The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

BAYSIDE RD., 8321-Milton E. Wolfe III to Raquel and Dennis Flake, $272,500.

CHRISTIANNA PARRAN RD., 5011-Carl H. Updike to Curt A. Reynolds, $230,000.

LONDONDERRY LANE, 2931-Wallace L. Schmidt to Patricia H. Gray, $283,000.

OLD BAYSIDE RD., 7917-Joseph M. Belanger to Kathryn E. Harrington, $149,900.

12TH ST., 6581-Ronald Wayne Muffley Jr. to Chad A. Beckert, $250,000.

Huntingtown Area

LORING DR., 3040-Michele N. O'Neill to Deborah A. O'Donnell and Paul E. Alberghine, $326,500.

WALNUT CREEK RD., 170-Larry John and Heather A. Trent to Jan and James R. Degeneffe, $420,000.

Lusby Area

BARREDA BLVD., 12999-James P. and Cynthia L. Robare to Janice F. and Edward G. Waugaman, $135,000.

COVE POINT RD., 1855-Hidden Treasure Corp. to Dean A. Beck, $250,000.

CRYSTAL ROCK RD., 920-Laura Smith to Michael Douglas Fischer, $152,400.

H.G. TRUEMAN RD., 10835-Vernelle W. Jenkins to Betty A. and Richard A. Blitch, $334,900.

H.G. TRUEMAN RD., 12290-Ingrid H. and Wilmer T. Limerick to Joseph C. Ford, $194,900.

LAKE DR., 480-Geoffrey B. and Jennifer L. Ricker to Brandy M. and Eric R. Frederick, $225,000.

ROUSBY HALL RD., 13328-Karen S. and Brian L. Greenborn to Francis E. Gardiner Jr., trustee, $150,000.

SAN MATEO TRAIL, 851-Mary K. and Ernest W. Hackett to James L. West, $190,700.

SKYVIEW DR., 709-Walter D. Reynolds III to Lucille M. and Brian J. Czechanski, $170,084.

THUNDERBIRD DR., 401-Joseph Vincent and Mary Lou May to Deanna Lawson and David Clarke, $171,000.

TOMAHAWK TRAIL, 11581-Daniel E. and Marcia E. Dodge to Kristie Bruette Frost and Wesley L. Frost, $157,425.

North Beach Area

SEVENTH ST., 3736-Michael G. Weissmueller to Joseph A. and Kristina A. Dillon, $182,000.

NINTH ST., 3835-Nicholas E. and Christine J. Melice to J. Scott and Susan Ann Stewart, $239,900.

Owings Area

CHANEYVILLE RD., 3705-Stephen J. Dicarlo to Jeanne T. and James H. Cook, $360,000.

Port Republic Area

ACACIA RD., 2408-David A. and Helen A. Didion to Mary Ellen and Perry W. Carsley, $186,000.

Prince Frederick Area

DARES BEACH RD., 1785-Edward V. Adamson to Darrell A. Lemp and Valerie J. Waters, $272,000.

GRAY INN CT., 83-Michael Allan Sweeney to Robert P. Plante, $231,000.

NORTH SHORE DR., 4323-Christine M. Barbieri to Stephanie A. and John D. Lewis, $270,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

BOXWOOD CIR., 2126-Charlene T. and William C. Shegogue to Adam Zeimetz, $203,000.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

STASCH PL., 13475-Diana L. and Michael W. Fritz to Alan J. and Kathy L. Grove, $340,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

RIDGE PL., 13515-Julie A. and Joel R. McCowan to Michelle L. Holmes, $319,900.

Indian Head Area

EMMA LANE, 5367-Harold J. Binger to Valerie Osborne and Jesse J. Hanbury, $180,400.

INDIAN HEAD AVE., 823-Daniel M. Boarman to Patricia and Kyle W. Beard, $135,360.

REVERDY FARM RD., 2220-Deborah M. and Kenneth R. Keib Jr. to Frank Monopoli, $290,000.

Issue Area

IVY DALE CT., 14540-Kelly Jo and Curtis B. Walker to William R. Klink, $325,000.

La Plata Area

CHARLES ST., 9884-Stanley E. and Janice W. Lahargoue to Margaret E. and John S. Harding, $190,000.

HUNTLEY DR., 9775-Patricia M. and Daniel L. Boling to Debra A. and George E. Amthor, $425,000.

OSPREY DR., 101-Alvin J. and Colleen S. Macek to Edward J. Weibrecht Jr., $250,000.

PERSIMMON CT., 207-Susan L. McClure to Clint J. Walter, $265,400.

WOOD DUCK CIR., 147-Susan Janyszek to Kevin J. Matchette, $172,500.


Rock Point Road Area

SYLVAN TURN, 9815-Martin and Barbara Handelman to David L. and Margaret K. Jenkins, $12,500.

Port Tobacco Area

GREENBRIER CT., 8780-Michael S. and Sherri M. Burch to Hung T.D. and Danh N. Nguyen, $495,000.

Ryceville Area

LINDA LANE, 14440-Marion A. and Florence A. Richards to Laura and Lawrence W. Simpkins, $270,000.

St. Charles Area

COPLEY AVE., 909-Lorena V. and Steven M. Argabright to Roszita C. Sanders, $200,000.

JEFFERSON RD., 151-La Shon M. Richardson to Frances A. Hallmon, $182,400.

KEEPSAKE PL., 42-John S. and Margaret E. Harding to Leslie and Joseph F. Weingarden IV, $110,000.

MEADOW PL., 18-James W. Goff Jr. to Stephanie L. Israel, $145,000.

STODDERT AVE., 1009-Janine and David A. Barnes to Stacy R. and David A. Hastings, $194,000.

TIGER LILY PL., 3457-Patricia A. Brown to C. Turnbull and Gail A. Kearney, $119,500.

Waldorf Area

ALAVA CT., 2300-Peter M. Felix to Jacque L. and Roger H. Munns, $387,000.

ALAVA CT., 2303-Vicki Canter and Robert Schmiech Jr. to Jeffrey W. Flournoy, $348,900.

BAINBRIDGE CT., 3626-Cheryl A. and James G. Bare to Latasha M. Kindrick, $254,900.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4014-Lisa D. Sample and Brian David Page to Jorge H. Del Pinal, $131,000.

BOSWELL CT., 1413-Geoffrey and Karen Heath to Wondra and Martin D. Jones, $255,000.

BREWSTER CIR., 3808-Monique R. Calomeris to Audrey and Rudolph Tucker, $274,900.

BRIDLE PATH DR., 2238-Kenneth L. and Larriane B. Hysell to Sandra M. Lazo and Obed M. Ramirez, $236,000.

DRAKE CT., 4316-M. and B. Properties Corp. to Rebecca L. Garlick, $155,000.

EAGLE CT., 4359-Patricia A. and Thomas A. Hopkins to David W. Geris, $133,200.

GIDEON CT., 3112-George H. and Marilyn S. Clemes II to Katherine J. and Wade Teter, $131,000.

GROUSE PL., 4580-Charles Lamont Savoy to Sandra J. Washington, $137,000.

HARVARD RD., 1173-Robert A. and Wendy A. Waggener to Gail Bianco Frye and Stanley M. Frye, $215,000.

HERON PL., 11216-Diane M. and Donald S. Prather to Doris S. Hopkins, $171,750.

OAK MANOR DR., 11750-Robert W. Greenway to Farimah Dadrass and Abbas Niknejad, $390,000.

POPLAR HILL RD., 14100-Rodney H. and Patricia J. Burns to Allison and Eric E. Kareem, $364,000.

RACCOON CT., 6829-Shirley J. and Paul D. Pankratz to Cynthia M. Jenkins, $224,500.

SEA LION PL., 6129-E.R. Gray and Tyrone D. Butler to William H. Timmermann, $154,000.

SEAL PL., 6231-Randy A. Moore to James H. Everhart Jr., $161,000.

STABLE CT., 10806-Nancy M. and Michael E. Clenney to Estrella G. Gabrini, $183,000.

TEMI DR., 1734-Terry L. Hays to Carolyn J. and Charles E. Sullivan Jr., $227,000.

TORPEDO CT., 5512-Richard B. and Stephanie R. Alvarez to Amy and John Cadavero, $254,000.

TREEFISH CT., 5305-Gwendolyn D. Piatt to Timothy Watkins, $280,000.

VISTA CT., 2712-Newman Enterprises Corp. to Lauren K. and Joseph C. Schott, $295,500.

WESTDALE CT., 3155-Andrew W. Dyer, trustee, to Robinette C. Harris, $139,950.

WIMBLEDON PL., 10255-Jeffrey N. and Keisha Clark Proctor to Towana L. and Omar L. Nix, $212,900.

White Plains Area

HIGHGROVE CT., 8300-Hayne B. and Jan B. Dominick to Reshma R. and Martin B. Yules, $430,000.

RIVA PL., 10630-Greater Suburban Properties to Mimi Taylor, $218,900.

St. Mary's County

Avenue Area

HURRY RD., 23353-Steven M. Reece to Frances V. and Charles H. Banagan, $335,000.

California Area

KINGSTON SHORES LANE, 23612-Chopp Properties Corp. to Martha B. and William H. Reuter, $459,900.

PATUXENT BEACH RD. N., 23985-Hilton Kunze Davis, trustee, to Carl W. Schamu, $505,000.

RED OAK CT., 23352-Elizabeth A. Dilworth Walter to Paulina Ruby Johnson, $138,900.

Callaway Area

WOOD DUCK LANE, 44834-Kenneth Bradley Hartung to John Couch, $90,800.

Chaptico Area

BASHFORD LANE, 36170-James Richard Pilkerton to Margaret E. and Lawrence R. Stauffer, $419,900.

Great Mills Area

GARFIELD ST., 21731-Roland L. and Ottilie Purnell to Kathryn S. and Kevin S. Nicholson, $230,000.

STONEY RUN DR., 45773-Robert U. and Deborah C. Herbert to Timothy S. and Cindy A. Wilson, $274,900.

Hollywood Area

ARUNAH WAY, 23940-Daryl G. Buckhout to James M. Geiselbrecht, $255,000.

PINTO DR., 25066-Wayne F. Goddard to Mary Susan Readmond, $175,000.

Leonardtown Area

BULL RD., 22220-Cherry Cove Land Development to Denise H. and Jeffrey S. Shaw, $70,000.

CRYER CT., 41025-James Donald Cryer to Jeanne and David Charles, $187,000.

TIMBERLINE CT., 22175-Gary Robert Hunt to Tara A. and Norman P. Schohn Jr., $240,000.

Lexington Park Area

BRYAN RD., 46880-Barbara Diane Leigh to Ciara J. Meadows, $212,000.

COLUMBUS DR., 46352-Barrett J. Penan to Benjamin J. and Debra M. Nicholson, $87,000.

LEE DR., 21414-Russell Roy Rovedatti to Jay K. Lees, $209,900.

MIRFIELD LANE, 23205-John Xavier Miles to Michael M. Pensenstadler, $345,000.

ROBERT LEON DR., 46648-Party Walls Inc. to Lindsay A. Brunton Groves and Leslie L. Brunton Groves, $196,400.

ROLLING CT., 23340-Timothy R. White to Christopher J. Lowe, $520,000.

RONALD DR., 21842-Fabrizio Edward Donis to Lori Ann Buckler, $92,000.

SUNBURST DR., 48372-Curtis Homes Corp. to Linda C. and Frank D. Gass, $249,900.

SUNLIGHT CT., 20840-Gregory E. Denman to Sandra G. and Paul K. Harris, $269,900.

TIMBER VALLEY CT., 46605-James E. Johnson to Philip L. Lang, $155,000.

Mechanicsville Area

BEACH DR., 40115-Lawrence Wesley Simpkins III to Christine Barbieri, $205,000.

DUKE RD., 40408-Jeffrey B. Adams to Carol A. Payne, $172,000.

GUY FAMILY WAY, 39151-Lawrence R. Stauffer to Patsy Brizard and Rosaire Lauriston, $356,000.

Piney Point Area

CRAB POT LANE, 17226-Cathy J. Shedd to Nickolas E. Adams, $210,000.