipe to Chad K. Lusby, $114,000.

EDENWOOD DR., 16141-Vincent G. Heflin to Deborah O. Neal, $212,000.

ELF STONE CT., 15909-Hermeta Martin to Leslie D. and Qwan O. Jones, $219,500.

ERMA TER., 3702-Hollis T. Brown to Leroy Clay III, $177,000.

EXCALIBUR CT., 3704, No. 301-Samuel Cerrato Jr. to Stephanie D. Powell, $173,000.

FRUITWOOD DR., 10904-Gregory P. Lizzi to Lori L. Wilson, $270,000.

GOTHIC LANE, 6238-Paul E. McCallister to Tawana Bush, $247,900.

HILLMEADE RD., 6111-Bette and Charles B. McIntire to Brenda J. Slack, $219,500.

LODE PL., 6201-Kimberly and Joseph Adegbesan to Marcell D. Baugh, $266,400.

NARROWS CT., 3405-Kerri Tkach to John Corr and Sharon Morey, $239,000.

NEMO CT., 2601-Steven Fierstein to Sharon Y. Curtis, $172,000.

NEW OAK LANE, 3013-David R. Cramer to Bruce and Scott Campion, $165,000.

NORWALK CT., 15322-Michael D. and Diana L. Davis to Stephanie Johnson, $175,000.

PALACE LANE, 1607-Gregory W. Diachenko to Lorie M. and Jason D. Calderwood, $278,900.

PRINCE OF WALES CT., 2222-Cynthia Roche and David W. Bean to Bamidele Bankole, $157,000.

QUILL POINT DR., 7962-Terri M. and Samuel L. Gatewood Jr. to Holly Spurlock, $283,000.

QUILT PATCH LANE, 12120-Tangy F. Sibert to Thomas A. Laurie M. Mailhe Mann, $259,000.

QUILT PATCH LANE, 12200-Janice Taylor to Yvonne S. Mitchell, $268,500.

ST MICHAELS DR., 915-Harry A. Teabout III to Walter R. Crowder, $140,000.

TALLOW LANE, 2939-Richard E. and Linda M. Kane to Carmella V. and Gregory J. Naleski, $210,000.

TRIPLE CROWN RD., 8106-Brenda E. and Ronald A. Biberdorf to Celine Ogbunigwe, $330,000.

TRIPLE CROWN RD., 8302-Ronald Cooke to Sandra and Carlyle E. Rose, $309,900.

VANESSA AVE., 13309-Martin A. and Walida J. Smith to Amy and Paul Demetry, $256,000.

11TH ST., 13330-Eunice C. Utterback to Allan W. Urquhart, $240,000.

Brandywine Area

CEDARVILLE RD., 10708-Thomas T. and Rose W. Proctor to Yonny Ko and Harry W. Sapp, $180,000.

CRESTWOOD AVE. S., 11816-Maria S. Brown to T. and T. Real Estate Solutions, $170,000.

Brentwood Area

ALLISON ST., 4009-William A. Potts Jr. to Elsy Reyes and Reymundo M. Lara, $164,950.

MONROE ST., 4306-Thomas J. and Noralee L. Slezak to Juanita and Jose Garcia, $76,500.

39TH ST., 4423-Susan A. and Alberto E. Cantorna to Elizabeth F. Brown, $165,000.

40TH PL., 3402-Alfreda Garrett to Arquilino Pequit, $153,000.

Capitol Heights Area

BISHOP DR., 7004-Thomas Johns to Mary A. Henson, $168,000.

CABIN BRANCH DR., 624-Dorothy, Walt and Aloyious Queen to Emmanuel L. Peaks, $57,900.

CLOVIS AVE., 703-Teresa J. Washington to James F. Washington, $128,750.

FOLGATE CT., 5814-Constance A. Robinson to William Hill Jr., $131,000.

SHAMROCK AVE., 1702-Korika L. and Darnell F. Johnson to Robert G. Carter, $186,900.

60TH AVE., 707-Kwabena Adubofour to P. Lee Taylor, $116,000.

61ST AVE., 618-Ileen J. Watson to Mary P. Taylor, $99,900.

Cheltenham Area

NAST DR., 10604-Donald G. and Loreta R. Sieh to Olanike Alawem and Olusola Iluyomade, $230,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

CHEVERLY AVE., 3304-Donald T. and Helen C. Vaughan trust to Wen Hu and Neil Phillips, $220,000.

CREST AVE., 2606-Alice G. and Donald W. Graef to Mainardo Manzano, $250,000.

ELSA AVE., 1101-Lawrence E. and Gloria R. Harley to Joan Smith and Marjorie Sterling, $190,000.

GREENLEAF RD., 7533-William C. Steele Jr. to Michelle Jones, $91,000.

HILLSIDE TER., 314-Eleanor and Posie C. Turner to Posie C. Turner Jr., $125,000.

MARSHALL PL. E., 2006-Stacie K. and Michael J. Gormley to Sheila D. Wade, $166,500.

MEADOW WAY, 300-LDG Enterprise Corp. to Aaron and Rosslyn Hoston, $141,500.

MICHELE CT., 913-Wanda M. and Arnie L. Miller to Janet C. Anderson, $108,000.

NALLEY RD., 503-Stella W. and Robert Johnson to Beverly Russell, $143,500.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1811, No. X-131-Telli Abiola to James Childs Jr., $88,000.

WILLOWOOD CT., 1607-Jennifer C. and Gibril K. Mansaray to Caron Lewis, $117,000.

64TH AVE., 2902-Barbara G. Rossiter to Reyna I. and Jorge A. Acosta, $189,900.

Clinton Area

ALDERBROOK CT., 8400-Sharlene L. and Geoffrey Flood to Kathleen Smothers, $219,300.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5731-Michael L. Jud and Sonya L. Thornton to Allene Graves, $197,000.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5952-Clevland and Joyce K.D. Wright to Russell W. and Twanette S. Givens, $235,000.

FOX PARK RD., 9126-Jacquelyn T. Marshall to Barbara J. and Herman E. Lee Jr., $350,000.

FULFORD ST., 6909-Keith L. and Aiesha A. Wilson to Monica A. and Carl D. Meyers Jr., $213,500.

PINEWOOD DR., 7703-Dorothy P. Martin to Reginald Green, $189,900.

QUIET BROOK LANE, 9911-Marcos A. and Catherine Alvarez to Brian and Brenda Blango, $206,000.

SALIMA ST., 5102-James D. and Patricia A. Chumley to Shanita L. and Walter W. Anderson Jr., $194,000.

SHIRL CT., 11312-Vanessa B. Hillian to Melony Graves, $179,000.

SURRATTS RD., 7627-Steven M. Bracewell to Michael Vertlieb, $220,450.

WINDBROOK DR., 12302-Martha J. Loeffter to Latonya D. Brooks, $230,000.

WOODLEY RD., 6306-Patricia E. Kneib to Lavonda R. and Randolph Martin, $159,000.

College Park Area

GUILFORD DR., 4214-Nancy R. Nemchik to Wilgo Properties Corp., $375,000.

INDIAN LANE, 5002, No. T3-Lagrant R. Chambers Jr. and J&J Construction and Investment Group, $175,000.

LACKAWANNA ST., 5203-Charles F. Moubray Jr. to Richard Schefer, $80,000.

NATASHA DR., 5929-Nancy C. and Joseph R. McCreary to Entrust Administration Inc., $195,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 9401-William E. Walker Jr. to Kristine and Brian R. Selway, $237,840.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6008-Khondakar Y. Salahuddin to Maria C. Rotap and Jimmy E. Alegre, $122,500.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6016-Tarnisha Brown to Paula A. and Frederick H. Welsh, $120,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6100, No. 1413-Martin A. Rabenovets to Cecile Lauer, $125,000.

48TH PL., 9610-Jacqueline and John F. Adcock Jr. to Robert B. MacGregor, $170,000.

60TH AVE., 8503-Kevin O. and Berta Guevara Rivero to Elman A. and Juan A. Rosales, $275,000.

District Heights Area

ADDISON RD. S., 1945-Glinda M. Corbin to Amentha P. Burruss, $54,000.

DONNELL PL., 7141, No. 8-Ernest W. Mitchell to Sean W. Hinson, $69,000.

FOREST PARK DR., 1712-Sonja S. Davis to Makita Gray, $125,900.

FORESTVILLE PL., 3421-Guy M. and Mary E. Hamilton to Barbara A. and James R. Ake, $108,174.

HANSFORD ST., 6504-Sung S. Yoo and Roger J. Hartmann to Bryan M. Davis, $138,000.

HIL-MAR CIR. S., 6076-Rodney and Michelle Green to Frank D. and Kristie R. Johnson, $141,500.

MILLTOWN CT., 6741-Renee and Sharon A. Jenkins to Carlos H. Smith, $100,000.

RITCHBORO RD., 8739-Latasha S. Lee to Crystal Tolson, $145,000.

SETON WAY, 2338-Michael N. Hicks to Jennifer A. Fangman, $172,000.

WENDOVER CT., 1307-Kwame N. and Dawn Y. Stoute to Shonda and Tracy Wilson, $195,000.

Fort Washington Area

BIZET CT., 11901-Wanda Walker to RCB Group Corp., $157,290.

BOCK RD., 8116-Yvette C. Mulkey to Lila M. Agee, $135,000.

DEN MEADE AVE., 7710-Jacquelyn R. and Colin C. Carriere to Morisseau Ghislaine, $203,550.

DORIS DR., 9201-Angelo Crump to Salomon Huezo, $245,000.

DORIS DR., 9209-Florene L. White to Doris J. Jordan, $129,400.

FORT WASHINGTON RD., 12400-Shawn and Charles W. Hinely to Andrea J. Cannon, $137,500.

FRONTIER CT., 2015-Dietra Y. Perr and Jeffrey B. Wooten to Angeline Carter, $195,000.

KIMBERLY WOODS CT., 301-Margaret S. and Max L. Buff to Marinna B. Shields, $335,000.

LOUGHRAN RD., 9207-Kenneth G. Banks to Margaret J. and Gabriel C. Brothers, $220,000.

LUMAR DR., 3202-Charlene B. and Darrin A. Matthews to Bernard Crump, $173,000.

PISCATAWAY DR., 13600-Ernie R. Banks to Gwendolyn E. Clinton, $160,600.

POTOMAC HEIGHTS DR., 1582, No. 229-Carol A. McClendon to Todd E. Kalin, $153,900.

ST. IGNATIUS DR., 6700, No. 8203-Deborah V. McNair to Harold Graves, $115,000.

STEEDS GRANT WAY, 4200-Austin B.J. and Virginia S. Clark to Willie L. Davis, $362,000.

SWAN CREEK RD., 513-Gerard M. and Diane M. Donnelly to Samantha A. and Newman M. Yang, $370,000.

Glenn Dale Area

CEDARGATE PL., 8106-Doreen and Rudolph A. Dixon to Timothy L. Jones Sr., $455,000.

Greenbelt Area

GREENBELT RD., 8421, No. 202-Sophia B. and Thomas F. Worden to Joseph Clarke, $75,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8459, No. T2-Michelle A. and Hydrue S. Joyner to Chiquita D. Price, $99,900.

MANDAN RD., 7330-Ramses O. and Diane P. Cabrales to Dawn and Scott Mooney, $184,000.

SOMERSET CT., 7814-Tiffani M. Horn to Betty L. and Dorothy A. Copeland, $228,000.

Hyattsville Area

HAMILTON ST., 3831, No. 103-Danita D. Thompson to Felix A. Vasquez, $82,500.

HANOVER PKWY., 7724-Kristina M. and Don P. Speers Jr. to Nathaniel Lewis, $98,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 805-Elsa M. Delgado to Bernice C. Morel, $19,000.

42ND AVE., 6117-Horentica D. and Jose P. Villatoro to Shilja Nair, $181,000.

Lanham Area

BARRS LANE, 6305-William B. and Dianne H. Boyer to Cecilio and Maria P. Ventura, $260,000.

CIPRIANO SPRINGS DR., 7207-Betty A. Leonard to Julie E. Hughey, $149,000.

HALTON TER., 10326-Ronald and Sylvia D. Wauls to Sheila A. Banks and Ida M. Hassen, $347,000.

KIDMORE LANE, 7219-Martin B. and Georgette K. Bibum to Patricia M. Pined and Hugo A. Rivera, $191,000.

MAGNOLIA AVE., 9005-Robert E. and Delma F. Gough to David W. Fendlay and Kelly S. Brammer, $205,000.

POWHATAN ST., 7205-George and Beverly Higgins to Bernadino and Erick Moreno, $189,000.

SHERIDAN CT., 9103-Michael W. Reid to Gloria and Nicholas Appiah, $260,000.

STALL AVE., 9805-Sandra W. and James E. Minor to Charles Mansfield, $226,000.

STALL AVE., 9807-Sharon H. and Richardo O. Pyfrom to Oluseun A. and Milton K. Holmes, $225,000.

TIMBER LANE, 4611-Massie E. Dickinson to Hanh and Thanh Nguyen, $270,000.

VARNUM ST., 9108-Sharon R. Turner to Martin Villatoro, $135,000.

WOODLAND AVE., 9600-Tuyet T. Trinh and Dat H. Tran to Man Hua, $162,500.

Largo Area

BROADLEAF DR., 10506-Mary S. and Reginald D. Bailey to Daphine W. Murphy, $194,000.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10110, No. 203-8A-Bessie Butler to Rena Horsford, $90,500.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10565-Edward A. Brooks to Tonya Y. Coleman, $197,400.

DORCHESTER RD., 2428-John B. and Beverly M. Morris to Yolanda R. and Chester B. Bass, $183,730.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8951, No. 3-310-Fannie L. Bonds to Linda Young, $137,500.

TOWN FARM RD., 14002-Jeffrey L. and Corease D. Thomas to Alonda M. Butler, $535,000.

WATER FOWL WAY, 12613-Donna M. and Ernest M. Walker to Woldensie Asfaha Araia, $369,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY LANE S., 7633, No. 358-Julie A. Beall to William Blazek, $92,000.

BOWSPRIT LANE, 14111, No. 212-Adalberto I. Bernard to Ave M. Smith, $96,000.

CONTEE RD., 7224-Leonard C. Hale to Jake Zweig, $405,000.

DORSET RD., 15716, No. 302-Merrill J. Worsham to Melissa Wilkins, $79,900.

FENWICK CT., 8124-Jean M. Bishop to Daniel P. Bishop, $160,000.

HAINES CT., 7709-Jerry L. Leighty to Mark Kerbs, $160,000.

HYACINTH CT., 7703-Marjorie M. Bosley to Bridget R. Crowley, $163,000.

MAPLE ST., 8306-Oakcrest Corp. to Bhavana and Pankaj Mehta, $358,320.

RUNABOUT CT., 14311, No. 22-Paul A. Curtis to Amanda Darlak, $135,000.

STRAUGHN DR., 15505-Elizabeth A. and Robert E. Windsor to Lilette A. Kitt, $302,500.

WOODBINE DR., 7517-Mary A. Hourcle to James E. Herrmann, $143,000.

YARDARM WAY, 14104-Andrea L. Levinson to James R. Chrob and John T. Flournoy Jr., $125,000.

YARDARM WAY, 14113-Tanya and Pablo Calvo to Paula D. Murrain, $101,000.

Montpelier Area

CHARLES WESLEY HALL RD., 11107-Manufactures and Traders Co., trustee, to Maria and Jose E. Villeda, $180,000.

HANCE PL., 9108-Carmen and Henry Bordon to James Skidmore, $135,000.

LAURELWALK DR., 11402-Monica Colquit to Adenike Y. Soyombo, $113,000.

SNOWDEN RD., 10301-Andrew A. and Maria R. Echeverria to Donine M. and Marvyn L. Gaynor Jr., $300,000.

Mount Rainier Area

32ND ST., 4219-Donna Y. Watkins to Stephanie A. and David C. Padgham, $145,000.

36TH ST., 3720-Terry Dawkins to Ana M. Castaned and Victor M. Santiago, $169,000.

New Carrollton Area

FAIRBORN TER., 6448-Sylvester Burchell to Noris and Martin L. Ortiz, $215,000.

GARRISON RD., 7744-Julia Ramirez to Sajithkumar Chandrahasan, $165,000.

NICHOLSON ST., 8312-Beatrice L. Stanback to Colombia V. and Narciso Sanchez, $210,000.

POWHATAN ST., 7900-Loriann L. and Kenneth W. Dickerson to Ana C. Iriarte, $225,000.

67TH AVE., 4804-Wanda D. and Gregory L. Dent to Lily Paredes, $148,000.

73RD AVE., 3904-Gail L. Newberry to Rasheeda C. and James F. Childress, $134,900.

85TH AVE., 5416, No. 1-Veralon T. Wilson to Olasunkanmi S. Bello, $70,000.

85TH AVE., 5918-Ida B. Richard to Jose Bentanzos, $210,000.

Oxon Hill Area

MYSTIC AVE., 1502-Gabriel C. Brothers to Mary J. Williams, $170,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 532-Cora E. Hughes to Renee D. and Spencer C. Williams, $55,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 559, No. 6758-Steven E. and Maria S. Murray to Alebachew M. Work and Meaza Akalu, $47,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 563, No. 6762-Amin Nasreddine to Cynthia Scott, $40,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 566, No. D2-Tami L. Gray to Donald C. Phillips Jr., $55,000.

WINSLOW RD., 400-Janet V. Blakeney to Janie Waring, $152,000.

Riverdale Area

CRESTWOOD PL., 5709-Lori and Donald Wilcox Nessman to Balentin and Luis S. Ramirez, $176,500.

FURMAN PKWY., 6830-Earl and Susie M.R. Pitts to Maria V. and Carlos Torres, $180,000.

LAFAYETTE AVE., 4701-James W. Chapman to Inocencio G. Jimenez, $250,000.

RAVENSWOOD RD., 4714-Christy M. Webster to Marcia L. Lewis, $208,000.

59TH AVE., 5610-Annette S. and Lonnie E. Jones to Christian O. Funez, $129,500.

64TH AVE., 6033-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Yvonne Makinde, $135,000.

66TH AVE., 5903-M.S.I. East Equity Corp. to Ismael Perez, $150,000.

Suitland Area

ANDOVER PL., 3311-James and Betty J. McKenna to Althea V. and Brian M. Carter, $142,900.

AUTH RD., 5515-Grant Family Trust to Donna M. Carraway, $210,000.

BONITA ST., 3415-John D. and Schyrle Y. Gudger to Demisha and Daymon Williams, $175,000.

ST. BARNABAS RD., 3811-Evelyn M. Williams to Kecia Q. and Daniel N. Wright Sr., $67,000.

WOODLAND RD., 6415-Gary G. Green to Christina H. and Mathew D. Woodlee, $140,000.

Takoma Park Area

RED TOP RD., 6714-Minh H.T. Vo and Doan V. Pham to Matthias E. Anderson, $210,000.

Temple Hills Area

CATSKILL ST., 2130-Louise L. and James R. Hinnant to Candie R. Lucas, $80,000.

CEDELL PL., 4500-Owen J. and Vonell Barnett to Lillie P. Herbert, $225,000.

CEDELL PL., 4604-Chung Chu and Mei Yin Chan Cheng to Sheelan Ahme and Bradford Q. Stephens, $236,000.

CHESTERFIELD DR., 5606-Alexander W. Gabis Jr. to Gwendolyn Williams, $231,950.

DALTON ST., 4901-Carolyn R. McCrimmon to Diane R. Lynn, $200,000.

GULL RD., 3711-Akila and Nikhil Nayak to Carletta T. Marrow, $175,000.

LANSING DR., 5611-Virginia R. and Jesse P. Moorefield to Steven D. Moorefield, $230,000.

MIDDLETON LANE, 6101-Evangeline M. and Erwin Jackson to Margie Lovelace, $192,000.

TAFT RD., 5207-Nathaniel and Angela D. Renf Brown to Maria C. and Daxzaneous R. Banks, $214,000.

TAYLOR MANOR AVE., 6910-Brigid L. and Brian P. Davis Cleary to Kharen E. Alba and Moises J. Vargas, $145,900.

26TH AVE., 3800-Martin McCarley to Isis Jenkins, $59,900.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

CHILLUM RD., 1822-Robert M. Fuller to Cecil A. Young, $150,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 3808-Juan and Eyad G. Ayyash Campos to Arokiamary and Andrew Michael, $192,000.

QUINTANA ST., 4003-Dwight E. Smith to Lissa Bell, $228,000.

RUSSELL AVE., 4821-Daniel D. and Lavernia M. Marshburn to Sharon L. and Gregory D. Lee, $230,000.

TOLEDO TER., 3450, No. 314-Arpi and Simon Simonian to Earline L. Jolley, $61,000.

WOODBERRY ST., 2203-Michael and Shola George Adeniyi to Bella L. and Jose F. Lazo, $232,000.

10TH PL., 5807-Freddie and Deborah J. Wilds to Walter L. Shepherd III, $220,000.

40TH AVE., 6707-Kenneth Schoendorf to Sharon J. Arscott Mills, $240,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

ABBOTSWOOD CT., 11413, No. 46-6-Kenyatta Jones to Clarissa A. Cherry, $123,500.

DUNKIRK DR., 12800-Darrell A. and Charlene R. Ragins to Nathaniel Crittenden, $249,900.

FARNSWORTH LANE, 13900, No. 208-Laverne I. Whitmore to Kimberly S. Alston, $112,000.

HOLCUM PL., 1103-Gloria A. Watson to Michael A. Marriott, $182,000.

JOYCETON DR., 11371-Marian D. Dortch to Saralyn A. Benson, $128,900.

KETTERING DR., 115-Nancy R. Faucett to Sonia Washington, $135,000.

KEVERTON DR., 13202-Robert A. Smith III to Michael Smith, $237,900.

KING EDWARD DR., 10807-Richard B. Jr. and Mary F. Ratcliffe to Florence A. and Nelson M. Perkins, $215,000.

LORD FAIRFAX CT., 4308-Christina M. and Robert N. Woolwine to Kai M. Terry, $242,000.

LORD FAIRFAX PL., 13831-Catrice A. Humphries to Lynne Carey, $173,000.

LORD LOUDOUN CT., 4478, No. 16-6-William D. and Amy J. Braqunier to George Godwin, $100,600.

LORD MARLBOROUGH PL., 14013, No. 21-8-Kristen G. Fennell to Karen Horsey, $92,500.

MARLTON AVE. N., 12004-Norton C. and Norton C. Joerg to Danette T. and Anthony J.T. McCollum, $245,000.

MARLTON CENTER DR., 12900-Craig P. Newman to Gerald D. Adams, $210,000.

MUIRFIELD DR., 9912-Thomas J. and Patricia H. Carabine to Sharon and Antonyio Johnson, $275,000.

PICKERING CIR., 1208-Evelyn F. and Roswell Whitaker to Bennie J. McClaney, $220,000.

ROBERT BOWIE DR., 1909-Brian E. and Cheryl A. Green to Terrence Ingram and Charlene Jones, $215,000.

SPRING BRANCH DR., 14102-Raymond K. and Bonnie M. New to Cristina Meji and Wildredo Hernandez, $162,000.

VILLAGE DR. W., 16203-Ingrid Steadman to Michelle B. and Daniel Calhoun, $187,000.

Woodmore Area

BALSAM POPLAR PL., 10203-Kimberly J. Chapman to Jason C. Crump and Evonne Neville, $250,000.

DUNDEE DR., 11412-Ronald W. and Rosemary A. Manuel to Shandrea E. and James A. Harper, $264,000.

LAKE OVERLOOK DR., 928-Gwenneth I. Ha and Jeffrey J. Rustin to Lawrence Wright, $210,000.

MANORFIELD CT., 1819-Samuel Barringtine to Sherri Sellers, $210,000.