George Mason University's Prince William County campus has finished its latest growth spurt.

Bull Run Hall, a new 100,000-square-foot, three-story building, opened to students late last month. The largest of three academic buildings, it sits in the center of campus, providing classroom and laboratory seats for up to 1,200 students, said Lawrence D. Czarda, vice president of the university's campus in Manassas.

The building cost $21.7 million, said Patricia M. Snellings, the Manassas campus communications director.

It has 4 large lecture halls, 7 science labs, 3 computer labs and about 20 classrooms, as well as faculty offices, student lounges and space for the Mason Enterprise Center, a program that offers services to small businesses.

"As a new campus, [lounge space is] something we really don't have much of," Czarda said. "Students need a place to congregate more than we have now."

There's also an open recreation field next to the building.

Officials are hailing Bull Run Hall's technological capacity.

"It's very, very state-of-the-art, with electronic classrooms and all kind of bells and whistles technology-wise," Snellings said.

Each classroom has screens that function as opaque projectors in addition to projecting Web pages, DVDs and videocassettes, Czarda said.

Bull Run Hall is the fourth building to be completed on the campus in seven years. Officials are planning another similar building for the campus but it's still years away.

"We hope to have funding within two to three years, then it would take two years to build it," said Czarda, adding that the new building would be near Bull Run Hall.

The Freedom Aquatics & Fitness Center, at 110,000 square feet, is still the biggest building on campus.