The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

BANCROFT AVE., 18-Jean D. Rhodes, trustee, to Donna H. Dudek, $560,000.

CHELSEA CT., 13-Wesley A. Philbeck to Richard W. and Mary E. White, $317,000.

CHESTER AVE., 820-Jack B. Staton to Nelson Properties Corp., $385,000.

EDGEWOOD GREEN CT., 6-Bryan T. Ingram to Timothy Weller, $213,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 795, No. 795A-Lucy B. Jackel to George W. and Laura A. Cosper, $185,000.

MOSS HAVEN CT., 1002-Peter C. Snider to Philip W. and Meri G. Gibbs, $845,000.

PRESIDENT POINT DR., 4, No. 4C-William A. Donlon to Arthur R. Croucher, $605,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point State Park Area

ANNA MARIE CT., 1432, No. 16-James L. Graves Jr. to Phyllis J. Smith, $285,000.

BELLE CT., 49-Melodie O. Butler to H. and R. Investors Corp., $125,000.

CAPE ST. CLAIRE RD., 1280-Raymond M. Tracy Jr. to David L. Thompson, $278,900.

CHILDS POINT RD., 892-892 Bywater Road Corp. to William E. Seale, $1.8 million.

CLAY ST., 86-Norvain T. Sharps to Habitat for Humanity Inc., $70,000.

COXSWAIN WAY, 802, No. 2052-Marlin R. Smith Sr., trustee, to Gerard F. and Linda L. Kiple, $259,000.

COXSWAIN WAY, 802, No. 2072-Eleanor G. Croson, trustee, to Henry and Marguerite Hollman, $269,900.

FOXCROFT RUN, 1074-Barry L. Mones to Patrick M. and Belinda S. Kelley, $549,900.

GENESSEE ST., 694-Sharon E. Furrow to Mary C. Wagner, $235,000.

GREEN HOLLY DR., 1158-Lance C. Gardner to 1158 Green Holly Corp., $150,000.

GREENBRIAR LANE, 2629-Randall W. Turner to Mark K. and Margaret M. German, $335,000.

HILL ST., 15-James E. Manuel III to Debutech Construction Enterprises Inc., $397,000.

LEHMAN CT., 1400-John S. Kapral to James L. and Stephanie A.C. Graves, $375,000.

LODGE POLE CT., 1578-Tara S. Sheppard to Andrea Ward, $154,900.

MOCKINGBIRD CT., 2823, No. 76-Danalee S. Green to Laura C. Brandt, $350,000.

REVELL DOWNS DR., 1651-James J. Fontaine to Rudolph S. and Ann M. Stewart, $167,500.

SPRING PLACE WAY, 100-Jeffrey P. Sgambat to Marion W. Francis, $369,900.

Arnold Area

FOREST DR., 996-Mary B. Smith to Curtis A. Ugone, $500,000.

JUPITER HILLS CT., 660, No. 4G-Larry E. Miller to Joseph D. Chellis Sr., trustee, $167,500.

KEVINS DR., 587-Richard M. Lummus to George L. and Patricia E. McMichael, $435,000.

MAGO VISTA RD., 747-Philippe J.M. Bastie to Eric P. and Erin C. Schlesinger, $465,000.

MATCH POINT DR., 792-Richard L. Linger to Robert M. and Theresa M. Smith, $175,000.

MYSTIC LANE, 515-SHK Properties Corp. to John W. and Christine A. Frost, $433,000.

OAKLAND HILLS CT., 607, No. D-Craig C. Biggs to Karin Dahlerup, $93,900.

Brooklyn Area

CHURCH ST., 506-Leo Schmidt to Jeremy M. and Kindra M. Turnbull, $161,500.

HARBOR VALLEY DR., 5618-William J. Marquis to Quarles T. and Sheree M. Mitchell, $210,000.

FOURTH ST., 4405-Annapolis Specialty Houses Inc. to George J. Collins, $129,500.

11TH AVE. W., 2-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Juliette Mosteller, $124,000.

Churchton Area

GLOUCESTER ST., 5554-Steven J. Mitchell to June R. Jewell, $265,000.

ILCHESTER ST., 5503-John E. Cain to Colleen J. Connor, $280,000.

Crofton Area

BLOCKTON CT., 1450, No. 70YB-Barbara A. Scheckel to Andrew Sheehan and Renee Sawtelle, $184,000.

BLOCKTON CT., 1482, No. 75XC-Debbie A. Beletty to Karalee Gancie, $160,000.

BOLTON LANE, 2431, No. 16-Paul J. Smith to Victoria Barbara Weinstein, $255,000.

INGLESIDE CT., 2059-Frank L. Wise to David C. Dowton and Anne M. Politis, $407,930.

JONES FALLS CT., 1706, No. 3-Sandra L. Bowers to Madeleine Knoll, $206,000.

MAYFAIR PL., 1711-Charles R. Wolffrum to Laura L. Arnold, $105,000.

NESTLEWOOD CT., 1466, No. 14665-Richard L. Delong to Michael J. Martin, $106,000.

NEW WINDSOR CT., 1620, No. 116-Ronald E. Chambers to Ingrid M. Savignac, $203,000.

TELLIER CT., 2811-Joyce M. Tschudy to Margaret H. Schmitz, $491,500.

WENTWORTH DR., 2472, No. 20-Nancy E. Burton to Leslie A. Mrotek, $208,000.

YARMOUTH LANE, 2421-Suzanne Davis to Mary M. Yonke and Kenneth P. Marmen, $218,000.

Crownsville Area

HOLLYWOOD BLVD., 807-Timothy E. Geary to Michael and Tok Hui Shields, $265,000.

LOCUST TRAIL, 395-Annapolis Specialty Houses Inc. to Craig I. Amaral, $189,500.

SHORE VIEW CIR., 1013-Thomas J. Smith to Joseph A. Green and John A. Owings, $165,000.

WATERBURY HEIGHTS DR., 990-Clyde F. Stephens to Patricia L. Lewis, $176,000.

Curtis Bay Area

TRIWATER CT., 1363, No. 154-Robert G. Richhart to Mark N. Lebrun and Donna J. Milliken, $279,900.

Davidsonville Area

MANOR VIEW RD., 1519-Julie E. Lovitt to Marcy Gaines, $183,000.

Edgewater Area

CHESAPEAKE DR., 1629-Timothy Ritchie to David Krebeck, $202,500.

OLD MUDDY CREEK RD., 4070-Alice Sharps to Terry Moreland, $242,000.

SHADY SIDE DR., 1713-David C. Wang to Erhan and Meral Tolu, $175,000.

Gambrills Area

BLOOMING WAY, 2419-Louis M. Borum to Patricia A. Shunney, $325,000.

DEFENSE HWY., 1551-Stine Family Trust to Lewis and Dawn Steele, $130,000.

TOP RIDGE CT., 1109-Michael D. Horvath to Joseph D. and Ellen F. Pepin, $325,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ARBOR DR., 434-James L. McKinley to Eric S. Forney, $186,500.

BUCKINGHAM DR., 201-John E. Pfeffer to Larry G. and Amy S. Cox, $170,000.

CANDLELIGHT LANE, 230-John R.D. Thomas to Catherine S. Fox, $95,000.

FERNDALE RD., 105-Jeffrey A. Kruth to Milton Bell and Ruth Vadi, $132,500.

FOXFARM LANE, 7856-Douglas B. Arnold to Michael C. Gibis and Gillian E. Thatch, $210,000.

FURNACE BRANCH RD. W., 304-James R. Karpiak to Josephine Rock, $200,000.

GLENDALE AVE., 38-Howard T. March to Lloyd E. and Barbara A. Elgert, $150,000.

GREAT BEND RD., 8180-Stephanie McCloud to Teniesha I. Crowder, $138,000.

IRENE DR., 409-George E. Koblinsky to Michael J. Littleton and John Belcher, $130,000.

JUNEBERRY WAY, 202, No. 202-1C-Melvin E. Contee Jr. to Jessica M. Angelo, $112,500.

LINWOOD AVE., 114-Phillip T. Brusio Jr. to Charles O. Walton IV, $225,000.

MAINVIEW CT., 494-William F. Volberding Jr. to Ebony R. Simms, $139,900.

O'DANIEL CT., 7645, No. 506-Kent C. Northcraft to William E. and Melissa A. Oliver, $150,000.

PLEASANTVILLE DR., 1454-Vasilike Stavrinoudis to Alfred P. and Sharon A. Marengo, $215,000.

ROSE AVE., 421-Edward G. Mittelstedt Jr. to Brian and Karen Tygesson, $183,000.

WHITMAN DR., 1320-Daniel B. Neuenschwander to Timothy and Signea Taylor, $210,000.

11TH AVE. NW, 225-Michael Haskell to Clifford Bowman, $170,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1106, No. 2C-Merle F. Lynch to Debra M. Jackson, $107,000.

GEORGIA AVE. NE, 106-William Lynch to William J. Smithers, $190,000.

JUNIPER DR., 102-Robert H. Hershey to Steven C. Ingrassia, $175,000.

MARGATE DR., 259-Calvin H. Grimm to Frank A. and Doris L. Ruff, $78,000.

MARIE AVE., 404-David L. Lowry to Luciano and Christianne J. Gargano, $165,000.

NORMAN AVE., 201-H.P. Martin to James F. and Sarah D. Hanes, $230,000.

OVERHILL RD., 7829-National City Home Loan Service to Marco Montillo and George Tomaris, $135,000.

WILLIAM CHAMBERS JR. DR., 124-David C. Seibel Jr. to Dawn M. Muir, $205,000.

Hanover Area

KIDWELL DR., 7778-James E. Cisar Jr. to Glen Phillips, $302,000.

Laurel Area

ACCOKEEK ST., 8601-Bhavana Singh to Shahid M. Aslam, $264,500.

BIG POOL RD., 8024-Kristin Elderbaum to Chaltu Wakijra and Deressa Wondaye, $389,000.

BITTERWOOD PL., 3410-Craig D. Womack to Marie Filion, $184,500.

BRAMBLEBUSH LANE, 119-Sumebi Sanyaolu to Musiliu Aminu, $265,000.

RIPPLING WAY, 3507-Thomas M. Walsh to Sivasankar K. and Nischala Kande, $400,000.

STEWART CT., 8312-James C. Tanner to George H. and Kara A. Locktish, $229,900.

Linthicum Heights Area

FOREST VIEW RD., 404-Bernard N. George to Scott D. Vleeschouwer and Anne G. Wood, $210,000.

SHIPLEY RD., 426-Marguerita F. Kelley to Charles E. Kelley, $83,695.

Millersville Area

BRIARWICK CT., 313-Julian K. Stevens Jr. to Brian D. and Cindy M. Landis, $455,000.

BRUSHWOOD CT., 787-David K. Schoenen to Michael and Antonia Von Diezelski, $469,500.

OLD MILL RD., 429-Robert R. Provost Jr. to Irene Gallo, $337,000.

ROCK RIDGE RD., 185-Youn Hak Sin to Matthew E. and Maria Ann Ammon, $530,000.

SCARLET GLEN CT., 8387-Colleen R. Prengaman to Steven C. Huber, $680,000.

WINDTREE CT., 8392-Thomas C. Stockham to Richard S. and Sheila L. Lynard, $509,900.

WOODRAIL DR., 1824-Frank A. Edmond to James A. and Carla M. Gore, $405,000.

North Beach Area

BOSTON AVE., 7046-Mark R. Ackerman to Kimberly A. and Jeffrey J. Cranford, $269,950.

Odenton Area

BRIGADIER BLVD., 2105, No. 161-Joe L. Taylor to Mark Mollar and Cynthia O'Halloran, $240,000.

MAPLE RIDGE LANE, 541-Joseph O'Connell to Robert P. and Susan L. King, $300,000.

MIDDLE NECK RD., 2709-Sameera Chafin to Charles F. and Cynthia B. Garhart, $224,000.

SILENT CT., 8721-Judith D. Smallwood to Deron W. Smallwood, $279,500.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 249, No. 60-Deborah L. Geesaman to Lorri A. Janssen Anessi and Blair A. Anessi, $236,000.

SUMMER HILL DR., 1002-Allan E. Bevins to Raymond W. and Lori L. Jones, $479,900.

WENTWORTH DR., 2490, No. 32B-Chad M. Anderson to Thomas J. and Mary M. Desiderio, $197,000.

Owings Area

OLD SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 7031-Kevin E. York to Michael and Victoria Kreiner,


Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

APPLETREE RD., 7819-R. Fagan to Kevin C. McClain, $167,500.

ART HALL LANE, 3217-Rodger Scherr to Jimmy Constantinou, $405,000.

BAILEYS LANE, 8014-Weston Builders and Developers Inc. to Mark R. Harper, $450,000.

BEACH AVE., 299-Barbara Robinette to Kerry L. Jones, $229,000.

CALIBURN CT., 8002-Joanne M. Baker to Thelma N. Schwier, $214,900.

CONVEY HARBOUR, 1189-Jeffrey K. Piekarski to Jeffrey A. and Heather L. Bowser,


GRACE AVE., 7721-James M. Riddle to Ronald J. and Kimberly A. Stancavage, $249,900.

HARBOR RD., 7811-Kimberly J. McKenna to Sheli Ann Engles, $181,250.

MARBLE ARCH DR., 3429-Robert E. Blake to William R. and Susan K. Hughes, $215,000.

MAYWOOD AVE., 8070-Laura R. Feliciano to William Garrison IV, $264,900.

SCITUATE HARBOUR, 1021-Richard S. Colmus to Todd M. Swain, $170,000.

SHARON DR., 307-James A. Messick to Walter F. Dempsey and Deborah L. Mueshaw, $245,000.

SILLERY BAY RD., 222-Ken B. Clark to Jason A. and Yoshiko J. Abrahamson, $242,000.

WEDGEWOOD CT., 3503, No. D-Robert A. Jeeter to Stephanie L. McGee and James E. Evans, $94,500.

WOODLAWN AVE., 7770-Larry W. Small Jr. to Grant E. Yokanovich and Kelly R. Arnold, $193,000.

202ND ST., 807-Mandrin Home Limited to Michael and Tricia Sheffield, $273,650.

Severn Area

NEW CUT RD., 8505-Thomas P. Levin to Joseph B. and Donna R. O'Connell, $439,000.

PASTURE BROOK RD., 509-Martin W. Lanzino to Michael and Martha Sidlowski, $317,500.

SEVERN TREE BLVD., 7904-James N. Hayes to Richard Malinowski, $264,900.

TRIPLE FEATHER RD., 1816, No. 84-Triple Feather Road Family Trust to Vincent and Daphne Fortune, $200,000.

Severna Park Area

ARUNDEL DR., 556-David J. Hamilton to Frank L. Wise, $265,900.

GORDON AVE., 331-Thomas J. Stein Jr. to Terrence E. and Christine M. MacBride, $295,000.

INVERNESS RD., 135-W.H. Kirby Jr. to Matthew J. and Brittany L. Shanley, $326,000.

REVELL RD., 10-Thomas L. Carter III to William A. and Joyce W. Donlon, $1.05 million.

ROADS END LANE, 85-Dale P. Kelberman to Mark R. and Ann W. Hagerott, $495,000.

SALTZMAN RD., 643-William B. Carraway to Richard and Nicole Stimpson, $215,000.

THOMAS WAY, 600-Donna M. Schock to Nisar Ahmad and Kausar Nisar, $236,000.

WHITNEY RD., 564-H. Steven Berry to Patricia L. Dent, $348,900.

YORKSHIRE DR., 478-Robert C. Bell to Michael and Wendy Osborn, $430,000.

Shady Side Area

BONNIEWOOD DR., 4944-Regina A. Barnes to 3603 Partnership, $90,000.

JOHNSON DR., 1221-Dolores A. Flannery to Joyce M. Gomes, $245,000.

OAK AVE., 1180-Kimberly Taczak to Joan M. Debus, $207,000.

SCOTTOWN RD., 1269-Garfield Anderson to L. Andreasen and William Scerbo Jr., $55,000.

SPRUCE AVE., 1224-Robert E. Harmon to Ronald E. and Tamera L. Harmon, $70,000.

WEST RIVER RD., 1266-Terry K. Holinsky to Laurus R. and Carolyn B. Newby, $392,500.