Note: The county planning office file number for each project is included.

Projects Proposed

California Area

1. Bob Taylor Office Building, 22688 Three Notch Rd. A site plan for a 2,400-square-foot office building. 04-13100041.

2. First Colony Hotel, 44941 Worth Lane. A site plan for a 11,920-square-foot hotel. 04-13200013.

Drayden Area

3. Porto Bello Development Estates, phase 2, section 2. Frog's Marsh Road. A plan to subdivide 338.46 acres for a 29-lot subdivision. 03-12000007.

4. The Crossings at Riverside Farms, Saint George's Church Road. A plan to subdivide 146.48 acres for a 48-lot subdivision. 04-12000039.

Hollywood Area

5. Forrest Farm, section 3, phase 8, 23180 Pembrook Dr. A site plan to subdivide 775.3 acres for a 21-lot major subdivision. 04-12000037.

6. Twin Ponds, section 2, end of FWD Dr. A plan to subdivide 67.8 acres for a subdivision of 64 detached and 24 attached residential units. 04-1200003.

Lexington Park Area

7. Jiffy Lube, 22781 Three Notch Rd. A site plan for a 19,732-square-foot business complex. 04-13200024.

8. Willowgate at Patuxent Park West, west side of Pacific Drive, south side of Pegg Road, at Columbus Drive. A site plan to subdivide 28 acres for 173 attached units. 04-12000038.

Piney Point Area

9. Oakwood Lodge, 17275 Oakwood Lodge Lane. A plan to subdivide 2.39 acres for six lots with attached units.

Projects Approved

California Area

10. Baywood Hotel, 22530 Three Notch Rd. A site plan for an 11,600-square-foot hotel, office and restaurant. 04-13200012.

11. Clements Landing, section 2, southeast side of Buck Hewitt Road, about 2,100 feet southwest of Route 235. A site plan to subdivide 22.99 acres for 38 lots. 03-12000040.

12. Wal-Mart, 45485 Miramar Way. A site plan for a 90,020-square-foot expansion to a 116,060-square-foot building on 29.5 acres. 03-13200017.

Charlotte Hall Area

13. Kase Storage Warehouse, 30265 Three Notch Rd. A site plan for 20,210-square-foot office and storage warehouse.

Clements Area

14. Breezy Acres, section 2, south side of Route 234, across from Long Road. A site plan to subdivide 51.69 acres for nine lots. 03-12000-030.

Hollywood Area

15. Estates of Joy Chapel, southeast side of Joy Chapel Road, at Mervell Dean Road. A site plan to subdivide 33.87 acres for 60 lots. 04-12000023.

Laurel Ridge Area

16. Eldorado Farm, end of Laurel Ridge Court, about 4,000 feet southwest of Golden Beach Road. A site plan to subdivide 115.60 acres for 37 lots. 04-12000018.

Morganza Area

17. Grandview Haven subdivision, west side of Morganza Turner Road, about 3,600 feet north of Route 5. A site plan to subdivide 295.73 acres for 121 lots. 04-12000015.

St. Inigoes Area

18. Heritage Manor, north and south side of Heritage Hill Lane, about 1,000 feet east of Route 5. A plan to subdivide 113.64 acres for 43 lots. 04-12000016.

Wildewood Area

19. Airport Industrial Park, south side of Airport Road, about 1,300 feet west of Route 235. A site plan for a 53,925-square-foot industrial park. 04-13200017.

Building Permits Issued

California Area

20. Office building, 22685 Three Notch Rd. A permit for an office building. 04-00002077.

Charlotte Hall Area

21. Popeye's Restaurant, Route 5. A permit for a restaurant. 04-00001337.

Dameron Area

22. Kessler Body and Equipment, 18783 Three Notch Rd. A permit for a service station and repair garage. 04-00002194.

Lexington Park Area

23. Mr. Tire, 21730 Great Mills Rd. A permit for a one-story tire store. 04-00001120.

-- Compiled by BONNIE SMITH