Born: Dec. 6, 1947, in


Married to Lou DeFalaise. Children: David Bulova, 35, and Karin Bulova, 32. Stepchildren: David DeFalaise, 32, and Mary DeFalaise, 31. Grandchildren: Alex Bulova, 7, and Josette Bulova, 5.

College: Graduated from Northern Virginia Community College; attended a University of Virginia evening program.

Pet: A cat, Audrey.

Celebrity I most resemble: People say I look like a dark-haired version of Glenn Close.

My most notable characteristic or personality trait: Optimistic, upbeat.

I'd love to trade places for a day with: Elaine McConnell's cat.

Nobody knows I: Was terrified of school when I entered first grade. A kindly crossing guard sometimes had to escort me, sobbing, into the classroom until I finally overcame "school-phobia."

Favorite quote: "It's not over till it's over."

Best movie I've ever seen: "Dances With Wolves."

Best book I've ever read: James Michener's "Chesapeake."

Birthday cake: Carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

Car I drive: 2002 Volkswagen Jetta.

Best car I've ever had: 2002 Volkswagen Jetta.

Politician I most admire: Former governor Gerald L. Baliles (D).

Favorite president: John F.

Kennedy (D).

Most important influence in my life: My paternal grandmother, Marie King Schuster, and my maternal grandmother, Mary Catherine Kane Knox.

Favorite place to vacation: Jordan Hollow Farm, Stanley, Va.

Most interesting place I ever visited: Moscow.

Pet peeve: People who won't consider new ideas.

Impression people have of me that I would most like to change: People sometimes wrongly assume that because I have an easygoing nature, I can't be tough.

Impression people have of Fairfax County that I would most like to change: That because we're such a large county, we don't have a vibrant sense of community.

Restaurant in my district where my constituents would most likely run into me: Hunan West, at Kings Park Shopping Center, where Bulova often dines with her husband, Lou DeFalaise. Outside her district, she likes to eat at Coyote Grill and Cantina in Fairfax City.

Person in history I would most like to meet: Joan of Arc.

Favorite TV show of all time: "X-Files."