Citing privacy and safety concerns, Holy Cross and Montgomery General hospitals do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing the hospital's proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 301-279-5665 or mailing it to Births, The Washington Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. For more information, call 301-294-2600.



Ryan William Fischer, a son, to Traci Leigh Fischer and Karl William Fischer of Germantown.

AUG. 12

Samantha Yvette Dionne, a daughter, to Catherine Dionne and Simon Dionne of Frederick.

Alaina Mary Doak, a daughter, to Megan E. Dunlap Doak and Robert Alwyn John Doak of Frederick.

Bryn Sullivan Galbreath, a daughter, to Jennifer Sullivan and Donald Galbreath of Germantown.

Natalie Abigail Hernandez, a daughter, to Sundar S. Rivera and Jose B. Hernandez of Germantown.

Leonardo Angel Rios, a son, to Amanda Laurel Rios and Ralph Angel Rios of Rockville.

Jadon Camren Thurston, a son, to Kelly Kresha Thurston and Leon Christopher Thurston of Montgomery Village.

Brooke Deanne Trybus, a daughter, to Teri M. Trybus and Edward Trybus of Damascus.

AUG. 13

Jalyn Logan Blackwell, a son, to Pamela Taylor and James Blackwell of Montgomery Village.

Alaena Cristianna Bowman, a daughter, to Yolanda Bowman and Michael E. Bowman of Germantown.

Helen Marie Kreitzer, a daughter, to Laurie Jean and Peter Jacob Kreitzer of Montgomery Village.

Jade Elizabeth Newton, a daughter, to Raquel Newton and Clifford Newton of Germantown.

Bianca Del Carmen Villanueva, a daughter, to Claudia Graciela Ceballos and Julio Antonio Villanueva of Germantown.

AUG. 14

Jonathan David Alonzo, a son, to Jacqueline Haydee and Dagoberto Alonzo of Gaithersburg.

Hedy Valentine Hosford, a daughter, to Haguru Helena Taima and Philip John Hosford of Montgomery Village.

AUG. 15

Connor Alan Klitsch, a son, to Jennifer Lynn Bowen and Greg Alan Klitsch of Germantown.

AUG. 16

Daevohn Gregory Robert Coleman, a son, to Brandy Nastassia Lynwood and Don Shay Coleman Sr. of Germantown.

AUG. 18

Elizabeth June Brown, a daughter, to Rachel Elizabeth Brown and Lonnie Allan Brown of Germantown.

Alexandria Ruyi Cosgrove, a daughter, to Qian Xu and William Cosgrove of Potomac.

James William Cox III, a son, to Kimberly Williams and James William Cox Jr. of Clarksburg.

Jacob Patrick Dolan, a son, to Jennifer Resnick Dolan and Andrew Michael Dolan of Potomac.

Nora Jane Pottker, a daughter, to Ann Troy Pottker and Edgar Horace Pottker of Gaithersburg.

Anna Leah Sunukjian, a daughter, to Melanie Elissa Sunukjian and Luke Leonard Sunukjian of Washington.

Jacob Allen Swain, a son, to Britney Louise Kennedy and Christopher Allen Swain of Rockville.

Chase Camille Thompson, a daughter, to Erica Louise Thompson and Christopher Lee Thompson of Monrovia.

AUG. 19

Jesse Corinne Martin, a daughter, to Michele Martin and John Martin of Frederick.

Ana Marie Morlier and Ava Marie Morlier, daughters, to Debra Ann Morlier and Louis Henry Morlier III of Thurmont.

Kai Angus Christopher Parsons, a son, to Julie Parsons and Kirk Parsons of Mount Airy.

Fiona Persaud, a daughter, to Annittia Persaud and Dennis Persaud of Germantown.

AUG. 20

Maeryn Rose Erdheim, a daughter, to Kristin Hansen Erdheim and Sam Erdheim of Rockville.

Sean Thomas Flanery, a son, to Amy Augusta Caton and Thomas Edward Flanery of Germantown.

Ava Lucia Moreno, a daughter, to Gina Marie Moreno and Luis Fernando Moreno of Frederick.

Megan Colleen Steele, a daughter, to Pamela Galway Steele and Thomas Winton Steele of Montgomery Village.

Zachary Martin Schneider, a son, to Christina Marie Schneider and Martin Andrew Schneider of Poolesville.

AUG. 22

Hailey Michaelle Henderson, a daughter, to Shannon Louise Henderson and Jeffery Dale Henderson of Germantown.

Charlotte Jacqueline Kearns, a daughter, to Jacqueline Anne Kearns and Gregory Kurtis Kearns of Silver Spring.

Anita Grace King, a daughter, to Sharon Marie King and Brian Eugene King of Poolesville.

Zaon Michael McCargo II, a son, to Candace McCargo and Zaon M. McCargo of Montgomery Village.

AUG. 23

Madison Mignon Baker, a daughter, to Kimberly Annette Baker and Vincent Gunbert Baker of Union Bridge.

Noah Joseph Goldman, a son, to Robyn Yvette Goldman and Michael Bradley Goldman of Germantown.

James Michael Herbert, a son, to Irene Herbert and Jeffrey Herbert of Derwood.

AUG. 24

Tyler James Hummer, a son, to Dawn Gray Hummer and Barry Brian Hummer of Frederick.

Savannah Marian Robbins, a daughter, to Laureen O'Neill Robbins and Paul David Robbins of Derwood.

AUG. 25

Austin Alexander Hurley, a son, to Genesis Hurley and Jonathan Hurley of Adamstown.

Megan Michelle Pauley, a daughter, to Christine C. Pauley and David D. Pauley of Mount Airy.

Emma Margaret Pham, a daughter, to Ashley Moss Pham and Thinh Phu Pham of Gaithersburg.

Tre Elijah Stott, a son, to Latasha Shavonne Smith and Tyrone Richard Stott Jr. of Montgomery Village.

Brett Joseph Whisman, a son, to Crystal Ranee Bohrer and Stewart Joseph Whisman of Germantown.

AUG. 26

Louis Antonio Araujo, a son, to Gaila Julia Araujo of Gaithersburg.

Perrin Shay Larkin, a daughter, to Christy Anderson Larkin and Jeffrey Scott Larkin of Rockville.

Colin Alexander Murray, a son, to Amy Jo Murray and Stephen C. Murray of Germantown.

Hahn Lin Noonan, a son, to Wei Liv Noonan and Joseph Paul Noonan of Silver Spring.

Vanessa Noemi Ramos-Pineda, a daughter, to Blanca Lillian Ramos-Pineda and Hector Nehemias Ramos of Rockville.

AUG. 27

Sophia Jane Axelrod, a daughter, to Jennifer Ann Duryee and Nelson Morris Axelrod of Silver Spring.

Kareena Lakshmi Kumar, a daughter, to Kamini Kumar and Navin Prasanna Kumar of Gaithersburg.

Kieran Molloy Sturges, a son, to Adrienne Vadell Sturges and Kevin Christopher Sturges of Dickerson.

Ava Sung, a daughter, to Jackie Chiu and Tai Sung of Potomac.

Alexandra Rosemary Tonti, a daughter, to Elizabeth Ann Beckett Tonti and Andrew Marcus Tonti of Urbana.

AUG. 28

Hannah Jan Ankerbrand-Ochoa, a daughter, to Geovanna Milagros Ochoa Gutierrez and Shawn Ray Ankerbrand of Germantown.

Eva Vienna Casas, a daughter, to Dawn Casas and Tony Casas of Rockville.

Mateo Josep Gasso Parker, a son, to Mara M. Parker and Santiago Gasso of Takoma Park.

AUG. 29

Liku Otang Enokpa, a son, to Vera Enokpa and Daniel Enokpa of Silver Spring.

AUG. 30

Cade David McCarthy and Connor Patrick McCarthy, sons, to Jaime Porter McCarthy and Cade Robert McCarthy of Frederick.

Kenta Tsukamoto, a son, to Yuko Tsukamoto and Kenichi Noma of Bethesda.

AUG 31

Madison Olivia Smith, a daughter, to Jessica Piazza Smith and Bobby Neil Smith of Germantown.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

SEPT. 10

Jonah McCann Witte, a son, to Hannah McCann and Jonathan Witte of Silver Spring.

Daria Katherine Smetannikov, a daughter, to Irina Smetannikov and Max Smetannikov of Rockville.

SEPT. 12

Chelsea Lucille Clemetson, a daughter, to Lynette Clemetson and Gary Clemetson of Chevy Chase.

SEPT. 13

Lucas Dodd Wallender, a son, to Kathleen Wallender and Lee Wallender of Silver Spring.

Thomas Maloney McKinnon, a son, to Theresa M. McKinnon and William B. McKinnon III of Bethesda.

SEPT. 14

Maxwell Alphonse Di Iaconi, a son, to Krista Carlson Di Iaconi and Thomas Matthew Di Iaconi of Bethesda.

SEPT. 16

Justin McCaughley Grimes, a son, to Cathy Grimes and Brian Grimes of Montgomery Village.