Horse Trailer Overturns

ASHBURN, Dulles Greenway, Sept. 7. Three animal control officers responded to a report of an overturned horse trailer on the Dulles Greenway near Loudoun County Parkway.

One horse ran away, but the other was trapped in the trailer and had to be sedated by a veterinarian before it could be removed. The horse that ran away was found Sept. 10 and confined on Lockridge Road in Sterling. It was picked up by its owners and taken to Morven Park International Equestrian Center for treatment for minor injuries.

Spinning Skunk Saved

LEESBURG, Plaza Street, Sept. 8. An animal control officer responded to a report that a skunk with a plastic container over its head was walking in circles. The officer used a pole to pull the container off its head. The skunk appeared to be uninjured and ran into a field.

Fish Given a New Home

ASHBURN, Coltsfoot Terrace, Sept. 10. The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office requested animal control assistance at an eviction. The property manager handed over a two-gallon fish tank filled with dirty water and two small fish, which were taken to the animal shelter and put in another tank. The owner was asked to contact the animal shelter.

Lab Bites 2-Year-Old

PURCELLVILLE, Ashbury Church Road, Sept. 11. A woman reported that a stray Labrador retriever that had frequently visited her home and played with her children had bitten her 2-year-old. The woman said the child was jumping and climbing on the dog when the dog grabbed the child by the diaper, leaving a red welt. The dog's owner, who had filed a report of a lost animal with the animal shelter, was found and claimed the dog. She provided proof of a current rabies vaccination. The case was referred to the Health Department.

Stray Goat Taken to Shelter

ASHBURN, Catlett Place, Sept. 11. A stray goat wandering in a suburban back yard was reported to be having difficulty breathing because of a cloth strip around its neck. An animal control officer cut off the cloth, and the goat had no further signs of distress.

The goat was tame and appeared to be a pet. It was taken to the animal shelter, where it was being held for a 10-day stray period. It will be put up for adoption if it is not claimed by its owner.