The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

W. WAKEFIELD DR., 6711, No. B2-David E. and Rebecca E. Hunger to Gretta L. Rose, $217,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

BERKSHIRE DR., 6516-Usman Ahmed to Mohammad S. Hussain, $300,000.

CROSS GATE LANE, 7525-Stephen P. and Jane H. Dawkins to Thomas R. and Carla G. Perea, $385,000.

DUNMAN WAY, 6306-Paul Y. Shao to Lei Xing and Liwen Zhou, $410,000.

DUVAWN ST., 4103-Emmanuel C. and Isabel P. Manalo to Jocelyn Tafalla, Waleska Romero and Lisseth Castillo, $406,000.

GILDAR ST., 6331-Carla D. Faison to David and Kristin Meilstrup, $260,000.

KEBLE DR., 6011-Clayton P. Bowen to Keely O'Brien and Clay McNerney, $370,730.

MARBLE ARCH WAY, 5716-Fazal and Jayne D. Karim to Danny and Minerva Parsons, $424,900.

NETTIES LANE, 6612-Norma J. Sponaugle to Sean C. and Karita M. Hall, $255,000.

ROCKSHIRE ST., 6351-George F. Cronin to Jose A. Rubio and Jorge Bonilla, $249,950.

ROCKSHIRE ST., 6463-Anthony and Marlene M. Higgins to Ngo Dal and Cing Pum Neem, $275,000.

STATIONHOUSE CT., 8311-Jerry B. and Ann S. Vernon to Michael W. and Lauren R. Warchol, $220,000.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 5982-Theodore and Carole Balides to Kenneth J. Kile, $435,000.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4359, No. 4359I-Jae I. Lee to Vyna Courtney, $150,000.

BRIARWOOD CT, 4415, No. 47-Cheryl A. King to Amal and Antranik Khalafaghian, $168,000.

CLIFFHAVEN DR., 5118-Lisette Q. Hoang and David T. Nguyen to Hong Oanh Truong and Tuan Anh Nguyen, $303,000.

LOGSDON DR., 4529, No. 246-Shawn Ward to Mohammad Rashid, $195,000.

NEWPORT GLEN PASS, 7872-Michael G. Considine to Sarath Ravella and Soumya Sathya, $312,650.

POPLAR ST., 7214-Marjorie B. Mooney to Hsu and Chin Corp., $440,000.

WINDSOR ARMS CT., 4509-Harry S. Young to William Baez and Nicolasa F. Baez, $300,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

BLAIR RD., 3529-Catherine E. Garber to Q. Dat, $379,000.

CHARLES ST., 3440-Dora E. and Antonia E. Artiga to Ubaldo and Dora A. Morales, $350,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6133-Irvin L. Boeskool to Gregoria A. Pocasangre, $115,500.

SEMINARY RD., 5505-Albert T. Bruton to Carl and Kayota Seaton, $293,000.

WHISPERING LANE, 3600-Paul E. and Carol J. Klebe to Scott and Patricia K. Miller, $590,000.

Burke Area

BIRCH LEAF CT., 6425, No. 34C-Robert L. Taylor to Holly B. Mickelson, $217,000.

BONNIE BERN CT., 6001-Jocelyn A.T. Aguenza to Gina M. Hobbs, $272,000.

CROWN POINT RD., 5302-Nicholas J. and Sharon L. Hilgert to Carl Houk and Alflodita M. Houk, $450,000.

HOME GUARD DR., 9004-Albert L. and Barbara T. Johnson to Eric J. Riutort and Wei Shen, $390,000.

LEATHERSMITH CT., 9511-Robert S. and Judith A. Erb to John R. and Michelle Stafford, $495,000.

MANET RD., 9901-Aurora Loan Services Inc. to Hyun G. Yoon and Jung S. Kim, $390,000.

MOCKINGBIRD POND CT., 10327-Declan J. Doyle to Eugene O'Neill, $274,900.

NORDEEN OAK CT., 5718-John F. Long to Tahirih E. Wilson, $242,500.

SUMMER OAK WAY, 5622-Todd and Melinda B. Stawarz to Kristen A. and James J. Junkin, $230,000.

SUTHERLAND CT., 5627-Russell S. and Diane Gale Draper to Jeremy W. Denton and Jillian E. Buser, $289,700.

TIBBITT LANE, 5055-Christopher L. Baker to Daniel Herrarte and Yanci Morales, $265,000.

TICONDEROGA CT., 6015-Juan F. Benites and Rita L. Ali to Jesus Bueno and Fredy Reyes, $266,000.

FIRST LANDING WAY, 5981, No. 6-Beverly W. Gilbert to Robyn M., Linda A. and Joseph D. Herrick, $153,000.

Centreville Area

AUTUMN CIR., 14189-Christopher J. and Jamie C. Kerkstra to James T. Martin, $260,000.

BETSY ROSS LANE, 14102-David R. and Amy E. Gebhard to Heather N. Comrey, $285,000.

CATTAIL CT., 5306-Umit and Beverly J. Basoglu to David and Karen Utter, $496,000.

CLARENDON SPRINGS CT., 13633-Eric M. Hediger to Kurt Hediger, $222,000.

DEEPWOOD FARM DR., 6415-Equity Partnership to Daniel E. and Alicia A. Reebel, $594,000.

DEER HILL CT., 6072-Claribel D. Eitel and Mary A. Istvan to Daungjai Inlupate, $190,000.

EASTCLIFF CIR., 13713-Charles L. and Cynthia D. Hargest to Mario F. Colorado, $412,000.

GRISTMILL SQUARE TRACE, 6418-Cathy Gordon to Charles J. Brennan and Sherry Coughlin, $589,900.

GRUMBLE JONES CT., 14011, No. B-Craig T. and Denyse A. Lee to William D. and Nancy P. Norton, $226,105.

INSIGNIA CT., 6516-Richard C. and Pamela J. Galyean to Kishore M. Raheja, $299,950.

KAMPUTA DR., 14902-Daniel and Carol J. Friedman to Shane E. Kelley and Valerie Nottingham, $330,000.

LITTLE ROCKY CT., 14305-Richard S. and Andrea Frazier to Luca D. Monica, $232,000.

LOCK DR., 14708-Steve C. and Belle L. Sandgren to Jose A. Ortiz, $272,000.

MANORWOOD DR., 5974-Xin Wang to Bo W. and Kyung H. Park, $275,000.

MILLICENT CT., 14804-Margaret O'Neill to Teresa Baisey, $215,000.

ROCK HOLLOW LANE, 6453-Equity Parntership to Christopher and Cheryl M. Maher, $794,819.

SAPPHIRE SKY LANE, 5083-Pulte Home Corp. to Richard D. and Hana Klein, $460,825.

SHARPSBURG DR., 6912-Alfred G. and Natalia Morro to Paul A. and Catherine B. Dettmer, $500,000.

UPPERRIDGE CT., 14203-Josette Simon to Christel Villarivera, $256,000.

WESTWATER CT., 5830-H. Robinson and Julia L. Shawfuller to Lawrence E. Novack and Heather M. Tatman, $272,900.

WILLIAM CARR LANE, 14513-Wang J. and Yang S. Bae to James Cowan and Versie Hough, $355,000.

Chantilly Area

BEAUJOLAIS CT., 13828-Stefan Rahimian to David and Suzanne Finney, $205,000.

MEADOWLAND CT., 4130, No. 73-Monica Flores to Tich Ban Quach and Bing Shi, $159,000.

MELVILLE LANE, 13433-Alan Robert Cohen to Stephanie A. Brotherton, $429,000.

PENNSBORO CT., 4228-L. Douglas Lee to Murray L. Sanderson and Jaime Bond, $335,000.

Clifton Area

HENDERSON RD., 11725-Jeffrey D. and Pamela L. Jenkins to Alexander M. Fink, $585,000.

WILLOW VALLEY RD., 5416-Shawn C. and Rebecca J. Thompson to Ahmed Arara, $874,900.

Fairfax City Area

ARNIEL PL., 4497-Equity Homes Partnership to John S.Y., Susan Y. and Ford Y.J. Lee, $824,655.

ASHLEIGH RD., 5342-Nouredin and Farahnaz Ghardash to David Hammond and Young Lee, $549,000.

AUTUMN WOODS WAY, 13070, No. 105-Debora A. Leonard to Michael D.O. Mara, $151,000.

BIRKDALE WAY, 12590-Centex Homes to Tony O. Yeh, $410,870.

BLAKE LANE, 9532-Alfred W. and Linda F. Cooper to Darlene M. and John M. Holubetz and Roberto K. Lawford, $289,900.

BUNCHE RD., 12524-Louis B. and Christina L. Wardlow to Fayza Saad, $555,000.

DUVALL ST., 8710-Karl A. and Lorabelle Luck to John J. Dillenseger and Raymond W. Marks, $265,000.

EAKIN PARK CT., 3143-Marilyn K. Fannin to Michael L. Epley and Catherine C. Hall, $360,000.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4107-Jefferson Group Corp. to Ming W. and Lynn S. Woo, $344,000.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12010, No. 383-Abhimanyu Singh to David H. and Constance L. Albert, $223,300.

GREEN LOOK CT., 3908-Gary A. Jones to Wendy L. Daywalt, $357,000.

HAMPSHIRE GREEN AVE., 10322-Myoung G. Kim to Sang H. and Eun Y. Kwon, $305,000.

KRISTIN LANE, 9117-Rolf A. Koehler to Keith Anthony and Susan Morris Robertory, $436,000.

MONUMENT CT., 4116, No. D-Yi Ok An to Song O. Ji, $249,000.

OX RD., 5201-Leonard E. and Rosemarie German to Cristobal J. and Gloria Hernandez, $625,000.

PINEFIELD CT., 4201-Kenneth M. and Hannah M. Visser to Kenneth L. Bobu, $348,000.

PUMPHREY DR., 5241-Thomas E. and Andrea Scannapieco to David R. and Amy E. Gebhard, $420,000.

ROMA ST., 11003-James G. and Dorian G. Mroz to Heather K. Rucker, $327,000.

SANTAYANA DR., 9137-MSM Properties Corp. to Keith B. and Melissa E. Larson, $504,000.

SHADOWBROOK LANE, 13103-Joseph Bianchi to Bastel Sekander, $280,000.

Fairfax Station Area

ADAMS CHASE CIR., 9004-Brookfield Harris Corp. to John Hanson and Kay Thayer Ely, $1.001 million.

RAMBLING RIDGE CT., 9705-Kevin Arthur and Joanne A. Ward to Francis J. and Regina A. Schmitt, $765,000.

SWANS CREEK WAY, 9044-Brookfield Harris Corp. to Edward Barbano and Caroline Chow, $809,790.

SYDNEY RD., 6340-Elisha D. and Henrietta S. Folks to Antioch Baptist Church, $360,000.

WOOD POINTE CT., 8409-Barry A. Sklar to Bill and Dawn Martinos, $570,000.

Falls Church Area

BRAD ST., 7423-Robert E. Devereux to Richard W. and Coralie S. Miller, $310,200.

CHANUTE PL., 8002, No. 6-Fernando J. and Cecilia Gonzalez to Khosrow Ranjbar, $166,000.

CHRISLAND COVE, 7518-Patricia A. Opal to Sean C. and Kari A. Tytler, $470,000.

CROOKED OAK LANE, 6350-Brandy N. Matthews to Celezia Francis and Oswaldo Jimenez, $403,000.

FREEHOLLOW DR., 7903-Abbas and Sue Tehrani to Azar Farshchi and Mohsen Eftkhari, $425,000.

KALMIA LEE CT., 2823, No. 102-William T. Gibson to Andrea L. Dono, $137,000.

LEE HWY., 7370, No. 103-Edwin M. and Hilda H. Rocha to Richard Zurita, $135,000.

LEE HWY., 7609, No. 302-Paul D. Nagel to Dan Xiao, $149,900.

QUINCY AVE., 7219-Jose A. and Ana L. Bonilla to Freddy Zamorano, $345,000.

SIESTA DR., 3406-John M. Cullather to Jerome D. Ellison and Mary M. Rackiewicz, $389,900.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

GRANDE LANE, 6852-Arthur J. and Donna Kerns to Douglas S. Kantor and Alison A. Senold, $717,500.

GRIFFITH RD., 2004-Carl E. Knoettner to Ali A. Nikzad, $250,000.

HOGAN CT., 2816, No. 3760-Richard D. and Virginia V. Newburg to Richard Mirza, $290,000.

VAN BUREN CT., 2232-Crestar Bank to Ann M. and Thomas A. Francis, $517,000.

Fort Hunt Area

DALEBROOK DR., 1055-Eric L. Schulz and Pamela R. Stevens to M. Kevin and Catherine M. Gullick, $454,900.

WESTMORELAND RD., 1116-Daniel Chester and Laura L. Schultz to David E. and Rebecca E. Hunger, $434,000.

Great Falls Area

CREAMCUP LANE, 10613-William C. and Frances K. Dickson to Ehssan and Sharon K. Malekian, $875,000.

LUNENBURG RD., 805-Gary Siemer and Susan Pearson to Frances G. and Ann A. Novak, $670,000.

MARLENE LANE, 1108-Todd L. and Catherine S. Wood to Peter J. and Dolly A. Judge, $1.375 million.

MINBURN ST., 9908-Francis G. and Ann A. Novak to Todd G. and Jennifer M. Heebink, $535,000.

RIVER PARK DR., 218-Steven B. and Rita C. Peterson to William C. and Dana D. Smith, $706,556.

SHERLIN LANE, 806-Larry J. and Marilyn J. Waisanen to Astrid P. and Stephane Tisseront, $965,000.

Herndon Area

BRADWELL RD., 12788-Keith A. McClaren to Douglas P. Brick and Melany R. Alliston, $335,000.

CYPRESS TREE PL., 1171-Hortense V. Jackson to Jackie L. Roller, $260,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 547-Hector R. Licona to Ana D. Caminos, $150,000.

FOX WOODS DR., 12685-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Xin Wang and Ling Diwu, $567,500.

HERNDON WOODS CT., 719-Leslie M. Carsman and Bryce A. Hickey to Jason S. and Denielle M. Harrison, $274,000.

HIGHCOURT LANE, 2110, No. 102-Kathy Cenname to Lyle J. Kellman, $162,300.

QUICK ST., 2494, No. 103-Jennifer S. Keane and Dominice E. Keane to Suryasridevi Alluri and Raju S. Alluri, $248,000.

S. GUNNELL CT., 844-Christopher Johnson to Ivonne A. Calderon and Ricardo Orozco, $347,000.

STONE HEATHER DR., 13249-Wei Huang and Zhang Ge to Young C. Kim and Weon O. Kwak, $372,000.

TURBERVILLE LANE, 12776-Brian J. and Lucinda D. Zimmermann to Philip and Mary I. Arnhold, $445,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 408-Isaias R. Zelaya and Luis A. Portillo to Walter M. Carvajal, $315,000.

WINTERWOOD PL., 1616-Peter Jonathan and Madeline V. Davis to Laurence and Dominique Hart, $325,000.

THIRD ST., 907-James L. Cone and Marianne L. Brown to Robert B. and Mary D. Brown, $395,000.

Huntington Area

ELMWOOD TOWNE WAY, 3788-McShay Elmwood Corp. to Gary A. and Saundra J. Strack, $452,173.

FARMINGTON DR., 2714-George Mikitzki to Anthony M. and Mary A. Stearman, $230,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5901, No. 411-Dale L. Birkle to Evelin J. Rodriguez and Alexander Gutierrez, $235,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5904, No. 609-Lois M. Delaney to Paul F. and Sharon L. Koch, $230,000.

WAGON DR., 2619, No. 345-Julia A. Vermillion to Breshkie Gardizi, $145,000.

WILLIAMSBURG RD., 5931-Norman E. and Mary A. Grubb to Alan Manstof, $155,000.

Hybla Valley Area

AUDUBON AVE., 7980-James Puryear to Leslie Willson, $90,000.

BRYANT TOWNE CT., 7029-Rose H. Ours to Jose Castillo, $245,000.

COLONIAL SPRING BLVD., 7813-Le Huan to Peter L. Deconti, $269,500.

DOUGLAS ST., 2925-Roger Anthony Kelly to Leoncio O. Coleto, $105,000.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7547-Joe and Jessica Simpson to Raymond R. and Kristen E. Arcand, $352,500.

RANGE RD., 7616-Bettie E. Hutcheson and D.B. Hutcheson to Brian and Emily Wild, $465,500.

STONE MILL PL., 7000-Benjamin G. and Linda O. Bocian to James E. Kowalski and Susan E. Brown, $399,900.

STOVER CT., 7227-Juan A. Majano and Gloria Ventura to Sam Hawala and Erica L. Olmsted, $261,000.

Lincolnia Area

BISMACH DR., 5600, No. 203-Alberto M. and Corazon A. Atienza to Kevin Torres, $195,000.

FAIRLAND ST., 6454-Glenn and Gina Renee Sontheimer to John M. and Casey J. Baker, $406,100.

SUMMER LEAF LANE, 5446-David J. Piscola to Antonio B. Iskandar and Patricia M. Mayorca, $400,000.

Lorton Area

ARDGLASS DR., 7366-Javadullah Abbasi to Hoang Ngoc Nguyen and Thuy Thanh Luong, $312,000.

BLUE BONNETT DR., 8149-Pulte Home Corp. to Teshome Wube and Tezeta Arega, $724,650.

CHEROKEE ROSE WAY, 8863-Pulte Home Corp. to Azam Rahimizadeh and Ahmad R. Rajabi, $349,662.

EATON WOODS PL., 9683-Johnnie E. Robinson to Roigoberto and Marlene Perez, $280,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9882-Donald B. and Tammy R. Porter to Julius Boateng and Joycelyn Clarke Boateng, $175,000.

RIVER DR., 5933-John S. and Kimberly Stacy Kern to Martin B. and Judith R. Jarvis, $1.175 million.

SEAFARER WAY, 7836-Michelle E. and Robert B. Schuck to Michael E. and Sharon J. Sands, $296,000.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8263-Pulte Home Corp. to Ernest G. and Christine A. Vitello, $401,425.

McLean Area

BALLS HILL RD., 1327-Chadsworth Homes Inc. to Mark C. and Lynn P. Extein, $1.004 million.

DEAD RUN DR., 1006-William A. McGowan to Thomas K. and Tracy T. McGowan, $533,152.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 805-Stephen L. McMains to Rainmaker Business Consultants, $248,000.

MCLEAN MEWS CT., 1431-John A. Merrigan to Marjan Zarafshar and Hamid A. Shariati, $600,000.

OLD CHESTERBROOK RD., 6541-Justine D. Howard Trust to Nima Properties Corp., $541,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1808-Karen Y. Chang to Niloufar Afkhami, $285,000.

ROSEMONT DR., 6903-Louise E. Watkins to Andrew J. and Aimee J. Simons, $489,000.

ST. ALBANS RD., 6910-Charles H. and Mary K. Demore to Allyson G. Bloom and Daniel J. Gerkin, $1.007 million.

SILENT RIDGE CT., 1064-Yeonas and Ellis Reserve to Keith H. and Wendy O. Mueller, $2.296 million.

TREMAYNE PL., 7621-Edward T. Fei to Patricia Devine and Devine Revocable Living Trust, $280,000.

WESTWIND WAY, 1785-Gloria A. and Norma Jean Melgaard to Nicole Miller, $222,000.

Oakton Area

CRANBROOK LANE, 11211-William G. and Margot O. Leslie to David P. Digiovanni and Jaydee O. Digiovanni, $659,900.

OAKLEIGH LANE, 2960-Eric and Larissa Kulczycky to Sonia Tejada, $308,900.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10135-Donna J. Cramer to Brenda G. Morgan, $181,000.

QUAY RD., 11732-Kurt C. Jensen to Brahmdeep Jandir and Sheetal K. Mirchandani, $590,000.

TURNBERRY PL., 10127-Joy Y. Liu to Robert J. Kaul, $389,900.

WEST OX RD., 3521-Catharine M. Flippin to Ajaib S. Toor and Kiran D. Toor, $335,000.

Reston Area

ANDORRA PL., 2409-George M. and Susan K. Tangen to Thomas P. and Virginia L. Minihan, $417,000.

BROOKSHIRE CT., 1552-Peter Sheridan to Jonathan H. and Emily K. Modan, $295,000.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2259-Charles and Frances Swarns to Michael Finley, $148,900.

CHANCERY STATION CIR., 12082-John R. and Suzanne Erickson to Barry and Valerie Eccleston, $675,000.

DEER POINT WAY, 1514-Joshua S. Wade to Rose A. and Fausto A. Medina, $395,000.

DROP FORGE LANE, 11509-Donald J. and Margaret S. Page to Helaine D. Cooper, $503,000.

DUNLOP CT., 11851-Margaret A. Cowan to Michael T. Cyrus, $285,000.

GATE HILL PL., 11401, No. 68-Khaled Aboulela to Benjamin Chen, $286,000.

HEMINGWAY DR., 11572-William D. and Karen M. Coale to Derek M. and Carol L. Brigden, $540,000.

MARGINELLA DR., 2258-John B. Beavers to Marvin M. Bergida, $200,000.

NORTHGATE SQ., 1434, No. 11B-Karl R. Barnes to Amir Heidari, $169,950.

SHADBUSH CT., 11562-Patrick C. Frece and Tamatha L. Frece to Margaret A. Cowan, $305,000.

SUNDANCE DR., 1732-Mary Delaney to Bianca P. Watson and Michael S. Lozier, $255,500.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1926, No. A-William Mace to Alison N. Beach and James A. Quintana, $165,000.

WEDGEWOOD MAN WAY, 1309-Davis L. and Catherine Clark to Janice M. Kendall, $465,000.

Seven Corners Area

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3100, No. 305-Ramiro F. Suarez to Somchai Laowattana, $180,000.

WILLSTON PL., 2906, No. 63-Phong T. Nyugen and Son Nyugen to Jimmy Tran and Lien Tran, $120,000.

Springfield Area

BEECH HOLLOW LANE, 8637-Michael E. and Esperanza T. Ramirez to Steven M. Sheldon, $325,000.

CAMBERLY AVE., 5904-Donna K. Herbert to Juventina Guevara, $329,900.

CLOWSER CT., 6828-Mohammad Fazal and Ashrafia Fazal to Juan C. Villanueva, $250,000.

CRESTMONT CIR., 8262-Daniel D. Cornnell to Uelker Oezdemir and Mejmet S. Dagdalen, $206,500.

MODISTO LANE, 7715-William B. and Judith R. Bugert to Kevin J. and Jacqueline M. Sullivan, $480,000.

SHADY PALM DR., 7387-George D. Peyton to Capital Investments Corp., $330,000.

SLEEPY VIEW LANE, 8072-Oscar F. and Ada M. Moran to Imam Abdelsalam, $290,000.

WESTMORE DR., 7328-Susan H. Payne to Mary B. Lepore, $342,000.

Vienna Area

AUDREYS CT. SE, 213-Inge E. Mueller to Thomas M. and Susan J. Lapham, $485,000.

CLEARFIELD AVE., 10005-Joelle C. Khoriaty to Joseph J. Khoriaty, $455,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2439, No. 221-Jeom H. and Hyang S. Lee to Daniel G. Reece, $203,000.

HUNTERS RUN CT., 10703-Tess Gattuso and Kenneth Whitehead to Timothy Brazell, $806,750.

HUNTERS VALLEY RD., 10509-John F. and Linda F. Byrne to Patrick B. Andress and Linda M. Toler, $675,000.

NORTHERN NECK DR., 1573, No. 101-Michael Hartel to Mickey Hapoianu, $335,000.

OAKDALE WOODS CT., 9864-F. Julia Olijnyk to Panagoulias V. Vanna, $275,000.

PALACE GREEN WAY, 9866-Gregory Husisian and Cynthia Dowdell to William T. and Margaret H. Bell, $950,000.

SCENIC VIEW TER., 10036-Dean I. and Leticia A. Rhoads to Harry T. and Frances M. Brill, $875,000.

SIBELIUS DR., 9331-Ramzan Amiri and Hamida S. Amiri to Lars G. and Elise E.V. Magnusson, $635,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9480, No. 426-Virginia Center to Zhiqing Zhang, $174,700.

West Springfield Area

KINGSGATE RD., 8329-Jefferson Group Corp. to Edward L. Winslow, $198,000.

ORONO CT., 6507-Christopher D. and Jeannette C. Maquera to Jennie T. Peterson and Starlynne A. Knight, $240,000.

QUEENSTON ST., 6025-Mary A. and Phyllis D. Deeney to Marion P. Forsyth, $339,000.

ROYAL RIDGE DR., 5800-Derek M. Gaunt to Jerry G. and Virginia S. Dixon, $110,000.