These are not the kind of hand-me-downs that Brentsville junior running back Jay Terrell and Manassas Park senior quarterback Zach Terrell would prefer to wear.

The cousins have a bet on their Friday night game at Manassas Park: The loser must wear the winning team's school colors to class on Monday.

"And I guarantee you neither of us wants to do that," Jay Terrell said.

Both players are doing just fine wearing their own team's colors. Zach Terrell has thrown for 539 yards and rushed for 410 for the Cougars (3-0). Jay Terrell ran for four touchdowns for Brentsville (2-0) on Monday in a 28-14 win at Heritage.

With Brentsville growing -- the Tigers moved to AA last season -- Manassas Park Coach Jeff Lloyd is unsure about the future of the long rivalry. Brentsville has 1,001 students and Virginia A school Manassas Park has 553.

"We're kind of going in opposite directions as far as school size goes, and who knows how much longer we'll carry on?" Lloyd said. "Brentsville's getting bigger, and we're kind of capped out as far as area to build. . . . But it still means a lot to our kids, and I would imagine it still means a lot to them."

Manassas Park has been preparing for the game since whipping Page County, 55-0, last Thursday. Brentsville played the Heritage game Monday and experienced a revelation of sorts.

Coach Dean Reedy had tried repeatedly this preseason to explain to his players the importance of getting what he calls "hidden yardage" in a game. After the victory at Heritage, Reedy said he felt confident he won't have to explain that theory again.

The Tigers capitalized on several early miscues by the Pride to build a 21-0 lead in the second quarter. Brentsville's three touchdown drives in the opening half covered only a combined 21 yards.

"Now that," Reedy said, "is what you call field position."

Brentsville started two drives at the Heritage 10-yard line, one set up by a kickoff return by junior Erich Kottke (12 carries, 69 yards) and the other on a 35-yard interception return by Terrell. The Tigers started another drive at the Pride 1-yard line after Kottke recovered a poor punt snap.

Brentsville also was credited with a safety when a second bad snap sailed over the punter's head and rolled out of the back of the end zone.

Running Scared

Manassas Park sophomore Ellery Moore delivered several jarring hits in the win over Page County last week -- and against his teammates in practice days before. That was a departure from his usual practice demeanor.

"That kid honestly is so quiet that sometimes you just don't think he's into it, but out here [in a game] he's a different kid," Lloyd said. "But as soon as he walks off [the field], he wouldn't say boo to anyone.

"We got on him in practice because he won't hit our second team. I said we have to hit here and he [said], 'Coach, I don't want to hit my teammates hard.' [Wednesday] in practice, he was just laying kids out and it carried over."

Why the radical transformation?

"I told him if he didn't, he'd run," Lloyd said.

Full Attention

Manassas Park's Terrell, who scored six touchdowns in four different ways last week against Page County, was impressed with the Cougars' defensive efforts in that game despite the hefty lead.

"That's big for us because usually we always get up big and only have to play three quarters," said Terrell, whose team has outscored its three opponents 77-0 in the first half this season. "Last year when we got to Essex [in the state semifinals], we never had to play the whole game and it kind of got us. So this year we're trying to work on playing full games so we can be prepared for it when we get down the road."

In the Page game, no Manassas Park possession lasted longer than 3 minutes 48 seconds. Page had the ball for about 32 minutes, twice as long as the Cougars.

Gar-Field Appeals

Gar-Field is appealing the suspension of senior lineman Kevin Crawford, who was ejected early in the second quarter of his team's 28-6 loss to Potomac for unsportsmanlike conduct. By Virginia High School League rules, he must sit out at least one subsequent game, and in the case of fighting, two games.

Gar-Field Coach Joe Mangano said that the officials claimed that Crawford, who has unofficially committed to the University of Virginia, had thrown a punch. Mangano said that Crawford was engaged in a block and that a Potomac player pulled off Crawford's helmet, and Crawford extended his arm, pushing off the other player.

Mangano showed game tape to his administrators, who agreed with his assessment. According to the Virginia High School League handbook, the next step is for Gar-Field to consult with the officials and to contact Potomac administrators to review the ruling.

If, after reviewing the facts, the principals of both schools and officials agree that the appeal has merit and that an ejection was not warranted, Crawford would be reinstated. If two of the three individuals agree but the third does not, the appellant can request a review by the VHSL.

"He did not throw a punch," Mangano said. "I want to make that very clear. Maybe I'm out of line by saying this: A player should not be punished that severely for a subjective analysis of a situation. I feel bad for the player because you sit out two games and that's 20 percent of your senior year of high school football taken away.

"If he threw a punch, I'd be the first to say he was wrong. Clearly, he was not wrong and the tape is showing it. It's unfair to have a kid suffer on a ruling like that."

Single Wing Excels

Osbourn beat Woodbridge on Monday for the second consecutive season, and although the Vikings have struggled in recent years, the Eagles are not taking their 28-7 victory lightly.

"I think it brings a lot of pride into our program and [also] in the community and school community and student body and our kids," Osbourn Coach Steve Schultze said. "It's taken them a couple years to believe they can be successful going up against bigger, faster, stronger schools."

Osbourn's plan for this season was to unleash both junior Torland Greene and sophomore Brandon Hogan, and that's what happened Monday. The two combined for 118 rushing yards, 93 passing yards and 24 receiving yards, the kind of balance the Eagles will need with opponent after opponent stacking nine or more players in the box to thwart their single-wing running game.

Senior punter-kicker Jay Graham kept the Vikings pinned for much of the night; Woodbridge totaled 344 yards but scored just the lone touchdown.

Osbourn sophomore defensive end Marcus Hyde returned an interception 52 yards for a touchdown to make it 14-0. Senior Brett Jewell also picked off a pass.

Hole Punchers

It's hard to tell which pleased Potomac Coach Ben Stutler more Monday night -- the job the backs did when the blocking was there or the job the backs did when the blocking was not.

Sophomore Deante Steele, senior Michael Vann and junior Vaughn Walker combined for 243 yards and all four touchdowns in a 28-6 win over Gar-Field.

"They hit the hole when it was there and when it wasn't there they weren't hunting and tiptoeing around," Stutler said. "They still hit up in there and tried to get something on their own."

Gar-Field and Potomac combined for eight turnovers and 21 penalties worth 167 yards. Potomac sophomore defensive end Zach Simmons recovered two fumbles.

"We're still our own worst enemy right now, but we're getting a little better," Stutler said. "It would be one thing if we don't know what's wrong, but it's obvious what we need to work on. It's correctable."

Potomac has not given up a touchdown against Gar-Field the past two seasons.

Backfield Is 'Just Electric'

Stonewall Jackson quarterback Ricky Milbourne could hardly contain his enthusiasm Monday night after the Raiders had piled up 471 yards in a 33-14 home win over Forest Park.

Freshman Ryan Williams accounted for 222 of those yards and two scores, and senior Chris Garrett ran for 131 yards and two touchdowns.

"I don't even know how to put it into words," Milbourne said of his stacked backfield, which he will show off Saturday to Gar-Field's Mangano, the Raiders' offensive coordinator last season. "They're both explosive, they're both fast. Nobody can run with them. I don't know, they're just electric.

"If we can pull it all together -- ooh, I just can't wait. . . . When everything's clicking it just feels so good. It's just right."

"It started in two-a-days," Stonewall Coach Loren Johnson said. "They just started feeding off each other, hanging around each other, Chris talking to [Williams]. Chris makes a big play, Ryan wants to make a big play. So you have two talented athletes not being selfish. [On Monday], you could see Ryan making the key block down there on the goal line for Chris to score his first touchdown, and Chris coming back putting himself in the position to allow Ryan to score later on in the game."

In addition, freshman John Carter carried five times for 47 yards and a score.

Clockwise from top: Chris Garrett, with ball, is part of a one-two punch at running back for Stonewall Jackson. He and freshman Ryan Williams accounted for 353 yards in a 33-14 win over Forest Park. Right, Scott Beitzell and his teammates cheer a touchdown. Above, Williams stretches for a few extra yards, despite the defense of Nigel Wooten.